Would You Give Second Chances in Love?

Discussion in 'Books' started by pholski, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. pholski

    pholski New Member

    It is one thing to hear one's heartbreak. It is another to feel your heart's screaming in pain from it. Not something to wish on anyone. Would I still go for second chances? My answer is yes. Is it sometime in the near future? I would have to say "No".

    No matter what the future holds, never give up on love.
  2. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    yes,because sometimes we learned from our mistakes,that why i accept second chances for love.
  3. angeloflight

    angeloflight Member

    Base from my experience, I would say no. I had broken up with my boyfriend and he asked me to give him another chance. I did gave him another chance thinking this time it will be different. However it turns out it was worst than the 1st time. Eventually we called it quits admitting that we are not compatible. I broke up with him the 1st time because he was cheating on me. He broke my heart and trust. Once something is broken it's really hard to fix it,especially if it was your trust that was broken.
  4. mamaytann

    mamaytann New Member

    Personally, I have been in so many situations in which I have given people many chances, only to be disappointed later. Basically, it was a free pass to walk all over me as many times as they can. Because I was too embarrassed to speak up or even stand up for myself. At a certain point, it all became too much for me.
  5. When I was younger, I've always said that once someone cheated on me or give up on me then it's over. However, as I grow older I've learned that there are times when your heart is more important than your pride. Relationships are never meant to be perfect. Relationships are never designed to be easy. For two people to grow, there should be a balance of love, space, trust and a few allowances for mistakes. There should be faith.

    So, will I give a second chance? If the person deserves it, then yes.
  6. Dingkay

    Dingkay New Member

    Second chances in love?.. Only the heart and brain knows if really deserves a second chance, if it deserve a second chance, be it.. Do not be afraid to give a second chance,. Because u might found the second chance better... But in giving a second chances, u must ready and do not afraid to let go if second chance do not work,.
  7. mariebernadette

    mariebernadette New Member

    Yes. Because if you truly love someone, you will forgive. But there is a limit to forgiving, if that person changed his behavior for the better and if he or she is really sincere to you, then he or she deserves a second chance. On the other hand, if he or she still commits the same mistakes to you, then you should think again whether or not to continue with the relationship or to move on and learn to love yourself more.
  8. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    I have experienced giving someone a second chance because I still love her. But in the end, she still chose to break my trust and my heart and left me for the second time around. Through this experience, I've decided that I would never give a second chance in love again. Once is enough and I will not do that stupidity ever again. Love is very powerful, it can make you feel really amazing, a feeling like you've never felt before and seems like everything is going in a good way. On the contrast, it could also devastate your emotion, if someone unloves us it makes us feel worthless, unappreciated, unimportant, and most of all it breaks our heart and the trust we build for that certain person. So for me, once is enough and I won't do that same mistake again. There is always that right person for us, we just need to look forward and keep on moving on, look on the brighter side and love our self more.
  9. rikkabergado

    rikkabergado New Member

    If that someone deserves our second chance, why not? We are all human, we make mistakes. But everyone must work or prove for that second chance.
  10. Zyrylrago

    Zyrylrago Member

    Yes, because that means they learned what they have done. It’s just about how you failed your first quiz and passed the second quiz. They need to have a lesson that they have done wrong, and you need to accept them. There’s nothing wrong about giving second chances, but it should be the last chance you need to give them. Third chances isn’t love, I think. Why would they do the same thing again if they knew it would hurt you? Is that what you call love? So yes, you can give second chances in love. Have a good day! :)
  11. morenodiazbnj

    morenodiazbnj New Member

    Yes, I will always give second chances. Why? If you truly love that person, no matter what happens you will still welcome them in your life with open arms. That's the power of love, giving second chances or even a lot of chances.
  12. prexv

    prexv Member

    I would say yes because I believe there's nothing wrong to give second chances to people who you loved no matter how much you've been hurt, betrayed or disappointed. It can prove themselves if they're really willing to change for the better for you. Not everyone is capable of forgiving and giving opportunities like this easily from the wrongs they have done in the past to you but we should also understand that people can learn from their mistakes. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that they can change and genuinely show that they are indeed willing to take this responsibility especially in a situation where you have already built a strong and healthy relationship with them before.
  13. Iahhel127

    Iahhel127 New Member

    If Love is still there then why question yourself?
    Love is not about only loving, it’s actually so much more. It is about sharing,giving,accepting and forgiving!
    So why not forgive? Making a mistake once could not erase the memories you shared! Nothing is perfect in life. Circumstances happen that is often unavoidable and you end up hurting someone especially those close to you.
  14. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    If you ask me I say no because if you genuinely love someone you will never ever do something to hurt or betray him/her or even look at someone else and if you truly love someone you will not succumb to any form of temptation that will create problems for your relationship. If you cheat or betray your partner that means only two things for me: Your feelings for that person are half-heartedly made or you are just using that guy/girl for your own advantage ex. (sensual, monetary gain).
  15. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    yes i can still give love a second chance because i believe that if a person is willing to make it up to you sincerely second chance will be worth it. Second chance in love is not easy its a risk of our emotions towards same person who hurts us. If we believe in love then we can still believe in a second chance too.
  16. Samdan78

    Samdan78 New Member

    Yes, I would give a second chance in love. We human beings are fallible. We are prone to errors and mistakes. Sometimes we hurt those that love us, but sometimes we make them proud. That is human nature.

    Therefore, it should be expected in every relationship that lovers could offend each other, knowingly or unknowingly. But if there is genuine love between them, their relationship will continue. What is important is the love they share; it is the binding force that keeps them together through thick and thin.

    However, I do not think that a second chance is necessary when two people are not compatible, and when they have no genuine love for each other.
  17. Honeyjuicebox

    Honeyjuicebox New Member

    Being in a relationship for more that ten years and still counting, I would say that I've given multiple chances to my partner. Not just a second chance, but a lot of chance. We were classmates since grade school. He courted me when we were in third year high school. Well courtship is common and a tradition in our country. A guy must prove to the girl that he's deserving for her love. So my boyfriend courted me and I gave him my approval of being my boyfriend. But we were only together for a year since we were in a relationship when we started fourth year high school. So when we graduated in high school, we started our long-distance relationship set up since I have to move to another city to start my college education. It wasn't easy at the start but we still managed to overcome it. We've been into so many struggles. We argued and console each other only through our means of communication. The reason why I told you our story is because I want to enlighten you and tell you about love. Love doesn't always mean the bright, positive and sweet things. It doesn't only focus on the right things you should do for your partner, but rather, it's also about forgiveness. For me love is the only sacred thing that connects you in this world full of evil. You may not know it but without having love in your body, it's like having no soul. That is why people tend to say like, even the most evil person in this world also have a kind heart deep down and that is because of love. I also read a piece of phrase from a book that says, the moment you stop thinking or asking yourself why you love that person, then you already stopped loving him. That phrase caught me off-guard, because I thought all these years, after so many fights, arguing and crying with my partner, I no longer love him but I was wrong. Because that phrase was the answer to my questions. I've often asked myself why I've been in this relationship and why did things happen the way it did? It's because of love. We would't have made it this far if it wasn't for our love right. So if someone asks me if i'd give second chances? I'd say yes multiple times not only to my partner but also to those people who made a mistake to me. We aren't perfect and we make mistakes oftentimes.
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  18. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    Depends situation
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  19. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    Why not? Love is patient, love is kind
  20. Donna12

    Donna12 New Member

    Yes, I would give a second chance for love if the person really deserves it. Sometimes, we make our decisions by weighing the pros and cons in accepting back the love from a person. I always believe that love is sweeter the second time around.
  21. romilda

    romilda Member

    yes, as the saying goes love is sweeter at the second time around.
  22. AlienOcean

    AlienOcean New Member

    Depends on the situation.
    If you feel like you could trust this person again and you if you feel there is love between the two of you, then you probably should give them a second chance.
  23. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    They say "Love is sweeter the second time around" I think giving chances to the people that you love proved how much you valued that person for risking your emotion and your self worth again. Because your giving them an opportunity to either Love or Hurt you again and i think that's brave. Everybody deserve second chances but only second chances because doing the same thing over and over again is not a mistake at all its who they are and you cant change that. so its time for you to move on because you deserve better than an asshole.
  24. Arzu123

    Arzu123 New Member

    i would never give a second chance in love because for one it wasn't me that did wrong and secondly if you wanted to be with that person then you wouldn't cheat on him/her in the first place and if you give them a second chance they might do the same thing over so i wouldn't give them no second chance.

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