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Discussion in 'Music' started by Dyn, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. jovick

    jovick New Member

    Music is also beneficial for a person's health and even their mood and for expression and or communication purposes, music has many other great uses. The type of music genre a person enjoys listening to depends on personal preference, mood, or activity. They said that people who listen to music are much more smarter, retain more information, and are in better moods for longer periods of time than those people who did not listen to any music at all throughout the day.
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  2. heniagalvezjames

    heniagalvezjames New Member

    Listening in music can relief me from stress, sometimes I do remember my problems when listening to them but I realize that there is no bad thing on it. It is really helpful to express your feelings, to recover from sadness, to help yourself and unwind.
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  3. princesstffny

    princesstffny New Member

    Music is kind to me and brings happiness whenever I feel so broke and anxious about everything. It can help to lessen mental illnesses because of the rhythm of a certain songs and I can personally say that, listening to music is like my life buddy because it describes who I am and what is the reality of the world.
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  4. lavitabrea

    lavitabrea Member

    Cuz its relaxing, it makes you fly away from everything and everyone, you know listening to music its just you and the universe
  5. lucawhateley

    lucawhateley New Member

    I enjoy music for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of how it inspires me. I'm an artist and a writer, and songs can paint a picture in my mind even if they have no real lyrics. Music can create characters, lay out their whole lives, and conclude the story.

    I also like to listen to music if I want to feel a certain way. If I need some motivation, I'll turn on some Power Metal (and maybe pretend that I'm some sort of warrior, just because.) If I'm depressed and just need to let out my feelings, I'll play something somber.
  6. gabgie

    gabgie New Member

    I like music because it's one of my stress reliever. It keeps me feeling better whenever I'm in a bad mood, feeling sad or happy. Music is such a great medication for us humans. It makes our life so enjoyable. Every music reminds us in our past memories. We can dedicate music for people around us; to our partner, children, parents, siblings and anyone who makes our life memorable. So keep listening to the music you love!
  7. sunakoaki

    sunakoaki New Member

    I like music because it relives stress in my daily life. It lift my mood and made me inspired to do meaningful things. I listen to different genres of music based on my mood.
  8. cindyjoymaniago

    cindyjoymaniago New Member

    Whenever I am feeling down or sad, I put on my headphones and start to play my favorite sonsongd sing along with it. It helps me calm me down even for a bit.
  9. tayne12

    tayne12 New Member

    Music allows me to feel an array of emotions, from loneliness and grief to joy and love. I think so many messages and stories are told through music, and this allows us to connect and communicate to others in ways we might not have been able to before. Even music with no words or music in a different language can deeply affect people. Music touches the soul.
  10. Michael1996

    Michael1996 New Member

    I have a daily ritual, I HAVE TO listen music every day for at least 30-45 mins otherwise I get cranky! My mother always loved music, and appreciates every instrument, so I decided to take up the piano because of this. Music, as I have always believed helps people...Just by playing a song people know creates a happier atmosphere and it also shows your creative side. It makes me feel happy and amazing.I love releasing all the stress and worry from the day.I like taking time to take care of myself and relieves stress.Listening music help my mental health get better.Music is fun. When i'm very angry Music has been a passion or mine for many years. I've never been very good at playing instruments, but I love all the math and patterns that make up music. It's almost feels like it's part of some kind of grand design, how mathematically perfect sound and wave forms are.y, listening to calm music helps me cool down too.
  11. Arvin30

    Arvin30 New Member

    I like music because it has differnent emotions like us. You can relate, or you will learn, or give us lesson or it can change our vibes.
  12. MaggiNoodles

    MaggiNoodles New Member

    Wow, there are so many responses here.
    Well, for me, I like music because it has so much going on off it. The fact that it has been around since the dawn of man makes me think that music has evolved so much to what I like today, and I want to explore the roots of these different genres that have been offshoots of something popular long ago.
    Just look at rock, for example. It has grown to such a large genre that it has been separated into more niche sub-genres like pop rock, metal, psychedelic, and indie rock, and even then it was an evolution of rock & roll, which was an evolution of blues, which was an evolution of black African music, and so on and so forth.
    It's these things that give it more variety, and more things to dissect, analyze and enjoy, that made me like music so much.
  13. ynel03

    ynel03 Member

    Music has many different meanings to people depending on who they are, but there are ia a reasons why I love music.It's been there for me and helped me get through some tough and confusing times.
  14. Calay

    Calay New Member

    Music helps me to express my emotions.It also provide entertainment when I’m traveling or when I get bored.Sometimes,when I’m sad I just listen to happy songs to uplift my spirits.
  15. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    Music is my way to show what I feel on a day to day basis. It pampers my mood, makes me relax and think on the situation I am into. Music makes me feel different emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, curiosity, hate and love. Music expresses my inner soul and what is inside my heart. So I listen to a particular music depending on the mood I have.
  16. narciso2017

    narciso2017 New Member

    Music has been a big part of my life, both my parents are music lover. When I was young, my mom would always turn on the radio and sing along with the song it plays and when it's weekend my father would play a song in our DVD and sing along with it. So basically, I was raised in a household full of music, but the reasons why I love music are: It is a great way of escaping reality when you feel like you are done with the world. It speaks your heart with it's lyrics and melody. Lastly, it will help you relax if you feel anxious.
  17. gabutinretsel

    gabutinretsel New Member

    Music is a part of my life. When there are times that I'm not feeling well because of stress that I've encountered everyday, I'll just listen to my favorite songs and then I feel relaxed. It makes my day bright and happy. I remember when I was just a kid, I used to asked my father what is the title of the songs that is played on our radio. I keep on asking him every time we listen to the radio. And since my father was a music lover, it's not hard for him to tell me the title of the songs. Not only knowing the title of the song would be enough for me, but I loved to memorize the lyrics of it. And I'm glad that I it became my habit until now. I'm a music lover and it will never changed at all.
  18. tinenapadaingmeow

    tinenapadaingmeow New Member

    We have different views with regards with this but as with me, personally, I like music since it goes well with my voice. I cannot say I have beautiful voice but I can go along with music. I like music because it has melody that drives you off of negative vibes. Music is like the universal language of people. When words cannot describe the pain you're feeling, you can express it through music. When the world cannot understand you, you can express yourself through music. The melodies, rhythms, and notes give you a specific feeling you can get from anything.

    My dopamine level rises up every time I listen to music. It's like after doing things throughout the whole day or no matter how exciting or bad your day could be, you'll always end up listening to your favorite playlist. It's like your safe zone when the world mess everything up.
  19. Louige

    Louige New Member

    There are many reasons why I love music and I listen to it depends on my mode. If I feels good I prefer to listen slow note songs like Ed Sheeran songs or 90's songs. If I feels bad I just want to listen from a metal rock songs like wolfgang and metallica. If I want to relax then the best songs is the 80's songs and there are so many songs from 80's that can relax your mind. But when I'm in love, I want to here any kinds of music from any kind of categories. But for me the most important is all about music at all. We cannot live this world without music and its already part of our everyday life. Music is everywhere and you can hear it anytime. That is why music is one of the most important part of peoples lives. And you cannot live without music and you cannot deny that music is part of yours.
  20. Kunene94

    Kunene94 New Member

    When I m listing to music I feel like something is touching me from the inside that is why I love it so much.
  21. gerry ravelo

    gerry ravelo New Member

    music is my stress reliever. Music makes me feel relax after a stressful day making my day complete.Without music how lonely life can be.And because of music i can express my feelings and music reminds me of someone and special moments.So that's why i love music
  22. Marvin2406

    Marvin2406 New Member

    Music is the only one who comfort you in times of happiness or sadness in your life. Music is the thing that you can express your emotions. Music is the only understand your feeling.
  23. Michael1234

    Michael1234 New Member

    For me music is one way to express your feelings. I think music is essential for every human in this world. I cannot be myself if I don't hear music. I love melodies very much. Each and every music gives a different feel and tunes are just like that registered in hearts. When you feel lonely, music remains as a Best companion. That's the feeling I got during my experience. Music is an emotion, it is art and a heart beat too!for me. Nobody in this world hates music.It makes a man calm both internally and externally, both from scientific views and from non scientific views. I even gets piece and calmness by listening to music.
  24. ramsvu

    ramsvu New Member

    The quick and easy explanation is that music brings a unique pleasure to humans. Of course, that still leaves the question of why. But for that, neuroscience is starting to provide some answers.
  25. Meann

    Meann New Member

    I like music because it calms me always whatever situation I have.
    If ever I'm sad , I will just put my headset on and listen to my Kpop list of songs.
    Music is my life.
  26. Kristine02

    Kristine02 New Member

    Music makes me relaxed. It always gives me the feeling that I deserve to have. Sometimes, when I am down, it is one of the things that makes me calm down and gives me hope. It is one of the tools that reminds me to still survive and live the life I ought to live.
  27. Heryne

    Heryne New Member

    I love music because it gives me a sense of belonging, I just feel alive whenever I get to listen to music. It connects people in a way that nothing else can. People around the globe are able to share life experiences through music and there is always every song that represents an emotion, these are sad songs , happy ones or even songs that just makes you feel relaxed. Creativity has also been demonstrated through music as artists write quality song or rather just pick an already existing one and create a different version of it that is 'pure magic'.
    music is fun, it just lets me drift away from the seriousness of life and let me be in my own world even if its just for some few minutes, everyone needs that, I mean who doesn't love jamming out to good music?
  28. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    Because the Music is the only element that is not from Earth.
    It is originated in Heaven, Music is used to worship God that's why when we hear a music there's something inside of our heart that feels so comfortable..

    Music can change the mood of a person no matter what is it.

    We are blessed
  29. Ric

    Ric Member

    Yes. Music make youtube videos easier watch as well as commercials. Movies add suspense with music. Working out for extended times goes better with music momentum. Nightclubs sell more alcohol when the music is good. I feel its important to all of us.
  30. Caguioa747

    Caguioa747 New Member

    Music makes me feel things and makes me express myself better. I'm not always good with my words but I can always find a song fitting my mood and letting other people know how I feel. It helps me focus and reduce stress by focusing on the music instead of whatever I'm thinking about.

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