Working out - Home or Gym?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kori, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    because at the gym there is to many people look them self in the mirr
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  2. Deedat001

    Deedat001 New Member

    Gym workout is the best, because it gives more motivation.
  3. AkTel

    AkTel New Member

    I prefer a home environment, mostly because of my introverted personality and also because it gives you no excuses.

    I don't like working out in public, for some reason it just makes me anxious, and affects my lifts. It serves as a distraction to me when I want to lift but I imagine people critiquing me and I get nervous. I guess this is a result of being an amateur, with only a couple months of experience, and I am working on it.

    I adore home gyms because you have no excuses. Snowy/ rainy day? So what? I don't have the time to drive all the way there and back? You don't have to. It takes away the excuses and is a constant reminder of your goals and missions. If you ever feel like giving up, having the presence of the gym reminds of why you started in the first place.

    Although I understand that home gyms can be more expensive, maybe they make up their value over time, with all the gym subscriptions piling up, but if you're new to lifting, then you might not know if lifting is the right choice for you. Also, there will be some DIY stuff like building a deadlifting platform, as to not damage your floor, and setting up a squat rack for example.

    Of course, gyms are the best for martial arts/ group classes. That is obvious, you have sparring partners and a knowledgeable coach to help you.
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  4. FutureMD

    FutureMD New Member

    I prefer working out at home because it's free for you to work out than to go to the gym where you will pay and also you will spend on the gas. And many video workouts there that are free for you to follow it. So I definitely prefer working out at home rather than at the gym.
  5. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    This time of my life, I enjoy working out at home. It made me feel more comfortable without being conscious of what I will wear or look. I also enjoy checking different work-outs for me that I'm able to accomplish with my calendar routine for my exercise. It helps me to easily access my work-out videos and starts on time in the comfort of my home.
  6. sofiathefirsttt

    sofiathefirsttt New Member

    I definitely prefer working out at the gym. It inspires and motivates me whenever I see people struggling working out like me. I have a gym trainer who helps me a lot on working out and motivating me to keep on going to achieve I want to have. For instance, whenever the trainer gives me a task, he'll give me time on how long I will do it then I'm going to count in my head or count loud. The good thing is that, I'm not alone. I will look at the other people working out and they keep me on going. Sometimes I count together with them and it is really helpful. On the other hand, working out at home is not really effective on me since I don't have a companion. I always end up sleeping or watching movies since there's a lot of distractions at home. Working out is really good for our body. It takes strength, courage, motivation and inspiration to do it. And if I were to ask, I would recommend to work out at the gym if you're a first timer since you have to be assisted by a trainer or if you are like me who easily gets distracted at home.
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  7. michaelcarr

    michaelcarr New Member

    I prefer working out at home the main reason is because it is private and your not waiting for people and then u have no excuses about not able to work out the bad things about home is that it will cost u a good bit of money and your also taking up space in your house.
  8. jilibido

    jilibido Member

    Actually, I do both! I go to the gym whenever time permits, but if I have a tight schedule I just workout at home. In my view, if you have a target weight or specific parts of your body which you want to tone, slim down or want to build mass on, then, I would recommend you to workout at a gym where they have professional fitness instructors who could guide you to achieve your goals. But, if you just need to workout in order to maintain your weight and figure and also to avoid having medical conditions in the future caused by having high cholesterol levels, then it's just okay for you to workout at home. But just see to it that you will have to stick to your routine exercises religiously. Then again, all that matters most with regard to working out, is your ability in mastering the art of self-discipline. So whether you workout at a gym or in the comfort of your own home, if you don't have self-discipline, then your workout won't work out at all!
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  9. Tonje

    Tonje New Member

    I used to have a gym membership but after I quit, I have been doing it at home ever since. I really believe that the more accessible the location is, the less likely that I'll skip it. I like to pump my day with an early morning work out routine. I guess it really helps specially in the long run when we tend to be worn out due to lack of motivation. The closer the place to work out, the faster and easier I'll accomplish my daily routine. For me, it's also more convenient. I could just do my work outs wearing boxers, which means less clothes to wash. Waiting for others to finish using an equipment is also a problem which you don't encounter when working at home.
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  10. innah

    innah New Member

    For me, it is a lot better working out in your own home. Given that you have all the equipments and things you need to use. Otherwise, it is a lot ideal to work out in a gym if that gym is well-equipped.
  11. LightPatch

    LightPatch Member

    It depends on your situation, if you have a limited time in your day, then you should work out in your home. But you should be careful when working out in your home because there’s always a possibility that you injure yourself because of an improper stance of doing the exercise. But choose to workout at the gym if you have time because you can always maximize your gains when you’re at the gym and you can ask for help if you’re a beginner.
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  12. mwania

    mwania New Member

    I personally prefer working out at home , I enjoy the peace cause it's just me doing reps as i jam to my favorite playlist
  13. zedph123

    zedph123 New Member

    for the begineers , they should go to gym . because they need orientation and to learn more.
  14. rextrip

    rextrip Member

    I know that majority of people do enjoy working out at home for whatever reasons. But in my own view Gym workout is the best, because it gives more motivation as well as getting to know more new skill. Hence I would likely recommend gym workout for the beginners as well.
  15. jhezz20

    jhezz20 Member

    i will bw comfortable in home. Aside from that, i will save some money and time to go to gym. It's worth investing on equipments instead.
  16. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    When you are unmotivated, I think working out on a gym forces your body to go to the gym and do your workout, and if you are lazy enough, you are just wasting money to pay for the gym. While working out at home sometimes make you feel lazy, and you will hesitate to do your workout. But if you are really motivated, you have both choices either going to the gym or doing it at home. Choose where you are comfortable.
  17. heocon

    heocon New Member

    In my opinion, home is a better environment for me to workout. Some push-ups, some pull-ups and play with the dumbbells, it's better than in gym where's too loud with the rock music and girls (who is a big distraction). In addition, workout at home is my only way to make breakfast for my whole family and care about my physical appearance at the same time.
  18. Jefferytasos

    Jefferytasos New Member

    I believe it all depends on on self preference, home is way more convenient but going to the gym exposes you to more equipment and exercises.
  19. Jefferytasos

    Jefferytasos New Member

    I believe it all depends on on self preference, home is way more convenient but going to the gym exposes you to more equipment and exercises.
  20. kendrickal

    kendrickal New Member

    I prefer working out at the gym because of the variety of equipment that I can use for my workout. At the gym, I can also see trainers helping their clients so I can observe what they are doing and learn from them just by observing (e.g. how to do the proper form for certain exercises).
  21. RosaLeite

    RosaLeite New Member

    I definitely prefer working out in a gym. First because of the atmosphere, I workout better with people around me, I get motivated by seeing others giving their all. Also, gyms offer things like protein shakes, towels, daycare, and much more. I love that!
  22. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    it depends if you have time and money.if you have money and time then go the gym.the gym in my town is 3km far from my home and i dont have budget for gym so i exercise at home.i always take a walk jogging at the morning then doing some light exercise like sit ups push up and more.
  23. selectra

    selectra Member

    Home because i like dance workout, very loud music, just fun workout.
  24. jeanmichael

    jeanmichael New Member

    As a stay at home parent, I know what you're talking about. I also prefer working out at home. It gives me more time to do work around the house and online too. I normally do an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It's even better when my toddler joins in the exercise. Some times I have to stop exercising to take care of my son but it's worth it.:)
  25. mimi93aly

    mimi93aly New Member

    I prefer home because I'm a mother. I need to be with my baby everytime like 24/7. I can work out if he's playing or sleeping going to the gym takes time for me. Because here in our country the traffic is bad. So it will take 1 or 2 hrs to go to the gym. I don't have time to work out if i go to the gym so i prefer working out at home. Sometimes cleaning is like working out.
  26. caycee

    caycee New Member

    I would prefer to workout at home. It is more convenient that going to the gym. My daily morning routine after I wake up it to eat breakfast, take a bath and work out. I follow workout apps mostly planking and situps. I find it very convenient because I don't have to go out and experience terribly traffic.
  27. Ruelene18

    Ruelene18 Member

    I would prefer to work at home because you can enjoy the privacy of training in your home gym. There is no wait to use a machine and you can play whatever music you want and it's open 24/7. But some enjoy the social atmosphere and variety at a gym.

    In working at home you have your sanctuary. There is nothing like having your gym, where there's no lines, no socialization, and nothing to hide. This is your domain. You can play your music, curse as loud as you want, and even cry if needed so. No membership fee, your home gym is your home gym, there's no monthly membership fee. You can even charge your friends a small fee to come over and workout in the line-free gym. You can work out 24/7/365.
  28. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    I prefer working out at home. I can exercise at the same time I can take care of my kids. I won't worry about them and for me it is comfortable at home. Also they can join me working out it it is more enjoyable.
  29. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    I prefer doing my workout at gym since all the facilities will be within range. Sometime a coach may come in to help you out.

    Home workout is good if you are short of time to go to gym but having all the work out facility at home is more expensive compare to an average citizen that cant afford this.
  30. myckmyck

    myckmyck New Member

    Well I'm in the gym for 20 years and in my experience gym is a lot better, first once u are at the gym you feel like doing something, than it becomes a routine and also you make friends, socialize, making you workout more, feel happier and have a better life.

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