Work from home jobs: how realistic can they be?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by iamalwaysthankful, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. iamalwaysthankful

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    I was on You tube one day and chanced upon some videos which tell all about working from home, how to earn extra income online, freelance jobs, etc. These videos got me interested.
    A lot of you tubers posted many online jobs available and to click links below, only to find out they are not legitimate sites. How does one decide which path to take? A lot of companies will say they are legitimate,but the comments will say they are not. So which is which?

    If you are planning to take part time online jobs while keeping your work, well and good. There are a lot of options online and if you found out that they are all not legitimate, then you still have your work. :)

    But what about if you decide to quit and completely work from home?

    Before anything else, if you are planning to work from home, you should be ready, in all aspects of life, but most importantly, emotionally and financially.
    Make sure you have already established true friendships and relationships because working from home may limit your chance to gain new friends.
    Make sure you have enough to sustain living for at least 6 months without your regular work paycheck.

    Set your mindset. Focus on not giving up. Keep sending applications. One day, you'll have the work from home dream job you have always wanted.

    But for now, enjoy the extra time you have while you have no work yet. Keep a journal and write your thoughts. Participate in forums like these wherein you don't only get to read what others think of but you also contribute your own.

    And if all else fails, you can always look for that regular job and take another chance again in working from home another day.
  2. jedmacrox

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    In my never-ending search for an online job I have seen lots and lots of opportunities that were just not for me. Some of the jobs that can be done online are: transcription, call center, virtual assistant, data entry, fill out surveys, writing articles, review music, be an online tutor, and much more. If you have the goal to get an online job, just keep trying, it is certainly possible to get an online job where you can fit it.
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  3. Vieago

    Vieago New Member

    There are quite a few good and legit work from home companies. I have worked for one for over a year and a half and found dozens more out there that do hire. They are jobs so you do have responsibilities. I do enjoy the freelance style of work at the same time. It does give me the opportunity to earn money when I have the time and not just based on a set schedule. They both do have their pros and cons. There is also a ton of false information out there with scammers wanting to prey on those that are in a bad situation. With some due diligence, you can find what you are looking for and what works for you!
  4. Elena2018

    Elena2018 New Member

    I've been working as a freelance translator for 2 years and I like it very much. I hate waking up early and rushing somewhere. I can work from any place and as much as I want. I don't communicate with people much but I don't need it, I am an introvert. I can have a nap in the afternoon or I can refuse to take an order if I am busy or ill. Working as a freelancer can be good if you have someone's financial support because if you don't have constant customers your earnings aren't regular.
  5. lmbasacta

    lmbasacta New Member

    Same here guys! I was actually on my 3-month vacation when I stumbled in a youtube video of an online freelancer. From right then and then I tried reading and signing up on more forums for discussions about pros and cons of working from home. By the way, I was working from home for 9 years but on a different approach. I am offering professional services of being a chef before I tried online jobs. My partner and I cook and serve food that our clients request at my house. So basically, we are also working from home. Maybe it looks the same, my kitchen is in the house or for some, their office.

    Working at home is very realistic. For example in our country, Philippines traffic is absurd. It is not practical anymore to travel 2 to 3 hours in the morning and another in the afternoon just to go to office and work. That is why most Filipinos embrace the idea of freelancing. Thanks to some formidable job platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, many people have the chance of earning money with the use of their resources at home.
  6. Filamiecacdac74

    Filamiecacdac74 New Member

    As per to my own experience, home-based jobs are real. After I've resigned from my preceding job because my salary then was less than my expenses hence I decided to find for such homebased job that pays pretty well. I have found out two jobs actually but because of time constraint, I quit the other job and focus with one work that I am more passionate about. Therefore, jobs that you can actually do at home lest the struggle of spending money for transportation are for real.
  7. dlowry0731

    dlowry0731 New Member

    This is why I enjoy freelancer work. Working at your own pace is the best way to make money from my perspective. Some days I'm not feeling very well and wanna work a slower pace, while some days I'm energetic and want to work as hard as I can all day. Luckily for me, this all evens out to a normal work load.
  8. chr.cheney

    chr.cheney New Member

    I'm a newcomer to the online freelance world, but from what I have seen and experienced, it is certainly more than possible to be able to work from home. Your social life may suffer as a result, but the flexibility online freelancing offers is unparalleled. In its current state, it is a lot of work to find jobs and opportunities, but as time goes by, it is not unlikely that the market for online work will expand even further.

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