Why many people do blogs?

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Why more people do blogs?

  1. For fun

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  2. To try new things

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  1. gwennuuuh

    gwennuuuh New Member

    Bunch of people do blogs for I believe that sharing and informing others in their own experiences in things is a good way to inform and inspire them. Also, blogging is now accepted as a job. You can make money out of it.
  2. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    Too many people do Blogging because The'y want to learn something, And for extra income through online, and They are too many people out there who wan't to explore and to learn something so they can help to the people who need's them or who needs their blog, to watch,read and to learn something.
  3. kiziah08

    kiziah08 New Member

    Many people do blogs for them to express or share their thoughts or what they feel. They want to let other people know that what others are going through, other people can also relate to it.
  4. angeljpd06

    angeljpd06 New Member

    many people do blogs because it is their way to show their interest and also to try out new things.
  5. Commander32123

    Commander32123 New Member

    There are many new things which we wouldn't even really think of as new. Farming may not seem new yet farming techniques are new. living with nature may not seem new, but not destroying nature is new way of life. Even religion may not seem new, but actually the truth spoken 3500 years ago, still waits for every woman and man to read and discover anew since it can not breach the scientific public.
    3500 years ago, one man wrote all the laws for the whole future and the whole world.
    2000 years ago a few men wrote all the ways for the rest of the whole future and the whole world.
    today the whole world can each talk to anyone in the whole world too.
  6. saif190

    saif190 New Member

    A lot of people do blogging nowadays. Some people do blogging because they want to spread their knowledge, some people do blogging because they want to teach something to other people and some people do blogging to earn some extra money.
  7. Mariansurio

    Mariansurio New Member

    On my opinion why people is blogging is because they can earn a money and on my observation the people's watching to their blogs is make happy and give an information that they want to know, like a make up and dance tutorials.
  8. Poostloop

    Poostloop New Member

    In my opinion, people do blogs as a hobby. They need to express their thoughts to help, inform, and educate other people. Aside from helping others to grow, blogging gives the opportunity to explore, share and develop ideas that could somehow improve the way of living. One way or the other, people are extending helps by writing articles in their blogs. Through blogging, most people could earn a living needed to survive in this ever-changing world.
  9. nspreloved

    nspreloved New Member

    People start making a blog because of various reasons. I myself started making a blog many years ago, but I couldn't post as often as I wanted to because I have a lot of things to do.

    One of the reasons why a person starts writing a blog is because they wanted to share their experience, thoughts and ideas about some topics such as travelling, fashion, food, photography, art, and etc. I started a blog because I wanted to share my travels and to give information to people who want some idea about a destination or how much they can spend while travelling. I also wrote about my future dreams in my blog.

    Another reason is, some people advertise some product online. Most of them are paid by the companies they are working for. The downside of this is that they might give a biased review of the product they are endorsing.

    It would also be nice to look back on your past blog entries to see your personal growth and to know what have changed in your life.
  10. leezshang

    leezshang New Member

    In the past,people use blogging as their outlet to share their feeling and experiences, a past time like how we treat Facebook. But you will be surprised that there are bloggers from a very young generation who are creating blogs specially on You tube. One of the reasons aside from using it as their past time is that , most bloggers start making money with Google Adsense on their blogs . There are bloggers who share their fruit of labor and it is surprising to know that you can actually be able to buy a house or a car and luxury items with the money you can earn from blogging
  11. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    Blogging is helpful. Whenever i watch their videos, they looked happy and enjoyed. As you can see, they aren't just blogging but they are having fun too. They do blog maybe to earn money and somewhat to have fun. For me it's priceless you can't buy your happiness. I envy their knowledge and guts. I envy those people know how to blog.
  12. calebkaylix

    calebkaylix New Member

    Blogging is a powerful tool in the current world given the vast growing technology. Many bloggers do write blogs from a personal perspective i.e as a hobby, to improve business enterprises. Blogging is now finding a greater application in e-cormerce. Many companies therefore do hire bloggers to write blogs for advertising their products. This is therefore one of the many reason for bloggers to write blogs.
  13. People have different reasons why they are blogging. Some just want to share the unique experience they had during summer vacation somewhere, or they want to share different make up tips and techniques on how to achieve a very attractive face, or want to share some particular recipes. But one thing they have in common is, they want to share ideas and experiences that they want for their audience to experience too.
  14. Denscabs101

    Denscabs101 New Member

    Many people does blogging because they're getting paid from it actually. Some are paid because their blogs became viral and some are really paid t9 do blogs.
    Sometimes, bloggers do that because they want to be famous.
  15. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    To express what they feel, to have fun and to show their skills and talents that they have. For me, being a blogger I thinks is their passion, because they love what they are doing, to give smile and fun to other people, it helps to relieve stress.
  16. lilshasha

    lilshasha New Member

    Honestly speaking, they do blogs because they want to get paid. We live in a technology. A lot of people are using cellphone, computer and internet. If you are a content creator, you can get paid especially if your contents or blogs have higher views. The higher views, the higher money. However, some people do blogs not just for money but for their passion and experiences. They wanted to share their experiences and knowledges. They love to share it to other people. Some people do blogs because they wanted to be famous.
  17. BIG01

    BIG01 New Member

    In order to collect all current information and sharing with number of people at a same time, due to the presence of demands of information to the people
  18. Joel2019

    Joel2019 Member

    Simply they love writing. It's their strong point of expression. Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, and when the time you see yours, you're on the roll.
  19. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Some like to blog to express their ideas and share them with others. Some blog to make money. With the introduction of social media like Facebook, people prefer to post or make money there than on a blog platform. That is because it is easier to generate followers there than by starting a blog. It's all there now.


    Don't sleep on blogging. I read in the comments where people said that many people blog for attention. I also read where someone said that every business needs to have an active blog. These are both true. However, blogging can be a viable source of income. It makes for a great passive income, but blogging can be a full-time business. You can provide great content and advertisers will pay you to advertise on your website, because your content is bringing an ample amount of visitors that may relate to the advertiser's products or services. The more influence you have on your blog the more money you can make. It's not about having a lot of visitors. It's about your influence on your visitors.
  21. Faithsony

    Faithsony New Member

    In the recent past, many people have been getting more engaged into blogging activities. People have learned to create networks of their targeted audience through blogging. Networks created from blogging are viewed as leads to businesses and opportunities, that could increase business revenues.

    On the other hand, blogging has been used to some extent to share experiences, ideas, opinions, suggestions and recommendations to certain aspects of life, in the most influential manner.
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  22. afolaya1998

    afolaya1998 New Member

    in many cases, bloggers are people who want to be popular and influential, in some cases, they are people who need to make money from other people style of living
  23. Defclan

    Defclan New Member

    Over the last decade, blogging changed from what it used to be with millions of people starting one with the aim of growing it into a source of income.

    The internet being the fastest and widest source of information and knowledge gathering means that it is a place wide enough for all to 'feed from'. While I do no dispute the fact that there are still a lot of people who runs a blog for the sole purpose of disseminating information and impacting knowledge, the fact remains that majority of those who appear to us as falling within this class are in fact out there doing it for the money. And if really blogging can make one some cool money, why not? After all, we all need money. In fact for some of us, plenty of it.
  24. jologz

    jologz New Member

    I don't have a blog but I have a couple of websites. Same with blogs I do write content and depending on your niche and how good your content, you will have a good chance of earning with your blog. In this day and age, blogging is one way of providing service or a solution to some problems or concerns and by solving those problems or providing those service, you will earn a lot of cash.

    Well, that is my point of view. I am not sure about the 10 people above this post who clearly copy pasted/spun what they wrote hear. LOL
  25. einzzzyy

    einzzzyy New Member

    I do blogs because it pleases the inside of me. I let myself out and just write something I believed in. It also makes me proud because I was once someone who hates writing and little by little I enjoy doing it and it becomes my passion.

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