Women and Make-up

Discussion in 'Television' started by mirky, May 16, 2019.

  1. mirky

    mirky New Member

    I was recently watching the show Crazy Ex-girlfriend which I absolutely LOVE, but there was this part where this one character was having a total breakdown and her makeup still looked flawless. Not too big a deal, but it's something I've seen on most moves and TV shows aimed at young women: the makeup just does not come off. Not even when the characters are sleeping or sick-- maybe they'll have sweats and messy hair, but that eyeliner is still on point. I get the "no makeup makeup" look that they do to the men on the show, but shows really go beyond that with women about 98% of the time, and honestly I don't think it's a healthy or helpful norm. Make-up takes TIME that these characters don't really have. Is this nitpicky? Yeah, but what's wrong with young women having a bear(er) face?
  2. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    Some simple women like me do wear bear face, Mirky, specially when at home. In my usual days to work, I only put cream on my face, line my eyebrows and put on lipstick - no blush-on, foundation, mascara, etc.

    I think having a healthy skin makes one's look great. If your genes is good, you must have naturally good skin. I am happy I don't have pimples and other problems on the skin. This is also why I am keeping it simple because I am afraid I will just damage my skin with all those make-up.

    Anyway, real beauty is not from the make-up we wear. Beauty comes from the inside and is shown by our characters. Even make-up can't fake it.
  3. Warren1967

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    For me, there is beauty in simplicity. It is when a when a woman whose natural beauty comes out without the make-up. Sometimes less make-up is better. Like what Marco Pierre White said in Master Chef: Less is more. When you put on too much it does more harm than good. That is my take.
  4. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    We know that women want beauty. Woman think that how to how to beauty myself and she make-up natural products. I see that most of make product is useless and woman wants beauty more.If you want to healthy and glowing skin, You should eat healthy food and fruits. I am happy, I don't have any pimples on the and body. sometimes, I use lemon for pimples on the face and pimples remove easily.
  5. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    We know that women wants to beauty and they make up different types of beauty products.
  6. elliethegypsy

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    There are women who are too blessed for having pretty faces and flawless skins which other women envy for. And maybe some of them thinks that wearing make-up can make them become pretty in some ways. Girls, we all have different definitions of beauty and trying to be perfect should not be on our list. We just have to accept our own flaws and don't let other define us just because of it.

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