Why Korean Drama is so addicting?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Kaizakisspect, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Kaizakisspect

    Kaizakisspect New Member

    I love watching Korean dramas and I never got tired of watching it. The first Korean drama that I had watched is Boys Over Flowers and now I almost watched all Korean drama on my list.
  2. Nikko0209

    Nikko0209 New Member

    I have watch a lot of Kdramas! I love Kdramas. They make me feel something that makes me continue watching the whole series at one sitting. Thet are so good at cutting their series. You just can’t stop.

    JC MANALO New Member

    Because of so much romantic moment that other want for there life to be the same
  4. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    Korean drama is a breath of fresh air among heavy and action dramas. They introduce this cute and funny concept in romance, action, fantasy, and heavy dramas by inserting light feelings in between. Thus, making the show more enjoyable to watch. A lot of countries right now is adapting the concept, including my country.

    Korean industry is not just famous in terms of their drama; they are also famous because of the Kpop and also their beauty products. It makes me want to visit South Korea, hopefully someday.
  5. enilanyer

    enilanyer New Member

    They're very addicting because of the uniqueness with their story unlike other dramas where the scenes are predictable. Plus the celebrities who act in each drama are very good looking. The entertainment industry of Korea is very amazing and unique, and also very entertaining.

    Most of their celebrities are very multi-talented, only few of their celebrities have few talents.
  6. Pinkchips

    Pinkchips New Member

    Asian dramas are really what people are looking for right now. Korean drama and pop music, but drama especially.
  7. Great timing I am currently watching WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING so I feel I am qualified to air my views why a Korean Drama is so addicting. With that said, there is no way to pinpoint why because it really falls to preference so for me what makes it addicting falls to one thing STORY...

    As a viewer, nothing hooks me to any series or movie if the story does not hit home then it is useless. I mean take for example THE HAPPENING by Shamalan, sure it may star Mark Walberg but the story was poor in turn that was one of the dissatisfying movies that I have seen.

    YES i know its English but the point is Korean Dramas are addicting not because of the actors that are in it but rather how it all play out. Of course that is not always the case but so far I have never went out on a Korean Drama feeling frustrated although, lets be real here no story is perfect and it happens here as well.
  8. aaren25

    aaren25 New Member

    i think korean dramas are so addicting because of its actors and actresses. they are so beautiful and handsome. slowly you wouldn't realize that you are already falling inlove with the lead role and next you'll start liking the second leads who are so handsome and beautiful too!
  9. arki98

    arki98 New Member

    Korean dramas successfully create emotional connections with viewers. Characters are developed and brought through trials and tribulations in such a way that the audience relates to the characters and feels the same emotions. The cliff hanger endings of nearly every episode leave viewers squirming till the next episode can resolve the conflict. The tension is built up so expertly that it is more emotionally resonant when the main couple finally hold hands halfway through the series.
  10. Vinz lar

    Vinz lar New Member

    Unlike many Amrecian tv shows that runs for many seasons, most Korean dramas have limited number of episodes that are sometimes 16 to 20 only. So the general impression is, once you watch the listed number of episodes you definitely know that is the end and whenever there's a new series of korean drama, i just can't help it but to watch, specially when Lee Min Ho is the leading man.
  11. anjie2288

    anjie2288 Member

    Korean drama is so addicting because they are very good in acting they are cute and very good in everything that they do in the drama series or movie but i think most of the reason is that they are handsome..And when you satrt watching one episode it is not likely for you to not watch it till the wnd because you will asking to yourself what happen to that episode that you didnt watch. An after you finish it you will find another korean drama to watch because you love the last one that you watch..
  12. binkylogarta

    binkylogarta New Member

    Korean dramas tend to have the kind of dramas that are emotionally drowning. And the plots aren't always the same. Their background music is also really catchy that even a foreigner who can't understand their language will be able to like it. They can also pull off cute acts which is really amusing.
  13. gage9

    gage9 New Member

    They have more emotion towards love than other nationality drama! They make love more magical than ever! boom!
  14. KillerSmile99

    KillerSmile99 New Member

    Maybe they have a lot of handsome actors that girls going crazy.
  15. tip2x

    tip2x New Member

    Usually some korean drama that I've watched, the story is light and enjoyable to watch. I usually watch romcom korean dramas, characters are pretty and handsome. Usually the plot of the story are good in such a way that every episodes are pretty good to watch. The story and characters development are also good in korean dramas.

    Male and female character interactions are also good. There are few kissing scenes ,unlike in american films. In korean dramas, we can learn their culture by just watching their series. They also make a scene in good landmarks, so its also a good preparation when you want to visit south korea.
  16. Ryan1814

    Ryan1814 New Member

    I guess the big impact is that they really put budget to the dramas. They always make it the best and the acting and the writers really know what they are doing. Recently also I've seen that the music and sound effects makes great impact in the delivery of the story and make it more enjoyable to watch.
  17. physicistmj

    physicistmj New Member

    Although I am not a KDrama enthusiast, I admire the quality of their television shows. They put a lot of effort in their productions from the places they chose to shoot the scenes to the food they showcase and etc. It can also be observed how their artists invest in their acting skills. I like how they are not marketed as a love team but as an individual who excels in his/her craft.
  18. chinirie

    chinirie New Member

    Korean Drama is very addicting because their television shows really catches the hearts of the people watching. One thing is that they are really promoting their culture and they are very proud of their own. The quality of their shows never fail to reach the expectations of the people. They also doesn't stick with the same love team over and over again so they always give new flavor of sweetness to the viewers. You can also see that they put on a lot of efforts in every scenes that they make.
  19. rochelleyap01

    rochelleyap01 New Member

    Korean Drama is addictive because of the quality of their dramas. You can really say that they put on a lot of efforts just to hit the expectation of the viewers. You can laugh, cry and relate to their stories. They are full of romance and also the characters are so beautiful and handsome that makes especially the girls to watch different k-dramas to see and meet different oppas. :)
  20. me ann14

    me ann14 New Member

    A whole day spent in work is totally head wrecking and physically burnt out. The heavy Filipino dramas wont help you soothe your day. The Korean dramas are refreshing and has a light story that you can relate mixed with giggling love stories that are new and ignites curiosity that will make you fall.
  21. eeuphie88

    eeuphie88 New Member

    Korean drama is so addicting because the story line of their drama is so unique and refreshing. As you're watching it you can also feel the emotions that the characters felt. They chose the perfect actor and actresses that can portray the role perfectly.
  22. However, Yuh states that "mere availability doesn't explain popularity," noting that Korean culture is popular internationally because it offers a "different aesthetic mode of modernity."

    The different tone and aesthetic of K-dramas differ to Western dramas, which in turn help draw in new audiences. Furthermore, Yuh also states that the blending of traditional Korean values with modern day technology is also a big factor in the genre's rapidly-rising popularity as this lends K-dramas a element of fantastical yet ground romanticism.

    "That is, Korean drama and pop music, but drama especially, offer a version of a society that holds onto traditions and traditional values while moving forward as an economically advanced and developed society," Yuh concludes.
  23. Marifi

    Marifi New Member

    Korean drama always posses the real situations emotion, not just yelling, crying, and aside from that I like their skin crazy? But yes. :)
  24. rhyme_jep

    rhyme_jep New Member

    For me these are the reasons as to why Korean Dramas are so addicting:
    1.Impeccable Screenplay: I started watching KDrama when I was in college. Princess Hours starring Yoon Eun-Hye and Ju Ji Hoon (they were the main actors just so you know) was the first kdrama that caught my attention back then. I believe it was also the first TV drama of these 2 actors. The TV series captivated the hearts of the Asian viewers because of the love story between a troubled commoner and the crown prince. The chemistry of the two actors was very evident all through the series. Because of the well written story they were able to convince the viewers that both actors were really in love. Hence, Korean script writers are not afraid to use the television as their platform to expose or educate the viewing public about the anomalies in the government. I’ll give you an example; City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho, this drama exposed government officials who are accepting bribes and doing under the table transactions for their own advantage.
    2. I think, the actors are the main reason as to why KDramas are also very popular across Asia and some parts of America and Africa. Because of this popularity the viewing public are always excited to watch the new series of their idols.
    3. Production Design: Korean TV producers are spending millions of dollars on their TV series every year. Please do watch Jumong, Jang Geum and The Goblin and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  25. ahllen

    ahllen Member

    For me korean drama is addicting because there's no alot of segway or it always straight to the point of showing what the story is all about. Even there's alot of new or other characters; it never lead the story to a diffrent theme. No confusion but still able to show the viewers what they wanted to be shown. Ideas are unique even with the same topic the story still have diffirent plots and style. The length of showing it is also a plus. They know when to end the drama that makes the viewers keeps wanting but not being left hanging. So over all; it's simple, unique and the timing is perfect.
  26. Remtorrente

    Remtorrente New Member

    Korean dramas are so unique, they are so creative that when you started to watched the first episode you feel like you need to finished the whole drama. They have catchy ideas, titles, plots and good actors. For there ideas, I really like how they managed to make it a realistic one (specially medical drama) they have this style of leaving questions to viewers that triggers their curiosity and end up watching more episodes. As for the actors, aside from their looks they are really good at their roles. They can make us feel like we're into the situation with them. Also what I really want about Korean dramas are there plot twist, they are not like other shows/dramas that just by watching the trailer you already have the hint of the ending. Korean dramas have lots of unexpected twist that is really really good.
  27. shen719

    shen719 New Member

    Korean drama is so addicting because they are creating movie so realistic and they acting skills is so good, i'm also watching korean movies most on youtube and really love their movie because my mood in the movie like i feel happy, sad, and also inlove
  28. rosanna vergara

    rosanna vergara New Member

    Korean drama are simple yet so creative and stories are direct to the point. I don't get tired in watching the Korean dramas because of the usual exciting settings and we are so attracted with people having a white,flawless skin and beautiful faces.
  29. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    Simply put, Korean drama has a unique way of telling their story. It is cute but sexy at the same time. They have artists that without saying a thing you can actually tell what they meant just by their facial expressions. That is why I love Korean dramas.
  30. gabridosilang

    gabridosilang Member

    I really like watching korean drama because most of the dramas are realistic. And the lead actors are very into the character and the settings are great.

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