Why people cheat?

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    ARNIVAL New Member

    What are the reasons why people cheat?
  2. aprilblanquera13

    aprilblanquera13 New Member

    because they don't get contented.
  3. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    People cheat because of some reasons (based on my experienced and others experienced who are closed to me) they are not contented to what they have in their relationship, they tend to look for someone else that can satisfy them, in fact in reality there is no one else that can fully fill the voids of their imperfection. Contentment and love should equally bind together in a relationship.
  4. christoking

    christoking New Member

    People cheat because they are not contented, maybe they just want something from you. Or they just need something from you. Most people will say they just "want to cheat" and that's all ,but the truth is they cheat because they want something else. Something that they can't find on their partner.
  5. Enelra12

    Enelra12 New Member

    People cheat because they're not happy,or should I say no time for each other.For me,there is nothing more important to relationship but TIME.When you get married you have a lot of responsibilities especially when you have a baby,you have anything to think about but your future's baby so you work hard and no time to spend for each other as you used to be.
  6. Ardnel0428

    Ardnel0428 New Member

    Because of the unlimitied human wants, The law of supply and demand hahaha
  7. Ardnel0428

    Ardnel0428 New Member

    The phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” refers to individual reasons for cheating. Some reasons are because of gender, maybe because of hormonal surges, and individual libido rate. Another is personality traits, it may pose some danger to a relationship, if ones mind set have a problem.
    And some research says, person with religious orientation are less likely to commit fidelity.
  8. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    One of the most common reasons for infidelity is the feeling that you and your partner have drifted apart. In this case, cheating can feel like a way of finding something new and exciting when your relationship has become predictable and familiar. A sense of disconnection from one’s partner can happen for a variety of reasons. There may be a lack of proper communication in the relationship (talking about specific issues or just generally keeping in touch about how you feel). Or life may have become dominated by work or looking after kids, so time together has become more functional than loving.
  9. mythalot

    mythalot New Member

    They cheat because
    1. They want to
    2. They couldn't control themselves
    3. They feel disconnected
    4. They are bored with you
    5. They no longer love you
    6. They no longer trust you
    7. They were deceived
    8. They want revenge
    Probably other reasons but that's what I could come up with. Cheating is bad so don't do it. Hope this helps.
  10. SGreed

    SGreed New Member

    I believe that cheating is something biological, a survival mechanism. In some cases we can consider it reproductive. See that the most sincere people usually dislike other people or live alone, while those who lie the most are surrounded by friends or partners. I think we don't like the truth, honest people. That's why most people who cheat are the funny ones and sincere ones usually look boring.
  11. lazo07142

    lazo07142 Member

    This speaks to the idea that humans are promiscuous, and even if things are going well, that does not necessarily mean that there’s not a desire for more , at least in terms of more experiences with other partners.
  12. EmmiJadeShow

    EmmiJadeShow Member

    Utter, utter selfishness.
  13. ninotaruc

    ninotaruc New Member

    Actually, we can't justify why do people cheat. We all know that cheating is bad, is it accepted in all cultures. But people try to defend cheating using several reasons ranging from mental issues and even life experiences. I know most people can't be contented but cheating is never an option.
  14. ishhh

    ishhh New Member

    No contentment, selfishness or plain stupidity. Cheaters just think of themselves, very selfish individuals who doesn't care about his/her partners's feelings. Just the satisfaction to whatever inadequacy they have. No reason can ever justify cheating.
  15. richardpineda12xxx

    richardpineda12xxx New Member

    I believe that people cheat because they have several reasons. The biggest is opportunity and unhappiness. Relationships are built on love, and sometimes two people forget to communicate causing unhappiness.
  16. andleen0503

    andleen0503 New Member

    I think people cheat because of lack of contentment. Maybe they're not happy or maybe they're bored. But whatever the reason is it's still cheating, and they should not do that to anybody. They can talk about their feelings and resolve the problem or get out of the relationship in mutual decision.
  17. sabiboy

    sabiboy New Member

    most time why man or woman cheat is out of self satisfaction maybe a woman we say are man never give her what she want so she prefer to get it else where so as the man
  18. jennoel_25

    jennoel_25 New Member

    People cheat because they are not contented and satisfied. and also if their demands not get into their partner / husband / wife they searching for another one or they one to flee from their responsible.
  19. clf.dn

    clf.dn New Member

    people cheat because they are not ready for commitments, responsibilities and most of all they are not contented. people who are like this always think of themselves without considering their partner. they always look for the things that their partner don't have instead of loving what their partner can give that's why most of them start to find other people which they thought that those people can satisfied their need and wants.
  20. mlfreya01

    mlfreya01 New Member

    They cheat because they are not contented of the things they have in their lives. They are not satisfied of what you can do and just asking for more but you cannot do it because you can't do it. And that's where their desperation begins, just because they can't have the thing that they want from you. They just cheat so that they will be satisfied
  21. bbydind

    bbydind New Member

    Because they are not happy. They are not happy with how things are going with their current life, they want to have something more but they don't know how to communicate it. Or for some cases, they are insecure, because they feel like they are not enough and cheating is a way to prove that they somehow are.
  22. sioniam

    sioniam New Member

    Often cheating plays out because of self-sabotage or lack of self-awareness from their unresolved issues caused by the relationships in their lives growing up that were poor models for them.

    You could ask twenty different cheaters and get twenty different answers.

    At the end of the day, I think that all of the reasons boil down to selfishness. Selfish is the perfect word to describe people who cheat in relationships. They want the best of both worlds, but they know that’s not realistic. Cheating destroys people.
  23. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    Immature people cheat because they feel like at least once in their life, they should have fun. People only cheat because they don't want to be losers. There is a sense of guilt, but, cheaters are always pleased if they outsmart others. Let's take exams for example, due to pressure, those who struggle with studies choose to cheat so they can escape the humiliation of being failed. They don't want to view the consequences yet because what's important is the advantageous gain that they can have as of the moment.
  24. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    In the aspect of relationship, once a person cheats, obviously, the cheater is looking for something that his/her partner doesn't have. It is a sad reality that humans aren't easily contented. But, mature ones always make a way to mend a broken relationship. If you think that your partner lacks something or has done something wrong, it is best to talk it out and deal with it as a couple. Finding another one isn't the best option, it should not be an option.
  25. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    How the brains and hearts of people work is always a mystery to us. Even though someone has cheated on you, you still have the courage to accept him and love him, though he has committed a grave sin. Same goes for the "mistress", even though that person has found out about the situation, she still goes for it. Some mistresses even have the guts to show off and some don't have the sense of guilt or fear. Lust and money are great factors, and it is hard to go against those especially if a person really craves.
  26. DannahJean

    DannahJean New Member

    Cheating is a choice. People cheat because they want to. They are not contented of what they presently have. But sometimes cheating is a way to escape from present rotted commitment. People cheat to fill the void which can be emotional or sexual need.
  27. SGreed

    SGreed New Member

    I believe that men mostly cheat by a mere sexual desire, and women tend to want a more affective relationship (even if they disguise it as something else), they are simply unable to consider the damage they can cause.
    The desire to deceive is the product of mistrust and thinking oneself smarter than the other.
    And no, I don't need to cheat anyone, starting with myself.
  28. jingantonio

    jingantonio New Member

    People cheat for various reasons there may be. For one, the person cheating may have issues as to why he cheats. One of the possible reasons why a person cheats can be rooted back to his childhood. In the early stages of development, the initial conflict that an infant faces is "Trust vs. Mistrust". In my opinion, people who are fixated in this stage of development may have not been properly tended by their caregivers when they were little; their cries for help may have been ignored and thus, they have developed a mistrustful attitude towards whomever may assume the caregiver role in their adulthood. Unfortunately, this will be their significant other or their relationship partner. Since these people are mistrustful, they would always question the fidelity and loyalty of their spouse/partner, assuming that their partners are also cheating on them, however untrue these allegations may be. As a response to a bruised ego, these mistrustful people will purposefully cheat on their partners in order to get back on them or to call it quits.

    On the other hand, I have also read in some article that I can no longer recall that cheaters are just merely people who are afraid of losing their identities in a relationship that they consider is too serious for them to comprehend. As a way to cope, these people cheat by meeting new people, giving them a sense of freedom and excitement that has waned during the course of a serious, long-term relationship.

    However, whatever a cheater's reason may be, it is still not justifiable for a partner who, after all, has been loyal to the partner who has not practiced fidelity in the relationship. And if a cheater indeed has underlying issues relative to his fixations in a certain stage of development or has fears of losing his identity and freedom over a relationship, it would be better for him to discuss it with his partner so that solutions can be suggested to resolve his issues.
  29. bellear

    bellear New Member

    People cheat simply because they don't love their partner.
  30. stefanito

    stefanito New Member

    In the first love we ask nothing but love. If it fades away, we will cease to understand, one episode of life ends, and in a few days the heart is consolidated. Nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, it is not true that it is almost the same age, when we try to compensate our desires at the expense of deception. They say that just the security, the background, the common home, or the children are the reason why the partners cheat and remain together. It has many other influences in their relationship, and love no longer has priority.

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