Why lock your self in a Company?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by stingky13, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. stingky13

    stingky13 New Member

    why do i have to lock my self with the company when i can work free lance.
  2. Ronald257

    Ronald257 New Member

    Of course, that would depend on the employees' status, performance and compensation in a company. Many people prefer to work for a stable company since they can get the benefits and rewards they want. Others prefer the freedom that freelancing offers. Each person is different and should consider where his/her strength lies.
  3. yoshkill

    yoshkill New Member

    If you have the skills and financial freedom to work as a freelancer, do it. There's always the chance to have a better monthly income the same way there's a chance to don't have any income. In my perspective, the only reason to "lock yourself" to a company is to have financial stability and fiscal benefits (depending on your country).
    There is a lot of factors you have to analyze, mainly your experience/skill/education on the area that you want to work as freelancer and see if that niche is saturated or if can add value for the same price or lower.
  4. johnfredderick

    johnfredderick New Member

    Interesting topic! Me myself resigned as a Senior Assistant General Manager from my company after four years of work. Why? Because despite the distance from my family, I also don't have the quality time I should give them due to stress and work loads. I dreamed of a higher position on my company but it gives me a headache when I achieved it. So here I am now, working free lance and having the quality time with my wife and daughter. Staying in a company is not bad as long as you give your loved ones the time they deserve. But for me, why stay when you can stand on your own?
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  5. christinafnts

    christinafnts New Member

    I just actually graduated this May 2017, I had my first job as a bank teller and I just lasted for just 1 and a half month. Why? Because, honestly it's really draining me. My workmates are good, workplace is good, however the salary will only for two weeks I don't even go out with my friends what more if I did. Also, I always feel like I can do something more, that I'll be better off when I'm not inside our four squared office. Though freelancing is not really a stable job, not health insurance or no bonus, at least I know that I am growing compared to my past job.
  6. steveadam

    steveadam New Member

    Most people are scared to try, how do you excel if you don't try? Most of us are locked inside because we afraid if we live this company we might not be able to do it all by ourself and most of this same people are same reason why most company still exist, We work for a life time and been paid less for your own full idea, why the company get the glory.

    We lock ourselves inside because we not ready to be a risk taker. Most great men you hear about today had their own difficult task but they are determine to be a freelance man that is why they take the risk to join the winning team. Until your mind is made up to be a freelance man you will be locked down one place.
  7. falco80

    falco80 New Member

    Most regular jobs don't really compensate for the effort.
    It's much better to be a freelancer, or enterpreneur, online or offline.
    But going freelance should be well planned and a controlled move.
    Many get scared and fail while trying to go freelance.

    Also theres the frelance worker, and freelance enterpreneur selling his or others work and effort.

    The freelance career also requires extra effort and knowledge to be able to manage your work and earnings.

    I hope it's all going well with your plans.
    You figured out the obvious.
    All the best to you.
    May you earn a lot of money online and get really quality time with your beloved family.
  8. janamila

    janamila New Member

  9. janamila

    janamila New Member

    If you are a beginner, working in a company can be a useful experience. As hard as it may be, you are in a position to assess whether you are able to respond to the assigned tasks in the appropriate way, in the appropriate manner, alone or in cooperation with colleagues. Over time, realize that achieving the target requires more time and energy and that you have too little time for anything else.On the other hand,as a freelancer you organize yourself independently, you set goals and organize your time. What, in my opinion, is a better option if you have enough experience, courage and self-discipline.

  10. Mememey09

    Mememey09 New Member

    I think I need to switch now to online world. :D
  11. msjillian

    msjillian New Member

    If your chief goal is freedom, freelancing can certainly get you there. However, you need to decide how much time you want to spend working. Many people choose freelancing because they love to travel, but travel is not very enjoyable if you are working the whole time. Often, having more free time also means earning a little less than you did at a traditional job, especially in the beginning. You can certainly earn an impressive salary as a freelancer, but it usually takes time and can require very long hours. If time is more important to you than money.
  12. msjillian

    msjillian New Member

    When you work for someone else, especially if you are particularly unlucky, you never need to manage your own schedule. There is always someone checking in, making sure projects are completed on time and to quality standards.

    While this type of micromanaging can be one of the chief reasons people choose to go the freelance route, without a big boss breathing down your neck, the only person holding you accountable for your work is you. You have to learn what you can and cannot accomplish in a given period of time and ensure you do not promise more than you can deliver. You have to keep a detailed calendar of all your active projects and plan ahead so you can meet specific, concrete goals in a timely manner. If you get bogged down with too many projects at once and the quality of your work suffers, it can seriously endanger your ability to land future jobs.

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