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    MAKBBM Member

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  2. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    For me its windows 7 because it is easy to use.
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  3. mohdakbar4682

    mohdakbar4682 New Member

    Windows 10 is best because it looks better then windows 7. Windows 10 have Cortana, get new updates, and compatible with new program and game.
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  4. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    windows 7 is better, easy use
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  5. Thicksy

    Thicksy New Member

    Windows 10! it has way more features and i find it easier to use
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  6. Gaiza

    Gaiza New Member

    After Windows 8 I was one of those people that refused to upgrade to Windows 10 but I eventually got around to upgrading anyway. Haven't looked back since.
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  7. Makinaru

    Makinaru New Member

    I would prefer to use Windows 7 because it is earlier to use and the display is not so complicated.
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  8. VoHnIx

    VoHnIx Member

    windows 7 is better
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  9. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    Windows 10 is better in many aspects like its stability of the system, An absolute majority of users do not encounter problems with the system after full updates unlike in windows 7. Also security being of a great concern today windows 10 is more secure than windows 7.
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  10. rmkawaii24

    rmkawaii24 New Member

    As much as i want window 10 unfortunately my current window is 7. I've been searching for the right guide to update it to window 10. Window 10 is the best in any aspect than window 7 so you should update your pc and kindly send the download link if your willing :)
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  11. kmurungu

    kmurungu New Member

    I find windows 10 best as it is very light compared to windows 7. The argument will always go down to the specification of your system though as compatibility issues are something that is highly dependent on resources

    I'm a windows 10 fun and I think its the way to go as windows always stop support for old OS hence moving along with the trends will be best.
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  12. tops3cretjd123

    tops3cretjd123 New Member

    Honestly, for me windows 10 I know windows 7 is easy to use for many people because this is the operating system they often use and they don't want to upgrade. And people say why should I upgrade to windows 10 it always updating.

    But this is the reason windows 10 was updating to upgrade your computer to work fast than usually do. Also windows 10 operating system is easy to navigate because it has a new feature the Cortana. When you use windows 7 you don't have an app store but windows 10 let's you find software you need for large or small tasks, and you can run apps either windowed or full screen. The best for me in windows 10 was it has an touch screen feature that you can use to draw some object. And also windows 10 upgraded the internet explorer to Microsoft edge for fast browsing.
  13. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    windows 10 performs tasks faster
  14. danpollock

    danpollock New Member

    for me It has to be windows 10 I just like how it is set up and keeps you connected
  15. flake

    flake New Member

    windows 7,it is just more user friendly and more intuitive to use
  16. sanangelo

    sanangelo New Member

    Depends what machine you use because some laptops have only Windows 10 x64 operating system support drivers in an official website and Windows 7 doesn't work correctly on them.
  17. Feature-wise, Win 10 is the choice. But for everything else, Win 7 is more reliable one. From performance to interface. 7 takes it all. Very easy to use and very responsive. Doesn't matter what machine are you using. Do its job everytime.
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  18. jm32913

    jm32913 New Member

    I want to try win 10 it sound good than the old one
  19. Techpro

    Techpro New Member

    if you are a gamer you should use windows 7 because it supports lots of games and benchmarks but however if you are looking for looks and style you must use windows 10 and it supports cortana .if you need both of them use windows 8.1[​IMG]
  20. goldenraph

    goldenraph New Member

    I prefer windows 7 because it's more user-friendly. Windows 10 is relatively new and because most people are yet to master its operation, they'd always choose Win 7. Also, people tend to resist new things at the initial stage but they will get used to it at some point in time.
  21. Toni251

    Toni251 New Member

    I prefer windows 7 , windows 10 is good too but i really hate the auto-update system .
  22. Rengo

    Rengo New Member

    Windows 10 because it is far more updated than windows 7. Windows 10 have more features than the previuos one. Also windows 10 are more secure to use because it has advance features to block malware unlike windows 7. If you are going to buy computer I strongly advise windows 10.
  23. kianluis

    kianluis New Member

    When Windows 10 just released, I'd definitely have said Windows 7 but now that Win 10 has received a lot of upgrades and is more stable than it was before, Win 10 all the way.

    One thing than 10 has over 7 is connectivity. Before, when I had to reinstall Win 7, I have to download and update every driver, set up a lot of settings and programs just to connect them to each other. Win 10 on the other hand, is developed in this more modern digital age where connectivity is important. I just need to reinstall the system and it updates all the drivers and programs itself. It's also user friendly in this manner. Although Win 7 offered more customization and Win 10 tried to emulate the visual uniformity of Mac OS making customization limited.

    I think both has it's ups and downs but for me I choose win 10 for now.
  24. chugchug1

    chugchug1 Member

    Windows 7 is easy to use for personal but for now some games and online games is need to play in Windows 10 and compatible.
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  25. mikosako221

    mikosako221 New Member

    Windows 7 is good for everything and ETC but the new features of the windows 10 is more compatible with the user. Its easy to use and it has a lot of program to it which can be use to learn programming and ETC
  26. EleSanders

    EleSanders New Member

    I use Windows 7 and when Microsoft stops supporting it I will move to Linux. Windows 10 isn't my cup of tea.
  27. 3RMoney

    3RMoney New Member

    Windows 7, but it will stop receiving updates in 2020 which makes it unsafe. I'll be switching to Win10 in a couple of months
  28. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

    Windows 7 :thumbsup: its Good
  29. unknownXIII

    unknownXIII Member

    Windows 10 because of its security features windows defender is good even you don't install any anti virus
  30. qualf

    qualf New Member

    I still haven't upgraded to windows 10. I'm using wondows 7 because it's simple to use.

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