Why we need Internet?

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  1. Voadthanaa

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    Internet is one of the most creative and popular inventions in the history of the world. It has efficiently opened up the possibilities of further advancements in many other fields of existence. It has made our lives convenient and has also made the world look smaller to us. Internet allows us to access the information displayed on various websites. These websites who display and add information to the internet have to follow certain set protocols for ensuring cyber safety.

    Internet opens up the possibility of various activities such as accessing almost all the books across the world, connecting with people across oceans, providing education even in the remote areas, paying bills while sitting in the comfort of our homes, shopping for anything at just the click of a button, ordering food quickly, learning what's going around the world and more. Searching information on the internet is a quick business and is very convenient.
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  2. Warren1967

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    The internet has become a vital tool for various reasons. It is the easiest place to find information at the shortest possible time. It connects people faster with each other. It can promote businesses and events faster than conventional means. More importantly, people can either get full-time or part-time employment through job sites online.
  3. masterryan31

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    Internet in this digital age can now be considered as part of the "natural" flow of today's life cycle. This is the primary reason why internet is needed. It is needed for us to carry out the normal ways of life in the present times. We are not yet talking about social media here because it's not really a necessity.
    Then what is it? Of course the most basic stuff - food. Then how come food is related to the internet? Well, in some rural areas, it might be true that internet has no connection to food. However, in the urban life style, you won't have food if you don't have money. And where will you get your money? Of course from our salary, thru the ATM, via the internet. Just imagine how money became the basic of all basic, since almost everything can be achieved if you have money, right?
    But this is just getting a bit materialistic. How about the importance of human's emotional and pyschological state? Isn't it a big help to talk to someone if you feel down?
    How many lives were saved because of internet and quick providing of resolution and cure?

    Those are only few reasons why do we need internet. So if you want to know more of the reasons why do we need internet in our lives, better start asking yourself, and you'll find out.
  4. Joel2019

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    It's a great question. Why? what is its use? do it really help us with our daily lives?. Honestly, I really don't know how it start but I think because of the ongoing trends of the new generations nowadays, we really need the internet. We can do a lot of good stuff using the internet, we can use it for our businesses, communications, lifestyle and many more. Some may calling it a waste of time, but some also called it their ways of time. It's really up to you on how you use the internet base on your lifestyle. Goodluck.:)
  5. klynne18

    klynne18 New Member

    Internet is one of the most important ways of communicating, sharing, searching and ways of social media, today. Wherever you go, internet is badly needed. Because of internet, we can search for the things, places and even information that we needed to know specifically when we're at work, in school and even when in our house. It's like it's part of our daily routine that we need to get through the internet.
  6. Wins

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    We are now in the process of advancement of technology. Everyday we always create ways which we can all have a fast growing environment compared to our past years without internet, where the production of economy is slow, slow availability of new career but with internet we can now have a freedom to be part of a certain category which we feel we belong. However we cannot deny that there is also a disadvantage to it. Humans create internet to make life more easy, more productive and innovative, but there is also an obscure factors that some user or big businesses run by group of people tend to use internet to create money in an obscure way. So this is still in the person's way of life on how they use internet in an proper ethical way. We should consider a lot of things first before we react on a certain scheme of ours. Internet is very useful. To connect, to communicate, to innovate, to be productive.
  7. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    Internet is one of the greatest invention that has been created and it really benefited people and internet helps us in many ways which we cannot do on the last few decades and it is a really big help to us people in making our lives easier. But I really don't think we need internet. As you can see, out great ancestors did survive and was able to procreate without the use of internet and it was a lot harder to live on their era rather than our era as we can imagine so this means we can also live without internet. But what I don't like about the internet is that internet makes people so lazy which is taking a toll in our lives because we choose to live an easier life by just playing games all day and surfing in facebook or instagram everytime and we are not biologically wired to live a sedentary lifestyle that's why people are so unhealthy nowadays. Internet is great, it can provide us informations and we can gather some data in just a few clicks but we should also be wise on how we should use the internet to efficiently and how to avoid the darkside and pitfalls of using the internet.
  8. danzkie

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    We need internet a lot, why because every single moment now a days and everything that we want to know about the world where we are now, are there in just single click by our thumb. If you are researching, if you want to see your family and friends far from you and if you want to know what are happening now in our nation you need an internet. But in the other hand internet had good and bad influence to us and that is how we gonna used it in our own way.
  9. Internet is great.It can do anything in just one click.Its very convenient to all of us.In this world, internet makes us closer,even were apart.
  10. khenkhen25

    khenkhen25 New Member

    Internet is not just about information. Internet nowadays have been the main source of income. How? that is actually a cycle. A big company will advertise their products, they will advertise through an advertising website, website will then create a video ads or image in order for possible buyer to have an access to the product. or advertising website will create a paying jobs such as clicking an ads just by simply registering to be eligible for the job and offer referral program, the user will then can create a network/binary to have more money opportunity. the ads will then create massive branches. so, the cycle will be "company-advertising agency-payed user-back to company".
    and there are also plenty of companies that has a massive income just by using "data monetization"; such as facebook. they will not gonna waste their money with that website/application without having in return. they will gonna sell tge data of the user but of course with the consent of the user because that will be indicated in the privacy policy. Every company that is asking for the consumers data has benefits with the use of data monetization. just like taking surveys, that is actually a way of collecting datas. if you're only an open minded person, you can earn with the use of your personal data.
  11. mdenverbgaspar

    mdenverbgaspar New Member

    As I’m sitting to write this post, I realize that I’m using the greatest gift of modern science: The Internet. And for that, there’s one person I need to be thankful to Tim Berners-Lee, the man who gave birth to global internet or “World Wide Web”, 27 years ago, and studies reveal that today more than half of the world’s population uses the internet.

    Now, that’s quite a startling revelation, isn’t it? Personally speaking, I need the internet to get me through my day. To write this post, to download songs, to watch videos, to pay my bills online and to check updates on social media, I mean literally EVERYTHING!

    This realization got my brain cells ticking and I started to wonder what are billions of people like me are doing on the internet each day? There are many good reasons why we all need Internet, here are 5 that are at the top of my charts:

    Build relationships

    We often rush through our day-to-day communication, especially with our loved ones. We talk to our parents, our siblings, our close relatives regularly on phone, if they’re away. But how often do we really take out time to talk about how they’re really doing, or appreciate them for something they have done, achieved or bought? Online communication gives us a second chance. It allows us to ask questions we may have forgotten to ask with the help of emails or messages. We can drop to a friend’s social media page anytime to tell we were thinking about them. We can use the medium of online communication to be our best and warm selves.

    Fulfill shopping needs

    Do you remember the last time you bought something online? Maybe last week or yesterday or even last hour! E-commerce has made purchasing highly convenient. We can read reviews, check ratings, find best deals and pay online without even having to step out of our homes.

    Work anytime, anywhere

    Internet has liberated our lives. We can work while eating, sleeping, drinking or traveling. The Internet has helped build a hyper-connected world. We can talk to people and work with people at all times of day and night regardless of where we are.

    Stay up-to-date on everything

    What’s the best way to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the world? The speed at which things move today has never been more rapid. It’s tough to keep a track of everything if you’re running a business, raising a family, watching your favorite TV show or doing all three. It’s the age of the internet. If not for the internet, then we’ll not know what our friends are doing or where my cousin went on her vacation!

    Stay away from bank lines

    I must admit, this one is my favorite feature so far. Millions like me pay a majority of our bills online, send money and receive money simply at the click of a button. Gone are the days of standing in long queues at the bank or waiting for weeks for one check to be cleared. Banking through the internet has become a common and popular phenomenon.

    It’s hard to imagine the world that we live in today to be fully functional without the internet. It has shaped the world in more ways than I can sum up in one post.

    However, here’s a little food for thought before I go: The right use of internet technology expands our minds, increase your opportunities and always feed your soul. Make the right choice.
  12. allmarts

    allmarts New Member

    Human Digital Life
    Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever their nationality. These rights are expressed and guaranteed by law, in the form of treaties and customary international law. They were all introduced in twentieth century through declarations that became customary international law, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or treaties, like the two covenants on human rights along with other multilateral agreements. We no longer live in the analogue world, wherein our rights are protected by national legal frameworks. Our daily lives and activities have moved online. We became global e citizens. Given the new nature of our lives, our rights aren't simply protected by law, locked in national borders.

    Our personal data are no longer collected upon our consent only by our own states. The right to freedom of expression we enjoy off-line isn't necessarily respected online. The e world of diluted borders isn't governed by a global government, nor does it have a global parliament to introduce laws that can protect rights online. Authoritarian states enthusiastically apply national e borders as they do off-line, when they limit their citizens internet access, block unfavorable content or trace their citizens online. Some democratic states, largely of the transatlantic community, have measures to defend and enable human rights online.

    Nonetheless, what about the universality of human rights for the enjoyment of all? The way to ensure that individuals fully enjoy fundamental human rights in the digital world? What to Do Next - First of all, it's the transatlantic community that's destined to lead the process. All the other international communities place economic interests at the centre of their relationships. Such a campaign should call on the world's nations to review international human rights law in order that it reflects technological advances and their implications for human rights. This process should aim to develop a global framework for protection of human rights in the digital world.

    In addition, the transatlantic community should base its efforts on the intergovernmental work of the UN and the resolutions it adopted. Nevertheless, given the pace with which the technology are infiltrating our lives, can we afford to follow a long multilateral process of consultation and negotiation? We need to do more, quicker and more forcefully.


    Kapil dev “india”
  13. Sonya L Walls

    Sonya L Walls Member

    The Internet is an online encyclopedia. You can research any topic and find it on there. We need the Internet in order to stay current on everything that's going on in the world. The citizens of America have too much to say about the President. It goes to show that the Internet is far more advanced then what some people realize.
  14. Icyflame

    Icyflame New Member

    Communication - People use the internet to communicate with one another. Without the internet, it would be both more expensive and slower to maintain personal and professional relationships.
    Entertainment - Many people use the internet to enjoy themselves and to engage in personal interests.
    Answers - The internet has answers for about any question a person has on different subjects. Hence, written information, such as books and magazines have almost become obsolete.
  15. Felx

    Felx New Member

    Positive use of the Internet makes our lives easy and simple. The Internet provides us useful data, information, and knowledge for the personal, social and economic development and it is up to us to utilize our time on the worldwide web in a productive manner. The Internet is a revolution in information technology.
  16. mimie125

    mimie125 Member

    I need it for my home based online jobs. Now a days internet helps us to communicate to our family outside home or to our family abroad.
  17. neneth

    neneth New Member

    We should ask our friends and elders first before taking up a question on the internet I do the same but if that help isn't enough then what would you do? That's fine with us but what about those who are very shy and are have a weak heart? The can use the net as their only hope. I would just say that it is on the person having the question to choose if he wants to either ask his friends or parents or choose the internet.
  18. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    Internet now is the most powerful tool one can ever have access to. This is the hub which is the source for all the information we need in our day to day lives. Looking people up through facebook or any social media tool they may be registered on can be accessed through the internet, anything we need to look up or research on for school or work can be found and accessed on the internet. The internet is vital in our daily lives because of the amount of information we're able to obtain from anywhere around the world such as the latest current events in a certain country, history and facts about almost anything, famous personalities, profiles, entertainment, interactive fun and games, and global communication.
  19. ClaireG

    ClaireG Member

    Today's generation is exposed to many different things. One thing is internet and it's getting more and more huge. Kids, teenagers, adults, and even senior citizen uses internet a lot. People nowadays largely depends on the internet since it is quick, easy to access, and easy to use. Well, people use internet for different purposes it could be educational, business purposes, work, for fun and leisure and a lot more. The undeniable fact that this is the generation where technology is widely use and internet is just one of those inventions. Actually, if it will not harm people or let's say you know what you're doing then it's fine.
  20. gcm2455

    gcm2455 Member

    Due to the exponential increase of knowledge, we need to keep ourselves of the latest, the newest or the most up-to-date information. This is one of the reasons we have to use the Net. Aside from this, we need to get in touch with people. Some have gone abroad, some have been busy earning a living, some are just too lazy to see you in person but they want to interact with you through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and even in Comments Portion of News Outlets. This Internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. As long as you control it and not make it control you. you can benefit from it.
  21. Dledg

    Dledg Member

    We need internet to do almost everything example homework , talking to family members,scheduling an appointment many things you know.
  22. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    For me Without the Internet, it would be both more expensive and slower to maintain personal and professional relationships. 3. Entertainment – Many people use the Internet to enjoy themselves and to engage in personal interests.
  23. elecastillo

    elecastillo New Member

    The Importance of internet in our life is similar to oxygen for this technological world. It’s tough to be happy for few people without internet. Today it’s time about online reputation, internet marketing, online business, online degrees, social media presence and internet banking. That’s why the importance of internet in our life matter.
  24. pbraun

    pbraun Member

    It is very helpful for students and other people who needs to research.
  25. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    Internet making our life easy one is to get information quickly, then u can make transact from your billing payment by using app power by internet provider. and more than that the internet it helps me to connected me here in postloop, specially on google this site one of need.
  26. Today internet has been all around the world
    Most of the information you need was there.
    But sadly internet also became a place for people who want to do bad things to others
    We need it ofcourse but we need to be careful
  27. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Internet is the biggest thing happening in the world right now and the biggest revolition in the modern era.It has completely changed the way humans think,live and interact with others.it made life so easy and comfortable making everyday actions and tasks done at the click of a button.we can make online transactions,study,know new things ,communicate with others in far off places and what not.who can imagine how would it be without internet now???
  28. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    Today is the world of internet No longer is it just a source of information but you can shop through the internet, pay your bills, plan your finances, avail online courses, find jobs, work from home, promote your business, reach to people etc. There is no denial to the fact that the internet has not only made our lives better but hassle free as well. Gone are the days when you used to waste hours in roaming around for shopping or standing in a queue for bills or getting the movie tickets. Now, you just have to go online and book your tickets and that too in less time. The social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest Google plus etc are not only useful for business but personal contacts as well. You can easily make new friends and find your old pals and get connected with them. the internet has certainly filled a wide gap and it is difficult to stay away from it. Do use the internet and find a solution to every problem.

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