Working out - Home or Gym?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kori, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. MhicaF

    MhicaF New Member

    Well i think any of the two have an advantage, if i workout at home that will save a lot of time and money since going to gym will require us to travel and pay in the gym while exercising in the gym is more ideal since you get to meet a lot of people that will support you and inspire you to go on with your goals and its very important. So personally, i would rather exercise in the Gym because i love working out with my friends, it will divert our focus in the physical pain and focus on the happiness that is being build inside the gym instead.
  2. Hi. Im dominic ive been working out everyday home or at gym but i mostly go out and go to the gym because i need an instructor to guide me on my daily work out. when im home i always do basic exercises "Jumping Ropes, Push up's, Squats." I need to exercise to have a good and healthy body. We all need our body to do our daily works and we need to train our body to face the challenges that can take risky works in our daily life..
  3. BRUCE25

    BRUCE25 New Member

    For me it doesnt matter either you like it to do in the gym or in your home. The important of this is you do your workout and you have a complete and perfect exercise thats all matters for me but still I will give you the advantage and disadvantages of both options. Gym is a place where we can able to exercise 100 percent without disturbances unlike in the house sometimes someone is bothering us. Meanwhile in the house we can wear whatever we want unlike in the gym we need to buy proper get up. Gym s can be too distracting for many people weather it be their workout pals or fitness instructor.Location also is problem when you working in the gym compare in the house, no traffics and money expenses. In home you have the freedom to scream while working out. You can shout as louder as you want but in the gym you cant do that. Theres also a monthly payment other charges unlike in the house you are free to use anything.
  4. jofil

    jofil New Member

    For me, wherever you workout, for as long as you obtain your goal, then do it there.
    It doesn't always have to be in one place, from time to time, you can change where you do your workout. If you prefer seeing and meeting different people, then a gym will be a good place to do your workout.
    But in times where you want to be alone or you just want a quiet place to workout, a place where you have full control of things, then your home is your best workout location.
    Do it where you feel comfortable, where you can relax and perform your workout routine.
    It's never about the place, it's about where you can achieve your goals.
  5. michelle agapay

    michelle agapay New Member

    I prefer working out at home because you can wear whatever you want and no one is there to even see what you're wearing and you can save yourself the painful experience of shopping for expensive attire, you can listen to your music out loud and you can have a private moment.
  6. omy77

    omy77 New Member

    I usually don't do very much if I go to the gym as appose to just staying home and working on my workout board, so' I may just go out to the gym just to get out of the house for a few hours, yet' I prefer working out at home with my own equipment.
  7. clb038

    clb038 New Member

    I feel very fortunate to have the option to do both. I live in a city, which means there is an abundance of gyms to choose from, and they are all within walking distance from my home. However, when the weather is nasty outside, I can jump on my treadmill to break a sweat. I find myself resorting to the treadmill and Netflix on days when I know that the city traffic is particularly congested. It is important for me to still maintain a regular gym membership because I find it motivating to be surrounded by others working on their fitness goals.
  8. rsa620

    rsa620 New Member

    My apartment complex has a gym inside and I much prefer working out there then heading to a gym. First starters, you save money by not having to pay a monthly gym membership. Second, you don't have to drive 10-15 minutes to a gym and then have to struggle to find parking. Instead, I now just have to take the elevator down two floors and boom I'm ready to work out. It just really makes going to exercise a more convenient task.
  9. Arlene Lara

    Arlene Lara New Member

    I prefer working out at home where my kids can actually dive in with me and it also saves me money. I would always want to be able to save no matter how much and it is more fun when you can do things you enjoy with your loved ones. And it saves me time to commute and also I can concentrate working out with unfamiliar spectators and other distractions.
  10. writeside1

    writeside1 Member

    I prefer to work out at home itself. Although, I enjoy going out sometimes, but definitely, not for any work. I can do many things at home and be able to relax at the same time. It is the important thing for me to do so since it makes me happy completely and also it makes more time for me in my own sweet home.
  11. JosephDavidJacob7

    JosephDavidJacob7 New Member

    In my case I prefer working out in a gym to gain more techniques and style from instructors and even to random gym buddies, At this moment I'm starting to invest knowledge and personal equipment maybe in a few months I can go by myself working out at home which is my true goal to be honest.
  12. Bumbolbee

    Bumbolbee New Member

    Well, both home and gym work out is good. However, I'd prefer to work out at home. I can have the whole day to work out, and I am comfortable as well. I used to work out in a gym but I also got pimples after the day. So I would have an additional thing to get rid of. Other people prefer the gym, but I like to work out at home.
  13. meisqueenie

    meisqueenie New Member

    In my own and personal opinion, i would like to work out more at home than at the gym because aside from the fact that you can ave money from all those membership fee and the likes, you get the comfortabilty that you want at your home. You can lose weight without worrying if someone is staring at you while working out. And i consider it as the most convenient option than going to gym. You can lose weight on both location, the key is just the perseverance and the will of the person to really lose weight.
  14. Geoff19

    Geoff19 New Member

    I prefer going at gym because in gym there are many equipments to use and many person you talk with. You can ask what his secrets and experiences or what is the proper way to achieved a healthy lifestyle and body he/she have. Also you can find there more friends that you can ask for help and tips in getting a healthy body.
  15. BlondieC

    BlondieC New Member

    I like to go to a gym because they have weights and equipment I don’t have, but being able to exercise in my home for free is pretty easy! I sometimes get intimidated by the other people working out in the gyms as well. Gym memberships can also be quite expensive. I’ve used gyms when they were included at college and in my apartment complex, but it will probably be a while before I use a gym that requires a gym membership.
  16. crimson14

    crimson14 New Member

    I've invested in some work out equipment that I can use at home. I prefer this set up because I like to work out alone. It gives me more drive and focus. Working out at home also saves me the trouble of paying for a gym membership which can be very expensive depending on the gym you'd apply to. Since there are a lot of accessible apps and videos you can find online, one can really save money. Some websites like really helped in improving my home work out routine. You can also save time especially if you have a full time job and just want to squeeze in working out.
  17. cheanss2009

    cheanss2009 New Member

    i prefer to go in gym because of the equipment that you will be using. I workout in gym because i want be build more muscles and i want to do some techniques that the other will provide , because working out in gym are enjoying because you will get advice in other bodybuilders. They will teach you on how you will perform such exercises which you will do not know when you are at home.
  18. Crisjean

    Crisjean New Member

    I love working out. It burns fats and gives me more energy though out the day. The only reason why I can't go to the gym is. I am too far away from the gym. I would really love to go but as I said the gym was about 8 kilometers away from home. So I stayed at home and do wy workouts. and it turns our pretty good.

    Advantage on going to the gym is. There are lots of equipment to use. You can met new friends to hang out. You got an instructor to teach you the right exercise technique.

    Why do I prefer exercising at home?? Its because I can have all the time I want. I can manage my time and do my chores at once. I don't pay any gym membership. I don't pay for trainers as well us I don't pay gas for my motorcycle. I can watch youtube and do a lot of yoga and zumba workouts. It wont need any equipment's. Just my own body. So I prefer working out at home. I can buy some gym equipment and I can make some routine inside my room.

    Our body needs exercise to stay fit and healthy. Still, even if we can't afford going to the gym. We can still do some routines at home. Just like what I did. Never stop exercising.
  19. jun18

    jun18 Member

    gym for me you will see sexy girls there working out, that is why i'm inspire to work out.
  20. majaimeej

    majaimeej New Member

    This year, one of my resolutions is to start making lifestyle changes and the first thing that I did was to sign up for a gym membership. However, after just one day of working out, I no longer came back. I find it a huge hassle to prepare for my day at the gym and go there from our home. So yes, I just wasted that one year membership. I then decided to try working out at home. I downloaded a Cardio Starter video and I purchased some dumbells. And you know what? I absolutely love working out at home! It is so easy and I can do it right away. I just need to play the video then I can start working out. It's even easier since it's like having a trainer that I don't need to pay. So I am very pleased that I can now work out and save money at the same time.
  21. jetsaints30

    jetsaints30 New Member

    I prefer to work out in a gym than at home. The home is no place for workouts. That's just the truth. The gym is a place where you can get all the right equipments and help that you need in working out. So why would I choose to work out at home? No way. I love working out in the gym because that's where I can get valuable information and instructions from instructors, trainers and other likeminds. Most times when we are working out, we might be doing the wrong thing without being aware of it. Then imagine what happens if you are at home with no one to correct you.

    Again, the gym is like a place for inspiration. You get to see people who tell you how long and hard it was for them to keep that amazing body that you envy. In the process, one ends up getting motivated not to give up in keeping fit. Being at home won't give you any of that. On the other hand I also believe that the key to a good fitness is your discipline whether or not you are hitting a gym. If you can stick to your fitness regime everyday, well, you'll be fit for sure but as I said earlier if those cuts in the body attracts you, you've to do the specific exercises meant for them - and have to them in the gym under instructor else you'll end up hurting yourself.
  22. yhaneen.bart21

    yhaneen.bart21 New Member

    I prefer working out at home. Because I am a mother of a 7 months old baby. It is more convenient and easy for me doing my daily simple routine exercises at home. It is also less expensive going to the gym in a daily basis, and no registration fee. You can do what you want at home, and nobody is watching you while you are doing your exercises.
    And nowadays there are so many video tutorials available for free in the internet that can help you a lot to improve your muscle tone.
  23. Lala Ancheta

    Lala Ancheta New Member

    I have tried doing both but I would really prefer working out at the gym based on my experience. I always end up signing for memberships though I have tried convincing myself to do it at home twice. I tend to really focus and finish my work out routines when I see other people working out around me as well, I call it the "work out vibe". Having access to various gym equipment and machines are so much helpful and for me, it is better to actually pay for a membership than buying those for yourself or not having it at all to use. Having a personal trainer at the gym is way more effective. Well, none of the people at home would push me so hard to lift weights and tell me not to stop until I complete the sets of my routines. I think it actually really depends on how motivated you are and what environment can help you to effectively do your work out routines. If you think you can get great results through self motivation at home then so be it but I tell you it is so much better at the gym.
  24. ejshep1993

    ejshep1993 New Member

    I like both. I think there is pros and cons to both.
    The gym - I have 3 children so going to the gym is somewhere I can go and have some grown up time. It's full of like minded people that can help and motivate me. There is lots of equipment so I can vary my work outs and try new things. I wouldn't be able to keep all that equipment at or afford it for that matter. The gym is quite expensive though, I pay £15 a month which is cheaper than most but its still an expensive commitment.
    At home - I can work out when ever I like and it means I don't have to find a babysitter. Its free! I don't have to worry about anyone else watching me or performing for someone but that also means I don't always work as hard as I should.

    At the moment I do a mix of both. I would like to make more time to get in the gym and may try and motivate myself to do so.
  25. jhingkim

    jhingkim Member

    I prefer to work out at home. I do not have time going to gym.
  26. gabriellearcangelq

    gabriellearcangelq New Member

    Working out at a gym is probably good for the reason that you are offered complete paraphernalia there. However, given the option for you to workout at home, working out at a gym seems impractical. There are a lot of YouTube videos nowadays giving you advices and workouts that you can actually do at home. However, our personal preferences and living situation are actually the factors for us to choose whether we workout at home or at the gym. If your home is not suitable for you to workout, then it is better for you to workout at a gym.
  27. juanmarcus

    juanmarcus New Member

    I like to work out in the gym, My first reason is that when you register to the gym there is instructor that will guide you on how to properly execute your workout. And also there's a lot of equipment that you can used depending on what part of your body you want to enhance. Secondly, you can find a friend who were also there working out. You're not just building your physical appearance but also building friendship to other.
  28. MiaManimbo

    MiaManimbo New Member

    I personally prefer working out at home. With nobody else to take care of my baby, I definitely have no time to go to the gym. Plus, I also don't need to put on a budget for gym fee. There are a lot of workout/fitness routines online which you can just search and download depending on which body part you want to improve plus it's hassle free! You can just view it anytime or at your desired workout schedule. All you need to have is motivation :)
  29. rlynrlyn

    rlynrlyn New Member

    The best way for me is simple walking. I can't go to gym often because of my work, and at home I can't do it since when I reach home I want to rest after a day of work.
    I make it a point to go walking during my off, which is Friday with a walking buddy, we would walk for 2 hours or more.
    Makes us relax. release stress and well it help us to loose weight a bit.
  30. Depending on the budget. However, exuding money to the equation I will go for the Gym. For one most of us are not experts the gym has those. Another factor is the goal, If it just feeling good then being at home might suffice but if for example a body builder or for competition, then gym no doubt.

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