Would you ever write something with other people?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by lucaspir7, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. lucaspir7

    lucaspir7 New Member

    It's called collaborative fiction when three or more authors share creative control of a story. What do you think about it? Would you ever write something with other people?

    It must be not easy to be a God but I think it would be a lot harder if you are not the only one.

    I think it could be a way to analyze our self too. Because if we found our self in a situation when one has all the power in the world and the more we are the less power we got. How many of us will be happy without it? How our world would change? How the character, the locations the plot...
  2. JeremyHB

    JeremyHB New Member

    This is actually how my friends and I used to work on stories back in high school. I think it works really well, up until you actually have to do some writing. That's where things get tricky.

    In world-building and character creation, you can all pitch ideas back and forth. It really helps to keep the creativity flowing while also creating an open space to analyze and criticize ideas.

    But, like I said, it's REALLY hard to actually write something. That entirely falls on one person, otherwise you tend to get weird disconnected portions of story telling where the parts are quite clearly varied in quality.
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  3. stingray306

    stingray306 New Member

    I don't think I would ever write with someone else in a joined project, UNLESS it was a novel written from two separate perspectives. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Basically, I think it would be really cool to write a book where every second chapter is written from a different character's perspective, so you get alternating view-points on one story. That way, each writer can really focus on developing one character, and the difference in writing style would actually ENHANCE the story in a way that I think would be quite wonderful.
  4. VintageRose

    VintageRose New Member

    My best friend and I collaborate more often than not, and I think it's an amazing way to improve, not only your writing skills, but also your wits and your ability to work as a team in an area noted for its individuality.

    Think of it; when your control over the setting of the story is limited, your creativity is challenged each time the story takes a sharp turn you didn't expect. Subsequently, you must exercise your wits by reformulating the path that you had already conceived. Also, having a writing partner is like having a beta reader right next to you, since both keep each other in check and make sure there is continuity and logic in your writing.
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  5. StardustNebula

    StardustNebula New Member

    I would! In fact, I already have.

    And I also happened to start like that! We would take turns to write and send the story to each other via diskette. Ah, the nineties certainly sped up way too fast. Anyway! Nostalgia aside, I think it makes the writing a lot more amusing if you have someone to help you choose what to do. True, it might prove to be trickier when disagreements arises, but disagreements may lead to brainstorms that will bring forward better ideas along.
    I think the key choice here is WHO you decide to work with and how well your ideas mixes with the other writer. By all means give collaborative fiction a chance, you might discover a godly mix waiting to prove its worth!
  6. dutchy

    dutchy New Member

    I wrote a collaborative prose poem (so a poem written in the style of prose, in our case with a narrative) through email for a good while. It came out beautifully. The problem that we encountered was actually with regards to editing the poem--as it turns out, at least for us, the creative aspect was one we had no trouble sharing, but the editing got a little harder to do amiably.
  7. Rstonehenge

    Rstonehenge New Member

    I think it would be difficult to write a story with two different viewpoints. It's hard enough to get your own thoughts across. Ever had writer's block? Definitely not fun when trying to meet deadlines.
  8. Lydiahilda

    Lydiahilda New Member

    Absolutely! I would say that being able (and willing!) to share your ideas and discuss them with a writing group is very helpful, particularly if your group is honest with you. When it comes to actually sitting down and hammering out a real story, i.e., the work, too many cooks spoil the soup. From my experiences, usually every writer thinks he or she is doing the best work, and if not, that there's at least one person who's just not up to snuff. Stylistically, it's a nightmare. Everyone's personal writing style is distinct, and the story can easily become disjointed. If you've ever wanted to throw a chair at someone over dashes and semicolons, you know how it feels to try and write collaboratively.

    Overall, it's not for me. I tend to guard my ideas and drafts like Smaug with his treasure, so just a writer's group would be difficult, although probably helpful!
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  9. ciaotrae

    ciaotrae New Member

    Oh goodness. I tried this once, around right when I started writing, because there was a more popular fiction author that I wanted to hop on the coattails of, so-to-speak.

    It was manageable. Because we were writing a very long fanfiction, we made it work by alternating chapters. It was nice having someone who was as committed to the story as you are to bounce ideas off of, and there's none of that frustration of having no one to talk about your story with. We definitely fed off of each others' excitement and passion, and I think we did work together well for a good amount of time.

    However, it grew longer and longer and eventually became a multi-year project that neither of us were ready for. I was the one that wanted to back out initially, admittedly, and without me my partner couldn't really finish. I guess that's the heavy responsibility that comes with taking such a serious and co-dependent role.
  10. UnicornHeart

    UnicornHeart New Member

    Probably not, but that sounds interesting. I have never thought of collaborating with other writer and writing a story with them. Now that I think of it that's not a bad idea because you have someone there alongside you helping and supporting you in your writing journey. However, I can see how writing with someone else might become conflicting and more complicated than just writing by yourself. Like what would happen if you didn't agree with your writing partner about which direction to take the story, what if you don't like each other's ideas? Should you just settle for the ideas presented because you want to work as a team or take the story in the direction that you want? I don't know I just have a what if brain. With a partnership, you must come to an agreement or else it won't work at all. I couldn't see myself collaborating because I am introvert which means I am a very emotional person and I like to express myself more in my thoughts more just from socialization. I feel like if I partner up with someone on a story, I would be afraid to share my ideas for fear that they might not like or up to the other's standards. I like having my personal space, and my creative writing is a very personal thing to me. I would love to share the stories I create with the world, but I don't want to team up with another writer because the voice and style might be offbeat because each writer writes differently, so together it might sound convoluted. I haven't read any books from a group of writers except for Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl which had good writing. Overall, group writing isn't for me, but some people can do with the right people and make quality literature together. I don't have anyone I can think in which shares my same vision, and that's why I rather write on my own, and I have more fun on my own than in groups and teams anyway.
  11. preshwrites

    preshwrites New Member

    Writing with others can be fun, but also a bit tricky. I used to write with a group of friends back in the days. It can be difficult to get to the conclusion of the story as everybody as one idea or the other to add
  12. Jasper Gillespie

    Jasper Gillespie New Member

    I've practiced this in the past - haven't had the network to write with anyone lately though. It can be challenging to find other people with generally the same interests & writing habits, which has been my main limitation & reason for not partaking in collaborative writing recently.

    I'd be open to the idea of writing & sharing the story board with a few other collaborative members, they'd just have to be people that I trust offline & online.
  13. x021

    x021 New Member

    You can invite a bunch of people to edit a single Google Docs page at the same time. I always thought it would be cool to try and get a handful of people into the same Google Docs page and see what we come up with. Although, I bet it wouldn't be too great will all of the different writing styles people have.

    I think it's a bit harder to try and collaborate through writing than it would be through other artistic means.
  14. Souverian

    Souverian New Member

    I could never do it. I've found that in collaborative projects, I'm usually willing to actually work with someone else, but they're almost never willing to work with me. Few people are willing to hear criticism or edit their ideas, and when it comes to worlds and characters, people can get very precious with their creations. I'm typically pretty introverted anyway, and prefer to work by myself-- why would you want to collaborate when you can have complete control over the project?
    Maybe when I become a much more experienced writer and less attached to my own ideas and characters, I'd want to work with a writer of similar experience, or maybe even mentor someone. But right now, it's too frustrating to try to contribute or critique and get shot down each time!
  15. Innesnesrin

    Innesnesrin New Member

    yes why not ,this could be very interesting and productive at the same time. In addition to that, writing from many perspectives Can result in a great realistic or dramatic work.
  16. luttara

    luttara New Member

    I know each writers have their own style and art of writing so sometimes it's tough when you gotta share ideas with others but the thing is that it's actually helpful to write a story with others too. Aside from having new ideas and being more creative it teaches you life values too, like being competitive and at the same time working as one!
  17. bonketybonk

    bonketybonk New Member

    I'd join a Round Robin, but other than that, where everyone in the group has to plan out and write something at the same time? No thanks. Writing is a one-human job.
  18. Jannette Guzman

    Jannette Guzman New Member

    Yes, why not. If GOD had given me the talent in writing ,then I will do it teach nor shared others the talent that GOd has given.I will use it toinspire others and help them improve their writting skills
  19. jhonner

    jhonner New Member

    If I could have the hand that can teach others and a wisdom that could inspire people then there will be no reason for me to hide it if this is what it takes to make a different in this ruined and full of hatred world, then so be it.

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