Why do you use internet?

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  1. onicz2018

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    There is to many reason why people used internet, in our generation year 2018 there is a good impact to our world using internet but at the same time it will also had a risk or let we say a bad impact also, lets start for a good reason why using internet if you know how to use internet in computer or android phone you can have a easily get work or get knowledge for what you want to know just easy clicking google chrome almost all that u wanna learn will have a guide in internet, the bad side which is when you use internet like log in to facebook, twiter,instagram etc.. there is a possible that u will expose by hacking like stealing your personal data or personal account beyond your privacy or worst sometimes it will cause death why because other people will do anything to steal ur account like bank account number or personal info that they can used to steal some money or what they what from you seeing your bio data..
  2. Irishh

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    I used internet based on my personal experience using internet can make my life easy as a student it helps me for my assignment projects to answer it very well and it's not time consuming.
  3. pamelita

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    Internet is one of the most modern technology human has ever created. It is our connection with the world. It is where people of different races and cultures communicate with each other through the emergence of social media sites. There are the websites where we can find information we need to know. By browsing, we are able to discover and see different links essential to our daily life. Internet is truly amazing, that in a click of a finger, a message, a call, a chat or money is sent in seconds to the receiver. You can talk and you can see each other. It's like you are near although, you are far, it's truly wonderful!
  4. annalenesabado

    annalenesabado New Member

    I use internet to gain knowledge, connect with friends and most specially to earn money. Because nowadays through the help of internet you can earn money in the comfort of your home.
  5. KelMy

    KelMy New Member

    I use internet everyday because this help me to learn,communicate,get work at online and etc. As a student i always use internet because this helps me to reasearch my assignments in school. Internet gives me happiness because i can play different kinds of game and that gives another learning and happiness to my life. My mom and brother is the other country so internet is the only way to communicate to them.
  6. cheelito

    cheelito New Member

    I used internet to connect to my love ones. I am here in Saudi Arabia so internet has been a great help to me because through this i can see my wife and daughter using video call. I can also watch my favorites shows in the computer with the help of internet. I think internet is one of the basic human needs nowadays.
  7. NameGervin

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    I use internet for work, school and also entertainment. Everything is possible with the internet. You can learn different skills that can be use in work and at the same time, you can manage your time. If you feel want to code/program there are lot of programming easy to follow videos on youtube. Believe me, I finished watching hundreds of videos in youtube. Now I have a knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS and other back-end skills/programming languages. When I have enough skills I will use what I learn in my job. With a single click of 'search' you can find what you want in the internet without a hassle. I primarily use the internet with this kind of things, learn, research, enhance my skills. Because, why not? right. Free lessons and skills waiting there just to be discovered and read. Internet is an all-in-one book.
  8. jahmie1128

    jahmie1128 New Member

    I use internet for so many purposes and reasons, one major purpose is for my job. I use internet at work in order to submit reports, email proposals or even search for new ideas that can make your job easier and more convenient. I also internet for pleasure such as surfing or posting in social media sites and also by watching videos online during break time. Other than that I also use internet to help my child with her homework. Moreover, I also use internet whenever I want to try new recipes to cook for my family. Others use it also as means of communications specially if they have loved ones away from them.

    Internet is everywhere.
  9. Mhay2

    Mhay2 New Member

    The Internet has changed our lives. In fact, people spend more and more hours on the Internet the longer they have been using it. which means a great deal in terms of addictiveness and reliance. But although it may seem obvious, we answer the question, “Why do people use it?” here.

    We have reviewed the literature from university studies over the years and offer you a list of the Top 10 reasons why people turn to the web, again and again. If you think that you have something to add to this list, please do so in the comment section below. And be sure to check out more information on symptoms of Internet addiction here. Internet addiction – not just a teenage phenomenon!
  10. Mrox

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    Well, I used internet like my daily living since it has lots of useful information to give yeah it is very helpful in one's life like students and the likes.,just be careful because there are lot of fake sites that just want to scam..

    For a fact most of the people in the world uses internet it is very helpful like giving facts,giving answers to one assignment if you have a question just google it, if you have meeting just do it online if you have job you can also ddo it online through internet, see internet is loved by everyone.
  11. cheelito

    cheelito New Member

    Internet is a nice medium to connect with the entire World. People use it as a medium to connect with other people, sharing files, entertainment, information and lots of other activities that are useful and beneficial in many terms. While browsing internet I found many websites which are useful in many ways. Some of them are Google, Facebook YouTube etc. I can also connect to my loved ones anywhere in the world.
  12. jsantos015

    jsantos015 New Member

    I personally use the Internet for a lot of reasons. I use the internet to communicate and catch up with my friends and family. Finding jobs is also easier for me because of using the Internet. I can also find information and learn a lot of things through using the Internet. I could watch movies, download songs and stream online videos through the Internet.

    The Internet gives us the freedom to do the things that we need to do and for me, the Internet is an essential part of our daily lives. It makes our lives easier and simpler.
  13. Using internet makes our life better. Browsing the internet will instantly answer our questions. These are just some of the simple reasons why I use the internet. communications media, including telephony, radio, television, paper mail and newspapers are reshaped, redefined, or even bypassed by the Internet, giving birth to new services such as email, Internet telephony, Internet television, online music, digital newspapers, and video streaming websites. Newspaper, book, and other print publishing are adapting to website technology, or are reshaped into blogging, web feeds and online news aggregators. The Internet has enabled and accelerated new forms of personal interactions through instant messaging, Internet forums, and social networking. Online shopping has grown exponentially both for major retailers and small businesses and entrepreneurs, as it enables firms to extend their "brick and mortar" presence to serve a larger market or even sell goods and services entirely online. Business-to-business and financial services on the Internet affect supply chains across entire industries.

    Nowadays, you can connect with your friends by just one click. There is a layman's saying that "I'm one chat away"; meaning you can chat with you friends even though they are in different place. You can ask an advice from them, ask help from them and you can talk to them even you are away from each other, if you have an internet connection.

    Study needs internet. Students having a difficult projects will instantly get an idea through the help of internet. They can answer questions about the history in just one click. They will get high average in their grades with the help of internet.

    Using internet also help us to be updated. Updated from all the new happenings in our environment, updated from the happenings in our government and especially, updated about our weather because nowadays weather forecast is important for us to be prepared from calamities.
  14. kennethmarqueses

    kennethmarqueses New Member

    Internet is one of the most important thing that people needs this day. Why? Because Internet connects people all over the world. With Internet we can work in easy way, like in the cloud service it is one of the top level I.T job. You can save time, space and money in using Internet.
  15. jmb1531

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    The Internet has changed our lives. In fact, people spend more and more hours on the Internet the longer they have been using it. which means a great deal in terms of addictiveness and reliance. But although it may seem obvious, we answer the question, “Why do people use it?”
    1. Information – The Internet is arguably one of the most successful and useful tools mankind has ever created. It is, in fact, the largest library ever created, and is growing daily. Although you need to always be careful of your sources, the Internet is THE modern source of information, delivered in multiple media: written word, visual graphics and images, video, and audio have changed the way that we humans look for and find information.
    2. Communication – People use the Internet to communicate with one another. Software has made it possible to stream voice and video across the world with minimal delay, and email has become the main means of communicating for many a modern person. Without the Internet, it would be both more expensive and slower to maintain personal and professional relationships.
  16. Psychogenic

    Psychogenic New Member

    I use the internet for various things. I used it to find my job, apply for school, catch up on latest news, and I use it for other misc. things like gaming, listening to music, and posting.
  17. There are many reasons why I use the internet. The first is to make money because I work in internet marketing. Another reason is to access entertainment websites like youtube for example. I also like to use the internet for shopping. I use websites like amazon to order things to my home, and lastly I use the internet for educational purposes if I wish to learn about a person or an event I will do a search on Wikipedia.
  18. enma0409

    enma0409 New Member

    People(Including me also)use internet as a medium to connect with other people also for sharing information,files that are useful and beneficial in many terms.

    To reach out and befriend awesome people that we wouldn’t have ever been able to talk to because they are very far away, to entertain ourselves, to share our creations, to be able to use Quora, Wikipedia, Social Media sites, things that we probably can’t live without nowadays.

    Two major use of internet are social netwoking and communication.

    Social networking is an essential medium to communicate with friend and family members. There are lots of social networking websites like FACEBOOK which is heavily consumed by users for connecting with friends.

    Communication is another way to use internet. People connect via each other through various services like Skype, Gmail and Yahoo messenger. There are lots of other services through which people send messages.
  19. tsinito12345

    tsinito12345 Member

    Internet is very important in our generation especially for long distance relationships like OFWs. You can research, download your favorite movies, musics, apps and etc through internet. You can talk to your love ones from other countries through internet.
    In general internet is very useful today.

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