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Windows or Mac

  1. Windows

  2. Mac

  1. Sadcastic

    Sadcastic New Member

    Which OS would you prefer? Windows or Mac.
  2. Icyflame

    Icyflame New Member

    I'm a hardcore gamer and I like playing games then I definitely go for Windows.
    In windows, you don't have to search for new softwares, you get them very easily.
    Storage is a major problem.
  3. Beni-Ixri

    Beni-Ixri New Member

    Windows because Mac is harder to use.
  4. Alex999

    Alex999 New Member

    The operating system on a PC or Mac is a fundamental part of the user experience. How we interact with our computers can result in harmonious atmospheres around our households and workplaces, or the anguished cries of souls that have seen too much suffering to believe there is any good left in the world. also there are way too much PC (win os) in the world!! This might sound like a bad thing, but it's true that sometimes less is more. Apple offers six different computers that come in various specs and with various build-to-order options.
  5. swhiskeyman

    swhiskeyman New Member

    I am a lifetime Windows user. However, my respect for Mac has increased, because my fiance owns one, and I have to say that it is incredible for graphic design.
  6. sheennayu

    sheennayu New Member

    i prefer windows. because thats what im using right now. lol
  7. GourSE

    GourSE New Member

    Actually depends on what you need, if you need a clean, easy platform, MAC is a good choice.
    If you game on your computer mostly, Windows is definitely the case.

    If you are interested in computer science or you want to customise your desktop experience, Linux is the case, it is more stable and light weight as well.
  8. jhayjhaybob

    jhayjhaybob New Member

    For me its windows it not hard to use this os
  9. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I am more familiar with Windows so I go with Windows.
  10. ahmedh

    ahmedh New Member

    its like android and ios each one have a fans
  11. jhayjhaybob

    jhayjhaybob New Member

    99% of these users will prefer a PC to a Macbecause it's the right platform for their needs. Final Cut Pro users use Macs. It doesn't run on Windows.... ... Extreme enthusiasts prefer PCsbecause they can run better hardware in a PC than they can get in a Mac.
  12. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    I prefer window because is friendly and easy to use
  13. merben12

    merben12 New Member

    I really love Mac but I have a lot of difficulties using it. so I prefer Windows
  14. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    It absolutely depends on how your mind works. It's as simple as that. I find that artistic people generally prefer Macs and people driven by logic generally prefer Windows. Of course, there are exceptions.
  15. H4sh95

    H4sh95 New Member

    It all depends. Both Windows and Mac have their advantages, for example, Mac is a safer system overall and Windows has the advantaged of being more readily available. Mostly anything will work on windows, and with a little know how you can build a solid gaming pc for a few hundred dollars, it won't blow your mind or anything but it'll get the job done.

    You can't really do that with a Mac. Gaming on Mac can be a pain in general sometimes but working on Mac is usually a pleasure, especially if you're doing editing work or something similar on a relatively powerful machine. Daily use is, for the most part, more enjoyable on Mac but Windows has made the difference quite small with Win 10. So, honestly both if you have access to them, I prefer Windows for gaming and testing things out and Mac for working just because it makes things easier, usually. If I had to pick one for everything I would go for Windows.
  16. jjbell27

    jjbell27 New Member

    I think Windows is a pretty obvious choice for desktop computing. The breadth of software and support available for Windows is simply much greater than that provided by Mac OS. It’s not as bad as it used to be, where most games wouldn’t even play on a Mac, but it still adds an additional unnecessary layer of complication to far too many tasks. I don’t think either OS is easier to use, it’s all about what you are used to and you can get used to either pretty easily. They are both designed by some very well paid people to be user friendly!
  17. mcamaro00

    mcamaro00 New Member

    well, I prefer the window than mac because first, it's affordable. When it comes to the things that I buy, I choose the things that for me is not expensive. Secondly, You can easily install programs in windows than in mac. It's easy to share files in window that in mac.
  18. pbraun

    pbraun Member

    Windows. Mac is not user friendly at all. It has a lot of restrictions. There are also certain applications that are not available in Mac.
  19. marloarpo

    marloarpo New Member

    I had experience about using MAC operating system is really a headache. Some features are not compatible with it and you have to download some software that can override for some missing parts or program. If you do love gaming, you have software of it and you install into to your system, not totally 100% your gaming will act normal it will corrupt our file. The good thing about mac, you're not open with malware or viruses because only few people using it. Most people who uses MAC are Engineers and Architectures, they use it for Auto Cad for buildings and designs. For normal people if you are not engineer or Architect I highly suggest that you install Windows, it's friendly user, easy to find compatible software and no hassles.

    If you're worried about the virus, it's easy to deal with it. Download Deefreeze software, everything you've downloaded from the time that you open the computer, everything you saved in there, if you're not sure what you were doing or if it's a trial doing this kind of stuff, use Deefreeze everything will be back to its nature then you're safe.
  20. Mac is good !
    virus can't enter to its software but then it has many upgrades.
    And when your system is an old version the slower it is.
    So Windows is better !
    you just need to protect it from viruses and malware.
    and format it when needed
  21. Javeskie

    Javeskie New Member

    Windows is better if not good.

    Mac can be awesome, simple and secure but exchanges your pat of your ownership.

    With windows, many or even most of them are windows developers whether on computer games, productivity softwares, and more.

    Although there is a catch with using windows, viruses, bugs, and spywares are greater risk, if the computer system isn't well managed by antiviruses and firewalls. But who cares, a rookie user these days can easily spot a scam website or even a junkware way better than windows users before.

    So this leaves us to conclusion and decision for the purpose of using these operating systems.
    Mac is good when you are a web developer or just working with documents, video making, while Windows on the other side is well tuned in PC gaming and software developing and server management, other deep system uses etc.
  22. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    For current machines, it is primarily the operating system, and the cosmetic packaging. MAC has a power charging line that attaches magnetically. MAC has some unique design features lacking in Del, HP and other systems utilizing Windows.
  23. livingboy

    livingboy Member

    It really depends on the type of work or person. If you are student, i recommend using mac os since it has a very fast response but if you are a gamer definitely use windows. You can't do a lot of things on Mac Os because of its security. Unlike Windows you can download everything you want.
  24. DannyCockburn

    DannyCockburn New Member

    Depends on what you do, if you play games, then Windows is for you, if you browse the internet, watch videos and do some video editing from time to another ,then Mac is for you

    I personally use Linux, Ubuntu precisely since i don't play games.
  25. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    Why do you assume it is? Windows supports more software, Windows PCs cost less, and are infinitely customizable and repairable because they don’t rely on any proprietary components. Software and hardware manufacturers alike focus on Windows because Windows represents the vast majority of the market share, meaning a Windows user will always have access to the latest and greatest ahead of a Mac user.
  26. josephvien

    josephvien New Member

    For the longest time of my life I've been a Windows user but I decided to look and discover the apple ecosystem. I bought a MacBook pro that runs with MacOS and I never been satisfied with my purchase. Mac software is simple yet elegant. The operating system is fast and intuitive. For me, it's much better compared to windows because it is fast, smart, less prone to malware and viruses. It also offer quality apps and services from the apple ecosystem.
  27. njora

    njora New Member

    Windows. The OS is friendly and easy to use.
  28. JayCar

    JayCar New Member

    Windows for starter since it gives you the easier interface to access Internet or word documents. Mac for video editing and photo editing. Then again it would depend on the purpose of the device you will use.
  29. dariusserolf

    dariusserolf New Member

    For me it depends on your specific use most mac's are much better in work usage editing, lay outing, designing etc. you can easily access files and specific folders in mac in spotlight search also the it is designed for easy switch between apps
    whereas on windows i preferred it for gaming and developing & programming most softwares are windows compatible that mac cant handle
  30. yacinezahi

    yacinezahi New Member

    mac is better but i use windows

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