Why do You Read?

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  1. There are too many reasons why I read . First , to gain new knowledge because I believe that knowledge is power . Second , for me to feel empathy . I want to know what the others think and act . The books gives us idea about how others think about something because the authors share their thoughts which really attracts us readers. Lastly, for entertainment because books are really good for pass time . That's all :)
  2. ruc91

    ruc91 New Member

    I read because I believe that people need to read in order for us to know a lot in this world. Through reading we can consider it traveling. We learn new things,traits and values from other countries that we've never been. Reading is important because it makes you learn and became successful.
  3. jerrold

    jerrold Member

    Me I read to be learn and improve my imagination, giving me a higher level of my vocabulary to use in everyday life.
    I read to discover and for me to learn the life skills they entail.
  4. Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

    Jeanclaude Gaddahfi New Member

    The mental faculty just like any other device needs constant upgrade to be able to meet the changing needs of the society. I read to upgrade or open my thinking capacity. At times, I read for fun when lonely, to feel more connected to the greater reality of what has happened or is happening or may happen outside of our direct experience. I read to assure myself that the search for meaning is relentless and that many creative minds have made all sorts of wild and wonderful sense of it all, or not. It makes me feel what others think about the world, the topic of discussion etc.
  5. ReignRenRen

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    When I was younger, I read for the pleasure. I find it enjoyable to know more things. Whenever I read fictional stories, I find myself living in another life, living in another character, and living in another world. It makes me feel amaze.

    However, when I grew older, the pleasure diminished. It is because reading became a necessity for me. I am required to read to learn more. I read to gain more knowledge.

    Despite all these, I still enjoy reading. I will still continue reading.
  6. Shelby0323

    Shelby0323 New Member

    "Why do you read?" That question is completely trivial, in my eyes. I read because I want to escape, I read because I love to lose myself in the stories. I read because it gives me the feeling of togetherness, even when I am alone. I love to read because I can learn new things through characters and plots- and no matter how long or how forced the reading may be, no matter what, I can always get something from it. Even if it is as simple as an answer to a question. I love reading, and will continue to do so forever.
  7. Jocko

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    I read primarily for edification, but also for relaxation and enjoyment. The way I see it, the process of reading has a few different applications for self-improvement. The very nature of reading re-wires the neural circuitry of the brain towards linear, logical thinking, while on a more interpersonal level, it's been proven that fiction readers experience more empathy.

    There's also something to be said for kicking back with a book and a coffee on a patio or a beach somewhere, and just relaxing. I have friends who don't read, and I realize that there's a certain disconnect that I experience with them that I don't share with a fellow reader.

    Does anyone else ever get that?
  8. billitoire254

    billitoire254 New Member

    I read mostly to gain knowledge. Knowledge is endless yet an interesting journey to understand why things are the way they are. Reading confuses an idle mind to imagine and comprehend how written material can be brought to life, get to understand every single thread of word and generate ideas that can be tested or offer solutions to our daily problems we experience.

    Reading is an art of education. It changes the person you were before to the best person you want to be, where you don't only exercise your learning skills but the development of the character within yourself.
  9. meteorites949

    meteorites949 New Member

    Beacuse people want to read something different and out of the box, which brings a smile on their face,makes them burst into peals of laughter, makes them nostalgic and brings forth myriad of emotions suppressed inside them. It is a hub of knowledge which is being passed to people in a most interesting and enjoyable way. It is addictive in a sense that it keeps the users hooked to itself with its diverse questions and amazing answers. Unlike google wherein you only get bookish knowledge, quora has got a lot more to offer. Moreover unlike facebook which is populated with all types of nonsensical posts,
  10. fisher post

    fisher post New Member

    I personally read because I acquire more knowledge as an individual.Reading also opens up my mind increasing my intellectual capacity which is very crucial.The other reason is that one gets to learn a lot about various cultures of different people globally enabling one to respect and love all people despite the differences in culture and backgrounds.Lastly, reading is a good way of relaxing
  11. RetselRon

    RetselRon New Member

    Reading is one of the basic fundamentals of learning of a person or an individual. This will translate his/her character as an individual in the future. A person with a reading habit will enhance not only his/her vocabulary but will have an exclusive and additional education outside of learning schools.

    Personally, the main reason why I read is that, aside from a hobby, I am learning different ideas, words, and construction of sentences that are used by the writers that I'm not quite familiar. Aside from that, I get an exclusive access to new information that are in trend nowadays without paying some buck on learning schools. Examples of the books that I've already read are:
    • Bjarne Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language
    • Robin Nixon's Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With JQuery, CSS & HTML5
    • Robin Nixon's Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript, 4th Edition
    • And other programming tutorial books.
    When I'm at home and spending some day off from work I also dedicate some portion of my time reading novels or fictional books specially before nap time. I wouldn't mention those books that I've already read but more importantly I would like to elaborate the reasons and advantages that a lot lot of us will acquire when we took a reading habit. For me, personally as a programmer reading books is one of my learning strategy or technique on how to gain knowledge about the continuous development of information technology these days. Taking a subscription to an online tutorial or enrolling to a crash course is not only expensive but it'll consume a lot of time, but having a book of the same aspect or topic can very much ease the process to free information. It will give me a lot of informative information and relaxing to the comforts of my room or house at the same time. Reading is also for me is a channel or an outlet when i wanted to clear my mindset. Living in an environment wherein you have to travel everyday with a heavy traffic and in addition sometimes the weather isn't quite fair, thus, stress level is soaring high. What i do to counter these hindrances and affects my work productivity is to grab my book and take a moment to read even a small chapter that will occupy my attention and in return negate the stress that is starting to build up that'll cause to my deteriorating work productivity. In the end, not just that I enjoyed reading it also gave me the information that i need plus I didn't consume myself over stress and its a plus for me.
  12. Balatszki_07

    Balatszki_07 Member

    We Read because this piece of literature can make us very fluent to other languages or even entertained or to get relaxed and a stress reliver.
  13. Kienth olarde

    Kienth olarde New Member

    Reading is probably one of the most beneficial and feasible activities that a man can do. It is through reading that a person is going to be able to discover new ideas, concepts, places, and people. Some people even describe reading as a journey that starts as the opening of a page, and finishes as the last page is turned.

    The reason why I read is because reading is relaxing to our mind and soul; it is a way for children to reach out to the world, and it improves our thinking process.
  14. It is a portal to another place for me. When I read, I am too eager to know the entire plot.
    There's this one time, I borrowed my friends hardbound book of Harry Potter and I finished it in just a day but the consequence was there's no shower and I skip meals, I know that's insane but I felt good to have read the entire book but that kind of experience was my first and last. Now I read books in a healthy way. I learn new words and check out the meaning. Reading widens my vocabulary and it is a big help in spelling and grammar.
  15. Majid

    Majid New Member

    For me personally, it helps me to become smarter than I should be. Learning new words everyday and explore the world I live in. It sharpens the brain and reduces stresses. Because it makes me happy, it makes me cry for the right reasons as well. I love reading.
  16. Dark_Light

    Dark_Light New Member

    I read because most of the information we need are written in books, files or even in the internet. We usually read a book because the most popular or common things that we can read is a book. In acient times, Our ancestors saving their ideas by just drawing a figure but as time goes by, The people make an improvement until the ideas of writting formed. Unlike through drawing in a cave, we can accurately understand the information through reading what is written, wether its in the scroll. All of the classic information and the origin of most of the knowledge we know are written in the book and that's the reason why reading is crucial for all of us because we cannot rely on teachers even professors for all the time. They only had limited time to share most of the knowledge we need and some of them had a limited knowledge to teach.
    Through writing, the knowledge of a person can be save and share to others even the next generation came. All we/they need to do is to read that is why for me, reading is very important.
  17. Lmcdowell06

    Lmcdowell06 New Member

    I read because reading not only taps into your imagination, but helps you gain knowledge in a fun way. Reading can be done everyday,even if it is just a cereal box or restaurant menu. Knowledge is the pathway to success and if we don't go down that pathway, it will be very difficult to succeed. These are some reasons I choose to read.
  18. KristianLim50

    KristianLim50 New Member

    I love reading books, for honest pleasure, guilty pleasure, adding to context and learning things. I read on the couch, in bed, on the subway on my iPhone, and browsing in bookstores and libraries. At any given time I've got probably half a dozen books in the process of being read. I've got stacks of books by my bed, on my desk and on my shelves. Which isn't counting the 100+ digital books on my iPad or 6,000 out of print books in specialized collections in my library.
  19. Reading is my hobby. I love to read. It enhances my vocabulary. I get to learn new words and try to look up what it means. Reading is an escape, from an ordinary day to a new world. I dive in to the words and imagine that I'm part of the story. If I will choose from a book or a computer I'll go with books! Seems old age but books are treasure for me. I am reading a book now and I'm on the middle of the story.

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