Why do you love music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by lizzie29, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. lizzie29

    lizzie29 New Member

    Music can be found everywhere. It comes in many different assortments and categories. It can affect people in many different ways and people love it for many different reasons. It can be used for entertainment, comfort, thoughts, company, emotions, and for maybe even something deeper within us.

    I love music because it puts the color in my life. Whenever I turn on my music, I feel lively all of a sudden. I especially like pop, R&B, and hip-hop because it excites and energizes me. It makes me happy and then I start randomly dancing to the song. I also like songs that make you comfortable and take you into the moment. Music can be very inspiring and I sincerely think that life would be empty without music.

    I hope all the music lovers out there can share their thoughts and ideas about this. I would really love to hear them and before I finish my thread, I welcome everyone to answer my question, why do you love music?
  2. detectivediana

    detectivediana New Member

    I love music because it brings energy into my being, and it helps to restore the energy inside of me that is often hidden. I believe that music is a universal language, and connects us globally. We don't need to understand the lyrical content (if any). The combination of the voices, the instruments, and the actual musicality itself brings people to themselves, and brings people together. It helps us to feel like someone out there really relates to us, really connects to us.

    Music has also been shown to have a wonderful effect on memory. People with dementia can still recognize tunes from long, long ago, even if they don't remember the words. Music is powerful!
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  3. Mackst

    Mackst New Member

    I love music because it can set the tone of your day. If I listen to soft tunes, I seem much more peaceful throughout the day. If I listen to music that carries an inspirational message, I feel much more motivated to get things accomplished that day. If I'm going through tough times, music can help me let the tears flow and it can also give me the encouragement I need to make it past the tough times. Music moves me like nothing else possibly could.
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  4. Ema

    Ema New Member

    I love music because it fills me with good feelings, really cheers me up. Depends of my mood I choose the perfect style of music which can make me feеl better. I'm listening very different styles of music and I love them all. From R&B to Dubstep or some classic music ... :)
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  5. TulyMoon

    TulyMoon New Member

    I love music for different reasons at different times. It's diversity allows it to be useful and therapeutic in almost any given situation. Music can calm, energize, encourage, or cause conflict. Music is a life all by itself.
    Music takes me away from the mundane and the flat and boring aspects of reality. It works as a portal to other worlds and dimensions of existence. The vibrational energy it brings can cause healing to take place, thoughts to transform, and love to overcome all else. I celebrate music. I thrive with music. I am the embodiment of music.
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  6. US_GiGi

    US_GiGi New Member

    Other than being able to cheering me up no matter what mood I'm in, I believe the best thing about music is that it's basically a universal language. I like to listen to music in many different languages even though I have little to know knowledge of any language other than English. When people say they don't listen to foreign music because they can't understand the lyrics, I get a little confused. Though it's nice to know what the lyrics mean, I don't think it's necessary to be able to enjoy any kind of music. Some languages are so beautiful and make such brilliant pieces that it really doesn't matter to me what they're singing. Music is all about the emotion, and that's something everyone can relate to.
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  7. oursenal1

    oursenal1 New Member

    I like music and I listen to music because it gives me pleasure some where within my mind . A pleasure of deep happiness which cant be expressed by words. Sometimes, it also gives me inspiration when I am down in life, especially in love issues.
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  8. makinmoney

    makinmoney New Member

    Music is a part of my everyday life, it brings back memories of my childhood, first love (so I thought it was) and the happy and sad times in my life. Music is makes me feel emotions that I never thought or belived I could feel. It a big part of my family we sing everday around the house and in the car. I love my music
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  9. geren miaros

    geren miaros New Member

    i love music because its the way of expression either u are sad, happy and it relieves tension and desperation...
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  10. KyCreativeLady

    KyCreativeLady New Member

    I enjoy music because it reflects what is going on in the world at the time the song is written. You can tell what decade the song is from by the lyrics and by rtwe types of instruments used in the song. Sixties music is often about nature, peace, love, and drugs. This is just an example. But often when a large social issue comes up in a decade there are songs that reflect the issuethat become very popular in secular music.
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  11. Jeyms1

    Jeyms1 New Member

    I personally love it because without it I might go crazy from so many different things. Everyday there's a lot of problems enough to go nuts and wanna kill myself out of pure anger or frustration. I think the reason i listen to it so much and study it is because it takes my mind off everything else, and sometimes the music is able to relate to me. Also i LOVE playing the drums mainly i think because it lets me get anger out. I love the guitar, and think it is probably better than the drums in many ways, but have played the drums my entire life and in a few bands because of the rewarding feeling of just sitting there and owning them. Pounding very hard and getting any frustration out.

    Im sure theres a good deal of people that can relate. Theres nothing like sitting down after a long and hard day and just listening to some good chill music, and maybe having a cigarette or two.
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  12. SuspendedWater

    SuspendedWater New Member

    Music can express the feelings that you can't explain. Sometimes it's the lyrics, the way they finally put the words together in just that right way, that always escaped you. Other times, it's the way the vocals rise and fall, sending shivers down your spine. Music can embrace you, saying, "I understand. Me too." But sometimes you can use a song to distract you, to let everything else fall away until all that matters is the beat and a catchy hook.
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  13. Chris Kirschman

    Chris Kirschman New Member

    I love music because it can carry me to a place in my mind that I've never been before. A new favorite song can give me such a euphoric feeling of enjoyment, and many hours of entertainment. I play many instruments and never tire of it. Music is in every aspect of my life and I can't stand to listen to most of this "music" on the radio today. Much of it is just a good beat with pointless lyrics flopped on top of it.​
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  14. pmp87

    pmp87 New Member

    Listening to music is one of my favorite things. I love it because it makes me feel batter. When I am sad or something is wrong I play my favorite songs, sit down and relax. It really helps me to forget the problems and to go ahead. Music is the best cure for my pains.
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  15. Antonitio

    Antonitio New Member

    i love music because it makes you feel many different things and there are so many different genres of it that you can find something great that can fit your feelings and mood.
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  16. terdsmiranda

    terdsmiranda New Member

    I like music because it makes me feel good, takes the stress away, and is a great outlet. I don't have true favorites but if I did it would be anything I could dance to or anything I could chill to.
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  17. kenshin2143

    kenshin2143 New Member

    I do love music because it lessens my stress and gives me inspiration.
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  18. yue

    yue New Member

    I love music because it lifts my spirit in exuberance. Whenever I feel sad and alone, I just listen to it and the emptiness I feel immediately fades away. That's how music affects my entire being - it acts as a pain reliever, a clown and an adviser - all of these are the reasons as to why I have a strong affinity to music.
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  19. forarticle2012

    forarticle2012 New Member

    Music is a process by which one can express his or her untold words in a nicely way. It teaches to love people. It can make one famous through out the world. Music returns man to his or her soul. It gives much pleasure to people. It reduces our sorrows and makes us forgot that create pressure one our soft mind. It seems that there is hardly any person who doesn’t love music. It is living thing in deeper meaning. It can make our life delightful. So love music for one reason or more.For extra for everyone for earning :- http://is.gd/J3f61v
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  20. enylian

    enylian New Member

    literally music is The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.

    And for me, I love music because it can be here anywhere and anytime, in different state, high or low. Music is precious to our ears what ever kind it is. Music connects to people by its content. Music it like a portal of soul to relax, enjoy, and sometimes shouts. People loves Music...
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  21. wind-drifter

    wind-drifter New Member

    I’ve always loved to write and I usually listen to music while writing. Sometimes it’s the other way around, I listen to music and then get inspired to write. So coupled with my love of writing is my love of music. I can’t count how many stories I’ve written based on a song and I think it’s true with other writer’s as well? I believe that music can be a source of inspiration.
  22. Hybrixe

    Hybrixe New Member

    I love music because it can affect my mood easily. I can listen to certain sorts of music and make myself feel different. When I listen more upbeat songs I become more upbeat, like that. I like to listen to happy songs, so that I can stay happy. I also like the rythm of songs, also known as beats. I usually swing along to the music I listen, rigth on my chair :3
  23. Brianna

    Brianna New Member

    Like others have said, I love music because it comforts me. Music is typically a stress reliever for me, after a long day I can just kick back and listen to some soothing jazz or neo-soul.
  24. Peter3227

    Peter3227 New Member

    After a stressful day, I love to come home and put on some good music. I also like to listen to music as I do work, study or while I am on the computer. Usually when you are happy, you enjoy the music. When you are sad, you understand the lyrics. I usually listen to songs that match my mood. When I'm happy, I listen to upbeat and "happy" music. When I'm sad/depressed, I listen to sadder songs.
  25. cherrywaves

    cherrywaves New Member

    Can you imagine watching a movie without any sound? What about watching your favorite movie like The Notebook without any sound? A movie that is so romantic and full of meaning would suddenly have no meaning. Though the movie isn't well known for the sounds or the music but without them their message of love wouldn't be conveyed successfully. I find that music is many respects the same. Music is the soundtrack of one's lives. Music is something that is usually attached to some memory for me. It is something that helps me express myself whether I am happy or sad, even frightened or brave. I cannot imagine a world without sound or music for that matter. I think music is a universal language that can be understood by everyone.
  26. Spectator

    Spectator New Member

    I love music for the simple fact that I can just get away from the daily routine of life for a bit and become mesmerized by the beats and the sounds playing in my ears. As well as the lyrics. It reminds me of past experiences with girls and stuff of that nature. I love R&B and love songs in general. I guess you can say that I'm a lover. Therefore I enjoy love songs :)
  27. andreia_cocea

    andreia_cocea New Member

    This science of sounds or the art of expressing feelings and ideas has a great influence among people or animals. Each person has nowadays the chance of choosing for themselves. I choose MUSIC to relax, to live intensely, to laugh or cry, to disconnect or reconnect. I think that without music the Planet would be a sad place. It can shape our spirit an intelligence if we choose to play an instrument, it gives us rithm and dance. It is the most complex way of understanding ourselves. This is why I love music... :whistle:
  28. emonroe

    emonroe New Member

    I love music because music can influence the heart rate, breathing and the overall cardio vascular health of an individual. When I listen to music it physically alters my heart rate along with the rate of my breathing, my overall cardiovascular health. I really enjoy listening to music when I am doing my morning exercise. I prefer to listen to R&B classics of the late 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s because the artist had so much harmony.
  29. DzeeShahid

    DzeeShahid New Member

    Music is something that derives our attention no matter where we are and what we do. It will catch our attention automatically, its an array of various sounds from different instruments, what happens is that it reaches our ears and our brain calculates the enigma, If its connective to some of our emotions and thoughts then we continue listening to it.

    Other than that Music is also said to be soul food, i believe it indulges into our blood and reaches the mind , soothing and comforting it . We all like Music no age restrictions , young or aged every person has his/her favorites . Music can make you into groove , it can boost your adrenaline , it can make you go crazy and it can also make you sad and lost into memories .

    According to me Music is a Brain Therapy which fixes laziness and refreshes the process of learning and working.
  30. xbs.irimie

    xbs.irimie New Member

    Please define "music" : some of us , mostly the young ones , call "rap" or "hip hop" music ; others , opera ; others , Vivaldi or Beethoven . Which of us is right ?
    I consider music to be part of our education , of our way of living . It does not depend of how much money we make or what brand of car we drive : it's simply us and how our soul feels. I will never listen Wagner in the morning , or a blues , and certainly not disco music at 5 a.m. But I will sure listen Schubert at sunset , or Vivaldi in the afternoon. Mozart is not my favorite one.
    I love music , not all the music , just the one that brings beauty in my heart and joy to my soul . Each moment of the day has its own magic when accompanied by the appropriated music .
    Would you like me to bring testimonials from my neighbors ?

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