WHY do you read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by EvanHopkinson, May 11, 2016.

  1. Owsome

    Owsome New Member

    Because reading can touch your heart, mind and soul. It is like talking with the author, if it is a good read, you will be moved.
  2. Aleyaaahh

    Aleyaaahh New Member

    I love reading! I can be who I wanted to be while reading. I can go wherever I want to go. I can meet whoever I wanted to meet! I can imagine so many things that only reading can show. I can feel every emotions that I am reading. Sometimes I cry, laugh, roll over my bed, feel sad, feel I'm in love, and many more.
    It is awkward telling this, but sometimes I read to sleep. Whenever I wanted to sleep early, I read a book with boring story. With that, I can easily sleep. It also happens when I am reading a textbook specially when I am reviewing it. I can sleep with my heads on it!
  3. lraenitsuj

    lraenitsuj New Member

    Reading is a leisure for me. I read because I find reading fun. Learning new stuff, engaging my vocabulary and expanding my know-hows is a very fulfilling and enriching way to kill time. As long as I find a good book to read or encounter a self-help book or a law book, I cannot help but devour the whole book and finish reading it in one seating! I can compare reading with eating. Reading feeds my brain and soul whereas eating feeds my tummy! Yum!
  4. vulence019

    vulence019 New Member

    I read mainly to improve my English language and further expand my vocabulary. It is also useful as it helps you to escape from reality for a little bit so if you're under a lot of stress reading a book is definitely helpful. I try to connect to the characters from the books and really get into it because that really improves the experience of reading, making it very fun. Relaxing also plays a huge part in it. Overall, I think it has many benefits, from improving your language to improving your health.
  5. shannettemc

    shannettemc Member

    I, ultimately, read for the joy of it. I have a collection of books both for learning and for enjoyment. I have been to career school twice (online, so all reading and listening) and graduated. I and back at studying and going for my certification. Reading helps me to grow and is a great and important part of my life.:thumbsup::)
  6. Jhana0814

    Jhana0814 New Member

    I Read because it is important in developing the mind. The mind is a muscle and I believe it needs exercise. Understanding the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Reading helps develop my language skills also. It also helps me learn to listen. Everybody wants to talk, but few can really listen. Lack of listening skills can result in major misunderstandings which can lead to job loss, marriage breakup, and other disasters - small and great. Reading helps me to focus on what someone else is communicating. It is how we discover new things. It develops my imagination and my creative side.

    Reading is important to me because words - spoken and written - are the building blocks of life. Me, right now, the result of words that I have heard or read and believed about myself. What I become in the future will depend on the words I believe about myself now. People, families, relationships, and even nations are built from words.
  7. shaisisa

    shaisisa New Member

    Well reading, in general, is necessary. I love reading books most especially. Reading is an exercise in perseverance, in which you constantly challenge yourself to achieve more than you did with your last book.

    For brief moments of time, books release me from the constraints of my own reality. They take me beyond our world and into someone else’s real or an imaginary one. They satisfy the curiosity of the elusive “What if?”.
    Reading challenges my perspective. When you experience life through the eyes of another, you encounter diverse angles on life’s most common situations. Talented authors will naturally inspire empathy for their characters, and empathizing with viewpoints different from your own can feel uncomfortable. Extremely uncomfortable. While reading doesn’t mean that you’ll agree with different perspectives, it does offer you the opportunity to understand them.

    Re-reading those favorite books, or reading about familiar places, times and people helps me recall the details of my own life. It reminds me who I am, where I am and how I came here. I think allowing your mind to focus on things other than your challenges can be highly beneficial and even necessary. Reading, like exercise, offers a safe, healthy and productive replacement for negative thinking. It gives your mind a safe place to rest until you regain the strength you need to overcome your obstacles. There are times I feel like books provide a stable source of companionship during the times that I feel the only person I can count on is myself.

    If you’re a book lover, chances are that you’ve experienced reading to be a rejuvenating activity that renews your energy and elevates your mood. I can testify that reading gives me purpose, helps me persevere through difficulty and unlocks parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. For all of my reasons, reading makes me feel optimistically, breathlessly, tenaciously alive.
  8. schexy

    schexy New Member

    I read because I want to learn something about anything I want to learn.
  9. SimorPost

    SimorPost New Member

    I do read to gain knowledge. It keeps my mind healthy and it definitely feeds your soul w/ wisdom from brilliant authors. A good read never fails to amaze me on how these thoughts and concepts where created by mere humans.
  10. sealinc2

    sealinc2 New Member

    I read because it's like breathing air for me.
    My mom taught me to read when I was three. She was insistent that the key to success in life was in being able to look things up and learn from them. She often told me that knowledge and the ability to read was one thing that could never taken away from me.
    As we move into an information age, it turns out she was ahead of her time in thinking this. These days, it seems less important that you know lots of facts. Instead, knowing where to find information and learn from it is what's needed now.
    I don't read a lot of fiction these days, but do enjoy some science fiction, early 1900's children's books, and fan fiction mashups.
  11. perrypopcorn

    perrypopcorn New Member

    I'd agree with you in that I don't really see a point in reading. When I was younger, I loved going to the library and checking out books to read. But as I've gotten older, I've kind of lost interest in books. Now, I really only read to get information, or to learn about something. I feel like reading for fun isn't that useful for me, as I could do many other activities like watching a sporting event.
  12. annegabby22

    annegabby22 Member

    We all have our own reason as to why we read but for me it was mostly to escape the reality of life for a while. Sometimes we cannot control what happens in our "real" life and that makes things look a little bad, so that is why we go and read and read and read because that is one way of escaping the realities of life. don't get me wrong I love my life but sometimes its too much and too tired so that is why I read.
  13. annegabby22

    annegabby22 Member

    I read because it is something I love to do and also an escape to the realities of the world and help us forget that we have problems for awhile.
  14. jessicabelmonte

    jessicabelmonte New Member

    I read because it makes me feel better.Good fictional books always evoke some emotions in me.Sometimes with life being so monotonous and dull, I need a good laugh or a good cry. Whether is it 'Don Quixote' for a laugh, Jodi Picoult's books for a cry, 'The Little Prince' to be thoughtful, 'The Alchemist' to feel motivated. There are books for every kind of emotion.
  15. kurt111

    kurt111 Member

    Reading makes us smarter because it exercises our minds. And when we read we collect alot of information that makes us smarter because of the knowledge that comes to our minds.Also reading is one way for communication and sometimes reading releaves our stress specially when we have fun in reading.
  16. waelmanz

    waelmanz New Member

    Reading gives you knowledge and knowledge is power. I do not mean by the word "power" the power in conflicts only but the meaning is more comprehensive. When you read the biography of a hero and you are inspired by his biography, knowledge is power. When you read about the health benefits of a certain plant, knowledge is power. Reading is useful and enjoyable at the same time. That's a rare thing.
  17. Aiken1626

    Aiken1626 New Member

    I love reading books, more on fiction stories. Because everytime i read, i feel like i'm lead the character, like i was inside the story. And what i like in reading is that you learn a lot of things. You explore things and understand things. I love reading fiction stories about love and i must say that i learn some or follow some teachings or advice.
  18. Yelabuel

    Yelabuel New Member

    Why do I read books?

    It's cliche to say that I read books to exercise my brain. Yes, its part of the reasons why I read books but basically I read to broaden my vocabulary and to experience different situation, characters or mood. Reading books is a perfect way to prevent boredom and to absorb positive vibes like what inspirationa books gives. For me, I read books for a better life.
  19. Marj29

    Marj29 New Member

    When I was younger, I would read books during my free time. I love reading those Sidney Sheldon's and V.C. Andrews. Now that I'm older I would look for books that are inspirational, motivating and life-altering. I would also read those that success story books.
  20. Komokon03

    Komokon03 New Member

    I'm reading because it's one of my hobbies especially when I'm not doing too much. Aside from my entertainment, I also read because I was happy when I learned something new and improved my reading skills.
  21. Euniceellice

    Euniceellice New Member

    The reason I read, is to gain knowledge. Aside from that if you really love what you read , reading can entertain you and once you are being entertain , it can reduce your stress level. It also improves our memory and to increase our vocabulary.
  22. chiquinatera

    chiquinatera New Member

    Firstable, I read because I can enjoy it. When I smell a new book I can be happy, that means that I can change my life with a new story or drama.
  23. tamss

    tamss Member

    Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can and There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s look on Treasure Island.
  24. karennnn04

    karennnn04 New Member

    Reading is an essential part of our living, we read simply because we just wanted to learning something. I read because as a student, it is really important to read to cope up with the lessons. Reading also inspires me to do some productive activities and to be successful in the future. Reading helps me a lot to improve something for example, our behavior, our habit and our way of living that makes us the better person that we can be. Reading is the foundation of our knowledge because as we read a lot, our knowledge becomes broad.
  25. karennnn04

    karennnn04 New Member

    Reading is an essential part of our living, we read simply because we just wanted to learning something. I read because as a student, it is really important to read to cope up with the lessons. Reading also inspires me to do some productive activities and to be successful in the future. Reading helps me a lot to improve something for example, our behavior, our habit and our way of living that makes us the better person that we can be. Reading is the foundation of our knowledge because as we read a lot, our knowledge becomes broad.
  26. SweetSuzette

    SweetSuzette New Member

    Even if you have read one good book in your life, you will know what reading gives. But most people don’t know is there is so much to benefit from reading. One of the biggest reasons why we read books is to gain knowledge. Books are a rich source of information. Reading books on varied subjects imparts information and increases the depth about the subject as well. Studies have shown that reading has strong positive effects on the brain. This is because, keeping your brain active prevents it from losing power. The brain is a muscle and like other muscles in the body, exercise keeps it strong and healthy. So many movies have been adapted from books. But, if you read a book and then watch its movie, you will agree that the book is 100 times better than the movie. There is always that unique part, like what a character is thinking, that a movie can never capture. Reading books keep us occupied. It also leads to a fruitful use of time. It not only helps us get rid of worries, but also diverts our mind from monotony. Books are excellent sources of recreation. Someone who loves to read can never get bored, as this is a perfect way to rid of boredom. As books take you to another different world, you relax and rejuvenate.
  27. iamblessed

    iamblessed New Member

    I read because there's so much benefits in reading. I gain knowledge and new information when I read. It's also a stress-reliever for me and it develops my critical thinking skills as well as writing and communication skills.
  28. jericho123

    jericho123 New Member

    Reading is fundamental to functioning in today's society. There are many adults who cannot read well enough to understand the instructions on a medicine bottle. That is a scary thought - especially for their children. Filling out applications becomes impossible without help. Reading road or warning signs is difficult. Even following a map becomes a chore. Day-to-day activities that many people take for granted become a source of frustration, anger and fear.
  29. denmark21

    denmark21 New Member

    before I'd like to watch tv and play with my friends and during rainy days, id like reading books,Now most of my spare time tends to consume reading books, why? becase I'd like to read books. Books advises me many things which mostly i cant get from the people around me. Books takes my stresses away and making me explore the world and so many things in the world. and having books, is like having a friend and a parents as well for it compensate many things, not only your social needs, but as well as many aspects of our lives. its not only fed our mind, but as well as our soul. and books makes us a very good friend and a child as well. it makes us a wonderful person.
  30. boooooger021

    boooooger021 New Member

    Reading is a multifaceted process involving word comprehension, fluency, motivation and word recognition. It has series of advantages for us who loves reading books or even articles here in the internet. Reading gives us different perspectives in life. We somehow adapt the writers definition of what life is or how he/she thinks on a specific thing. It also stimulates our mind and encourage us to be more optimistic. Reading also improves our memory and vocabulary which is indeed very important. And last is that it help us to achieve our goal. We have different goals and there are thousands of articles and books that will surely inspire and guide us to achieve those goals.

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