Why do You Read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Kingsleycpaul, Nov 12, 2017.


    ARTBOBARRON New Member

    I love to read. I read for different reasons, sometimes i read to entertain myself. In these moments I read thrillers and adventure novel. I also like to read self help books, or do-it-your self books to help me complete projects. I like reading so much I became a author myself.
  2. Eberitte

    Eberitte New Member

    I read because it's the my main way to acquire knowledge. I mainly read novels. It always gives me the opportunity to learn. Its challenges my vocabulary, analytical thinking, concentration, knowledge, and writing. I love to write and by reading novels, it helped me develop my writing skills. I'm incorporating figures of speech a lot now whenever I write and I always try to be more imaginative on my narrations.

    There's so much I need to learn and by reading, I know it will help me develop the skills I need to improve. Yesterday, my friend lend me an old novel called On Night's Shore by Randall Silvis, and I'm already enjoying it after a couple of pages!
  3. drewmoreprayer

    drewmoreprayer New Member

    Simply speaking, I read because I love the new worlds I discover behind the stories in the books . Reading books especially the novels and light novels was able to change my whole life. Reading managed to make me feel inspired, sad, happy, exhilarated, shock, disgusted, angry, warm. and even confused. For me, reading feels like opening new doors leading to something unknown which is only I am capable of seeing. When I read new stories I love the feeling of achievement of discovering the fantasy world personally crafted by genius minds. Aside from those, I also loved to read because through reading I am able to obtain necessary knowledge and wisdom that I could use in the future.
  4. nhel

    nhel New Member

    the reason why i read a book just beacuse to gain knowledge. Books are rich source of information.Reading books on varied subjects imparts information and increases the depth about the subject as well. whenever i read a book, i learne a new information that otherwise would not have known.
  5. sampson ogunti

    sampson ogunti New Member

    I read because it provides an opportunity for me to use my imagination. As adults, a lot of us give our imaginations because of the realities we have to face on a daily basis. However, I do believe that books are essential in connecting realities with imaginations.
  6. Arun Joy

    Arun Joy New Member

    I read everything that i find interesting .Hence i am here :)
  7. carmelajiao

    carmelajiao New Member

    I read because I believe it has a lot of benefits to oneself and some of the examples are broadening my knowledge, increasing my vocabulary and improving my grammar. Apart from those, it is one form of relaxation. It can transport me to places I've never been before. I can meet people with different personalities. It helps me acquire new knowledge. As I read, I believe it further activates my brain cells as I absorb information. Reading is pleasurable and it is one of the activities that you will never waste time on.
  8. JcAbeleda

    JcAbeleda New Member

    Ever since i was in elementary, i love to read books or anything that i can get my hands in to. I've always been fascinated whenever I hear or read something new. Reading relaxes me, at the same time, it gives you the chance to learn something new and maybe, just a little more wiser that you were before.
  9. jile777

    jile777 New Member

    I read because I love new knowledge and I'm always craving for the answers to the questions that's in my mind, on how this happened or why is this became this, everything that makes me wonder. I also read when there's a book that looks like a good story like a fiction novel, it is great for killing time when you have nothing to do.
  10. jaja

    jaja New Member

    Reading is very necessary for those student like me. To obtain knowledge, learn to be able to graduate . But I don't just because of this reason. Yes it is universal that people read to learn but I read because I just love it. It makes me relax and give me the satisfaction every time I finish reading a book. Reading books put me in a world I myself didn't imagine. I know its cliched but reading book makes me travel without physically going anywhere. Reading book is my king of therapy for all the stress society gives me. And reading open my mind and reflect what is reality to what is not.
  11. SurreTina

    SurreTina Member

    It just gives me the much needed time to be only with myself and my thoughts. No one is bothering me on the bus or train while I'm reading so I don't need to talk to strangers and it gives me a quiet time while I'm at home. It's also an "escape" into the amazing fantasy worlds.
  12. Kevin Forte

    Kevin Forte New Member

    I read in order to understand and learn new things. Because i want to have a little knowldge of almost everything in this world. Through this i gained wisdom and brilliant ideas that I apply in real life situation.
  13. emgaudet

    emgaudet New Member

    There are a few reasons I read. The main reason is to gain access to a new world, and escape the troubles of my own. I also read to gain knowledge. I'm prone to spending hours pouring over books and articles on a subject that has piqued my interest. Then there are the times I read because I want some company in whatever mood I'm feeling. Books are great companions for the lonely times!
  14. davidhammond1

    davidhammond1 New Member

    Reading is a way for my mind to relax, explore and imagine after a long day of work. It provides me with a sense of joy and freedom that lifts my spirits and provides me with both physical and mental relief as I am taken on a journey. It allows me to engage in a world that is different to mine, letting me escape from the cyclical lifestyle I live! In short, reading is a great way to be entertained and that is my main purpose for reading.
  15. eduardonicodemus

    eduardonicodemus New Member

    The simple answer is for pleasure. But what exactly is the nature of that pleasure? Reading removes us from the structure of our lives, from the routine, the sequential habits of our day-to-day living. We enter instead another time zone. The plot, characters and setting occupy us, and while we read we inhabit the others’ reality. The pleasure therefore is derived from escaping our own small, limited and often repetitive lives and entering an exotic elsewhere.

    But perhaps there is also the attraction of reserving something private for ourselves, something outside of the public world of relationship, family, work and occupation; something that is not encumbered by the stricture of time and self.
  16. quaker

    quaker New Member

    I read so I learn. Sometimes in life, things doesn't really need to be physically experienced you just need a good book and you could already learn so many things about life. Because books represent peoples mind, heart, soul and most of the time their own life experienced.
    And also, reading can be a tool for us to feel like we've travel through our history. Reading about those great people who made our world better is like meeting them and knowing how it felt and seems like leaving back in time.
    And with that we can have a guidance in our lives. Because not all the time there is someone who can tell us what to do with our life, but there will always be a "book" that can be a teacher and a companion through our good or bad times.
  17. Reading is important because it helps to expand the mind and develops the imagination. A person who knows how to read can educate themselves in any area of life they see fit. Reading forces you to use your brain; helping you to reason things out which are unfamiliar. Making time to read is something we all feel that we should do, but only few of us schedule actual reading time every day. Adding reading to your daily schedule improves discipline and time management. The more you read, the more educated you become. When you are well read, people will look to you for answers which also builds self-confidence and self-worth. Continue reading and you will continue learning.
  18. Edgard Castellano

    Edgard Castellano New Member

    I mostly read to get further in subjects I watch on TV or the internet. Knowledge in its whole extension is important to me, but answering that simple question that a show or a website made me do myself is one of my favorite things to do in life. I guess knowledge is built that way, by taking baby steps towards the finish line.
  19. Timothy Pangilinan

    Timothy Pangilinan New Member

    There are various reasons why I always take time to read. I do read books to gain and acquire additional knowledge and insights. Books we read provide inexhaustible diverse informations. If you are a wide reader and always crave for assorted worthwhile informations, you will surely become excellent in school and work areas. In fact, those well-known persons who are successful in their career are apparently avid readers.
    I read books also for vocabulary expansion. Everytime I read, I always encounter and learn new words which add up to my vocabulary. I would be able to apply such new words in my writing habit.
    I also read books in my leisure time. It's a perfect thing to do for recreation. It makes me able to freely express myself and somehow lets me temporarily escape from the reality by enabling my imagination works and be consumed by the rich words and texts I read from books.
    I also read inspirational books for my personal development, to motivate myself in becoming an effective and a better person through the abundant motivational messages it brings.
  20. I read because of many reasons. I read articles, magazines, blogs, because i want to learn something new. Reading is indeed one of the many sources of new knowledge and discoveries. I read nonfiction books, whatever genre it is, because i wanted to escape reality sometimes. Being in the setting of the book's story makes me think outside of the box and imagine life as someone would never have imagined before. Reading makes me a better person, a better individual and it has made me discover myself more. :)
  21. angel liz

    angel liz New Member

    There are several reasons why I read. First, I read for pleasure. Every time I hold a book and start flipping the pages, I feel a sudden excitement. It makes me happy especially when I can relate with the characters. Reading a book really makes my day. Second, I read for learning. When I read a book, whether it's informational text or fictional book, I learn new things and concepts. Aside from knowing new words, I learn to appreciate several cultures and beliefs. Truly, I can say that reading is an activity that pleasures me and gives me new knowledge.
  22. Princess Dasco

    Princess Dasco New Member

    Reading books has made me a better writer. Loving books has made me a better person.
  23. gelo lanto

    gelo lanto New Member

    As a Computer Engineering Student and I have many programming books. I read books so that I can learn many things that I need for my studies, I read books so that I can know the things I don't know, and I read books because the knowledge I can learn on it is more than the knowledge I can o researching on the Internet.
  24. christian28

    christian28 New Member

    The reasons why i am reading because reading a books is important to know all of you didn't know and reading a book is good for all people instead playing games or online of any social media.And I believe reading of a book is giving you all higher vocabulary to use and every day life.And reading of a book is the easy way to boost your knowledge.
  25. iPerfect87

    iPerfect87 New Member

    Thea reason why i read is because rather than wasting time on games and non- academic videos i will learn something that's new to me and i will have more knowledge on things i don't have experienced yet and at least i can share what i learned in a beautiful way that way i can influence them to read also and experience the thrill that i have experienced on reading
  26. Claire Falsis

    Claire Falsis New Member

    One of the many reasons why I read is because it helps me get information, wether it's a news paper or a fictional book. I read because I sometimes crave for knowledge that only reading can give me. I also read because it helps me with me anxiety. I have fictional and non fictional books about realizing self worth. Reading makes me confident, it makes me feel that I can accomplish anything when it comes to reading. I always keep a good book in my bag just in case I need a timeout from the world and just be with myself. That is why I read.
  27. Oriel123

    Oriel123 New Member

    I read for several key reasons. Firstly, I read to absorb fresh knowledge and to deepen my understanding of the world around me. Secondly, I read to gain new perspectives on life and to learn to see the world through different viewpoints. Finally, I read as a form of escapism. A good book has the power to only to entertain, but to provide release and respite from stress and promote relaxation.
  28. TrinityTypes

    TrinityTypes New Member

    To escape reality.
  29. Tatiana Stan

    Tatiana Stan New Member

    Firstly, I see reading like an activity to relax, and transport yourself into another world. Secondly, reading is the best way to upgrade my vocabulary and my knowledge. I enjoy reading history books or articles, psychilogical facts, and novels. There's so much information that you can find between the lines of a book, it's a source of inspiration and knowledge.
  30. vet_cabaya

    vet_cabaya New Member

    Usually I tend to read books if I have important exams or quizzes. Not that I hate it but it’s just that it’s not what I wanted to do if I have a lot of free time. But there is this one book that I finished reading, and it consume me a week before I finish it. This book satisfies me and my imagination it took me in a world where it’s just me and the book that I was reading. But to think of it, it really makes you feel like you travel around the world while you are sitting or lying while imagining every situation or places that you read inside the book. And I think that’s the reason why do I read books.

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