Working out - Home or Gym?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kori, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Utoc

    Utoc New Member

    Personally I prefer working in a gym but since my husband is a Karatedo Instructor we had the Dojo sitting beside our house. It should be easier for me but the thing was his exercise is created for karatedo that needs to have alot of cardio. I personally prefer weights...
  2. rightmeownana

    rightmeownana New Member

    I just can't do it at home. Whenever I'm at home, my mind and body automatically switch to hibernate mode. I lay in bed most of the time so getting out of bed is really tough. I find it easier to set my mind to work out mode when I'm in the gym since I'm surrounded by people working out, I'm motivated to do it too. Plus, it's a great way to make friends too!
  3. ronjeric

    ronjeric New Member

    Working out at home is insufficient, in terms of motivation and also equipment that you need to use. The gym provides all equipment that you need to work out every part of your muscles. In addition, you are motivated when you see someone that his build is ideal and you want to achieve it. Having a good discipline in yourself is the most important to attain your goals in your body.
  4. ahdseghir

    ahdseghir New Member

    paying for a gym can be motivated , also there's the energy that you get from working around other peaple . In fact , working out in gym is more punctual .. you can get lazy at home and you delay you working out .. I think working out in gym is more beneficial :p
  5. 0strich0377

    0strich0377 New Member

    Working out-Home or Gym? I think it depends on what works or what is available for you. Like, if you can pay for a membership fee, you can opt to go to the gym. In the gym, you can work out with other people who are equally health conscious as you are. Though you do not know these people, having some with the same intention makes it more interesting and less lonely. You can have new friends there, like gymmates, and enjoy it more. Or if you are a solo person, just having some people who also enjoy what you do will make it more inspiring, especially when you see other person making progress with the effort put on working in the gym.

    But, if you do not have enough budget to pay for the fee, working at home is your option. That is if you really wanted to have a healthy lifestyle without going to the gym. There are ways we can exercise and workout, we just have to be creative and resourceful on what is available. The simplest would be walking or running within the vicinity.

    You can try both and decide which works for you best.
  6. JSPL1000

    JSPL1000 New Member

    I prefer working out at home. As a freelancer working at home, I can do a quick 10 minute exercise every 2 hours and by the end of the day, I have done about 40 minutes of quality exercises to keep me fit. This saves me time and money over going to the gym on a specific hour and day. The good thing is I can spend more time with my family.
  7. Pessema

    Pessema New Member

    I prefer the gym where there is a range of equipment, childcare, pool/Jacuzzi/sauna, and space for my friends and I to workout together. Home is more practical, and often what I end up doing, but given the choice and the time, I would definitely prefer to go to my gym.
  8. omieast

    omieast New Member

    I am an introvert. The best set up for me to be able to work out is to do it in the comfort of my home – actually at my room, to be specific. Doing it at my house gives me convenience because I don’t need a lot of preparations before I start working out. I also do not need to travel outside. This also fits me well since most of the time, I work at home. Whenever I need to loosen up, a little weight lifting, a couple of push-ups and a short cardio will certainly release all the tensions in my body! You just have to shell out a quite huge amount to get the equipment that you need. Do not worry about the money ‘coz it will be economical in the long run. Just make sure that you got tons of discipline in yourself to make this set up possible. Focus and stick with your program, and you will be OK!

    By the way, the disadvantage that I can think of with working out at home is that you will miss the tips and assistance from the gym gurus (instructors) and other gym enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there will be no friendly buddies and sexy bodies walking around your house!

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  9. PatiPati

    PatiPati New Member

    I prefer working out in a gym mainly because I don't have the necessary equipment at home; most of my workouts involve weights and machines that I only find in gyms. However, I sometimes work out at home to supplement the gym workouts, or when I'm unable to make it to the gym.
  10. Shally

    Shally Member

    I preffered working out at home because its safe and you dont have to pay.You are in the safe mode in your house unlike going to the gym it takes a lot of money and its not practical to people that has no time to go everywhere.You can also motivate yourself by doing some exercises at your home.
  11. ThankyouGod

    ThankyouGod New Member

    If I have enough money I would rather have my own gym in my home. It is more convenient, safe and clean. I would do my work out at any time I wanted.
  12. jing1920

    jing1920 New Member

    Working out at home and in a gym will give you the same results for as long as you have the right kinds of equipment for your ideal body goals. I was able to see for myself the benefits of working out at both places. I started going to the gym in the early stages of my fitness journey and my body has indeed changed dramatically from being a fat kid to a toned teenager. However, I realized that the act of going to and from the gym required more effort as I would need to look good and travel from home to the gym just so I could work out. At times when the weather is too hot, I would already be drained by the time that I get to the gym. Thus, my workout had been affected.

    As I grew busy becacuse of my work schedule, I did not anymore have the luxury of time to commute to the gym and so, I resorted to working out at home in preparation for a vacation in an island. I have basic workout equipments and mostly performed body weight exercises in circuits and with limited rest periods. The results were astounding, especcially because I have also adjusted my diet by increasing my protein intake and counting my total calorie intake for the day.

    To conclude, I can say that working out at home is more practical since there is no need to travel and bring around your gym clothes and that I can wear whatever I want without worrying what I'd look like.
  13. Kieranf

    Kieranf New Member

    I do both! When i work out at home or on the street, it is mainly with body weight exercises, and cardio such as running, cycling, or swimming. If i had to choose one, i would probably choose the gym setting, because i feel that working out at home, or just with body weight exercises in general is not the fastest way to improve your strength and fitness as it is much harder to apply progressive overload with body weight training. With free weights, it's simple. you can just add a certain amount of weight each session that you do.
  14. sheshamar

    sheshamar New Member

    I prefer working out at the convenience of our home. I am a mother of 2, and when they see me exercised, they exercise too and it became our bonding at the same time. It saves us money and travel time too. I watched Youtube videos and it help me sweat a little bit.
  15. greenwood88

    greenwood88 New Member

    I prefer working out in a gym because I cannot concentrate at home. I would end up eating a lot while working out at home or might end up playing around instead of doing my workout routines.
  16. erialcalcantara

    erialcalcantara New Member

    I'd rather workout in the gym, because I can push my self not to be lazy for the reason that I paid the gym and I should use it. Unlike when I work at home, I am not motivated. I can be more disciplined at the gym because I have my coach to motivate me and give a proper program according to my health needs. Gym has a lot of equipment and tools to use during workout which is safe for you to use and not to improvise at home that can injure you if you don't have the proper training and knowledge.
  17. rajabhatti

    rajabhatti New Member

    Working out at home has turned out to be so considerably less demanding because of the various wellness applications that have shown up in application stores inside the most recent few years. With the expanded utilization of cell phones, these applications have turned into the Jane Fonda recordings of the innovation age. Thusly it just bodes well that wellness buffs should swing to these convenient apparatuses which give out directions and rules for a full body exercise. What's more, best of all: a large portion of them are free. Nonetheless, a critical factor to consider is that these applications are better utilized by wellness buffs instead of activity amateurs. People who are accustomed to working out all the time are generally more ready to keep up reliable self-restraint. What's more, independent from anyone else discipline, I mean put aside a decent 45 minutes consistently and get to their wellness applications.

    For fledglings, for example, myself, I find that these applications can't exactly beat the intensity of an exercise center. For any individual who is simply beginning to work out, I don't have to underline that it is difficult. Not very many individuals have the characteristic self-restraint to propel themselves even as their muscles are screeching. An exercise center then again will probably rouse you to accomplish more. For myself, I realize that observing all these sweat-soaked individuals propel themselves strengthens my own need to feel the consumer. Obviously, this inclination is quadrupled when there's a fitness coach included. A coach will have the capacity to decide precisely which exercises you ought to do and its amount. That is something else that a small piece hard to do with applications, regardless of how point by point their surveys might be. One final note, however; despite the fact that I think the rec center yields me better outcomes.
  18. agbuyarashel

    agbuyarashel New Member

    I started exercising when I was 17. I was encouraged to do so because my period is irregular due to my hormonal imbalance. Aside from eating healthy, exercise helped me a lot. After a week of continuous 30-minute workouts, I felt more alive and my overall health imlroved.
    About the question whether home or gym, I would choose home because I save time, money and effort than when I go to gym. I also won't need to think of what clothes I need to wear or how ugly I look after workout.
  19. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    For me l prefer working out at home cause its save you a lot of things like money, time doing driving goin there its up to you how you motivate you self.
  20. NathanGlass

    NathanGlass New Member

    For many, many reasons, I really enjoy working out at home. I actually have a personal facility on my property because I have a personal training business I run here.

    Reasons I enjoy training at home are convenience, privacy, and the amount of focus that is afforded by training in a quiet place. You can accomplish a lot with calisthenics even. I have a good amount of gym equipment, but even people who have not invested in such things can make excellent progress if they utilize what they already have around them.

    Additionally, some gyms get really crowded, and often times, areas of the building you need to use are flooded with other gym-goers (and sweat).
  21. dapohjal

    dapohjal New Member

    I prefer working out at gym. The two main types of exercise found at the gyminclude aerobic and resistance training. Use both types to help you lose weight faster. According to the Mayo Clinic, increased muscle mass helps your body burn more calories by raising your metabolism, so resistance training can really help speed up your weight loss. I can also have the benefits like huge health benefits. It's clear, but we'll mention it anyway – going to the gym is good for your health and fitness! Access to equipment, Make friends,Access to knowledge,Establish a healthy routine,Increased energy levels,Be challenged,Be motivated.
  22. MarkAndrews

    MarkAndrews New Member

    It depends on your goal if your goal is just to be active to prevent high blood pressure etc. then a home gym would be enough, you just need 2-3 dumbbells for a variety of weights, a yoga mat, resistance bands. But if you want to put on muscle mass and to look good on a fitted shirt, then I would suggest getting a membership to any gym that has the basic squat rack, bench press, lat pulldown machine and other machines that will trigger your major muscle groups.
  23. ustavdija

    ustavdija New Member

    Working out at home, sounds good but is it efective. You'r training motivation is not the same at home and in the gym. So get you'r gym membership and have some competition while training, real man likes competition.
  24. sasarus

    sasarus New Member

    What about having a gym at home? I would prefer that but i dont have a gym at home so i workout at the gym and occasionally at home of course. The most important thing is that your muscles are active. Sometimes there are too many people at the gym so it becomes uncomfortable, that is the bad side of it. Home is always sweet but the negative part is that i dont have the equipment at home.
  25. Heryne

    Heryne New Member

    I have a preference for gym workouts; this is because at the gym I will come across other people with the same goals as I have. That will make me become enthusiastic of the whole process. A gym instructor will also be within my reach who will guide me through the kind of exercises that I need to do and make sure that I do them right. I will have access to the gym equipments that will make my workouts even more fruitful.
    Home workouts tend to make me feel lazy in due course, because there is no support or that outside force to make me want to do more. There are also constant distractions from family members and there are no quality equipments such as the treadmill that you can use, unless I decide to purchase them, and of course that will cost me a lot of money.
  26. antonToledo

    antonToledo New Member

    I love working out I started working out when I was 15 and now I'm 23 is not as big as a bodybuilder but I can say that I'm in shape. I tried both working out in the gym and working out at home and for me, I prefer doing workouts at home it is cheaper and much more accessible

    there are a lot of programs that you can use to have a great physique without the use of a gym equipment right now I'm doing calisthenics or body weight exercises. there are a lot of great video on youtube about calisthenics I've been doing calisthenics for 2 months and I can see better result compared to when I was working out at the gym

    just a tip instead of wasting your money on a gym membership use it to for your nutrition. do calisthenics and be part of the calisthenics community.
  27. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    Working out in gym and home has different benefit for our body and our mental capacity. There are different aspects that can be considered in working out. Going to gym means you need to pay for the transportation, you also need to consider the odor of the people in there, Ofcourse it's gonna be full of sweat so you gotta accept it. On the other hand a gym has all the materials needed, if you're a beginner, there is also a set of guidelines you could follow to finish up your sets, or to choose what type of workout you wanna focus on to, may it be full body, abs, shoulder, back or leg. The benefit of working out at home gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, if you're a shy kind of person or you're not a fan of smelly odors, I prefer you stay at home for a while, but if you really wanna improve yourself or socialize with other people to gain their tips and recommendations on how you can improve yourself or perform more productive in gym.
  28. angeliacq

    angeliacq New Member

    Going to the gym is good, as getting along with your gym buddies help you enjoy your time as you exercise. But I prefer working out at home all alone. I can focus on my workout and hit it hard, with no longer pauses for talks. Stretches, cardio and hit workouts are just some of the things that I can do from the comforts of my home and I have a fixed workout schedule per day which I follow just fine. I can use some gym work though, if I need leg abductors and weight training assistance for my glute workouts.
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  29. Tehilah27

    Tehilah27 Member

    I'm one of those people who feel embarrassed about working out in front of other people so the gym is not even an option for me. I workout to YouTube dance videos and I have so much fun dancing that I do not feel I am working out which is great because my motivation and enthusiasm never wane. I do not advice home workouts for other people though as not everyone can be self-motivating.
  30. Mimi25

    Mimi25 New Member

    I prefer myself working out at home. You can save more money as it doesn't include membership fees. You could also just watch exercises from youtube like tabata exercises which one of the best exercises I have seen so far. I lost 2 inches after 3 weeks of doing tabata exercise and I'm loving it.

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