Why we have to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by vebselpo, May 4, 2019.

  1. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    Just had this thought which is bit funny but true. Why we need to waste our time over someone who's not meant for us? Even had babies with the wrong guys or had affairs with married guys? If we are directed right away to the one who's meant for us then maybe there's no broken families, no single parents, no heartaches, no crimes either. What do you think guys?
  2. mayimayi

    mayimayi Member

    There are so many times that we keep on pushing into something that we want even if the world is against us, because we are blinded with 'love'. I believe it's because the people that we meet will teach us something to make us better. You are very lucky if you end up to the first person you meet, but if not, then it's very comforting to know that someone out there is also waiting for you to come to his/her life, and when that time comes, you'll be matured and you will be a better person than before.
  3. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Active Member

    Sometimes we rush things without knowing what it is we truly want. Take your time. You will know if that is the one. You have to get to know a person or connect with them to know they are the one for you.. Otherwise you will regret it later.
  4. Xamdoso

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    I believe the reason for knowing the wrong people before the right people is really the analogy between the two. To have notion of all that is good we must first go through the bad part. Thus, when we know the negative aspects of a relationship, we acquire the capacity to recognize the positive in future relationships.
  5. jannicadavid

    jannicadavid New Member

    When the wrong individual totally screws you over, your vision of what you need changes radically. Regardless of whether you have a thought of what you dream of, it's difficult to paint a clear picture. Being involved with somebody you thought you wanted can show you more than the best relationship of your life, primarily because that you at long last make sense of what you're truly searching for in a partner.
    In the wake of escaping a bad relationship, you would prefer not to surge anything. That gives you an opportunity to get to know him/her better when he/she finally come along. You're more patient now, also, and really appreciate adapting all the better insights concerning somebody.
    When you at long last meet the right man or woman, you know it, you can feel it, and more significantly, you're prepared to concede you deserve it.
  6. notaubs

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    There are no "wrong" people or "right" people. There's no higher force that puts us together with any other person, that decides when someone is wrong or is right. That's really up to the people in the relationship. Cheating is a choice, no one is forced into it. There is a sliver of wisdom in the saying, apart from helping people feel better, in that the experiences you go through in one relationship, the good times and the bad times both, help to shape you as a person and help you discover what you both could have improved on in order to make future relationships succeed.
  7. kirbycorpin02

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    God wants us to meet first the wrong people before meeting the right one. But why do we have to meet the wrong people if God can give us already the right one? There are certain things we must consider behind the reason why. We will know how to be grateful if we finally meet the right people in a perfect time. We will appreciate everyday that we spent on the right people. There are times that we will compare the past from the present. Simply because it will help us to learn and don't make the mistake again.

    Timing is something incredible that none of us know when it will come. We will meet the person of our dreams the time after we experience heartache. We will get along with friends that are not true before meeting the right one. Everything has a purpose and we will appreciate it in our future self. Always remember that we will meet the right people in the right place at the right time.

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