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  1. Higbolahan

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    Crying which is the phenomena for the outflow of tears from the eyes, has been found to be a good thing to do. How would it sound to you, if i were to ask you to cry?, embarrassed? or even angry?. Scientificaly, the tears, which flow out of the eyes , during the period of crying, contains a chemical called lysozyme, which washes the eyes entirely. Crying could also be seen, as a way of bringing out all the pains in you, and letting them all out. that is why, the heart feels lighter after crying, than when we hide the pains in ourselves. a musician once said, "silence, is the loudest cry". crying although, good, should be limited. crying all the time is bad. Atleast, cry three times a week. It is a cheap but powerful medicine.
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  2. Robe

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    Crying is the act of expressing your feelings such sadness, anger,frustration and even happiness.By means of crying you are able to release the heavy feelings inside you chest and afterwards you'll find relief.You can even a have a good sleep after crying because it has somewhat help to flush away some toxins and sad hormones inside your body. There are people who do their best not to shed tears in their eyes because they find it more embarrassing if they cry and others end up just doing others things like hurting themselves physically or getting drunk. Physicians said it is actually bad for the heart when you avoid crying so you just have to express what you feel and cry if need to.
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  3. Rodelie Calderon

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    Sometimes you need to cry to release your emotions. But crying not only means during your bad days, it can also mean that your happy. Crying is some sort of showing how you feel and it has a big impact to everyone who definitely experiences it.
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  4. asdfghjkra

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    Crying is such a powerful emotion. It can mean a lot. You can cry out of happiness or out of sadness. Crying makes you feel lighter. As if you have let out all your hidden feelings. It may be hard for some to cry since it maybe perceived as a sign of weakness but for me, crying is one of the best ways to relieve yourself from all the stress and hassles of life.
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  5. YurikaYuuta

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    sometimes crying will helps you to heal inside to relieve all your heavy pain inside.
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  6. EllyzaDG

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    Crying remind us that in every step of our life there will be always failure, disappointments, and mediocrity. Those instances made us realize that for you to become wiser, stronger and bolder, you have to experience how to be at the bottom. Crying does not mean being weak. It does not define your whole self. In fact, it is a sign that you are strong enough on how to release the pain inside you. It is one of the ingredients on pushing your way forward. It is okay to cry but make sure at the end of the day, you will be able to wipe your tears and continue your battle.
  7. imfructose

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    It was 2009 when I ended my five year relationship. I knew it was about to end and when it did I never shed a tear. I kept myself busy for the entire six months after the breakup.On the sixth month, I was stuck at home due to a strong typhoon that flooded the city for two days. As the typhoon kept the metro submerged I have nowhere to go. I was at home for the entire two days. I just suddenly snapped and began to cry. I remembered all the good and bad times I had with my five year relationship, how it ended and why it had to end. I had finally faced the pain and so I began to shed tears. I realized I kept myself busy all those months because unconsciously that was how I dealt with pain. Until one day it finally hit me. No choice but to face it head on. I cried for two days. I even went as far as getting back with my ex. But I never picked up the phone to reconcile. I just kept on pouring my heart out through my tears.

    Everyone needs to cry and will eventually cry. The question is when. Not everyone deals with pain the same way. Like what happened to me, it took time for me to finally cry not because I don't want to let go but I simply ignored dealing with pain of losing someone.
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  8. muhammadfaisal86

    muhammadfaisal86 New Member

    As far as I think, cry is worthy than smiling. It needs same energy level much as required to laugh and gestures in both moods are same, somebody has to judge your position by watching the environment. I suggest that if you try to put your mood from sad to happy and smile so it is batter, try to laugh with full energy after that you will feel relax like laughing.
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  9. Galaxia36

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    We maybe one of those people who cry easily in funerals, weddings, birthday parties and surprises. Some might think that we cry because we need to release tension. Others are even screaming, yelling and loosing their minds when they're crying. There are many reasons why we cry. We cry because we're sad, mad, happy, overwhelmed, afraid and in physical pain. It only shows that we're human. Crying is our form of stress reliever and it can help us recover from the griefs and hurts that life has brought us.
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    VINROSE New Member

    Crying is an act of extreme emotion release either great sadness and happiness. As a human we have such emotion that we can't control flowing of tears called crying, Mostly in case for a newly giving birth mother, the happiest sound a mother wish to hear is the sound of crying baby. For all those people who are in the relationship ,they cry when their love ones offer them wedding, and when they got in a heart break situation, then they cry a lot.
    Crying is the a good way to be popular, why? Because people can use crying as way to entertaining to entertainment industries. Crying has benefits to our health, more of us feel goods after crying mostly if we feel we have a lot burden, it serve as extension of for our survival life stage, and the eyes cleansed after the tears flush out to our eyes.
    Though mostly for men ,crying is not a good gesture because they said that it shows weakness ,but for me women and men are all creature which have ability to flush tears . We are all human, have feelings, emotions ,so why not to cry?
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  11. sherryl

    sherryl New Member

    we need to cry sometimes,because crying it helps the person to calm down,sometimes i cry because i'm happy,sometimes i'm cry because i'm sad..
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  12. Racelle Lizardo

    Racelle Lizardo New Member

    Crying is the only way your eyes can speak when your mouth can't explain anything you wanted to say. It is a language of expressing different kinds of emotion; joy, anger, and sorrow. We need to cry to make ourselves feel better. According to science, the tears we shed contains a natural painkiller and stress hormones as well. So, when we cry we let out all those bad stuff in our body. Therefore, cry even more when you are stress and feeling down 'cause it kills the pain.
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  13. Girl13

    Girl13 New Member

    We need to cry in order to release the pain or tears of joy. These are the emotions that is happening to you when you can't speak at the moment that you can't put it into words or explain of what you felt. Crying is the best solution when you're in pain it helps you to clear or made of your mind to a solution. When you are happy, tears of joy came out you become speechless. Crying depends on the emotion that you're going thru, good or bad.
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  14. sappheiros777

    sappheiros777 New Member

    Every single one of us needed or have cried at some point of our lives. Reason? Because of a million reasons. Even animals cry too to express their feelings. The tears that come out of our eyes are our response to strong emotions we experience - may it be emotional or physical. It could be from overwhelming happiness, sadness, pain and so on. But most of the time, we cry because of sadness and hurt. According to science, crying releases the body's natural painkiller, the endorphin or the "feel-good" hormone, which makes us really feel good. So, do we need to cry? The answer is "Yes". Because it makes us feel better in a way that it lightens the heavy feeling and burden inside us. And, after a good cry, we sometimes become a lot stronger because crying already takes a lot of courage to do so and as soon as you realize that, you become stronger and better at dealing with your emotions at any point in your life.
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  15. Honey Grace Caranto

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    When I watched the movie entitled, "BARCELONA: A LOVE UNTOLD", it says there that CRYING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL..And I agree with that...Just think of this, When is the time that we cry? It's the time when we are giving up or we think that there are no solutions to our problems, when we have heartbreaks and many more. Crying is one of the best way to express our emotions that we can't express in words..It also makes our feeling calm after we cry because we already convey the burdens inside us. Whenever you feel sad, don't hesitate to cry. After that, you'll be much stronger and better than before.:)
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  16. pacitabituin

    pacitabituin New Member

    The five reasons that you need to cry are it relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, tears remove toxins, it reduces manganese, and emotional crying means you are human. Stress can increase our risk for heart attack and damage certain areas of our brain, humans' ability to cry has survival value. Crying has been found to lower blood pressure and pulse rate immediately following therapy sessions during which patients cried and raged. Tears actually remove toxins from the body. Tears help humans remove chemicals that build up during emotional stress. The simple act of crying also reduces the body's manganese level, a mineral which affects mood and is found in up to 30 times greater concentration in tears than in blood serum. While the eyes of all mammals are moistened and soothed by tears, only human beings shed tears in response to emotional stress. Emotional expression acknowledges the feelings you're having. Emotions motivate us to empathize, coordinate and work as a unit to best survive.
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  17. Leotwin2

    Leotwin2 New Member

    Why do you need to cry? A few reasons comes to mind. One we are human. It is a way to express grief, Joy., really any emotion! Empathy.

    Second our bodies medically have ways to work. Our eyes need to stay moist to function properly. Think about the fake tears that you can buy in drops? That is for a reason

    Anyways crying is a healing technique. If you don't cry I would think of you as a robot. Or unhuman
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  18. veeva

    veeva New Member

    Crying is an outlet to show our emotions. We cry when we felt so much joy in our hearts with the undeserved kindness and love from people who care for us. We also cry when we are emotionally down. When we get hurt and lose hope especially when you feel you are alone in this world without no one who dare to acknowledge you. Whatever the reason is, crying alone is a natural cycle within our system.
  19. Krizzy

    Krizzy New Member

    We need to cry simply because we are humans. Crying can lessen our emotional stress. Holding back emotions may cause health issues, and having a good cry can help your body to feel better. So go ahead and let it out.
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  20. inkoglyphics

    inkoglyphics New Member

    Crying is an adaptive mechanism of humans to cope with stress it is also a way of releasing tensions and emotional pressure. The science community has given accounts of what the tears might really mean and it is imply a signal that the crier is incapable of harm and need help from its aggressors. Then the evolution of tears afterwards happen and this is to keep the eye moist and free of harmful bacteria. In a more understandble way we humans need to cry simply because we cannot just keep an emotion uncheck and it seriously needs to be released by crying or else, i hope not, one can end up insane.
  21. Coll

    Coll New Member

    Crying is relieving. It takes away a lot of internal pain that would kill us from inside. Crying puts one in a self scanning mood and helps us understand a lot of things we wouldn't have understood. This makes crying be also a solution to some of our problems. We understand some inevitable things only after crying. To kids, crying is like a signal to the mother. Its kind of a method of communication. To even adults, crying is a communication tool. Crying has some really critical importance.
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  22. Ronald257

    Ronald257 New Member

    Crying is a natural emotion that we all feel. Releasing it can be helpful to relieve people of stress or a certain burden. It's not true that men don't cry. We're not just showy about it. But time and again, crying at an appropriate time can be helpful to get us back on track. Of course, there's a difference between crying once and while and being too emotional always, which may also have bad effects.
  23. Realistic

    Realistic New Member

    There's more into crying than just outflow of tears. Crying has lots of positive effects. Crying is a natural way to reduce emotional stress that, left unchecked has negative effects on the body such as stress related disorders. Crying also lowers blood pressure and pulse rate. It removes toxins. Tears contain unwanted components that have to be removed for normal and active functioning of the body. It doesn't mean that you have to cry daily to keep healthy, don't get me wrong, the body has other ways to get rid of these toxins. Crying is emotional. Its acknowledges the feelings you have, shows love, pain and more other feelings such as care. Everybody likes being cared for.
  24. CrabtreeLM

    CrabtreeLM New Member

    Crying gives you this sense of relief when you are under a very bad feeling. It is a body's reaction when you are in a very strong emotion like too much pain, madness, sadness, frustration and even sometimes happiness. It is common in girls to cry right away under too much pressure and emotion because it somehow releases the tension inside. It's just like a pail full of water and all you need to do is to release and release until it gets empty so it will be easy to carry. After crying it will give you such a light feeling and mood that will help you cope up.
  25. rjay

    rjay New Member

    People cry may be either because they are in sorrow or in happiness. Crying is helpful to relieve what we are experiencing. We need to cry to lighten things up or celebrate the happiness we felt inside. It provide us a wonderful feeling afterwards.
  26. mahjabeen

    mahjabeen New Member

    No one likes to cry and its a theory worldwide no one is with the person who cries. obviously it is up to a certain extent when people may listen to your sorrows, even your own blood relation, even they won't might stop listening. So one should accept the fact that the world id with happy people. People who stay positive. Who spread happiness. They are always being admired by everyone as compare to people who keep discussing their problems are mostly left alone after a certain period.
  27. Jamieheart101

    Jamieheart101 New Member

    There's a lot of reasons why we cry. We cry because of sadness, pain, disappointments and happiness. We don't need to cry always, but we need to cry to show them the feelings inside us. Crying is just a way to express things out.
  28. janina.sarmiento07

    janina.sarmiento07 New Member

    We need to cry simply because we feel pain. Crying will help us feel relieved afterwards and at the same time it signals the people around us that something is wrong and that we need help. We sometimes hold it back, thinking that crying makes us vulnerable but sometimes not letting it out makes us, actually, weak emotionally. Strong people cry and move on from the pain. Weak people try to hold it back and usually get stuck from the pain. We cry because we're humans. And humans feel pain.
  29. mafel

    mafel New Member

    We need to cry to release our strong emotions such as extreme sadness, anger, physical pain and even extreme happiness. After crying, it makes us feel better. Do you agree? That is why, crying helps us to lower the risk of having more serious illness.
    Nowadays, stress is very common to us and we understand that it has serious health effects to us if not given proper attention and cure. I believe, crying can relieve stress. Are you stressed? If so, I am here...just lean on me...cry. Things are gonna be alright.
  30. Richelle Monique

    Richelle Monique New Member

    You need to cry to release all the emotions building up inside you. I believe that when you cry you're actually showing or expressing what you really feel towards something. I also believe that you don't always have to be sad to cry, when you cry it's either because you're sad, you're happy, you're angry, you're surprised and as well as when you feel different emotions. Although crying is natural for us humans, and even animals.

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