Why do You Read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Kingsleycpaul, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Omayma

    Omayma New Member

    It simply feeds your mind, just like our bodies need food and water, Books are needed for our minds.
  2. richelle

    richelle New Member

    There are a lot of reasons why I read. Some for entertainment, some for knowledge, some for updates and some for guidance and some for help. Starting with entertainment, I love reading magazines of some sort when I'm bored and there are no means of entertainment aside from the magazines on top of the table while waiting for someone. Second is if there's a need for me to do a research on something related to work. The third is if I want to be updated about the news and updates on things around me. Fourth is when I'm depressed and I'm seeking psychological guidance through motivational books. The last reason would be for helping someone in need.
  3. rumaizasaleem

    rumaizasaleem New Member

    Habit of book reading is good for everyone. " How"

    It wipes out Stress, Memory loss and making activeness in my brain.
  4. Mariche Nacorda

    Mariche Nacorda New Member

    In reading books, one may relieve stress... Another benefit in reading is that we can learn something new.
  5. josephlustiva

    josephlustiva New Member

    I read because I want to explore and discover new things in life. Reading is also fun! I love reading manga like Naruto, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul and a lot more. With whatever perspective you can see that reading is important. It helps to develop the knowledge and the mind of every individual regardless of the reason for reading it. Reading helps the discovery of wisdom in different areas. This is a human mind and its perspective is expanding. That's why we should not stop reading.
  6. drizzle08

    drizzle08 New Member

    Reading is like travelling. It exposes you to other worlds, culture, time or even dimension. It broadens ones perspective in life because it exposes you to different lessons. It helps us to understand other people through the experiences told in the books.
    I read because it enriches me.
  7. Lloyd07

    Lloyd07 New Member

    There are many reasons why i read. To excercise my mind. To gain information. To learn more, i Love learning. To share, to become Productive. To become wise. To invest. Reading is Essential to socialization nowadays. because we live in the age we called millennial or modern age. full of technologies. to be always updated to society we need always to read information. Hoping that we can be something in this world. To be born to create an Impact. this is more likely possible if we know how to read.
  8. Carrel Malcolm

    Carrel Malcolm New Member

    I read when its necessary. When I was younger I would read fairytales because they kept me entertained. When I became a teenager my leisure reading was mostly on topics I could relate to.

    After I left school and started working, leisure time reverted to movies, parties or social media, reading became less of a hobby. I read when it was a necessity and only engaged if book was the rave. I find this strange because I always found time to write, I guess what this means is I love writing more than reading.
  9. knightmare9000

    knightmare9000 New Member

    Reading, much like running or listening to music, can be a form of meditation. Even more, by reading regularly, you develop better abilities to focus and concentrate. Better imagination leads to more creativity and ideas. If I need more ideas regarding any subject in life, the first thing I do is to read as much as possible on the topic. When I read a critical amount of ideas, views, knowledge and new ideas start to pop up.
  10. ping.dott

    ping.dott New Member

    Reading improves my mental capabilities, Reading helps me do complex things, Build complex idea, And solve hard problems in mind, Reading also improve my vocabulary skills helping me to communicate well, I also use reading as tool to help me build interesting characters,setting, and great story plots as a young aspiring writer, And the main reason why I really like to read is because reading gives me different views in life, giving me an idea of a situation that I might experience in the future and helping me do good decision about it.

    As a young aspiring writer I hope someday I can make an Impact to others for good by creating a great story. I really like how the writers impacts me using a good story that they made, And I really like to write and share stories like that to others someday.

    Reading really helps me build my character and helps me understand people.
  11. Travellingblogger

    Travellingblogger New Member

    There are hundred reasons why I read. Firstly, reading entertains me because it feeds my mind with wonderful stories about life and the world around me. The descriptive words and pictures written on each pages make me feel like travelling to various places I have never been to before.It also serves as a stress reliever for me especially those paperbacks created to make people laugh, hence very beneficial to one's health. In addition to its wellness advantage, reading keeps our brain cells active,thus possibly reduces the progress of mental illnesses such as Alzheimers and dementia in our later age.
    Furthermore, through reading , people become more knowledgeable of many things. I always find answers to whatever is bothering me because I always read, and, because of this activity, it makes me more creative and smart.Apart from these, I become better in school because my critical and analytical thinking, and my information retention capacity improve extravagantly.
  12. ryan luzentales

    ryan luzentales New Member

    Reading is the most powerful instrument for a human.
  13. skyscraper28

    skyscraper28 New Member

    I keep on reading because learning is infinite. Aside from that, my creativity and imagination keeps on getting better as read books further and further. Books can bring you to different places, events and time just by reading words.
  14. fredlan618

    fredlan618 New Member

    I read because it is food for my brain. I read a good book or an article a day, I can only say it's a good book or an article if it contains good information because I believe life is a constant learning process and it never stops until we die. For me, a good book is a good food for my brain. To gain knowledge is to understand how thing's work. That is a very big advantage if one knows how thing's work. I believe that all of the things we need to know is already written somewhere. I guess we have to read some more. I personally like the saying,
    "Knowledge is power." When the time comes that you have to reason out for anything or anyone, the one with the better knowledge always prevail. I read to learn and be informed about the old and new things that I did not know.
  15. Mjean20

    Mjean20 New Member

    Reduce stress, to gain knowledge and for my vocabulary expansion, the more you read, the more words you gain exposure to, and they’ll inevitably make their way into your everyday vocabulary. The more knowledge you have, the better- equipped you are to tackle any challenge you’ll ever
    Also reading books is also vital for learning new languages ,as non-native speakers gain exposure to words used in context, which will ameliorate their own speaking and writing fluency.
  16. nootahey

    nootahey New Member

    The number one reason I read is escapism. It is a joy to be absorbed in a good book. You can cast day to day worries aside and be thoroughly involved in the story. I find it to be a great stress relief.
    I love learning too and appreciate the knowledge you can gain, even from fiction. I'm reading "On Beauty" by Zadie Smith at the moment and am finding out so many new things, about art, American culture, the list is endless.
    I also belong to a local book club and so reading allows us all a good excuse to get to together and enjoy a glass of wine! Apart from the wine though, it is interesting to hear the perspective of others, you can learn so much!
  17. Miss Irvin

    Miss Irvin New Member

    For me, reading not only broadens my vocabulary but gives me insight on a wide variety of entities. Insight to understand the where, why and how and sometimes having a new perspective of the where, why and how. In doing this, I feel im opening myself to grow not only mentally but economically, spiritually and culturally.
  18. ann2195

    ann2195 Member

    I read because I want to learn and get some knowledge. And it is actually put my brain to work properly. Based on my experience once I read every day, I get to know a few words that have me interested and start to find the meaning of it then I will be able to use that words to sentences or while writing. And I feel that I am a smart person because sometime when the book you are reading is quite inspirational then I get inspired when it is motivational I get motivated. That perhaps the reason why I am reading.
  19. FToby

    FToby Member

    When I was a kid, I read to spend time, relax myself and make new friends by exchanging books that we interested. As I grew up, most of the time reading academic books just to score well in examination. Reading has become a tool to evaluate my future or my career path.
  20. syzxzyx

    syzxzyx New Member

    I don't read as much as I did when I was younger, because I now primarily enjoy reading to gain knowledge. When I read as a kid, I used to read fairly easy young adult novels. Now, I try to read more educational books. I try to read about certain historical periods that I am interested in, or a topic, such as music, that I would like to learn about.
  21. loraaquino

    loraaquino New Member

    I read for entertainment. I find it as an inexpensive source of entertainment because one can easily download a free book online. You can find almost all genres of books available online, you'll just have to be patient in looking for a good read. Reading has been a long time hobby of mine not only it is entertaining but also it stimulates my mind. Its a good exercise for the mind and sharpens your memory does prevents one from getting Alzheimer's disease. So, make it a hobbit to read and who knows it might save your mind and help regenerate.
  22. Elyzer Furagganan

    Elyzer Furagganan New Member

    I, myself, is an introvert person. But, introversion does not make me less of a person. Our disposition is frequently misconstrued. We are called timid, socially phobic or even one with social disorder. I can refute that not all introverts are like that. I can acquaint friendly that is why I am even called ambivert. Yet the one thing that I can proudly tell discreetly -- introversion struck -- I love reading. It makes me more than what and how I seem to the public. It makes me confident, calm, creative and positively dispositioned. A protagonist's portrayal of his character influences me so good that I can say I am adaptive to the bright temperaments of, say, a novel's characters. Reading is like detaching my spirit from the concrete dimension and it takes me to the depths of other worlds, unknown to the human intellect. It transcends the consciousness of mankind. It feeds the soul like a strong carbohydrate, ready to be broken down into its building blocks to nourish the minuteness of what makes up a real human. No one can ever debunk the indispensable quality of reading. I feel like I am losing myself if reading ceases to exist.
  23. Bran91

    Bran91 New Member

    There is nothing quite like sitting down with a good book. Whether I'm using it to learn something new, become better at something I already know or to entertain myself, it can't be beat. The feeling I get when the hero of the story seems to be facing certain peril, only to escape by the skin of his teeth or that "Aha!" moment when I'm reading about a topic I'm not entirely certain of, there are few things in life that can be compared.
  24. jazzy2224

    jazzy2224 New Member

    I read because it is a crucial part of becoming the leader I want to become. I read self-improvement books and I have gained such a positive mindset and perspective because of reading these books and applying them in my life. Helping people accomplish their goals and dreams is my dream, and reading plays a big factor in that. Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power.
  25. aria_belle

    aria_belle New Member

    I love reading ever since I was a child. I would consider myself as an introvert and books were definitely a good companion. It's fun to use your imagination and be creative. It's also my way of forgetting all my problems since I can be a different person in a different world. Reading also helped me become a better person. It's also a good source of knowledge and that helped me a lot in school.
  26. Coby

    Coby New Member

    Their is some reason why I read. One is because I am an engineer, my profession requires me to continually educate myself about engineering stuff, and one way of doing this is through reading articles and books about engineering, because every year their is a lot of changes also in rules that govern engineering construction and design procedures. Another reason is that to keep you in touch about what is happening around you, reading is a good alternative to know the latest news if you don't have access to television or internet. One more reason is to know more or have a good history of a certain product that you want to buy.
  27. Michjoy22

    Michjoy22 New Member

    I read because I want to learn more new things.because of reading I got a new knowledge from it from different things.especially the things that I do not know?I love to read the Books, Magazine and the most of all is the News Paper.because of reading these I got so many useful and helpful things that I can apply to myself.reading is my passion.
  28. ianvp

    ianvp New Member

    Ever since I could read, I did read. Back when I was a kid we didn't have smartphones, kindles or laptops yet so it was always books for this guy! I remember most kids using nightlights for ghosts/monster, I used mine as an excuse to keep on reading without my parents realizing (they did though).

    I love how when you read a book you sink into the world the author has created, you live right there next to every character - and you can leave whatever is not described up to your imagination. I love it.
  29. For me to read the book is something you can learn all of, you get lessons on every page and every word has the meanings on every page that is sent. Every one in your book has something to say and understand, especially if it is the Bible. You need to analyze the course of life, understand the word of God and follow everything written here.
  30. Wilsen Rey Jiao

    Wilsen Rey Jiao New Member

    Reading has a lot of faces for me. Reading a fiction book is like an escape to reality. It feels like I am following the main character in the books and I'm right behind them while the story unfolds. Reading self-help books is like seeing the world from a new perspective. You see your potential in every book that you read. Reading biographies/autobiographies is like opening up the brain and heart of these personalities and seeing how they used their experiences to further better themselves. Reading religious scripture is connecting to Him.

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