Will COVID-19 break the Internet?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by cashmaker66, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. cashmaker66

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    As today, around half of the world population is under some form of quarantine. It is no secret that most people turn to the internet as a form of entertainment. With the rise of streaming services, e-learning and work at home models, it is no secret that Internet usage is on the rise. With a lot of countries on lockdown, the situation has gotten worse.

    Are we on the way to a total Internet collapse? Many countries are facing a hard time keeping up connectivity. ISPs and streaming companies are throttling their speed to avoid problems.

    What is your opinion on the subject? Is a massive or country-wide shutdown possible? What can we expect in the next days in terms of connectivity? How is the situation in your country?
  2. Niloy0

    Niloy0 Member

    Hello, I think covid 19 will be able to shut down the internet, because it has nothing to do with the internet, the internet is bordering the world.
  3. Sien

    Sien New Member

    The development of the Internet has long passed the point where communication between countries could be broken. If this question bothers you then you can dig this info about proxy type. Thanks to this, we can go to any sites. Online communications will only strengthen even more during the quarantine.
  4. francislloyd

    francislloyd Member

    Not that totally breaks thr internet but what i know is that Pandemic called covid 19 breaks a nationwide news online or through media about the happening during this crisis..
  5. Actually, internet without people to operate on it has no use, it is clear that due to the situation the world has found it self now, many will turn to online activities such as e-learning, e-commerce and also marketing, with this i don't think that covid-19 can be able to shutdown internet unless if the disease is able shutdown human living.
  6. regz

    regz New Member

    covid 19 is very alarming anyone must take preCAUTIONS MUST observed it seriously.Observe Dos and don'ts should this pandemic will end soon.
  7. NazrenaJohn

    NazrenaJohn New Member

    Covid 19 makes insidious way around the world. Everyone's working from home, there's lots of video consumption that increase the demand, which had an impact of upload speed.
  8. Jeremiah18566

    Jeremiah18566 New Member

    The place of internet in the life of man cannot be overemphasized. Life has gotten better, interesting and enriched since the age of information and communication technology. Security, education, economy, fashion, religion, politics, love and relationship has all massively benefitted from the engaging power of the Internet. As stand as it is now, life has gotten too immersed in the comfort of internet to exist without it. This explains the push for more sophisticated Internet to further make life a smooth ride.
  9. Jeremiah18566

    Jeremiah18566 New Member

    It is crystal clear that everyday life and the internet have been enjoying a smooth romance even before coronavirus was confirmed in most parts of the world. Covid19 will not break this relationship in any way but might rather strain by causing an upsurge in the number of people using the Internet.
  10. JanetL

    JanetL Member

  11. Jeremiah18566

    Jeremiah18566 New Member

    The social distancing and lockdown which are fallout from the covid-19 pandemic have created a situation where people find themselves staying 24 hours at home--a situation they never envisaged. This has led people turning to the internet as a recourse to keep their life on.
  12. Jeremiah18566

    Jeremiah18566 New Member

    It goes without saying that life has long found a comfort zone in the world of the Internet. The union has gotten too Siamese to be sundered by any unknown enemy. Though covid-19, the lockdown and social distancing have conspired to break this union by overpopulating the Internet world with new users. The time honored relationship will not only weather the storm but also will laugh last.
  13. Jeremiah18566

    Jeremiah18566 New Member

    The European Union(EU) is planning to have a digitalised economy through the launching of the-internet-of-things. A development which promises to place the continent in a new pedestal of civilisation. What comes to mind again, in all of these, is that the Internet has come to stay.
  14. Jack237

    Jack237 New Member

    For most developed countries COVID-19 is a stimulant for economic growth online. Of course, I am not saying that COVID-19 is causing a net gain in economic growth, but in the subsector of the internet, I think we will see an increased dependence on it financially. Mind you this is the direction it has been going for a while now, however, this outbreak has really accentuated that growth.
  15. Dsmartxh

    Dsmartxh New Member

    Corona virus wouldn't break the internet, because if it now so many countries are been involved in work from home and that wouldn't be possible without the internet, I think it is making the internet to be more strong.
  16. Jeremiah18566

    Jeremiah18566 New Member

    The presence of covid19 has come to show to everyone that there is little or nothing we can achieve without physical interaction and movement. Even the little that will be achieved can only be made possible through the use of internet. Those civilised clime around the world where technology and information communication have received a massive investment, might not feel the negative impact of social distancing that much compare to developing nations where the use of internet is still a luxury. The internet still remains the only viable tool for absolving the shock occasioned by social distancing.
  17. Jeremiah18566

    Jeremiah18566 New Member

    Social distancing is indeed a threat to love, affection and sexual relationship. Life is not complete without love, affection and sex. People who are physically separated from their spouses, fiancé or fiancée or sex partners will have to rely on the use of internet to save their sexual relationship irrespective of whether it will increase cybersex and pornography.
  18. melancholy14

    melancholy14 New Member

    A total internet collapse is impossible and out of the option. As you can see, some sites in the internet that need payment when using them for premium or for accessing them, gave people free-trials for them for months, so that they will not be bored during quarantine. The owner or the staffs of the sites thought that we need it. We, humans are born to socialize with other people, but now that's everyone is in lockdown, what else can we do? We can't go to school, work, hangout with friends anymore. Internet is the only thing that we can hold on to. It may be used in online classes or works that should be done.
  19. xkogph

    xkogph New Member

    I don't think so. We just need to prevent this virus just by wearing a mask and social distancing. Prevention is better than cure.
  20. Anshad14

    Anshad14 New Member

    The majority of people now logging on from home are the same people no longer doing so from the office. I think covid-19 cannot break the internet because google and other search engines are highly active today's situation and half of the people's are in stay home and try to know about covid update. At the present situation internets are the first way of entertainment and helpful for the people work from home.
  21. Deannkitty

    Deannkitty New Member

    With, 'stay at home' songs all over as a way of reducing the spread of the COVID-19, internet and mankind have become more mutual. Those staying and home need the internet to check on coronavirus updates as they work from home. The use of the internet and social media platforms is being impressed to gap the social distance. COVID-19 to break the internet, No way!
  22. bilalgul

    bilalgul New Member

    Most surely be a problem when the employers of the internet service provider companies get ill. The internet however I think will keep going because it is a vast Network and the connectivity will always be up because if sun goes down there are always more people willing to take their place in this industry.
  23. Emma96

    Emma96 New Member

    No! I don't think it can anyway break the internet. Basing on your query I think that it just increases the use of internet. During this period whereby lockdown has been enforced most people have got forced leaves from workplaces or working at distances. In such cases the use of internet is increasing.

    Apparently people are busy at their homes visiting sites, blogs or even having fun on social media. The pandemic is therefore favouring internet providers as most idle workers are finding it easy to use internet at their homes other than in their busy workplaces.
  24. BlssB

    BlssB New Member

    Well, this may be far from the topic but I just wanted to express my insights after reading the article, "COVID-19 goes Cyber".

    In accordance with the article, "COVID-19 goes Cyber" in today's current happenings, the viral outbreak of a coronavirus made its way in epidemically that cause people in panic and this trepidation has been seen globally. Since there are many alarming incidents that were happening in specific places, people were alarmed and seek help on the internet. And that is where hackers take an oppurtunity to obtained their desires.

    The number of searches regarding the name or even the keywords of this virus has increased as well. And hackers are exploiting this trend to launch a wave of new phishing and malware attacks. Looking advantage to the situation, they used their skills to create tactics in persuading the user with the given hints of users act. They can easily convince the users to take a click on some websites, links or download files from malevolent email.

    On the internet, the user's related interests have been compiled up and that it will serve as the basis of the hackers and making use of it to get the attention of a specific user.
  25. ftmabalot

    ftmabalot Member

    Covid-19 is a very serious matter. That is why I don't understand why some people thinks it's just "nothing". This disease has broken a lot. It broke the economy. It broke family ties. Definitely, it will break the internet. How is that? With hackers, people who love fooling other people, and their means of stealing is through the use of the internet. The internet is a very tool, yet a powerful one at that with just a flick of a finger and some imagination. The internet was created to educate and even inspire, it was not created to steal or ruin lives. I hope that hackers will have a realization soon that what they do benefit them yes, but destroy others, and it's a very sad thing to do.
  26. Hypermichael

    Hypermichael New Member

    On my side a don't think so, although their rumors that COVID 19 as a connection with 5G that why we not ready with 5G but still the internet is the most important way of connection worldwide.
  27. Hypermichael

    Hypermichael New Member

    In today's world the internet will always be the best tool for whatever we do. Jobs, business, entertainment, and everythings we do on our daily bases.
  28. eSKei

    eSKei New Member

    I think people have made improvements to the internet such that we can easily rely on it when needed. In our time today, where people are forced to stay in because of the pandemic, the internet has become a reliable source of information as well as a means of getting their needs. I think the advancements in technology made it possible for the internet to handle the potentially increased traffic nowadays.

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