Working out - Home or Gym?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kori, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Kori

    Kori New Member

    Do you prefer working out at home or in a gym setting? What makes you choose one or the other? I prefer at home workouts. With a toddler running around and one on the way, I have zero time to get to the gym. So, I do 30-40 min workouts at home.
  2. Aintrisk

    Aintrisk New Member

    I prefer going to gym to exercise because it gives me motivation and there is no other distraction while doing your routine, unlike at home specially when you live with your family or relatives, sometimes you can be distracted by them.
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  3. Kori

    Kori New Member

    Yeah, I've spoken with a lot of people who just can't do it at home. They need to get out of the house and the gym gives them the motivation they need. It can be very difficult to get the motivation at home.
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  4. aburch

    aburch New Member

    I used to work out at home, but now I'm working out at a gym. After my treadmill broke I had to decide if I wanted to purchase another one or find a nearby gym. I chose the gym. Being in my mid-thirties, I needed to incorporate weight lifting into my workout, and I was looking for more variety in my cardio. I also have two young children who were, frankly, just getting in the way. My oldest begged to walk on the treadmill with me, and the youngest thought it was hilarious when I dodged her toys.

    I found a close gym that offered childcare. Having to drive to the gym took a little getting used to, but a fifteen minute drive wasn't bad. At first, I was terrified of the gym. With time I got more comfortable and gained confidence. I love the variety of machines I can use and the classes that I can participate in. Plus, my kids love going. Everyday they ask if we are going to the gym that day. I only go about three times a week, but they keep my going. Even if I don't want to go they want to play with their friends they have made. I love everything about my gym experience.
  5. Abbie Wilkinson

    Abbie Wilkinson New Member

    I prefer to work out in the space of my own home! Gym's may have the correct equipment but it isn't always necessary. We have a treadmill and it's great to just put it in front of the telly or plug some earphones in and jog along to music. I always feel more motivated at home and not so self conscious. I also follow videos on my phone of other workouts so I have a guide to follow! Gym's are great but working out at home gives you that freedom, especially when you're busy with everyday tasks and you don't have the time to trundle down to the gym. In saying that, it is motivating to exercise with friends and I think the gym is a good area to socialise with others in the same boat as you.
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  6. Chichi773

    Chichi773 New Member

    I prefer working out at home because I can save money from it. But, it takes a lot of discipline.
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  7. I still prefer going to the gym as there are equipment that are useful to me. Plus the fact that you can see other people with you doing the same thing keeps me more motivated. However, If I don't have enough time because of work, then doing it at home is good enough. But I prefer running outdoor compare to just doing the treadmill which I find it boring.
  8. bradleyfam10

    bradleyfam10 New Member

    I choose to work out at home. I would feel really uncomfortable going to a gym with a bunch of people around watching me. I don't like being watch while I work out at all. I'm not really sure why I guess I just feel insecure and feel like people are judging me. I just feel more comfortable doing it in my own home by myself. I just recently moved to the quiet country side out of the city and I love to get out a take a nice jog, as before in the city I wouldn't because I didn't want people going by watching me.
  9. wordswork

    wordswork New Member

    Working out at home has become so much easier thanks to the multiple fitness apps that have appeared in app stores within the last couple of years. With the increased use of smartphones, these apps have become the Jane Fonda videos of the technology age. Therefore it only makes sense that fitness buffs should turn to these handy tools which give out instructions and guidelines for a full body workout. And best of all: most of them are free.

    However, an important factor to consider is that these apps are better used by fitness buffs rather than exercise novices. Individuals who are used to working out on a regular basis are usually more able to maintain consistent self-discipline. And by self-discipline, I mean set aside a good 45 minutes every day and access their fitness apps.

    For novices, such as myself, I find that these apps cannot quite beat the power of a gym. For anyone who is just starting to work out, I don’t need to emphasize that it’s not easy. Very few people have the natural self-discipline to push themselves even as their muscles are shrieking. A gym on the other hand is more likely to inspire you to do more. For myself, I know that watching all these sweaty people push themselves reinforces my own need to feel the burn. Of course, this feeling is quadrupled when there’s a personal trainer involved. A trainer will be able to determine exactly which workouts you should be doing and how much of it. That’s another thing that a wee bit hard to do with apps, no matter how detailed their questionnaires may be.

    One last note though; even though I think the gym yields me better results for the time being, I have in fact downloaded the 30-day challenge apps. They don’t require a lot of time and there’s something wonderfully satisfying in tapping the screen of my phone to check off Day X after having managed to do X amount of push-ups on my hardwood floor!
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  10. Candyq

    Candyq New Member

    I prefer to work out at home not only to save money but it's also convenient being that I have 3 kids. I like using phone apps, 30 day challenges and you tube videos. Personally, I just tend to feel more comfortable working out at home.
  11. Matt Sterkenburg

    Matt Sterkenburg New Member

    I prefer to work out at a fitness center. Having a home gym is convenient and all but there's something about going to a facility that makes me get things done without wasting time. Also, it's probably safe to say that fitness centers have a larger variety of equipment then the average persons home gym. Lastly, having a membership at a gym gives me an obligation to work out and avoid skip days.
  12. Ryan Allwright

    Ryan Allwright New Member

    I prefer to work out at home. I find I'm more mobilized when I can just do it where I live instead of always having to drive to the gym, and sometimes have to wait to use certain equipment. I find I'm just more limited to equipment at home but I always try to mix things up and experiment a bit with my exercises.
  13. Cornelia Yonkova

    Cornelia Yonkova New Member

    I myself prefer to work from home, because I am a mother of two children and also have my own website hosted by, It is easier for me not to get out, especially walking to the gym, which is far away from my home and I can't drive. Working from home is more motivating and far easier for mothers with young children.
  14. yandra

    yandra New Member

    I prefer to work out at home. It is much more convenient, less expensive and less embarrassing to work out at home as opposed to going to the gym. Granted, I have been to the gym a few times and I did feel like this would be a great way to keep me motivated to exercise, but for me personally, it is too expensive to go to the gym on a daily basis. I try my best to do about 30 minutes of exercise at home at least four times each week.
  15. AlexandraBodine

    AlexandraBodine New Member

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO way I would go to a gym, especially after that lady posted pictures of another woman, undressed on social media. I was horrified when that happened and I know we all like to think It cannot happen to us, but it can. There are hundreds of people that get really involved in body shaming and the gym is the perfect place for them to do it. They sit around laughing at people that are only trying to better themselves and act like they have the perfect bodies and are just there to show their body off, not try to better it. With that being said I am working out AT HOME only. Privacy is so important to me in trying to better myself.
  16. hoover.dam22

    hoover.dam22 New Member

    I prefer to exercise at home, seeing as you can save gas and time that you would otherwise use while driving to the gym. At the gym, you also get the feeling that you're being watched, and that can discourage you. In comparison, at home you feel much more safe and relaxed, which allows you to focus on your work out. It's true though that gyms have much more equipment than the average home, so if you're training for something, it's very likely best to go hit the gym.
  17. Jess22

    Jess22 New Member

    I travel often and find working out from home or a hotel room a great way to stay in shape even when I can't hit my local gym. I love my gym for the machines and classes but am impressed by all of the resources that are available online these days. I especially miss my Zumba classes at the gym but have found some fun and easy to follow (not to mention, free!) Zumba videos on YouTube.
  18. Krisinmt

    Krisinmt New Member

    I used to do the gym thing, along with a trainer. Then once my membership ran out, I decided to switch to home. I don't necessarily think it was the greatest choice considering I gained the weight back and have lost all motivation from when I was at the gym. I am however a home body and would rather do everything at hoe instead of in front of a bunch of strangers. I feel more comfortable. My issue is motivation. I have zero...I used to work out regularly in my teens and early 20's. Now, it's like a chore to me.
  19. nessa776

    nessa776 New Member

    I've never had the time to go and sign up for a membership at the gym, or when I do I always manage to forget. So for now I have been working out at home to the workout playlists on Spotify. For those who are short on money this would be best for them, as most gym memberships can cost a fortune and they can get good results at home regardless. But for those who are looking for some serious training, a gym would be best - the equipment and staff should all be top notch.
  20. StackMoney

    StackMoney New Member

    I used to be Gym Bound! I had to have a gym membership. Now with PLENTY of research I understand that the gym is a waist of time and money. Time because of travel, at home you're already at the gym just do it! And while I'm doing it, I'm $aving it! It's so much you can do at home. My first at home routine was a 30 days jump rope and squat challenge. The jump rope alone does a body good!
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  21. katelynwiersma

    katelynwiersma New Member

    I say neither!! I workout by doing activities that I love. Currently, that involves zip lining and ropes courses in the trees. I also love hiking with my dog, kayaking, and water sports in the summer. Working out at the gym, and even at home, is boring and leaves me hating being active.
  22. Dawn Wood

    Dawn Wood New Member

    I used to work out at the gym, but in the last year or so I have found that working out at home is a lot easier on my schedule and my paycheck. Taking time out to go to the gym also takes away extra time I could be spending with my family. While I don't usually work out with my family, it sure is nice to be within an ears reach if there is something one of them needs.
  23. Yirei88

    Yirei88 New Member

    As you can tell from the many posts above, working out at home or at the gym depends on the person. I have tried both and have also received results from both. However, I do feel that one environment of working out brings out the best in me more than the other. For me, this environment would have to be the gym. Both environments have its ups and downs. With working out at home, you may laze around, you don't have to travel, there's limited equipment, it's free and you can workout at any time. With working out at the gym, you can't really laze around due to the pressure of others watching you, you have to travel, there's a variety of equipment, it does cost a certain amount and you may not be able to workout at any time.

    Apart from these few differences, the main deciding factor lies with the person making the choice. It mostly comes down to which environment feels more comfortable to workout in, the goals of the person and how consistent the results are. As stated before, I have had the opportunity to workout in both environments as well as get results from both. The gym is my choice only because I feel more motivated to workout when I have paid for the membership, have people watching me, made the travel and there is a lot of equipment that I don't have at home.

    I have tried body weight workouts, infomercial workout programs and free weight workouts at home. They have given me good results. However, I have gained the most I could out of them and can't gain anymore due to less patience, equipment and weight. I have reached a point where I don't feel as sore as I used to when working out at the gym.

    The gym is a must for me at this moment in order for me to get to the weight and look I desire. It gives me better results and more consistent results.
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  24. nm120

    nm120 New Member

    Working out at home can be a better place for privacy and no expense on you. I love waking up and working out
    at home. I can play my own music or watch TV. Either way, I feel comfortable and don't have to worry about how much I sweat or what I wear and even the types of exercises I like to do. I feel it's more private and a comfortable place to exercise. ☺
  25. Carly Summers

    Carly Summers New Member

    I prefer to go to the gym. If i stay home, I tend to be easily distracted or cut my work outs short. When I go to the gym, I am really saying that I am making this MY TIME. I am dedicating this hour to myself. Many gyms have child care available which helps too!
  26. olir1234

    olir1234 New Member

    I prefer working out in the gym. At home I can’t get motivated enough. The whole environment in the gym makes me work harder and helps me stay motivated.
  27. Jess Weaver

    Jess Weaver New Member

    I'm most definitely a fan of working out at home. I push myself more when I'm not surrounded by others. Never been a fan of public workout.
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  28. DesmondX

    DesmondX New Member

    I absolutely hate exercising around other people. I'm not the most athletic person, so seeing other people's intense workout regimens is often more discouraging than it is inspirational.

    Another reason I avoid the gym is the cost. The gym I went to lassoed me in with promises of cheap service, but once I subscribed the hidden fees showed themselves and I ended up paying nearly $1,000 by the end of the year. Lately, I prefer to invest would be gym money into diet supplies and equipment for home. In a way, working out at home pays for itself.
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  29. Ronda36

    Ronda36 New Member

    I prefer working out in a gym environment away from home. There are less distractions and seeing the trainers and others working so hard is a great motivator for me. Additionally, most gyms offer other perks that can be beneficial to you or at least enjoyable. Some of these include free classes, one on one with a trainer, a swimming pool, or a sauna. These are things you may not have access to in the home environment so having a gym membership is definitely the way to go for me.
  30. bluebird1234

    bluebird1234 New Member

    I definitely prefer working out at home. It saves me time and money since I don't have to pay for a monthly membership or drive out to the gym. All I need are some kettlebells and some Youtube videos for a specific exercise. There are hundred of free videos available from professional fitness instructors. Unless you want to take some group classes, working out at home is the way to go. I've already noticed some improvements in my muscle tone since the summer began.
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