Would you consider a movie good based on aspects other than story and characters?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by breego, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. breego

    breego New Member

    Let's say you didn't like the story and/or characters for whatever reason (too predictable, to confusing, etc.). But you really liked the sound design and/or the VFX, the score, the action etc. Would you consider the movie a good movie? Or, do you rate it based solely on its story and characters?
    As some one who has worked in the CG industry, I'm tempted to look at many of the other aspects of a movie if I'm not enjoying the story and include in my analysis when I'm giving a rating. How about you guys?
  2. kennanpnt

    kennanpnt New Member

    Film making is like having an orchestra for a symphony, and an ensemble for a theatrical play. It is a complex process that includes an array of technical elements. This stance might be debatable between those people who are dogmatically output oriented versus those who are process oriented. To situate, if I happened to be able to witness the struggles of an independent team to create a movie and how they were able to rise up against all odds, then I would probably see it as good considering beyond the technicalities.
  3. apolinske28

    apolinske28 New Member

    The cinematography is for sure important. The music makes a movie. Look at all of Tarantino's movies. The music is almost like a character in and of itself.
  4. MyOCDisWorkable

    MyOCDisWorkable New Member

    As far as music or scores is concerned, I'd refer to anything involving Hans Zimmer. Some of his scores are better than the movies. That being said, I don't think its just one particular thing that makes a movie a good movie. I've watched and tuned out for various reasons.

    For instance, I won't watch anything with Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Lawrence. Both have done and said things that made me balk and I don't much care for them as people. Even if they're in a movie with another actor I enjoy, such as "Passengers". I like Chris Pratt, find him hilarious and enjoyable, but I don't like Jennifer Lawrence, so I've never seen it.
  5. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I believe the actor can make or break a film. The way he or she can put energy into the role that he or she is playing bring something good into a film despite its limitations. This can be seen in many independent movies. I have seen so many big-budgeted films will all the aspects covered but bad scripts and bad acting have ruined. Good acting is the core to making a bad film good.
  6. fikaaaa14

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    It needs to go together, characters and story, the best thing is when a character has a good story and we can connect to that character. For me the story is the most important thing in the movie and characters somehow only make the movie better but not worst.

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