Would you ever homeschool your child?

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  1. Leah Grant

    Leah Grant New Member

    Social and leadership skills appear to be the main concern for parents who decide to home school their children. I have heard of many communities that setup homeschooling networks. Parents connect with other parents who are homeschooling and they create their own schooling system. Each parent is responsible for teaching the children a subject, whether it be math, geography, art, etc. I think this is a great idea, as it relieves one parent from teaching every subject.
  2. jsmith43

    jsmith43 New Member

    I think it's important to understand the capabilities and the limits of your child and yourself. If I felt like I was qualified to home school my child, then I would do so. How I felt I would be qualified was whether or not I was college educated. Of course, another aspect to healthy childhood development is social skills. I think the environment conducted in home schooling is not conducive to a healthy social development. If I were to home school my child, I would try to supplement his studies with encouraging him or her to make friends with neighbors or join clubs in our community.
  3. Devyani

    Devyani New Member

    It's been 2 years that i am married and from last year we have been procrastinating the plan to have a child but now it's decided that we are going to have one. When was a kid myself i had been home schooled not because of some research reason but the place i brought up was remotely situated. This is my firm belief that home-schooled children are in no way different from the children who attend traditional schools, in fact i cleared the entrance test for the school when my uncle went to enrolled me for the very first time.

    The reason why children are sent to traditional school in their childhood because parents wants a strong and firm foundation for their career but they should also realize that these initial years should be free from pressure.

    One reason why parents hesitate to adopt home schooling because they are afraid that their child's academic result will suffer . However this factor is not at all plausible. Moreover studies have shown that the academic results of the children who are homeschooling are same if not better than those who are going to traditional schools.
    We can also say that some of the world 's most famous people are homeschooled for example Thomas Edison ( who enlighten the world ) , Winston Churchill ( Noble prize in literature , British war medal winner and list go on ) .Homeschooling helps parents to cater the study schedule according to their child's need.

    Since homeschooling allows parents to spend more time with their child ,their family relationship is strengthened and there is more family bonding.The child self-confidence and self-esteem improves

    Not only this but schools "clams up" on the religious topics due to it's sensitive nature in our country. Schools always prefer to take a neutral stand regarding religion and spirituality.

    So achievements of the children who are homeschooling do not compare less than those who are going to school.
  4. Trevor K.

    Trevor K. New Member

    I definitely believe in homeschooling. It is very upsetting to know that the curriculums in public schools are controlled by those who may have political agendas. I think the education you're going to get in public schools is an education, but not an excellent one. Obviously a private school would probably be the most beneficial in terms of content and quality, as they have the finances to demand the best teachers available in most cases. If the parent is capable and disciplined enough, the child could very well receive the best education the world has to offer. But, if the parent is not a fit teacher and does not have the means necessary to give a proper education, the quality of education could possibly be the lowest by far. I really disagree with religion. I think that is a very antiquated way of thinking. I believe that morals are enough and that religion should not play a role in schools. That may mean that public schools may be out of the question as well because of this reason. Public schools may still be predominantly Christian still, as they were when I attended them until 2001. The religion of the schools are most likely subject to change depending on countries and surrounding demographics for religions. Overall there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing what is right for you and your child. I hope this information helps.
  5. mslinds83

    mslinds83 New Member

    With the way that the public educational system of our country is failing so many of our children, I consider homeschooling to be a great, stable option. Back when I was in school, it was still a bit taboo of an undertaking, but with more schools being privatized, chartered and the treatment of curriculum across the board, even most of th teachers that I know say they are considering homeschooling their current or future children. My only concerns are for the kids' social well-being. I've come across kids in high school and college that were homeschooled and their social skills are horrid, and their perception of the world as a whole is terribly narrow. When they enter a large learning environment, especially college, it is a huge shock and they often find it hard to interact with those from different or conflicting backgrounds.
  6. Trinket

    Trinket New Member

    I homeschooled my oldest child for a year, and she did very well. I had many reasons for making this decision, she was being bullied, and the school would not allow her to take the advanced courses she needed because they felt at her age she would benefit more from repetition (she is gifted, and tested far above her classmates which let to boredom and anxiety). These are two main reasons why this decision was made. However, my daughter is very introverted, and I found that having her so isolated led to a deeper internal isolation that my husband and I felt would hinder her in her adult life. She is now in a wonderful school, and doing very well socially. I think that if you have a child that is willing to participate in social activities, and you have the time to devote to making sure that they get proper socialization, homeschooling can be a wonderful choice. However, I do not feel that homeschooling is a good choice if your child has any social issues such as making new friends, being involved in group activities, etc. as this will further alienate them from others. It is a personal choice, and one that should not be made lightly, but should be made based on each individual child.
  7. EnglishPerfect

    EnglishPerfect New Member

    No chance. Sure, there are important things to be learned in school (e.g. maths, English etc) but realistically school is mostly about developing social skills and building friendships. I can't remember half the things they taught me in school, the friendships last forever however.
  8. scootermom

    scootermom New Member

    I have actually been homeschooling my girl for five years. She is studying for her GED right now. I get the materials off the GED site directly. There are a lot of resources for homeschooling, but you have to know the law in your state concerning it. One of the requirements in my state was that along with the regular curriculum required, you had to teach good citizenship as well. Good luck!!
  9. RThornton

    RThornton New Member

    The amount of discipline homeschooling takes, not only on the part of the child but the parent as well, is significant. I know several families that homeschool their children and in many respects, they are more intelligent than their public school counterparts. The lack of regular social interaction and extracurricular activities are downsides to home schooling but they can be overcome by dedicated parents. I do believe the decision lies with the parents based on the performance of the available schools and the aptitude of the child. Some kids are great at learning, some are not. No child learns the exact same way or at the same speed as any other, homeschooling allows the parents to capitalize on the best way and the best speed that will support the child's learning. Small schools can achieve this as well, albeit to a lesser extent. Personally, I wouldn't homeschool my little one as I am not capable of providing the education I think she needs in certain subjects (math is my nemesis). But, to each his own I suppose.
  10. Landrum52210

    Landrum52210 New Member

    My husband and I decided to homeschool our six year old daughter. The reasons for our decision was to protect her from the world. Our daughter did not do well because she was bored. She wanted to play and watch cartoons instead of doing her school work. She is very smart and did well, but she needed to be around others her age. This year she is in a public school and is doing very well. She comes home talking about all her friends and everything she has learned. She is thriving and so excited to go to school.
  11. Blank629

    Blank629 New Member

    Homeschool is trending this day but I still want my kids to go to school and enter in a classroom with their teacher. Because in classrooms, they not only learning different subjects but they also learned how to interact with other students and make friends to them. It's more on socializing and it is the best way to expose the kids and to say to them that, "the world is too big and adventures are waiting for you".
  12. emma25

    emma25 New Member

    I currently don't have children but I would absolutely consider home schooling any children I have as I feel I would be able to educate them whilst providing them with skills they need for life that schools always miss out on but I would still send them to clubs to mingle with other children.
  13. Damywendy

    Damywendy New Member

    As afather to three lovely kids,I'll always supports the conventional school to home schooling my kids,It'll prepare them for what life is about,See things from different perspectives and know how to relate and landle life challenges. Im a product of the conventional school system,its toughened me up,
    At home there will be no competition, it'll be the teacher and the children,but at conventional school,The child learns from different sources, that is,the teacher,classmate,school mates,the environment,
    I want my kids to be independent, and be mentally and socially alert, so that when Im not around they can take care of themselves, how would they handle a bully if they are home schooled,and all other things that comes with being smart.
    I love to hear their daily adventures,the little fight and shy girlfriends ,all this are childhood funs that I know if they are to school at home,they wont get that.
    Yes there are challenges,like bad influence and all that,I cant shield my kids for life,as a parent you cant be too careful,or over protective of your child,But it's also good to let them discover themselves
  14. @althea27

    @althea27 New Member

    no I don't want my child do homeschooling. I want my child go to school w/ other children so she can learn with other children, she can play with them, having friends, comunicate. I want her to develop her self, enjoying her childhood.
  15. Simplifier

    Simplifier New Member

    I would personally homeschool my child, because in today's digital era, so many valuable teachers are opting to work remotely. I was in the public school system, by my sister, 15 years my junior, was put into homeschooling by my father and step-mother, due to their travel schedule. My sister had some amazing teachers, and she was able to attend the classes at the times she set before her school year started. There were so many options out there for homeschooling, so if you didn't like the way a system was set up, just go to the next option, and repeat, until you find the one that suits your needs.

    The big question is how to keep your child socially engaged. Again, thanks to the digital era, there are so many websites you can go to and sign up your child for after-school activities, often with transportation arrangements built into the cost. I was always a kid that did better in super-quiet environments, especially when studying. I couldn't handle noise, or listen to music, like friends of mine did. After watching how my sister was able to just roll out of bed, sit at her computer for an hour with headphones, work with a teacher and students on math, go eat breakfast in our kitchen, go back to her computer for history class, only to get picked up for an archery club in the afternoon, I was blown away!

    I consequently grilled my dad for a while as to why he didn't homeschool me and just sign me up for activities. And his answer? If only these things had been so easily available when I was my sister's age. He said he never would have allowed me to get picked up by a stranger for an after-school activity. But my sister? He's able to view who the driver is, the clean background and driving histories, and once my sister was signed up, he had the driver's cell phone number and a link that would show him in real time where the van was when she was going to and from the archery range. I would definitely want my child to enjoy and excel in their schooling and social activities, so the option would definitely be on the table if my child wanted a different option than public school.
  16. CampingNanax5

    CampingNanax5 New Member

    If I had to do it all over again I would home school my three children. I am now going to be helping home school my grandchildren and I couldn't be more proud and humble. My grandchildren have already learned to walk and talk. Think about that. They've learned the most complicated human skills, and I was part of teaching them those skills. To walk, they've learned about balance, using muscles, choosing a direction, and more. Somehow, from all the sounds they've heard, my grandchildren have selected the ones that are part of our English language, figured out what they mean, and learned to make them. With my help and support, my grandchildren have learned all of this. So of course I can and will help home school them to enrich their lives and to show that I deeply care about them and their future.
  17. skrinkle

    skrinkle New Member

    No. There is a reason there are teachers for every subject. We can't hold all of that knowledge in our heads to properly explain and truly TEACH it. We need to focus on one subject and understand it completely, so we can answer ALL questions the learner may have.
  18. Emma Ezea

    Emma Ezea New Member

    I could remember how I started, when my family was undergoing a series of difficulties to an extent that my parents was contemplating on whether to homeschool me and my younger sister, as a humble child, I have no alternative other than to succumb to their wishes.
    Sincerely, I don't like to be homeschooled . Remembering how I used to compete with Daniel (very intelligent class mate), the fun we use to have during break time and a whole lot of awesome activities in our school then. Few days later, they (my parents) changed their minds not to homeschool us at all cost.
    A homeschooled child maybe very intelligent but he or she must lack a strong competitive advantage when compared to non-homeschooled children. As this world has continued to be more competitive in all ramifications, I will not deny my the early competitive advantage by homeschooling him or her.
  19. vin.averia

    vin.averia New Member

    Yes, I have a 6 month old daughter and I want to really keep an eye on her personal growth. Even though I wasn't home-schooled, I want my own to be taught at home during her early years. The reason why is because I want to be assured that the values she needs to learn would be really practiced and taught by us parents.
    If my child is home-schooled, we would have more options and ideas for her to learn and socialize. Some parents of home-schooled children set up outings or gatherings for their kids so that the children may experience being around playing or socializing.
    I am not against traditional schools, but if my child is taught during the important stages of her development at home, I am able to monitor or make sure my child learns, develops and understands the lessons, not just the ABCs. Values like discipline, respect, obedience, compassion, generosity. That is what I am aiming for my child to really acquire early on.
  20. Digicashceo

    Digicashceo New Member

    No. I know the op has said one of the benefits of homeschooling your kids is that they can avoid bullies. In my opinion that's not necessarily a good thing. I know that nowadays bullying is right up there with mass murder, it's an “epidemic”. This falls partly on the media’s shoulders. They tend to show the extreme situations concerning bullies. Not every kid will go to school and kill every person they meet. Not every kid will commit suicide. When you shelter your kids from what the world is really like you set them up for failure. Children need to be around other kids of different cultures and ethnicities. Homeschooling is not necessarily wrong but it's something one should give considerate thought about.
  21. toneth

    toneth New Member

    Homeschooling can bring convenience but may show problems to a child on the long run. Sure, the child and the parents have a flexible time on topics what to focus, and when is the convenient time for both parties. Also, he will surely not experience school bullying. However, homeschooling can miss a relative important thing regarding child's growth social-interaction. This can surely shape the child's emotial and intelligence quotient, on how to handle other people, what to do when you are in difficult position. Because as we grow up, we encounter different kind of people in our lives, but since we are prepare on what to do, we can interact harmoniously with others.:)
  22. xtine1101

    xtine1101 New Member

    Homeschool? Well, in my own opinion, I would not homeschool my future kids. One reason is that the traditional education where the children can interact with their other peers is way too valuable compared to homeschool. With regards to safeness, I know homeschool would be more appropriate because you can ensure that the child is safe and well protected. The problems that might occur in the traditional school like bullying, fist fighting, and many things can be avoided. But if you will not let your kids get engage in their social circle, you are putting a hindrance on spending the 100% happiness that they can get during their childhood days. The lessons and values that they can get from other people and how to stand and defend themselves will be taken away. Moreover, their sense of maturity will grow and develop faster if they will be able to socialize with different kinds of people. Therefore, I think it's still the best way to send the kids in the traditional school setting environment.
  23. AfricanChild

    AfricanChild New Member

    If I had the time to do so, I would definitely go for it. Mostly because I believe one-on-one student interaction is much more effective and its easier to determine a child's strengths and weakness much faster so as to focus on what he excels at most. However, I would still make sure that my child is exposed to the social environment and get him involved in activities with his agemates. I wouldn't want him to grow up only knowing homeschool. He needs to get out there and also experience the other side of the world. Unfortunately, I work a full-time job and therefore cannot find the time to homeschool my child.
  24. sarah abrahams

    sarah abrahams New Member

    homeschool is focused on children as individuals, a child's education can be tailored to her capabilities and personality. If a child excels in a specific area, his education in that area can be accelerated. If a child struggles in a particular area, additional resources can be brought to bear to help. Also, the way children are taught can be based on how the child best learns because of the child's personality. For example, if a child is a visual learner, more visual elements can be incorporated into that child's instruction.
  25. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    I think In this world the education system has not changed in the past 150 years . And for the wrong reasons unfortunately .. I personally don’t believe in tests and grades, the school system today is only good for the few..school is like asking a chicken , a fish and a monkey to climb a tree .. and who ever gets up first wins ..I wouldn’t home school my children completely. Just because of the fact that social skills are so important I would send them. as long as they learn social skills there are enough great schools out there that can fit any body with different morals and views that can fit the children. But would put my bet on going to school to be the best option to succeed in life .
  26. Mark barretto

    Mark barretto New Member

    If I have a son then I will homeschool him because he deserves to be comfortable honestly I hate schooling because of bullying and I don't want my son to be bullied that's why I want to homeschool him not just for that reason but also to manage his time and capability and study at his own pace and I can train him as his teacher
  27. nejieh19

    nejieh19 New Member

    I would rather choose a proper school than a home school for my child. The environment affects the development of a child. I think a proper school would not only teach my son academically but also interactively. He will develop an interpersonal relationship with other people. Moreover, his childhood experience will the same of a typical child exposing to the outside world of our home.
  28. audrey_ven_gal

    audrey_ven_gal New Member

    In my opinion, I wouldn't. The learnings you can acquire from home is very limited than the knowledge you can get from school. You may say homeschooled children seem to be smart, but you see, a child doesn't just need to be smart academically, they also need to be smart socially, physically, emotionally, environmentally and so on. A child will not be able to experience or learn all of that just by staying at home and teach them all the things theoretically. It's still best for them to see and experience it firsthand. Furthermore, he/she prone to develop new knowledge or skills in school rather than at home. Lastly, studying in school helps a child be more competitive. It encourages him/her to set goals in life which will be very helpful in his/her future.
  29. lynjera06

    lynjera06 New Member

    Children needs not into homeschooling, they need to be at schools in order to learn more not just learning all the lessons that the teacher can provide but also learning some activities, playing and get along socially to each and everyone. Make them happy while learning. I love kids and I love to see them happy.


    This is just my personal observation from the people I know. I highly believe that it is still better to send our children to a regular school. Being street smart is something that cannot be learned from the manuals or a demonstration of some sort.

    We are all naturally are 'social animals' and we need to be exposed to different types of people with different set of beliefs that are totally opposite from ours. Along the way, we learn to blend with them and be sensitive to their values that I believe is essential to the real world after spending years of formal education. The 'corporate jungle' is not called a jungle for nothing. The instinct to thrive in a non-utopia environment should be learned at an early age. This is a survival skill that can never be taught by anyone but by experience. The mindset of parents of home-schooling their children in order to 'contain' them from the negative influences is, for me, a flawed concept.

    Just to be clear that being street smart here is not limited to the example that I have stated above. The are a lot of scenarios that we can discuss about being street smart.

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