Why do you think fantasy-based shows are so popular? (Werewolves, vampires, etc.)

Discussion in 'Television' started by fmorsh, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. fmorsh

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    It's no surprise that there has been a significant rise in popularity in shows that center around supernatural beings. Vampires, zombies, werewolves are the latest craze and the affinity towards these shows just don't seem to end! Why do you think this genre has gained so much momentum in recent years and what do you think is the appeal of zombies or vampires? From Vampire Diaries to The Walking Dead, the number of shows on the air with notable viewer ratings leads one to wonder: what is it about non-existent creatures that so successfully draws in the attention of us humans?

    Personally, the appeal of vampires has always been apparent to me. Vampire shows, unlike shows based on zombies, have passionate and rich characters that are generally developed from a historical context. The concept of lust and desire is emphasized in vampires and makes for an interesting dynamic when paired with human counterparts.
  2. KittenMittens

    KittenMittens New Member

    I think it's because people appreciate hyperbole. What I mean by this is that Werewolves and Vampires and Zombies are all extreme forms of personality traits found within the population. Werewolves are the ultimate rebels, caving to their animalistic instincts and speaking to the part of every person who just wants to tear off their tie and go barreling through a forest, completely unrestrained. Vampires, to me, speak to our distaste for leeching off others, they make us consider the line between reasonable self-preservation and exploitation. The vampire must feed to survive, but is his survival worth the life taken from others? Must he be selfish? Or simply misunderstood? As a person with a disability, vampire stories can be relatable from the creature's perspective because you constantly wonder: are my accommodations reasonable? Zombies are literally the mindless, the brainwashed, the "others" who we are afraid will come and steal our way of life without the ability to comprehend us. People enjoy extreme characterization.
  3. monstecarlo

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    Fantasy TV Shows are so popular because not a lot of people are aware of the things we find in Literature, because that is where tv shows get their inspiration from. Things like Vampires and Werewolves make big hits because the way the have been portrayed in movies since the last century has been brilliant. Bloodsucking creatures and people turning into wolves is just a fascinating thing to get into, it is a whole world that has been developed as years go by thanks to writers who have dedicated their lives to create alternate realities where this creatures lure and that is what people feel most attracted to, which is the unknown.
  4. LunarAngel

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    Fantasy and Supernatural TV Shows are becoming more popular because, many people in this world have a desire or need to want to know what its like to have these amazing powers, to become something that others fear or praise. It is something that more people are becoming fascinated with and hope to one day become the people they see and watch everyday on those TV Shows.
  5. SydneyHeard

    SydneyHeard New Member

    I believe that when we stretch humanity past the boundaries of going to school, or work, there is an enthralling range of freedom and adventure awaiting. We tend to be drawn towards things that are out of the ordinary. This is because it is more captivating to watch a handsome young man in a deadly battle with a dragon than watching a lawyer rub his temples as he stares at notes he has taken on a case. Imagination runs wild in the minds of every day people, and to see parts of their surreal interests come to life on the TV screen grants them a sense of freedom themselves.
  6. Caterina Christakos

    Caterina Christakos New Member

    Haven't we all wished that we had super powers? As a kid, I always wanted to be either Wonder Woman or the Bionic Woman. This generation is the same. They want to feel special and powerful.
  7. Maddie Pat

    Maddie Pat New Member

    I think it's a very interesting twist to reality which is why people love paranormal TV shows so much. No matter how trashy the show may be, having no story at all and just airing episodes for the sake of continuing, people watch such shows for the concept of paranormal couples. Such couples where one person is so powerful and can do literally anything for their other half. I think this is what attracts people the most.

    Other than that it's really far away from reality and people want to refresh themselves from their tiring everyday lives and such shows are like chocolate.
  8. Geejayz

    Geejayz New Member

    I think we all have the, 'imagine a world with' thoughts. We want to escape from the drudgery of normal everyday life so fantasy worlds and beings tend to excite us. Plus, there is always adventure. The two go hand-in-hand. I remember when the X-Files first arrived on TV. If filled a gap in entertainment that was sorely needed. SciFi and Fantasy shows are having a snowball affect on each other now. There are even spin-offs from shows like 'The Walking Dead' that shows how successful they are becoming. Long may it continue.

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