Working out - Home or Gym?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kori, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. crisandra.bruno

    crisandra.bruno New Member

    My small apartment in China is near a very much frequented gym. Every time I see people enter this gym, the thoughts that ran through my head were, "why do I have to spend money to exercise when I can do it at home for free." I exercise at home following some programs doled out by online trainers. Most of the time, I just do my own routine while watching my favorite Korean drama.
  2. Ichoosejoy

    Ichoosejoy New Member

    I have to say I am in the "working out at home" camp. I live too far from the gym for one thing. But I also just prefer the privacy of my own home. I like to make a list of the exercises or workouts that look like they fit my targeted area I want to work on (ie: abs, arms, etc.) Then when I am ready I just pull it up & it's ready for me to follow along. I also enjoy finding various videos on YouTube. If my kids are awake, YouTube is fun for them to workout with me. If not, it's my Pinterest list.
  3. Willy1984

    Willy1984 Member

    In my opinion, many people enjoy the privacy of training in their own home gym. There is no wait to use a machine and they can play whatever music they want- and it's open 24/7. But some enjoy the social atmosphere and variety at a gym.
  4. Jmag35

    Jmag35 New Member

    It really depends on your lifestyle. If you have children then adding the extra time of going to the gym would probably mean going a lot less and you’re more likely to actually fit a workout in at home. For others actually going to a gym and having other around is the extra push you need to complete a good workout. You really need to find what works best for you, so try both and see what you have more success with.
  5. zgifford

    zgifford New Member

    Globo Gyms are nice as they don't require much thought and you can get in and get out without much hassle. However, if you have the money and space to get some quality equipment (barbells, dumbells and such) then I definitely think a home gym is the way to go.
  6. jeremiahogaga

    jeremiahogaga Member

    Home workouts are good to start with, for a beginner trying to build up some muscles. Common home workouts like pushups and pull ups can help to strengthen the chest, back, triceps and biceps. Thereafter you may consider using the gym for greater intensity.
  7. AteroidInOrbit

    AteroidInOrbit New Member

    I prefer working out at home or going to the park for a walk and light exercise. I am planning on going to the gym eventually since I've found being in a productive environment where everyone is working towards the same goal helps boost my motivation.
  8. Therese16

    Therese16 New Member

    I feel comfortable working out at home. I lost almost 60 pounds by working out at home. I’m more disciplined to work out when I’m at home because I don’t feel pressure and it makes me comfortable in doing the exercise I want to do. You can focus more on yourself if you’re at home, you can wear anything you want and just focus on sweating. The best part of working out at home is you don’t need gym fees and you don’t need to travel. All it takes is just a little bit of research and find what exercise you can do at home that makes you comfortable then try to do it if it works. At the end of the day, it’s all about preference. Try to work out at the gym and at home then compare the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.
  9. khadra

    khadra New Member

    • I prefer working home even thoue I don't have the great and many machine the gym has .I manage to watch exercise video on YouTube and act on it . if you can you buy a ruuning machine it would be beteer though. cause I the kind of person who don't feel like going out that much and I don't like people stairing on me or judge me.
  10. Fenrir

    Fenrir New Member

    I prefer the gym. It would be very hard to get the same workout at home, as the gym has all the necessary equipment. It is not impossible to workout at home, but the gym makes it much easier.
  11. tip2x

    tip2x New Member

    Working out in a gym. Going outside can expand your boundary.Working out outside, you can meet new friends. You can also ask people some tips whether its workout routines or diet tips. In Gym, there are many varieties of equipment that can you help you for example: workout variety for you back, chest, shoulder ,or legs. If you choose to workout at home, your resources are limited.
  12. SpaceReal

    SpaceReal New Member

    In my opinion, any good exercise, an exercise that challenges you, is a a valid exercise.
    A gym may have more options, specially if you like weight training, but if you enjoy cardio and would like to explore body-weight training, just get a pull-up bar and do everything at home.

    Gyms may give you a bit of a psychological boost, since everyone there is trying their hardest.
    But if you're a shy person, and prefer staying in, home workout works perfectly. It also saves you time and money, if you can do without the vast array of equipment that a gym offers.

    In the end, it really depends on your preferences and what time of work out you'd rather do.

    For me, I'm a mix, because I do a lot of weight training together with body-weight, some days I need access to the gym, others I can stay home and do a full routine.
  13. a_navor

    a_navor New Member

    I find it convenient to work out in my own space. It is more practical also since I will not pay for any membership fee.
  14. Matt10222

    Matt10222 New Member

    I have worked out both at home and at a gym and in my honest opinion, i definitely prefer working out at a gym . When working out at home, i find that i struggle to focus on my workout without either giving up too early or losing motivation(considering that my PC is in juts the other room , i find it a bit difficult to really focus in on my workout) .
  15. meekhil

    meekhil New Member

    Personally, I prefer to work out at a gym where there are available fitness trainers and your are surrounded by other people who are also motivated to work out. I also like having a wide variety of exercise equipment at my disposal, as well as sufficient space for working out.
    I have tried working out at home, but I just end getting distracted by so many things, like the TV or my bed.
    But in the end, I believe in doing what works best for you.
  16. Marian0302

    Marian0302 New Member

    If you are a person with a lot of budget to go to gym well you should prefer gym, because almost all the equipment for a better work out is there, you can choose what kind of exercising materials would you like to use. But, if you are a person who's saving, you should prefer home work out. You can still exercise/workout but your equipment is not unlimited.
  17. Bianca616

    Bianca616 New Member

    I personally like to work out at home. Not only do I save money, but I am able to become more creative with my workouts and perhaps try things I wouldn't do in a gym. Even though I prefer to be at home, sometimes my motivation is not as strong as it could be. If I attended a gym, there is the potential for more motivation. Also, gyms tend to provide classes and a space where everyone is trying their best so the energy is very inviting. It really depends on what kind of person you are. If you like to be around people to pick up on their energy and also diversify your workout with different equipment, the gym is the place for you.
  18. Mr. Friendly Trendz

    Mr. Friendly Trendz New Member

    What an interesting post there! For me, Just workout at both places and see which one you like better. If you like the gym then for all means go there and have intense workout. If working out at home motivates you and pushes you to your limit then workout at home. Just do whatever feels right for you body and you will meet your goals in no time.
  19. travelingfortwo

    travelingfortwo New Member

    Working out is the best thing to start your day going. I prefer working out at home because I can simply access the internet and play some workout videos that could help me met my goals. There are many workout channel that teaches unlimited ways for you to select and try for example you want to focus on your belly, just go for a search specific things you want to apply. Basically, internet is your number one tool if you workout at home.
    Either you prefer home workout or gym workout the important is you are happy what you are doing because wherever you workout it doesn't matter to a person who are determined.
  20. SupermanSA

    SupermanSA New Member

    I used to work out at home but I've found out that at home I get not to be serious about what I'm doing I end up doing thing Of the house so I decided to go to gym from there I get the feeling that I'm here to work out only so I get the positive spirit as I see other people that have reached the stage I wanna reach
  21. Ivaann

    Ivaann New Member

    Gym, it's easir for me to go to a place where I can lift, for me it's better than having a home-gym. I like the athmosphere at a "regular" gym, if I would have a home-gym maybe I'll skip some days, because I'm at my home and always have the gym right there.
    If I'm at the gym, I'll do some work, if I would have a home-gym maybe I'll find some excuses not to do the workout.
  22. Joven

    Joven New Member

    Honestly, I really want to work out at the gym but I don't have time due to my work schedule and the gym membership is so expensive. That is why I decided to do work out at home. I search work out videos in youtube, buying necessary equipment like dumbells and placemats so that I can now start my workout routine. For me it doesn't really matter where you want to work out, as long as you have the motivation to be fit and healthy, anywhere and anytime is fine. Remember also that we still consider the food that we eat beacause the computation to have a great body is 20% work out and 80% on the food we eat so we must have a healthy balanced diet. All in all Disciple on what you eat is the key beacause you are what you eat. Hope this post can help.
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  23. rdaniel14

    rdaniel14 New Member

    I prefer working out in a gym. You can be distracted from a lot of things when you exercise at home. Working out in gym makes me more motivated because I can see how other people improved and I can set my goals. Furthermore, you will have complete access to gym equipment.
  24. whiitewidow

    whiitewidow New Member

    I prefer working out in the comfort of my own home. It does take a lot of discipline and sometimes I struggle to stay motivated, but I still prefer being at home.
  25. Jeedae

    Jeedae New Member

    Working out at home or at the gym centre depends on what you want and what you can afford. Working out at the gym has its numerous advantages over working out at home because you have access to use different machines, you have people around you there who will motivate you all the time and you can socialize as well. If you're someone who doesn't like having people around you when you workout then working out at home might work for you.
  26. CherryNapila23

    CherryNapila23 New Member

    This question really gets my attention. Working out at home or at the gym? Well, i prefer to do my work out at home with my 6 year old son. We really enjoy doing our work outs together. My son is hyperactive so it is also beneficial even for him to work out to channel his excess energy. It also facilitates him in improving his balance and concentration among other things. As for me, I enjoy it a lot and doing work out at home serves as a bonding moment for me and my son. I am a single mother so with all the house chores and take home papers as a teacher is time consuming. I don't really have the time to go to the gym and it is a bit costly so might as well do my workouts at home.
    With my workouts, I use applications downloaded from google play as well as dance or zumba workouts. I just push the play button and get on with the beat. It is fun and we never really feel tired because we are enjoying dancing so you don't really feel like you are working out. Instead, it seems I am having a dance party with the one I love the most.
  27. pristine

    pristine New Member

    I prefer to work out at home and no need to go elsewhere. I'm ready with what I wear and just open my favorite exercise videos and I'm done stretching out and feeling fit and light.
  28. liannaxenia

    liannaxenia New Member

    I started working out at home since I have no company going to the gym and I don't have the time to be there just because i need or i want to. So i prefer to stay at home and do it every night before I sleep. It helps me to sleep better maybe because I'm tired and I sweat a lot. I used to jog in our village and when I'm done , I'll go for a jumping rope and squat a bit for my thighs and butt. It;s really fun that I control my time.
  29. dancemachine

    dancemachine New Member

    Well as a dancer getting my self warmed up, fit is not much of a problem to me. So i definitely prefer working out at home or dance studio, using my own body weight there are lots of muscles i can work on.
  30. Humbledqueen20

    Humbledqueen20 New Member

    I'd rather work out at home and use an app that I have on my phone to help because I'm a stay at home mom and it makes things a lot easier for me.
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