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  1. lemon6

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    We need to cry to express our feelings deep within. Crying help us stabilize our emotions giving a relief feeling. It is not good for you health to hold you tears. To what i heard crying also make our skin much more smoother and fairer. So dont hod it in cry if you feel like doing it.
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    ARNIVAL New Member

    We need to cry because we need to relieve the emotional stress that we feel in times of sorrow and frustration. It must be release because keeping it to yourself is not a good idea for your health. It will cause you cardiovascular disease and other related stress disorders. Crying is also a reflection of the strong person so we must not hide it.
  3. brylengeero

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    Crying is the act of expressing your feelings such sadness, anger,frustration and even happiness.By means of crying you are able to release the heavy feelings inside you chest and afterwards you'll find relief.You can even a have a good sleep after crying because it has somewhat help to flush away some toxins and sad hormones inside your body. There are people who do their best not to shed tears in their eyes because they find it more embarrassing if they cry and others end up just doing others things like hurting themselves physically or getting drunk. Physicians said it is actually bad for the heart when you avoid crying so you just have to express what you feel and cry if need to.
  4. angiechiong

    angiechiong New Member

    For me, crying is the ultimate form of emotional and spiritual healing.

    More than 10 years ago, my late father have a stroke and was in coma. There’s a grief and great pain in my heart because of the fear of losing him, and the remorse that I have not really talk with him in a long time. I found myself praying with all my heart in his bedside. After about 20 minutes, I felt tears involuntarily falling from my eyes, such soft sobbing in my part, and I felt such peace in my heart. It’s a profound experience, with God grace I was able to let go, it’s in His hand now.
  5. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    I just think it’s really important to be honest. I cry all the time. And I have absolutely zero shame about it. When the pressure hits me, when shit does not work out, or when I’m overwhelmed by everything going on around me, I will cry.
  6. msimborio

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    I'm a guilty cry baby. I'm a happy crier, sad crier, stress crier and it helps me release my emotions. Crying for me is losing yourself in the moment. I don't see any bad about it. Crying doesn't mean you're weak. It means your strong enough to show and acknowledge your emotions.
  7. prescilla

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    As a human being it is really normal to us to cry, it's not normal we can not cry. That is according to my SCIence professor when i was in my college days, And if somebody is crying is not bad....it can give release stress and releived all the pain that you felt in you heart, the heartaches, it is a stress releaver also, and it has a good sideeffect in our pshychological capability.
  8. franciscovillegas

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    perhaps part of the reason why you might feel better after a good cry.
  9. franciscovillegas

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    Crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration, it's a healthy one.” It is a natural way to reduce emotional stress that, if left unchecked, can have negative physical effects on the body, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders.
  10. Madamdyosa

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    Sometimes you also need to cry not to show how weak you are as a person but to show that no matter how strong you are, you're still a human being that have a heart and emotions.
  11. prettybutterfly

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    Crying is an expression of feelings. It could be due to extreme pain, fear or happiness. When we don't have words to express how we feel the body tends to express it through secreting tear. Now that I think of it, I think our body is an intelligent biological machine.
  12. TeejayC

    TeejayC New Member

    Why need to cry? First, it cleanses your eyes by tears. Second, it lets you vent out emotions good or bad. You are also expressing what you really feel on a certain issue/matter. Other says, crying is cowardness especially for men. I say it is not true. crying makes you a real man. It is not a sign of being a coward, instead, it gives you motivation to start a new you.

    Crying is not a bad thing, according to some research, it cleans your eyes for some infections by tears. So make yourself proud by crying.

    Thank you fellow freelancers!! more to go!! :);):sleeping::sneaky:
  13. jaym24

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    We need to cry sometimes because it improves our mood.Along with helping you ease pain, crying, specifically sobbing, may even lift your spirits. When you sob, you take in many quick breaths of cool air. Breathing in cooler air can help regulate and even lower the temperature of your brain. A cool brain is more pleasurable to your body and mind than a warm brain. As a result, your mood may improve after a sobbing episode.
  14. luciab230

    luciab230 Member

    How would it feel to set strong boundaries for yourself while simultaneously build- ing close and healthy relationships? Or to have full-time intuitive knowledge about yourself and your surroundings? What could you accomplish if you had an internal compass that unerringly brought you back to your truest path and your deepest self? Or if you had free access to a constant source of energy, rejuvenation, and certainty? Each of these abilities lives within you right now; they live within your emotions. With the help of your emotions, you can become selfaware and immensely re- sourceful in your relationships. If you can learn to focus and work honorably with the incredible information inside each of your feeling states, you can become inti- mately connected to the source of your intelligence, you can hear the deepest parts of yourself, and you can heal your most profound wounds. If you can learn to see your emotions as tools of your deepest awareness, you’ll be able to move forward as a whole and functional person.
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  15. luciab230

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    I am an empath, which means that I’m able to read and understand emotions. You’re an empath too—we all are—but I’m aware of this skill, and since early child- hood I’ve learned to see and feel emotions as distinct entities, each with its own voice, character, purpose, and use. The emotions are as real and as distinct to me as colors and shades are to a painter. Empathic skills aren’t unusual; they are normal human attributes present in each of us: they are our nonverbal communication skills. Through empathy, we can hear the meaning behind words, decipher the postures people unconsciously adopt, and understand the emotional states of others. The ability to empathize is now thought to reside in special brain cells called mirror neurons. Mirror neurons were first found in the premotor cortex of macaque monkeys in the 1990s, but they were soon discovered in humans as well. Mirror neurons have become an exciting area of research because they help scientists understand how socializing information is transmitted between primates.
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  16. luciab230

    luciab230 Member

    Empathy makes us sensitive and intuitive, but it is a double-edged sword. Empaths can get right to the center of any issue (they often feel what other people refuse to acknowledge), but in a culture that can’t figure out what emotions are, let alone how to deal with them, strong empathy is a difficult skill to possess. Empaths cer- tainly feel the emotions that are all around us, but awareness of the healing capac- ities inside those emotions is rare. This is unfortunate, because it is our emotional sensitivity and agility—our empathy—that helps us move forward, understand deeply, and connect with ourselves, other people, our vision, and our purpose.
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  17. luciab230

    luciab230 Member

    For example, healthy anger acts as the honorable sentry or boundary-holder of the psyche, but most information about anger focuses on the unhealthy expressive states of rage and fury, or the repressive states of resentment, apathy, and depression. Sadness offers life-giving fluidity and rejuvenation, but very few people welcome sadness. Most people barely tolerate it. Furthermore, depression isn’t a single emotion, but a strangely ingenious constellation of factors that erect a vital stop sign in the psyche. Healthy and properly focused fear is our intuition, without which we would be endangered at all times, but this goes directly against accepted
  18. luciab230

    luciab230 Member

    In many spiritualist or metaphysical belief systems, the body and its ills, the world and its upheavals, the mind and its opinions, and the emotions and their pointed needs are treated as stumbling blocks to be overcome, or as interruptions to be transcended. There is a sad rejection of the richness inherent in all of our faculties and all of our aspects, and I’ve noticed a fragmentation in most metaphysical teachings. I took what assistance I could from those teachings, but in regard to the emotions, there was very little I could use.
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  19. a_navor

    a_navor New Member

    Crying eases the pain, releases the stress and helps you feel better.
  20. Crying helps us to release our emotions instead of being a burden into our shoulders. After we cry we somehow feel that we are relieved because we release our emotiom in that sudden moment. It eases the pain, sorrow, insecurities or any negative feelings that we feel. It is associated into our sadness and happiness (because sometimes we cey because we feel great). In other words we cry when when there are an intense stimulus that our nervous system need to react into.
  21. chelleungco

    chelleungco New Member

    For me crying is a natural response humans have to a range of emotions, including sadness, grief, joy, and frustration. Sometimes people may try to suppress tears if they see them as a sign of weakness, but it has a soothing effect like to regulate our own emotions, reduce our own distress and calm ourselves. It is also helps to relieve pain.
  22. Anjossi

    Anjossi Member

    Crying is something that we cannot escape especially those very emotional people. Crying helps us to breath again we can’t, when we feel trapped and hurt. Crying ends something terrible and opens up new beginnings. Crying is something we do when we cannot contain our happiness and just thankful for what we received or achieved. Crying is a normal reaction for a happy and a sad situation.
  23. Nelo

    Nelo New Member

    Crying is for releasing your emotions and to relieved the pain. You dont need to be shy. Everyone is free to cry. It can helps you to feel better.
  24. me ann14

    me ann14 New Member

    We often cry in response from the stress, anger, sadness, suffering, pain and sometimes from pleasure the we experienced in our lives. The tears that we produced are normal reactions from what we feel. Crying will not take away the pain and will not solve your problem, but it will help you feel good and somehow be relieved after you cry. It will help you bring back your composure again, continue and move on with your life despite that your in pain or troubled. According to chapter 11:35 in the Bible, it says " Jesus wept" even the God Himself wept and cried.
  25. Crying is an expression of sadness or happiness. When we sad we cry because it help us to release the pain, stress and suffering and after we cry all of that bad emotions will really disappear. When we where are happy also we cry its releasing joy and they say ''Tears of Joy''.
  26. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    To cry is like a medicine it releases the pain inside.It can help you to lessen your problems.Gives you strength that tommorrow is a new beginning.But other say when you cry it strenghten your heart and it can avoid heart diseases.Crying not bad. It has many benefits for our body.
  27. Aeolos

    Aeolos New Member

    Crying is to set free the pent up emotions we hide inside of us. We cry because of too much happiness. We also cry because of the intense sadness we feel. Moreover, it very healthy to cry since it clears up the strong emotions we have been keeping on our own.
  28. dene728

    dene728 New Member

    Crying is an expression of an individual, whether you are crying because you are hurt, you are sad, and you are so happy. When I am sad I feel so relieved when I burst into tears, it lessens my sadness and my burden. When I am hurt it lessen my pain a bit. When I am happy it shows that my tears is an expression of true happiness that the person who made me happy will be happy too in what she or he did to me being in tears when happy is a true one.
  29. blackbirds

    blackbirds New Member

    Crying makes you more stress out and bottling it all inside does you no good at all after all were all humans and its not a crime or cost any cash to cry have a good cry let all that relief tension go and feel better afterwards knowing that something you was upset about is no longer worth worrying about and get on with your day or think of something better
  30. Whether you prefer to cry in private or if you end up breaking down in public, crying can be essential in maintaining emotional health. I intend to cry when I am very mad and I can't let it out or if some one promised me and leaves me hanging. After crying, relieves all of my stress and makes me feel better . Crying is a natural and often uncontrollable reaction. Go Ahead, Have a Good Cry.

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