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  1. darylalminanza

    darylalminanza New Member

    Crying is the act of expressing your feelings such sadness, anger,frustration and even happiness.By means of crying you are able to release the heavy feelings inside you chest and afterwards you'll find relief.You can even a have a good sleep after crying because it has somewhat help to flush away some toxins and sad hormones inside your body. There are people who do their best not to shed tears in their eyes because they find it more embarrassing if they cry and others end up just doing others things like hurting themselves physically or getting drunk. Physicians said it is actually bad for the heart when you avoid crying so you just have to express what you feel and cry if need to.
  2. Menachem Grossman

    Menachem Grossman New Member

    It's not too bad to cry and get it off your chest.
  3. Aziar

    Aziar New Member

    Many would say that crying is for the weak and I strongly disagree. A person who cries is stronger than others because the person who cries acknowledges his/her emotion. Someone who is strong is someone who feels. Not crying doesn't make one macho or strong. It simply makes one unfeeling.
  4. marjun borga

    marjun borga New Member

    hi!we need to cry to release our sadness,angry and frustrations.Crying is a big help for a human being because normal people will cry if they found out that their pain is too heavy to carry.While you cry it doesn't mean that your weak,we cant control yourself when it comes of emotions.And crying will lead to us in a very emotional situations.So if you have anything else to cry with just cry and make sure that for tomorrow your okay and more productive with.
  5. Anniekho

    Anniekho New Member

    Why we need to cry...we need to cry because it a way to show our feelings it helps to us to control our emotions.sadness.
  6. Kennnnn

    Kennnnn New Member

    Crying can release the emotions inside you. Expressing this kind of gesture can show people how you feel and what you feel it will not make you look weak but this is a natural way of human being to show their emotions.
  7. ann2195

    ann2195 Member

    Sometime you really need to cry, especially when you are mad or hated something. Through crying you letting out your emotions and will feel good about it. They say "It is okay to cry" or "Let it out" because it is all true once you let out all the emotions that is inside your head and heart you will feel much better than keeping it inside. You need someone to cry on as well so you would not look like crazy. Kidding, I meant there is something will listen to you and will give advise to you and would make you feel a lot better.
  8. Kim Yansel

    Kim Yansel New Member

    More than the scientific and hygienic aspect of crying, it is a channel of releasing our emotions. It may be to an extreme extent before we could cry, but that's what makes everything memorable. If you happen to shed tears during an experience, that would turn into an unforgettable moment, whether a good or bad experience. You need to cry not just to clean your eyes, you need to cry to feel and make living an unforgettable experience.
  9. Iamjudy

    Iamjudy New Member

    They said that crying is the saddest part of life. Yes it is true, it is the saddest one but it is also the best thing to do to be calm. Sometimes we have to cry to get away the sadness and heartaches. Let's admit the fact that crying is one of the best thing to do to be comfortable ,relax and to think about positive thoughts for a better day ahead.
  10. Rianne

    Rianne New Member

    It's not necessary to cry however, there are things that can trigger you to cry. For example, in order for you to release anger,frustration, stress, and sadness or ever happiness, your best alternative option that is so easy would be to cry. Crying is like your eyes talking when your mouth can't explain or is tired of how things is happening to your life.
  11. Jenny Parot

    Jenny Parot New Member

    We need to cry specially if we can't control our emotion anymore, we need to release the heavy thing inside our heart. All people need to cry even if you are a man or a women it's not a bad thing if we cry it will help our body to release bad energy. If you cry it's not that your weak.
  12. Eberitte

    Eberitte New Member

    We need to cry because it's one of our nature as humans. We all cry, it's an inevitable reaction. It's a great way of release. Happiness and anger usually makes me cry, but there are variety of reasons of my tears. I disagree of the cliche, "Crying always makes you feel better." Yes, I cry because I'm happy. It's either because of a birthday surprise or graduation, it gives you this overwhelming feeling of happiness, but crying doesn't always make you feel better. Humans just have their certain ways to make you feel useless or stupid, it can make you cry because you're hurt. I don't feel better afterwards; I feel bitter and angry. I don't deserve such inhumane treatment. I hate that I teared for that person and crying because of him/her made me feel controlled. It's not a good feeling.
  13. Loki16

    Loki16 New Member

    we need to cry because of crying we express our heartaches and loneliness to someone of to others. part of the reason why you might feel better after a good cry. crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration. crying can helps you from stress.
  14. mackyboy

    mackyboy Member

    We need to cry so that we can release our emotions or failures in life. Crying is a normal part of a human life. we cried for a purpose and that purpose will teach us to become stronger and worthy to live and to happy after the sadness.
  15. janamila

    janamila New Member

    I'm one of those who rarely cry when they are sad. But, when I'm angry or feel helpless in some situation, tears are my real cure. Then it doesn't matter to me if I cry in public, I feel huge relief. And I'm not ashamed. Crying calms me.
  16. Gail Laxa

    Gail Laxa New Member

    I Rarely cry when I'm sad but when I'm mad i can't help but cry. Don't feel ashamed to cry if thats the way for you to feel okay.
  17. gila626

    gila626 New Member

    I hate crying in front of other people. I hardly do that. I even hate seeing other people cry over trivial matters. I can't stand that kind of drama. Therefore, I became good at controlling my emotions. I got so good that I can't make myself cry anymore for my own concerns. So what I do when I feel down is that I watch sad movies in the privacy of my own home, then I make myself cry for the heck of it. lol.
    But despite all these, I do believe that once in a while we do need a good cry. Crying is a good way to relieve stress. It's therapeutic. And I think it's good for the soul.
  18. nanettearaza08

    nanettearaza08 New Member

    By the saying goes, tears is the way of our body to remove dirt in our eyes so we can see better. Like in life, we have to shed a little tears to wash our eyes and see what is really in front of us. I'm a crybaby. I cry over little things like when watching a man saving another person or when a a player displaying sportsmanship over his competitions. But it's a normal thing, because a person usually have a compassionate heart and it's nothing to be ashamed of even if you're a man or a woman.
  19. Ramchelle

    Ramchelle New Member

    Because you cannot build or do or say anything of value if you’re not backing it up with emotional responses and a real, solid feeling.
    You need your emotions to guide your work, whether you’re trying to build software or hardware or just write a damn book, if you’re unconnected to human emotion, no human is going to be able to connect with what you’ve made.

    I think it’s important to cry.

    I think if anyone wants to make fun of me for it, they can go right ahead, it’s not going to stop me from living and doing my thing.

    But I think that if anyone wants to reject the idea that you shouldn’t cry, they’re people I’ll always feel a little sorry for. And if folks don’t want to do business with me over it, well…I’m not missing out on much. ❤
  20. karencute30

    karencute30 New Member

    Crying makes us feel better than choose not to cry and you're dying inside. Many people are afraid to cry. Sometimes we feel ashamed when someone see us crying. Embarassing it may be but it comes out comforting. Others don't want to seem weak but it actually show strong in us. Because it takes strength to show vulnerability. Don't worry about others and what they think. Crying helps us to let go of negativity in ourselves. I remember when I was young I always cry because my mother pinch me everytime I made mistake or she wants me to go down the tree. And there was also a time that I've been crying for how many days because I broke up with my boyfriend coz he cheated on me. My sister's make fun of me and told me "Why are you crying like that? He's not even handsome. From then, I realize that they're right. I also ask myself why am I crying for that guy? He is ugly and don't even have a job. He always ask money to his mother to buy cigarette. I also realize how stupid I am. But I actually feel better after crying and move on with my life. It only proves that I am HUMAN.
  21. mormor

    mormor New Member

    Crying is normal. Crying shows that you're strong enough to see other people that you are weak. Crying helps you realese emotions that you can no longer take any more.
  22. Kershtin

    Kershtin New Member

    I've shed barrels of tears throughout my life. WE do need to CRY!
    I cried when I got hurt in my past relationships in my younger years. I cried when I lost my dearest grandmother. I cried when I found out I was pregnant, when I was about to wed, gave birth and during my kids graduation. I cried alot!
    Being human, we all have our emotions. Different emotions/ reactions to every events in our lives. It does'nt necessarily have to be a sad event. We also cry during happy moments- " tears of joy". It releases that heavy feeling of sorrow and pain. Then after we shed those tears we feel some relief.
    In some culture crying is not accepted. It 's not an implicaion that we are weak, especially with men. The macho image inculcate that Men should not cry.
    Whenever we suppress our emotions, it builds up into resentments, stress and anger. It affects our helath as well. So, don't suppress those tears. CRY if need be.
  23. juggy143

    juggy143 New Member

    As what The Fault in our Stars by John Green says, "pain demands to be felt", and one way for me of feeling the pain is crying. For me, crying weighs as more as smiling does. It is a form of expressing yourself and releasing your sadness. Crying I believe for anyone is normal, and I don't believe that crying makes you look weak and such especially for men. Common, crying is a form of expression and that's a fact.

    After crying, you can feel a great release from your chest and that what's important.There's something even little, that you did to help yourself to become better and never use crying as your weakness or using people, let's just leave it as a way of expressing and releasing emotions and that's all.
  24. Geeeee

    Geeeee New Member

    Crying is a means to let out all pent up pain, frustration, hurt. Allowing yourself to cry is not weakness, storing all your frustrations, bottling it up is not good for the mental health. Crying helps, even if just a little. That heavy weight in your chest will slowly lift up and you will be strong enough to smile again. It is an important part of the self so don't hide it. Express it or if you don't want to show it, cry on your pillow, cry on somebody's shoulder, cry on someone's handkerchief. The point is even if you want to seem strong you need to cry so if you don't want to show it to everybody else, you can hide it but still. Cry.
  25. boxxyA22

    boxxyA22 New Member

    We need to cry, we are humans and it is one of our nature .. Crying gives us relief to what ever pain we are suffering .. it is also a silent message if we are broken.. Crying does't mean we are weak, we cry because we want to release the pain inside and after the tears we are strong again and start to move on with life.
  26. nanette-pxmB

    nanette-pxmB Member

    Crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration, it’s a healthy one.” It is a natural way to reduce emotional stress that, if left unchecked, can have negative physical effects on the body, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders. In addition to the physical benefits, research shows that 85 percent of women and 73 percent of men feel less sad and angry after shedding some tears. crying makes us feel so ashamed? It shouldn’t; it’s a completely natural response to our environment, and it’s one of the oldest forms of communication (along with laughing and smiling). It can bring us together, let us know how we stand with each other, and send a signal that something is amiss.
  27. gci19

    gci19 New Member

    Some tend to underestimate people who cries. They find it very immature if you cried over someone or something. But crying help us to release the emotions such as anger, sadness and even happiness.
  28. GFlorce

    GFlorce New Member

    Crying is a natural reflex when you are hurt. However, some people force themselves to not cry to save their pride. But crying is an important way to steam off your bottled up feelings. I guess it's not only me who noticed, but after you cry, you can feel a sudden relief that can free your heart from the hurt you are feeling. Crying doesn't mean inferiority because you also need to face your weaknesses and have a temporary peace of mind.
  29. Melody1865

    Melody1865 Member

    For me crying shows that we are brave. Not all people admit that they are crying specially mans.
    We do need to cry if time came that we need to release our emotions because according to elders if will release the bad emotion that we have in our hearts it will make us suffer and gave us heart problems and also that is our other way to say that were hurt but not all the time that we've cry because of pain sometimes it because were happy. So for me crying is not a weakness.
  30. Couleskha

    Couleskha New Member

    I personally believe that crying can be a sign of strength, but can also be as much of a nuisance as a weakness. I have witnessed many people burst into tears over the smallest of things like momentary frustration or disappointment, and when prompted, say that the tears just came from nowhere and they are under no pressure at all that would make them be released. Though, I have also seen people express every emotion, even sadness, without shedding one tear until one very unusual event (such as the local store not having the right brand of cheese in stock) set them off into quiet yet flowing tears.
    It can be a way of your body releasing strong emotions as simply as laughing at a bad joke, or it can be something just as powerful as years of grief suddenly hitting you like a truck.
    To me, I'm most affected when I see stern, proud, grown men cry over something truly personal to them. That's the easiest way to make me sob!

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