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    We know that relief and remedy for the incurable life style diseases ravaging mankind is possible only in nature.But nature today is highly polluted. Therefore, we need to adopt a solution, which is as close to nature as possible. The condition in cities is extremely bad because of the non-availability of agricultural land nearby.While travelling in the train you might have observed that most of the vegetables especially spinach(Palak) is grown all along the open drains itself.These drains carry a mix of the industrial waste and other poisonous substances.Thus,the green vegetables,which we forcibly add to the diet of our loved ones , contain the most poisonous substances.
    The condition in the villages is even worst.Because, besides eating the agricultural produce,which is grown by rampant use of fertilizer,chemicals and pesticides,the villagers reside in that environment.Thus, our villagers are comparatively facing a more severe environmental hazard in spite of living closer to the nature.
    Therefore organic foods which is produced with great care and supplied with high quality of hygiene is required to lead a better life.:thumbsup:
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