Will using Artificial Intelligence make or mar our life?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by theend, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. theend

    theend New Member

    There are rapid strides made in using AI in different areas. While I do endorse its use in distinct areas that improves our life what is of concern is anything that makes a human being lazy. Example is Google Alexa.


    And this is just a tip of the ice berg. Every single day or should I say every single moment devices are floating in the market that do jobs leaving human beings to sit and stare as the saying goes.

    Are you concerned too. What else do you know? Do you own any of these devices?
  2. emig

    emig New Member

    I think AI like any technology was developed to automate things and by doing so, it makes us to conserve time or even energy that we could use in other more productive area of our daily lives. As I browsing the link you provide, I could safely say that Google Alexa does a good thing to lessen the time we put on organizing things.

    I'm not personally concerned that thing like this will make human lazy for I believe it depends on how you respond with technology that will determine if its good or not for anyone. Some may use it for comfort, some may just to show off, some may to conserve time, and some may for greediness. Now the last reason is what concern me most, for in every minute that it can automate, where it will be use for?

    The time we spent cannot be taken back anymore, so I hope this kind of innovation would give us more reason to spend in a more productive things. Lets be reminded we are not going to live an hundred years or more. Let us spend it more with our family, and more with the one who created time, yeah our God.

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