Worst mistake most of the bloggers make

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  1. simonborne

    simonborne New Member

    For the last couple of months i was going through the tutorials and guidance videos to make my own successful blog. but what i found out is the old reverb is absolutely correct. There is no short way to get success. Al lot of people try to post a blog and try to get income from it as quickly as possible. as a result less attachment, less research and less quality blogs. for me what i found out is never start a blog of your own unless you know your capability. so easy thing is to write for others for a year or two .. if you get name and fame then start your own blog. please if guys have any comments let me know .
  2. mohit aggarwal

    mohit aggarwal New Member

    Blogging is a give and takes kind of situation. If you give something profitable to your audience and your content is good then you will get trust from your audience. Trust is always a very important factor in blogging.
    Blogging is not a get rich quick method. Your Patience is the key to your success as a blogger. and Most of the beginner bloggers has lack of patience and they quit blogging within three or six months. This is the big mistake beginner bloggers are doing in recent times. Be accurate and be consistent is the key to success in blogging.
  3. annabellem

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    Blogging provides an easy way to keep your customers and clients up-to-date on what's going on, let them know about new deals, and provide tips. However there are some worst mistakes that bloggers make. Here are some mistakes,
    • Some bloggers don’t set any blogging schedule at all, so they get lazy and don’t update for months at a time. Both of these are problems because your audience needs to have some predictability; they want to know when they can expect you to publish.
    • Some bloggers doesn't use or make own images.
    • When someone has taken the time to comment, the biggest mistake is to ignore that audience. Someone made the effort to talk to you and now, you’re brushing them off? no way to grow an audience!
  4. Solange

    Solange New Member

    The way i am blogging is just to make money for mine own business. In that case i use blogging as a commercial media platform. I am making in one day $ 500. Just like a online consultant.
    If you don't have the skills like a consultant is blogging not the type of work for you.
    And in some case you can use the you tube as your media.
  5. kevaton77

    kevaton77 New Member

    Some of the very costly mistakes some bloggers make are capable of causing them set backs in their blogging journey. And if there is no one to review their blogging methodology and point out to them these errors of operations, they may end up with the feelings that blogging sucks, or simply blogging is not meant for them.
    These mistakes include, but are not limited to the following, namely:
    • the use of free blogging platforms such as WordPress.com or blogger.com
      these choices would prevent them from using a customized domain name for their site.
    • some bloggers will go ahead and write on their choosen topic without first of all consideringdoing basic keyword research to improve their search engine ranking.
    • the use of free WordPress themes for their blogs also constitute a serious mistake on the part of the blogger, since this would have limited functionalities.
    • not updating their posts or posting regularly is also not very good.
    There may be other mistakes but these are the most recurring ones. Are you a blogger? It is my wish that you become conscious of these.
  6. O Empreendedor

    O Empreendedor New Member

    I can only speak to the mistakes I've made myself:

    #1 Giving up too early
    Traffic takes time.
    You should never be frustrated with website traffic reports by month 1.

    #2 Shiny Object Syndrome
    This is a big one when you first learn about blogging.
    You have to give one project all of your time.

    #3 Not learning enough
    When you're starting out, you really have to focus on covering a lot of material, and learning how to use a bunch of tools for traffic report, marketing, etc.

    #4 Going too big
    Trying to speak to an audience that is too broad, or speaks different languages, trying to have too many expensive photos. Stuff like that.
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  7. Graciia

    Graciia New Member

    The worst mistake made by a Blogger especially if he or she is new to the blogging world is trying to cheat or outsmart Google. This can be seen in various actions executed by the Blogger in a bid to rank higher in Google Search Engine Result Pages and make more money from Google AdSense.

    These actions have repercussions and since Google is involved in almost all of our day-to-day Internet activity (Google Search, Google Android, Google Hangout, Google Maps, Google PlayStore, Google Pixel etc.) one way or the other, they will definitely track these activities.

    One may wonder,

    What are these activities that are frowned upon by Google that has become a mistake most bloggers make?

    I'll tell you:

    • Buying backlinks or automatically generating them: Google is always out to offer the best result to searchers on the net. This is done by taking into consideration the number of backlinks pointing to a webpage, where each backlink attributes that the said page has relevant content.
    Now, this can be manipulated with bought backlinks or auto-generated links. This eliminates the natural link building process where a site is only linked to because of its relevancy. When discovered by Google, this leads to blacklisting of the site which means that it can no longer be displayed on their search results or the web page is ranked lower on their pages.
    • Stuffing Keywords in an Article: Google bots use the search term or string entered by a user to crawl and display web pages related to that search term. In a bid to trick these bots, most Bloggers over stuff keywords in their articles at strategic points such as search description, image tags, and post headings.
    While keywords play a major role in SEO, they can be very harmful to a site because it can get it penalized by Google. It gives a signal that the web page is only using similar keywords but unrelated or low-quality content, hence the need for excessive use of keywords.

    • Publishing plagiarised or copyrighted content on their site: Content that has not been written by a Blogger but published on their site is a plagiarised one. Plagiarism is most common in Enternment websites while Copyrighted content is prevalent in Tech blogs, where software that is not free for use or sharing is offered for free download.
    A site with plagiarised content can be deindexed from search engine results, and one with a copyrighted content can face lawsuits. While one effect is not lesser than the other, most Bloggers still ignore this by publishing plagiarised and copyrighted content, because it is easier to copy and paste than write their own content, and to attract visitors that love free things.


    If you're making the listed above mistakes as a Blogger and you're building your blog for the long term, then you have to stop, This is because sooner or later, your site will either be de-indexed, blacklisted, or penalised for black hat SEO which means a total waste of your time, energy, and resources; and this is where most bloggers quit!
  8. Phi

    Phi New Member

    I think one of the worst mistake bloggers make is to start a blog in a niche where they do not have enough knowledge to write quality content. That is, they begin a blog in niches where they lack a depth of knowledge to be able to write consistent valuable articles that will attract visitors to their blog.

    A blogger should first of all, consider how much knowledge he or she has about topics in any niche they intend to blog about. This is very important when an individual decides to start a successful blog. The blogger must create value for visitors to the blog by writing quality content consistently.

    This is the only way a blogger can be successful. Sadly most bloggers make the mistake of not having enough knowledge of niches they intend to blog about.
  9. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    Here are some of the mistakes made by bloggers.
    Mistake 1: You think of ideas in a vacuum.

    When you start blogging, ideas will come to you at random times -- in the shower, on a run, while on the phone with your mom. While the ideas may come at random moments, the ideas themselves should never be random. Just because it's a good idea in general doesn't mean it's a good idea for your company.

    Solution: Your blog posts should all serve larger company goals.

    The reason you're blogging is to grow your business, so all of your blog post ideas should help serve those growth goals. They should have natural tie-ins to issues in your industry and address specific questions and concerns your prospects have.

    Need help figuring out what those goals are and how to address them? Chat with your manager about the larger company goals, and then schedule a meeting with someone on the sales team to hear what questions they get asked most often. After both meetings, you should know which goals you need to achieve and have some ideas on how to achieve them.

    Mistake 2: Your writing's too stiff.

    Writing a blog post is much different than writing a term paper. But when bloggers first start out, they usually only have experience with the latter. The problem? The style of writing from a term paper is not the style of writing people enjoy reading.

    Let's be honest: Most of the people who see your post aren't going to read the whole thing. If you want to keep them interested, you have to compel them to keep reading by writing in a style that's effortless to read.

    Solution: Write like you talk.

    It's okay to be more conversational in your writing -- in fact, we encourage it. The more approachable your writing is, the more people will enjoy reading it. People want to feel like they're doing business with real people, not robots.

    So loosen up your writing. Throw in contractions. Get rid of the jargon. Make a pun or two. That's how real people talk -- and that's what real people like to read.

    Mistake 3: You think people care about you as a writer.

    It sounds harsh, but it's the truth: When people first start out blogging, they think that their audience will be inherently interested in their stories and their interests ... but that's not the case. It's no knock against them as a person -- it's just that when you're new, no one is interested in you and your experiences. People care way more about what you can teach them.

    Solution: Show your personality; don't tell it.

    Even though people don't really care that it's you that's writing the post, you can infuse parts of your personality in your writing to make them feel more comfortable with you. How you do that is entirely up to you. Some people like to crack jokes, some like to make pop culture references, and others have a way with vivid descriptions.

    HubSpot's Director of Content Corey Wainwright is particularly good at this. Here's an example from the introduction of one of her posts:

    To infuse personality into your own writing, try looking for ways to relate to your readers on the topic you're writing about -- then write in the first person as if you're hanging out with them and chatting about it. Make your tone personal, approachable, and engaging, just like you would in a face-to-face conversation.

    Mistake 4: Your topics are too broad.

    When people start blogging, they generally want to write on really big topics like:

    "How to Do Social Media Marketing"
    "Business Best Practices"
    "How to Make Money on the Internet"
    Topics like these are far too broad. Because there are so many details and nuances in these topics, it's really hard to do a good job answering them. Plus, more specific topics tend to attract smaller, more targeted audiences, which tend to be higher quality and more likely to convert into leads and customers.

    So, to get the most short-term and long-term benefits of blogging, you'll need to get way more specific.

    Solution: Create very specific working titles.

    Nailing really specific topics is crucial to knocking.
  10. MrT

    MrT New Member

    The #1 mistake new bloggers make is to choose the wrong niche.

    I have a big authority site in the niche site building niche and last month one of my users showed me his drones site. It was a really nice site. His posts were informative and interesting. He had great photos. But he was foolish in choosing his niche. He'll just never rank in that niche.

    The other crazy thing is that drones isn't a particularly high value niche anyway. So his affiliate commissions wouldn't be that great.

    I also find it funny that a lot of niches have remained undiscovered for years. I know of a few niches that are as easy to rank in now as they were back in 2011.
  11. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    If I make a blog that cannot be monitized with google ads then I won't keep it up, I'll change it.
  12. naturedpeter

    naturedpeter New Member

    The #1 Most worst mistakes of blogger did is they think about earning money money money. First you just need to build a strong relationship to your reader so they will always comback and read ablut your blog and have a enjoyable content. Dont think about money just enjoy blogging and you will see that you start earning high. Is like in work if you love your work it will be easy for you..
  13. Melancholy

    Melancholy New Member

    I think one of the most critical mistakes a blogger can make is to not proofread their posts. Spelling errors can quickly turn a reader off and make them stop reading, and grammar mistakes can make posts unclear and difficult to read. Proofreading is easy enough, especially with short posts with only a couple hundred words, but it can really make a difference in how popular your content is.

    Another thing is to just take your time! I know a lot of bloggers can be more money-orientated than anything else, but readers can quickly spot the difference between well thought out, quality content, and a quickly written and vague cash-grab. Take the time to read what you've written, and if it fits the purpose of what you want to write.
  14. fanakw

    fanakw New Member

    As a newbie to the blogging scene, thank you to all of you for the constructive advice. I've read so many different blogs/websites on how to start, but it can become a bit frustrating because, most of them are written by experienced bloggers, some of them seem to have forgotten the difficult start.
    I believe that if you are passionate about your content and if you have a consistent routine, you can be successful.
    I'm still taking my baby steps and want to write quality content. I guess one piece of great content at a time is the way to go...
  15. vonnie45

    vonnie45 New Member

    All of the information "out there" about blogging is overwhelming. Also, it's rather difficult to get started with limited funds. Wordpress appears to be the most popular blogging medium. Then there is the decision of a good website hosting. Every has an opinion on "how to make money blogging." I am yet to see actual proof.

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