WHY do you read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by EvanHopkinson, May 11, 2016.

  1. nanette-pxmB

    nanette-pxmB Member

    I read to follow instruction, reading is very important we used it in our dialy living.
  2. jonathan15

    jonathan15 New Member

    We all need to read not just me but all us. I need toy read because i use it in my everyday life. I really need to read to know more all about. specially in really like this. our technology was too high like here in the social media you could do something wrong ,by one click if you didn't read all about. so I need to read but not just me we all need to read, because a simple words makes a trouble if you didn't understand what your reading..
  3. juanmateo

    juanmateo New Member

    Reading is very beneficial to us. reading is so important to us to have more knowledge. While reading you are exposing yourself to a new ideas, strategies and also you are exploring the art of reading. Reading helps us to understand things step by step that we can not get in just one sitting. Through reading you help yourself to comprehend faster. Reading also help us to be more imaginative and creative. When we are reading a story we are imagining a scenario that comes from the story. Reading exposes us to world of imagination.

    By reading, you are exploring a different sides of story before going to a conclusion. Because like in real life we can't just jump into conclusion without hearing the other sides of the story. My favorite quotation about reading by Andre Maurois is "The art of reading is in great part that of acquiring a better understanding of life from one's encounter with it in a book."
  4. AMIYA000

    AMIYA000 New Member

    Reading is a best habit and this helps in knowing something around you. This never act as waste of time. most people I have seen in trains or any place like airport while they are waiting, they always reads that means its a way people devote there time for improving there skills.
  5. adrian101703

    adrian101703 New Member

    Because I love reading books.It's my stress reliever and my happiness.Whitout books we can't learn something new.
  6. Fisher Emmanuel

    Fisher Emmanuel New Member

    I love reading because I learn a lot of new things about different people from different cultures. It is also believed that reading books helps a lot in increasing the human IQ making one to become more smarter. I find books to be very much entertaining than watching TV or doing other activities. It is a great way of relaxing since reduces stress as well.
  7. Latty_Eddy

    Latty_Eddy New Member

    I love reading. It has always been a hobby of mine. I have been reading for as long as I can remember. There are numerous reasons why I read. Mostly because it was in bedded in me from a tender age but also because I find it enjoyable. I read everyday, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or with my nieces and nephews. Reading is a family past time in my household. We all love to read and do it whenever we can. But apart from just reading for the sake of reading, I also read because reading certain books, mentally takes you to places, without you ever having to go anywhere. If you are are strapped for cash and time like myself, reading is a great way to distract the mind from your lack and create instead a world of abundance and opportunities. And it cost nothing but turning a few pages.

    You can see the world through pages, whether it be a book, magazine or the newspaper. These instruments literally brings the world to your fingertips. The best part is, it cost way less that a round trip to Europe......trust me. Getting books from all over the world is a great way to experience the culture of the people there. It allows you to see the world through the writer's eyes and see his or her point of view, which more than likely will be different from yours, especially if you are both in a different time zone.

    Reading also makes you smarter. Well reading certain things does. Various books expands the vocabulary. It does this by introducing you to new words and at times giving the mean through context clues or forcing you to go find that old dictionary lol. As a nursing student I find reading so beneficial and necessary as the more you read the more you learn.
  8. Melody1865

    Melody1865 Member

    I read because i want to learn , to enhance my knowledge and to learn more.. reading is fun and it is one of my hobbies during my free time..
  9. mbgd1010

    mbgd1010 New Member

    I read when i want to kill time. It's entertaining and exciting, especially if the book has the genre of adventure. But most importantly i read because I am bored.
  10. angel.says

    angel.says New Member

    reading not just give me a calming feeling but also a great distractions to problems.. it also helps me in vocabulary. a good book makes me lost to reality and help in to bringing color or give me help into looking thing a different angle.

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