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  1. skye22

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    Crying is an expression that cleanses our soul. I cry when I'm happy, sad, excited, angry, and when I pray this is the time that I feel so connected. We just cry because of all the emotions that we are keeping and sometimes we just feel the need to release it. Laughing is good, crying is good for everything has its own purpose. Whenever you feel crying just do it, express yourself. It's therapeutic. Some people would try to ignore this feeling so they find a way to entertain themselves in any way. We are sometimes scared of showing who we really are so we pretend to be tough. When all we need to do is to be just a normal human being.
  2. jane0207

    jane0207 New Member

    Crying gives you time to reflect and dispose of bad feelings in order to feel good again.
  3. dcjaybee@gmail.com

    dcjaybee@gmail.com New Member

    You need to cry to release your emotions.
  4. fanakw

    fanakw New Member

    I think that the release of tears is also a release of emotion. I was always of the thought that a strong woman never cries... I have now learned through lives many lessons that there is no shame in crying. It takes an emotionally stable person to admit to their feelings and being able to cry is a feeling, albeit for some the reason to cry varies. Crying is the first form of human and animal communication. It is an expression of feelings, a release and is natural to both humans and animals alike.
  5. daisy15

    daisy15 New Member

    Sometimes we need to weep to get rid of the same and the pain of the mood that we feel. crying is something that helps us to reduce our life problems. because the overwhelming attitude or the problem is harmful to our health. there are people who are afraid to cry for the reason they do not want to be ashamed. Crying is a way for us to emit our emotions so that we feel light. According to the study of specialists crying helps our health. It is a must to do so that we can not accumulate the pain we feel can lead to various illnesses. for example, you are angry with someone instead of turning her back on your gesture you can just cry out that she will compensate you physically and be back to something unexpected

    as if I had rather than physical pain I was only in a place to cry the skit that I feel so I can not do so then I can not do things that should not be. Sometimes we do not realize we can do things that are not right for our problems. Eventually we repent of our wrongdoings.

    However. Crying is an effective way to low and to be complacent, not crying. this is a sign of receiving our wrongdoings or calling for things that are not for us.
  6. zajgrin

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    Because when we cry, we open ourselves up. It unlocks the unspoken problems that are blocking us from effectively communicating, by removing the obstacle of attempting to lock down and hide our emotional response. We experience tensions and get stressed it builds up, and it can feel like a huge wave of difficult emotion is cresting inside us. It’s incredibly hard, and that’s okay. Crying takes that out of the equation.
  7. Sheester

    Sheester New Member

    They say that if you cry, you are weak. But for me, you cry because you are strong and that's the only way to release the pain you are feeling inside. Its not a sign of weakness. Crying is inevitable that you cannot predict when you feel the pain, or when to feel the blissful moment. We cry to let out the negative vibes and the burden inside us. We cry also of too much happiness that come to our lives. God is so great thae H e made an outlet for our extreme feelings, that is crying.
  8. hgenoso

    hgenoso Member

    You cannot just bottle up your emotions you need to release then okay. You need to cry so that you emotions that strangle you will be release. There is no harm in crying. So what if you cry? Just because you cried doesnt mean you are a weak human hello. That just shows that you are strong and you accept weakness you let yourself experience the downess of kife but you also pick up yourself to find you your greater you.
  9. chain06

    chain06 New Member

    Of coarse I need to cry because, I'm a human being, I have feelings and I have tears to let it out when I'm sad, angry or any kind of emotions that is involve with tears I let my tears out. For me crying is not a sign of weakness it is just the time for you to accept things that you are just human do not act like you never did crying because I heard a song that everybody hurts and everybody cries, it is sound dramatic but this is reality don't feel embarrassed if you does because someone else is just like that they feel ashamed to make other see them crying or just showing how brave they are. It must not be like that because crying is just natural way of being strong for me its not mean you're weak or a loser or whatever, you are strong when you cry, strong because it just a way of saying you're not giving up on life's obstacles you are just crying it out because you are just human getting tired everything that is why we are crying, these how belief on why I need to cry. Just let your self cry out all of the burdens and stress its alright to cry.
  10. dynzrhoss

    dynzrhoss New Member

    Crying is essential for us to survive life's battle. It is not a sign of weakness nor a sign of defeat. It is a sign that we are humans. That we are normal people who have feelings and emotions. Crying means we are strong enough to show everybody what we truly feel inside. We should not be ashamed of it because crying is as necessary as eating. When we cry, it cleanses not just our eyes but our souls as well. It is okay to let all those tears flow because once you're done, then you are all ready to stand up once again to face life's unending battle.
  11. Mitch_24

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    Why we need to cry because These are the tears produced in response to that strong emotion you may experience from stress, pleasure, anger, sadness and suffering to indeed, physical pain.
  12. sheng83

    sheng83 New Member

    There are many factors or reasons why a person cry. It is different for every individual. For me, crying is a way of expressing my inner feelings. I cry when I am happy, I cry when I am sad, I cry when I'm stressed in everyday struggles in life. There's a saying that I remember that crying is good for the soul. Yes, it is healthy to cry sometimes. So, don't' be afraid to cry. Whether you're a boy or a girl, the word is "It's okay to cry."
  13. We need to cry to release the stress the pain that we are feeling inside. It is like if you have no one to talk to about problems and such you can let all that problem thinking out by crying. They may say stop crying or don't cry. But why would we stop if crying helps us feel relief in the end?
  14. dina830

    dina830 New Member

    Definitely crying is very important since it releases the feelings, especially if it is happening moments of our life you may need to cry to heal certain emotions that we can eventually get sick. Sure there are times that you want to cry, but you can't, this is actually my case often costs me cry, even in cases where warrants cry cost me a lot, I've been told that people that this happens you, maybe you are in emotional shock , some people become easy cry makes it fast, but in my case it doesn't always cost me, clear that if it is a very painful moment as the death of a loved one, if I cry but cannot do it as thoroughly as it does others It is clear that if you don't cry doesn't mean that pain is not felt, there are people who turned outward it in a different way, but there is no doubt that cry is necessary, in many cases it can be like the best therapy.
  15. khanhtran123

    khanhtran123 Member

    Crying is just a way to express your emotions. To some people, crying conveys a stronger message than normal. Crying also does not necessarily express sad emotion, but any emotion can be expressed through crying. Happy, sad, tired, desperate,or even angry. All can be expressed through crying. To me, I cry when I feel desperate. When I feel there's too much that I can handle, I will burst out in tears. It does lighten my mood up and get me back to work after. I have also seen many people around me crying because they are happy, which only happened to me once. Crying is a miracle thing that we are gifted by the nature.
  16. toy

    toy New Member

    Sometimes we need to weep to reduce the pain we feel. Crying is a good reason for us to avoid what is called depression. Everybody has a problem with their lives. And not at all times we need to get rid of it. So sometimes we are looking for a quiet place or person to talk to bring out the dissatisfaction we feel. It is not okay to hide the problem you are experiencing. It is better to bring dissatisfaction with someone close to you like your best friend or your parents. you can cry with them the problems you're feeling

    According to experts, weeping is suggested to reduce depression as we feel, It is also a remedy for people who are overwhelmed by the loss of life expectancy. It is also used by renowned artists to better themselves by acting. So other amateur artists attend various workshops to find out the proper use of emotion including crying. That they should learn well how to do it,

    Sometimes we cannot show that we will cry for the reason that we are ashamed, For me, crying does not mean you are cowardly or anymore. For me, it shows that you can accept your mistakes and you can repent for them.
  17. Marco0406

    Marco0406 New Member

    Crying is part of human emotional package, its either we love it or hate it. Crying is ones way of expressing deep emotions. Crying makes a person feels better. Tears are a positive representation of who we are. It demonstrates not only our deep emotional connections with our world – past, present, and future but allows us to visibly celebrate that fact. So we don't have to be afraid or feel ashamed if we cry, it isn't a sign of weakness but showing to the world that behind that tears that falls from your eyes, is strong human.

    Always keep in mind, it is not wrong, its not shameful when you cry. When you feel like you want to cry, let it be, embrace it, feel it.
  18. mchichi

    mchichi New Member

    we need to cry to ease the pain one person is suffering due to tragedies problems trials..i need to cry to feel that i am human not able to bear all the pain due to tragedies that happen in my life in less than a year..first my personal relationship failed i was dumped by my loved one last dec2017 since she got tired of LDr then last jan2018 my father died due to diabetes then last june2018 our ancestral house got burned due to the fire which started from our neighbors house..too many tragedies which i need to cry over and over to release ease the pain for me to overcome and moved on with my life..i know the LORd will not leave me, i believe and trust HIm for that though up to now the pain are still there which up to now i still cry..
  19. Brokewriter

    Brokewriter New Member

    There is a really bad stigma surrounding crying. It's like, crying for a lot of people is a sign of weakness, like showing that you cried is an affront to society. Why, because we've built this belief that we have to be strong and not show that we're weak, otherwise people will take advantage of us or make us feel bad. So, that's why people want to cry in secret, because, well it's easier and it's safer. But, the thing is, how do you control your tears from coming even in a public situation? This is especially bad for guys because we're supposed to be the strong and reserved type. Women can cry all they want. They can cry during movies, they can cry when something bad happens, they can even cry when something good happens. Oh, my boyfriend of three years finally proposed to me, *uncontrollable crying*, it's a lot easier for girls just saying. Guys, it's not so easy because we're told to man up or stop being such a girl because we're crying. Gender aside, crying is also very helpful because it helps to relieve emotions. A lot of pent-up emotions is not a good thing and we just need to stop making this whole big stigma about crying. They're just tears so let them come.
  20. mostafa1970

    mostafa1970 New Member

    Not shedding tears is a sign of weakness, but it is the safest way to improve health in terms of the elimination of chemicals related to tension and the body after exposure to difficult situations or psychological pressure. The suppression of tears leads to increased stress and stress.
  21. hitek06

    hitek06 New Member

    To Cry is to express your deep emotion and to clear the pain that hurts inside. Sometimes to cry also is to express your happiness. It short Crying is the best way to show your inner emotion to someone you love or cherish most.
  22. ErrorData24

    ErrorData24 New Member

    Crying as an emotional reaction can help you put things into perspective. It can help you realize, Okay, this is important to me so I need to deal with it. Otherwise, it may just be too easy to push it aside.
    crying also can make us feel better. The tears we shed during an emotional outburst contain a natural painkiller and they contain stress hormones as well.
  23. yosleve

    yosleve New Member

    Crying to some could be seen as a way to reduce tension within the inner being,to others it might mean the act of maintaining solace from the deepest vices around. In alla to note, crying is just a sign that we feel emotions both positively and negatively. People cry for reasons best known to them, but all put into consideration, crying makes you look weak even with the strongest of attitudes to show.
    I ones cried publicly, all around me felt sad and weak, hopeless and helpless. But within me, I was filled with stunning energy of joy, unable to hold myself, I cried out so loud.
    Why we cry and how we cry should not be the question, what should be asked is how sincere do we cry?..crying a treat for solace...
  24. markbru

    markbru New Member

    Crying is a sign of emotions. We cry when we are happy and sad. Dont be ashamed about crying,be proud because most of the people who cry are stronger than who dont.
  25. eli414

    eli414 New Member

    I agree that crying is necessary, even if it's sometimes hard. I cannot cry in front of people, but if I get too emotional, I know I need to let it out at some point. Better to express it, shed some tears, and feel better than to keep it bottled up inside. I find it's especially important to cry over people you've lost, either through death, break ups, or even simply drifting apart. Crying over people is sometimes looked down on as "weak", but I find that it brings closure to unfortunate situations. It allows you to process your emotions, and then move on, which is incredibly important in this short life we are given.
  26. Xavier87

    Xavier87 New Member

    I have quite often believed that crying isn't a sign of weakness but it is the releasing of weakness. We cry to let out our pain and sorrow. Keeping that pain inside is what makes people cynical and depressed. Crying is like turning on the faucet and let the pain come pouring out.
  27. brylleblog

    brylleblog New Member

    Why You Need To Cry? Because We Releasing Our Emotions From Anger,Suffering,or Your GF Broke Up With You And If You Know Crying Is Bad Thing Too Because Your Just Worsened Your Depression and There's alot of Bad Things and Good Things About Crying.
  28. Jhie

    Jhie New Member

    I just think it's really important to be honest. I cry all the time. And I have absolutely zero shame about it. When we cry, we open ourselves up. It unlocks the unspoken problem that are blocking us from effectively communicating, by removing the obstacle of attempting to lock down and hide our emotional response. I think it's important to cry. I think if anyone wants to make fun of me for it, they can go right ahead it's not going to stop me from living and doing my thing.
  29. sheriff22

    sheriff22 New Member

    There was a time in my life that I had decided never to cry. This was after the death of a very close relative. I later talked to a psychologist about this. She told me that I actually do need to cry and I have taken steps to cry when I can. Crying helps one free the emotions that are hidden deep down. It is one of the most freeing things that one can do. Emotional suppression is one of the biggest sources of depression. To avoid this, I have to cry when I feel that my emotions have been hurt or when I am so excited or overjoyed.
  30. demitrious conley

    demitrious conley New Member

    Crying is the demonstration of communicating your emotions such pity, anger,frustration and even happiness.By methods for crying you can discharge the overwhelming sentiments inside you chest and a while later you'll discover relief.You can even a have a decent rest subsequent to crying since it has to some degree help to flush away a few poisons and tragic hormones inside your body. There are individuals who do their best not to shed tears in their eyes since they think that its all the more humiliating on the off chance that they cry and others wind up simply doing others things like harming themselves physically or getting alcoholic. Doctors said it is in reality awful for the heart when you abstain from crying so you simply need to express what you feel and cry if need to.

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