Why do You Read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Kingsleycpaul, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Kingsleycpaul

    Kingsleycpaul New Member

    I read to upgrade myself as a teacher. I have been into teaching for the past 20 years now and have recorded lots of achievements in the job. I used to stay at work after closing hours in school to do researches in the computer library. I do this both online and offline and gather lots of facts regarding my field of study. I teach Mathematics, Physics and Further Mathematics together and try to be very effective in what I discharge to the pupils. My profession entails regular reading and requires that I teach accurately in class in order to help gifted pupils discover and develop their potentials.

    I used to be very happy whenever I discharge my best in class especially when I realize that children are receiving the kind of stuff they need to step up in life. When I compared my knowledge and experience now with that when I started teaching, it's been a wide difference. I have gone a long way in reading and have seen the dividends.
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  2. I read because i love it and i enjoy it.
    And to learn something from it.
  3. Dhaneliie Roncal

    Dhaneliie Roncal New Member

    The reason why I read, first is to acquire knowledge. They say knowledge is power. I read so that I would be powerful...hahaha. I read if I want to know something. Researching and reading allows me to answer questions that needs answering.
    Sometimes when I have spare times i read to entertain myself and at the same time enjoy the leisure the books, magazines, and other reading materials provide.
  4. Zede

    Zede New Member

    Reading is the heart of our knowledge that helps us to understand a piece of life path in this great world
  5. DeathlyCynical

    DeathlyCynical New Member

    Reading is an excellent way to relax. I find that reading is one of my favourite hobbies; it allows me to dive into a completely different world and forget about everything else. Whenever I read, I'm able to escape all of my stress, worries, and upcoming problems. I think that books tell the stories of people we don't know, places we haven't been, and worlds we can only imagine.

    So, that's basically the main reason why I read. Reading is my way of relaxing.
  6. ClioHistory@23

    ClioHistory@23 New Member

    Why do I read? For me reading is an escaped into the world of the unknown, to be the person who I wanted to be. I can also relate to the characters I'm reading. The world of fiction or nonfiction gives me a sense of how a person behaves or why they do what they do through this characters. I can also work my imagination with reading because my mind provides for the imagery lacking in a book full of words.
  7. joseph000

    joseph000 Member

    I read because to enjoy and for past time, but sometimes I read because for information like news paper. I like reading any thing because it exercise my speaking and my brain. Also I read to get more knowledge and learn something new. And I read bacause to entertain my self, like reading comics, magazines and newspapers, And I can create my own world by reading and creating imagination.
  8. manuel17

    manuel17 New Member

    Everyone of us is a leader of ourselves. Leaders are readers. They stay open-minded to learn new things.
  9. Bebeth

    Bebeth New Member

    I read to learn new things. I love reading because reading is a good way to escape reality, you making your own world, time, space even the persons to talk to. Reading is a good way to take off the depression, read educational books, jokes, novels, poetry will make you calm.

    And when you can't sleep reading is a good way to tired your eyes and make a good dream for you.
  10. caredexy

    caredexy New Member

    Personally, reading is fun and life-changing. Why? Because trials and errors are crucial , but not enough. You should start to simulate how things can go. And the safer and faster way to do it, is through reading books/articles and etc. For me, it is really imperative that we read especially if we are still a student. It has a great impact to deal with like enhancing our reading speed or capacity, enhances our knowledge and insights and lastly, it improves our awareness in day to day situations. Moreover, it will help us to understand new concepts and notions in a certain topic and the possibility to pass certain examinations which can be an excellent outcome.
    Many times our perception is not enough to notice certain things, and it's highly probable that someone has already spent a lot of time writing about how to get the results that you're trying to achieve.​
  11. Crazycale

    Crazycale New Member

    I have a need for interesting thoughts. Reading is a sort of well I can always come to when I want something to think about.
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  12. antonette061389

    antonette061389 New Member

    Way back in high school days my bestfriend borrowed me this book titled Harry Potter book 2 I think. Then after reading that book I started asking for it's 1st book then 2nd, 3rd and up to its last series. When I ended all the series of the book i just fell inlove reading other book.
  13. aRMyVisualkei

    aRMyVisualkei New Member

    There are countless reasons why I enjoy reading and it is hard to pinpoint a few reasons, but here is a list I have constructed:
    1. Knowledge
    2. Comprehension
    3. Satisfaction
    Knowledge is inevitably one of the most rewarding things to receive from a book be it nonfiction, fiction, etc. As one gains more knowledge it can be applied to skills and also to broaden an individuals perspectives, shape their thoughts and morals, and expand and reveal unknown mysteries or concepts.

    As with knowledge, comprehension allows for a greater sense of self confidence in conjunction with many other things, but also allows for enhanced self reflection, and bring more meaning into ones life. It brings emotion, vibrancy, and satisfaction.

    To be satisfied with a story or becoming acquainted with undiscovered concepts brings excitement and thrill which is yet another great reason to read. I attempted to simplify and categorize some of the reasons associated with reading which demonstrates some logic behind why many, like myself, enjoy reading!
  14. We read for us learn and make our imaginations active and go to the world where you belong.
  15. new.world

    new.world New Member

    Reading obviously is part of mankind's process to grow, to be entertained, for useful purposes indeed. Reading is man's necessity for living. This topic is futile to be discussed with, c'mon it's common sense ain't it? Right.
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  16. Olivia Wezdenko

    Olivia Wezdenko New Member

    I read to strengthen my mind. Though it is very easy sometimes to slip into the world of television and mindlessly watch it for hours, reading engages the brain and brings it to new worlds of imagination. I like to read not only for the complex and addictive stories, but also for the new words. I constantly try to add to my personal dictionary, by reading books that obtain new words. When I strengthen my vocabulary, I feel as though I can improve my writing and dialect, which are two very important things to me.
  17. JmarkT_T

    JmarkT_T New Member

    This is the reason why i am reading becouse i wanna want to be a smart boy and i want to learn all of inside the books
  18. Grace589

    Grace589 New Member

    Reading is a necessity for a law student like me. It is a process that one needs to enjoy to survive the law school because the law professors would either give oral recitations, quizzes and exams on a regular basis. When asked by a student what is the requisite in passing the subject, our law professor replied "Read, Read, Read". Hence, like a military, a student must not come to class without reading his or her books and cases for the subject.

    For one to enjoy reading academic books, he or she must have a very positive outlook. I treat cases like gossips, and books as my manuals. More than a thousand times, I place myself in the situations stated in the books and appreciate the the text as my available tool in dealing with the problems involving the subject.

    Reading not only enables me to pass my subject, it prepares me for the final test awaiting for me when I finally join the legal profession.
  19. RenceG

    RenceG New Member

    I read because this helps me improve my vocabulary. It drives everything else from my mind. It lets me escape to find other world by using my imagination. I really enjoy reading. It helps me to relax.
  20. ZEED

    ZEED New Member

    To me, reading is an essential way of extracting information and facts. So, I read to acquire knowledges, but during leisure or spare period, i read some comics and novels for entertainment and personal enjoyment.
  21. miracle7

    miracle7 New Member

    To be honest, reading means a lot to me. It's my life. There's a moment in my life when I really want to give up but through reading I found a new life, a new hope. This sounds ridiculous. But I read everytime I'm upset.
  22. iceldi

    iceldi New Member

    I'm reading to improve my knowledge especially as a working woman I'm watching tv and news so when I use my cellphone I prefer to read especially informative news
  23. millenials 90's

    millenials 90's New Member

    I read cause I want to learn more. I want to learn everything, I want to discover new knowledge.Because we all know books has a lot of content that can help us towards our daily life.Books are the most important creation of human being cause without book there is no one can help us to gain very important knowledge that we must know. Books is one of the key to be a successful person.
  24. Maryknoll

    Maryknoll New Member

    As a teacher it is important to read. Reading is important to boost your knowledge.
  25. Michelle G.

    Michelle G. New Member

    I read because life in books is, sometimes, more interesting than real life! But honestly, I read because that way I get to be many things I'm not and live many lives asides from mine.
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  26. Aimee Calo

    Aimee Calo New Member

    For entertainment and to gain more knowledge but mostly to have an open mind.

    But when I say open mind, I meant like I read real criminal and civil cases, documentaries, and true based stories.
  27. mckieB

    mckieB New Member

    I must admit that I have lost my love for reading when I started medical school. There are just so much required material to read to keep up that I always end up forcing myself to read. Passing exams, cramming information into my head, those are the main reasons I read nowadays.
  28. tgaylon1

    tgaylon1 New Member

    Why do I read? Simply because this is my way of relaxing. Reading helps me a lot. I learn new words from it. This enhances my knowledge. Also, I prefer deep reading than light reading. Deep reading is a great exercise for the brain and has been shown to increase empathy, as the reader dives deeper and adds reflection to what is being read. Also, for me, deep reading synchronizes my brain as it activates my brain's centers for hearing, speech, and vision, all of which work together to help us function our neurons to read, write, and speak.
  29. annajov

    annajov New Member

    I read because I believe it gives me a higher level of vocabulary to use in everyday life and...it makes me feel smarter.There,I said it! I believe it makes me appear interesting and attractive nowadays,when everybody's simply watching movies and TV shows.But don't get me wrong,of course that's not the main reason I read.I read because I love reading.It has become a way of life for me,really. :)
  30. Benj Labatete

    Benj Labatete New Member

    The reasons why I am reading whether it's a book, magazine or an article on the web, it's because there's a lot of information out there that can helps my day to day routine. It's like a treasure that we need to find once in a while in our life. There's a lot of topic that can anyone hook into (i.e. personal development, financial and leadership).

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