WHY do you read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by EvanHopkinson, May 11, 2016.

  1. EvanHopkinson

    EvanHopkinson New Member

    I've never been interesting in reading books at all. I'm that type of person who would much rather look into facts and non-fiction or some news rather than read fiction books.

    I'm curious on why people read books. There are some obvious answers like stress reduction, but that's not what I do.

    So, why do you read?
  2. Sylence

    Sylence New Member

    In short, I find fiction books to be a way to escape certain real life situations.

    While I do enjoy reading through an encyclopedia, and back in my school days I was the only child in class that would sit and read a dictionary during free time, I have never been one to turn down a fantasy or Sci-Fi based novel. Fantastical stories of dragons and unicorns and faraway places where indigenous tribes of humanoids and non-humanoids live far removed from technologies other peoples take for granted have always struck a chord of interest with me. I love putting myself in their places and thinking about how I might react if I were confronted with technology that seemed so new to me, yet mediocre and dull to those that wield it.

    To return to the escape part... sitting in a hospital bed or trapped in a situation in my real life which I can't just up and change are perfect times to crack open a book and send my mind to a new and exciting world. I especially enjoy books written in first person or diary format. It really helps to bring me into the stories and feel immersed.
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  3. corinnelove

    corinnelove New Member

    Reading, to me, is an incredibly freeing activity. I can lose myself in a book but can't lose myself in a video game. I think it's because it takes effort to process what I'm reading. I love to read to put some perspective on my life. I really enjoy novels about dystopias because they make me think about all the "what ifs" of our society. What if we were censored like in many dystopian books? What if we were told what we could and could not do?
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  4. Maaz

    Maaz New Member

    Reading for me, is an escape into the life of someone else, into their problems, stories, interests and what not. It kind of helps me in understanding people and the world from the writes perspective which can be very interesting at times.
    Apart from that, it's one of the very few things you can do at any place at any time especially if you want to pass the time like when you're waiting for a bus or your next class. Reading something always eases those dreadful transitions.
  5. Joy B

    Joy B New Member

    I'll be blunt here. I read to escape reality. It's kinda sad when I think about it this way. I don't know... The world as it is is not exactly amazing (for me). I know that there are people who enjoys life, loves it, hates to go to sleep 'cause they're missing a few hours to live more and more when they do so. But I'm not one of those....
    When I read I feel like transported to a new world. I can feel the words, I cry, I laught while reading a good book. And it's just great for me! Life is OK, but having a chance to go to fantastic places sometimes is something that I not only enjoy but I need it.
  6. kjpruett0422

    kjpruett0422 New Member

    I read because books were a great way for me to learn while also coping with the fact that I truly didn't have many friends growing up. That sounds horrible, but it's the truth. I didn't like to interact with people in real life, so, I interacted with people in my books. If you get into a book that you truly enjoy, you'll understand where I'm coming from. Books took me away from my dull life and into worlds that I never could have thought of on my own.
  7. Almanac

    Almanac New Member

    I read for a variety of reasons. I find that reading expands my knowledge of reality, whether the material is fiction or non-fiction. I have learned an incredible amount about former social norms, manners, political assumptions, the historical foundation and evolution of nations, as well as many other things, through reading. In addition, in times of personal tribulation, I have often found that my sole source of comfort was being able the escape into another world, another time, other lives, but only when such are convincingly portrayed through the genius of an author. I read to suit my mood. When I am buoyant, I can handle books that portray tragic events; when I am down, I seek works of comedy; when I am in between I read books of a neutral nature, for example, historical narratives, that are unlikely to upset my emotional state. Reading for me is like breathing: without it I can't imagine surviving.
  8. Nancy A.99

    Nancy A.99 New Member

    When I was younger I would read lots of fiction or fantasy books for fun. Lately I have found that I only read any type of book as an assignment for class. I feel like this is because things have gotten more stressful in school, and as an AP student I don't wish to read more to deal with the stress of analyzing a book for a report. I do really miss reading for fun, but to me it feels like school has sucked the fun out of it and when I get home I just want to turn off my brain to relax.
  9. Buchernarr

    Buchernarr New Member

    Through reading I get to meet new people and experience life through their eyes. I get to time-travel, learning what it was (or might be) like to live 10,000 years ago, in Medieval times, in the 1800s, 800,000 years from now, etc. I can read various authors' notions of the world at its worst (dystopias) or its best (utopias)--these are a particular passion of mine. There are so many books I love to read and re-read because the characters are like old friends to me, and the stories are like going home again.
  10. isamanthax

    isamanthax New Member

    To me reading is a fun experience. It is also a great relaxer for pre-sleeping. I get tired and makes it easier to sleep. I read all types of books ( classics, unknown books [ books that aren't very well known ] , psychology, non-fiction, fiction, history, biographies, and lots of others ).

    ( High school student. )
  11. KLK3

    KLK3 New Member

    I read because its a stress reliever and I can check out of reality for a little while. Sometimes life gets to be to much and you need a break. I turn to books to escape to an alternate reality. The beauty of books is that you get your choice of reality you want to enter, romance, horror, suspense its all good.
  12. Ajji

    Ajji New Member

    I read books because it takes me to another world. A world of magic. I get so indulge in reading fiction books that I hardly take my eyes off and couldn't turn the pages fast enough.
    It is a stress releaser. If we have a perfect option to sit back and relax with our favourite fiction book so why not? It has the kind of fascination. I get to learn about life from it. I do often get mesmerize by their dialogues and sayings but the most credit goes to the work of writers as how they are able to put up their thoughts and create a masterpiece.
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  13. Big D

    Big D New Member

    I find reading to be a very satisfying way to pass time. I used to play a lot of video games, but I found myself unhappy with spending so much time on a pastime with such little reward. When I read, I know I'm broadening my mental horizons. I expose myself to new points of view. I encounter new ideas. I'm no longer ashamed of my private life. I'm more comfortable talking about my hobby of reading with other people. Reading gives me solace in solitude. Books link me to the experiences of others. It allows me to feel as though I personally experienced these adventures and share in the knowledge the author acquired. Reading is a great way to blend learning and recreation.
  14. xiahou95

    xiahou95 New Member

    I like to immerse myself into different worlds and stories. I find myself daydreaming of alternate endings and continuations of my favorite books. This is why I play video games, watch movies, and read books. It's just an escape mechanism to leave the boring real world and experience worlds that are physically impossible and infinitely more interesting. I initially fell in love with reading when I was a child and had a rough upbringing. I would use books to ignore the world and just fall in love with characters and their plight. I can see why people aren't interested in fiction, but there are so many different kinds of novels for so many different people, it's a shame that they're missing out.
  15. GreenDragon

    GreenDragon New Member

    The way I see things, there are lots of benefits to reading. It's a great activity you can do that's healthy for you. You can substitute it for some less healthy activities such as watching TV or playing video games. Compared to those two, reading is less taxing on your eyes and can help you sleep better.

    Another reason is that reading will improve your intelligence. Try reading newspapers like the New York Times or magazines like Sports Illustrated. If you are new to reading, you will encounter some words you haven't seen before. This is good because this is a chance to improve your vocabulary. It's also really fun learning some new words.

    This can help your education, by preparing you for the GRE Verbal Exam. This exam, which is used for Graduate Admissions across the USA is loaded with vocabulary. If you make a habit of reading, you will do well on this exam and can get into a good Graduate program.

    Lastly, another benefit is that it will teach you more about the world around you. You can learn about different cultures and how the world works. It can give you another perspective on life.

    Reading does not have to be a chore. If you are not used to reading, you don't have to read for hours each day. Simply start by reading 5 to 10 minutes per day. You will eventually find it fun and start reading more.
  16. Phoenician

    Phoenician New Member

    Why do I read? I have had a love of reading since I was a young child, which I believe came about due to being read to a lot by my parents, and being encouraged to read over other forms of entertainment.
    I read now for a number of reasons:
    Firstly, I read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction, predominantly as a form of escapism, but also because I am trying to break into these genres myself as a writer, and have found that the more widely you read, the easier it becomes to establish yourself as a writer - you know what sort of things to avoid in terms of style and plot, and it is easier to create a unique story.
    Secondly, I read to expand my knowledge - I am by know means a bookworm when it comes to this sort of reading, but I like to know things. I believe it makes me a more interesting conversationalist, and it helps me write - to create a vivid fictional world, it is important to have a good grounding in the things you wish to create. For me, then, this would be medieval history; widespread reading on religion and philosophy, and the history of each, and some economics.
    Thirdly, and most importantly, I find it relaxing. As I touched upon in my first point, I read as a form of escapism - it helps me to take my mind of the stressful parts of everyday life, and lose myself in another universe for a little while.
  17. Rebecca Barrett

    Rebecca Barrett New Member

    I didn't always like to read. When I was younger, I hated reading. Then I got behind on knowing words and everything like that. Then after my parents divorce. I wanted to do better, to be better. I didn't start reading until a year after their divorce. It was a way for me to escape reality and reading was a way for me to. It was like I was living someone else's life. That's why I still like reading.
  18. nzmata

    nzmata New Member

    Reading has been a source of knowledge for me. I love reading nonfiction, biographies, and history books. They have helped me understand the way of life, why and how we live like this and why we have differences and boundaries. It increases my understanding of cultures and diversities and makes me aware of current conflicts that started from historical ones.
  19. ManicTheNobody

    ManicTheNobody New Member

    My answer is a little different than most of the ones you'll normally get. I don't really read to escape, because I like my life a lot. I read because it helps me to visualize things. I have a really hard time imagining things visually, but with books the imagery is usually so vivid that I just see the things in my mind. Sometimes I'll get so caught up in the world that I'll forget I'm not watching a movie. Most people get that in the form of daydreams, but I just can't. Books provide that for me.
  20. mopetal

    mopetal New Member

    For me, reading is more than just escaping from reality. I don't read to escape from my real life, I read because I want to add new realities to my already existing one. No matter what kind of literature I decide to read, during the time I'm reading it, I feel like I'm observing a whole new world while I'm still looking at it as an outsider of that universe.
  21. thePENofGODx0x0xz

    thePENofGODx0x0xz New Member

    Along with each book read is a certain richness added to the life of the reader. It is a wealth of knowledge that is now introduced through the perspective of the characters within a literary piece . Not just academic knowledge but also psychological and emotional knowledge. Books give readers in depth experiences of situations that would not be accessible prior to indulging a book. With that experience, the mind is expanded and can consider its own potential.
  22. mslion

    mslion New Member

    I myself read to get lost into another world. For this reason, science-fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres because writers spend in my experience a lot of time building up there world and making it believable for the reader even though they portray unbelievable experiences. This believable world makes it easy for me to spend time in the world for a while.
  23. zoubida belkheir

    zoubida belkheir New Member

    Reading is an important thing, there is no evolution without a book and behind every developed nation there are books, and you must be educated to enter into serious discussion and how to be educated and you do not read, I used the books in a lot of situations in my life, I work now because I am focused on every letter, I advise you to read.
  24. jbwriter

    jbwriter New Member

    I read to learn about the world around me. I read the news about weather, sports, politics, international affairs, classifieds, science topics, and technology advances. Most of my reading is non-fiction, but when a popular novel comes out, I really get a lot of enjoyment reading the plot, analyzing the plot, trying to figure out what the book is going to be about specifically, and trying to understand the moral of the story.
  25. tionigel

    tionigel New Member

    As a kid I did read fiction and I just enjoyed it. Now you're saying that you'd just rather look for info, facts and etc. and that's what I do now. Non-fiction books exist too! All these facts that you can get from a quick run to Wikipedia have to come from somewhere, and that's where the books are. I myself enjoy books on real world topics such as economics, politics and I often read books from important people, be it businessmen, some politicians or certain professionals.

    At young age one should read lots and lots just to form the habit because as an adult you'll find reading some books really helpful, but you need to be able to sit through them.
  26. Nicole.travers

    Nicole.travers New Member

    Reading has always been one of my favorite activities, after all, it's like TV for your brain! It transports you to a different reality where you meet new character and places. Even better, it's usually way more interesting than your real world! I was really shy as a child but reading was the one escape that I knew would never let me down, but one of my favorite things is when I totally get lost in the story, good books can make you feel like you're friends with the characters, like you know them personally! Reading has even made a big impact on my life and has inspired me to be a writer.... go figure!
  27. oglem

    oglem New Member

    I read because it's essential to us. Reading educates us, entertains us, and shows us new ways to live. Reading is a way of learning about our world, and that shows us how to function better within the world we live in. To read is to learn, to explore, to adventure. A good fiction book can take us for a wild ride, and show us a new perspective. The more we read, the smarter we become, and that's a good thing for ourselves. Reading can be fun, once you get into it, and a good book can be an incredible adventure.
  28. macree432

    macree432 New Member

    Reading allows my mind to go places that I may be physically unable to visit. Reading to me is like an cinematic reel. The pictures that are created mentally are just as memorable as if I had watched a film. In many ways, it's better than film. Often, movies will omit scenes, due to time constraints. You get the "whole nine yards" when reading. Small details. that are sometimes omitted, are the reason many films came to fruition
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  29. Racehl

    Racehl New Member

    I read because I feel like it gives me a chance to see other peoples' points of view, how they think, feel, react, etc. I think it makes me more empathetic and more understanding of people, and helps me see things from their perspective.
  30. xpeggy

    xpeggy New Member

    Reading, not something I do as often as I'd like unfortunately. I'd say there are different purposes for why I read. I like to read when I'm stressed - it pretty much takes my mind of of all the stressers that life is throwing at me (magic I suppose). I also like to be entertained, and I'm easily amused so most books fill my boredom void. Finally, I read for inspiration. I like to be moved, motivated, and inspired to do something, I really thank the self help selections for that. I think reading is beautiful for the purpose that you asked the question, everyone turns to books for their own reason.
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