Work/study with music or without music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by karen.angeel, Aug 4, 2018.


What do you prefer?

  1. Studying or working with music

  2. Studying or working without music

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  1. karen.angeel

    karen.angeel New Member

    I prefer doing things with music because it motivates me to do it more willingly unlike when there are no visible or I can't hear music, it makes me sleepy and bored. It helps me focus and concentrate while studying, when I am studying a certain chapter and I'm hearing a song whenever I take the exams, I just have to sing/hum the song to remember what I have read.

    But it depends on the person, how about you? Do you work or study with music or no?
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  2. DorisB

    DorisB New Member

    In my own experience as a worker i showed signs of productivity when listening to music.It increased my happiness and help me improve my mood specially when my favorite music is playing. As a result i become more effective and efficient in my job. Classical music is my choice, as it can tend to calm the nerves and help you focus rather than listening to loud music that's distracting which has an opposite effect by keeping your mind preoccupied with the music rather than the subject matter at hand.
  3. zilljiannerie

    zilljiannerie New Member

    Listening to music while studying or working works for me. While doing household chores, for example, I like to listen to upbeat songs. I feel more energetic, alive and less tiresome. When I am studying, I like to listen to different genres of music and it helps me remember what I study and I dont feel bored or sleepy at all. Plus, study shows that when you listen to music while you study, most likely, you will remember the things you studied if you hear the songs you played while you were studying.
  4. Barbaramuraya

    Barbaramuraya New Member

    Its a matter of personal preference. Personally listening to music while studying or working works pretty well for me because it gets rid of boredom. Music motivates and gives one the psyche and energy to do something.Music that is soothing and relaxing can help to beat stress and anxiety while studying.It also improves focus on a task by providing motivation.listening to music that generates a pleasant atmosphere will enable you to remember what you are reading with maximum absorption.
  5. kakarot_72

    kakarot_72 Member

    With music. I study with music because i dont know. I just like it without wondering why? By the way why do i like to study with music? Well maybe because i just really dont know. Why dont i know? Why? Because i dont know why. But why you do not know? Why because i really dont know? Really? Maybe , im not sure because i dont know. Thats all peace.
  6. Crisjean

    Crisjean New Member

    "Where words fail, Music speaks"

    I guess majority of us individuals loves to work while listening to music. As a matter of fact. Just now while I'm typing im also listening to Linkin Park's Album. Isn't it amazing??

    What makes us like music?? Well, music is like a drug. That's my opinion. Most people who are music enthusiast are addictive to it. Even I can't work without it. Imagine this, everywhere I go, whatever I do music is always there for me. Its not just about working. You can listen to music wherever you are,whatever you do. What ever mood your having right now. Say for example when you mourn or depressed . We have love songs or emotional songs to listen. If you want to be energized during your working hours and not to fall asleep. Try upbeat genre such as disco/hiphop. Feel free to dance. You wanna feel more aggressive too ?? Try metal and hard rock music. You can feel the aggression running to your veins. You really like to do headbanging. I tell you. You see.. Every genre has a specific function to us. Just like a drug.

    Aside from giving you motivation. Working while listening music is a great way to deal or release all the stress in our body. Everything that causes us to trouble and burden. Cast it out through music. Try to listen instrumental songs. It makes you feel relax and stress free.

    So what would be the genre you like most?
  7. ajahcuizon

    ajahcuizon New Member

    I would prefer studying with music. I, personally, usually review my studies and work with music around. I tend to get more focused on what I am doing whenever there is music. Also, music keeps me alive and awake on that way I will not get sleepy whenever I am studying or working. I believe that there is a some kind of magic brought out by music to humans which could help us to become more productive when it comes to work. It would also help me to have fun while working and take it as a hobby that never bores me. I love music. I listen to music in my everyday routine. And I can't be much comfortable in finishing my day without listening to any music. That's why I would prefer listening to music while working or studying :)
  8. nvan25

    nvan25 New Member

    Impressive topic! It reminds me of my childhood studying days. Well, for me it depends. Let’s put this way, Music can be considered as stimulant of one’s mind and entertainment so as not to drain/stress out your head. When I was in college, I wanted a quiet ambiance and reviewed during night time. There are music available like thru cd player, FM radio, cassette tapes, etc. (don’t ask me what year was that,LOL). So, there were limited musics available on hand and only popular songs played in the radio. As a result, I choose to study without music because not all are played is my favorite genre. But as of today, since I am working with my 5 colleagues only, I am turning the music on and they enjoying while having a cup of coffee to start the day. Nowadays, introduction of new technologies also affects in choosing what you wanted to do or try to do. So definitely, it depends on your personal choice.
  9. danicajanepm

    danicajanepm New Member

    This is probably a matter of personal choice. I prefer studying/working without music because I'm very easily distracted. Although I can jump back to working/studying as fast, I would prefer not to have any distractions in the first place at all.
  10. redwarriorist

    redwarriorist New Member

    In study, i prefer to study without music because i want to focus in my study. My mind is not fitting with noise sound when i am studying. It's annoying and i want a quiet place. But it is really depends in music. When the musics is relaxing then it is okay to study.

    In work, in my experience, It's prohibited using music in my workplace and we are focusing in work.

    Lastly, I respect to the people who want to study with musics or working with musics. It is depend in mind and situation. Thank you...
  11. gapasinleslie

    gapasinleslie New Member

    I used to listen music while studying back when I was still a student. It calms my mind so I can concentrate more on what I am studying. But as the years go by, given the tight circumstances especially when cramming, music is no longer helping me. I prefer peace and quiet while studying. Up until now that I am already working, when reading a book, I want peace and quiet. So it depends on age, may be. Because some people can concentrate more while listening to music. For me now, I like to listen music alone. No things to do because I want to feel the lyrics and memorising on my mind so that I can sing it out loud.
  12. mrcdprado

    mrcdprado New Member

    When I was a college student, I prefer to listen to music while studying. Of course, the music is soothing. Not electrica or some sort. Soothing music increases my concentration. It also helps me lost track of time. I think we can all agree that a lot of times studying can get a little boring and listening to music always saves me.
  13. marztejano

    marztejano New Member

    Listening music while studying doesn't work for me. Because i can't concentrate when surroundings is noisy. And when working, i do love listening into music. Because it makes me feel lively and energetic. So when i do work while the music is on, things becomes easy.
  14. simonblog

    simonblog Member

    Listening To Music While Studying Is Better Because When You Listening to Music You Will Have Some Motivation and You Will Have The Feelings Of The Words Never Give Up Until You Succeed And Pass Your Knowledge What You Learn From Other People And Don't Let's The Greedyness Poison Your Soul You Will Have That Feeling i Promise.
  15. Cris Jeah Rodriguez

    Cris Jeah Rodriguez New Member

    I've always loved listening to music while studying before but when I went to college I can't find this practice appealing anymore. I'm easily distracted while listening to music especially when a very catchy song comes on. I can't help but sing with the lyrics and that's when I lose my full concentration with studying.
  16. yndye

    yndye New Member

    I love working with music. It's like a force that would keep me awake especially when the playlist I am listening to is an upbeat kind. There are times as well when I would just turn on the radio so that I can listen to different kind of music which would most likely be the latest one and have an occasional news as well. When I don't have a music, I would feel sleepy and it is as if I cannot do my task very well. Upon turning on the music, it seems that my system is turned on as well.
  17. Art1121

    Art1121 New Member

    I love to work with music

    Music is the art of combining vocal and or instrumental sounds together to create expressions of an effect, like emotions and situations. Music can describe feelings and thoughts that many people can have, but they can not express for what ever reason. Music is acutally a noun that means musica in Latin and has originated from the Greek word muse. The word music has synonyms like melody, harmony, and song. Music is a natural tool because it is a form of communication.
  18. auddinsky

    auddinsky New Member

    With, nearly always! It makes everything so much less boring and puts you into an environment of inspiration and concentration. I myself get easily distracted from other things, so I find that if I combine my studying sessions with a neat, cool beat or some instrumentals in the background, everything runs just more smoothly. Only when it comes to some sort of subject like history, which requires long text reading and remembering many names, do I shut the speakers down.

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