Would you prefer to read or listen to a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Frenchkissed2013, May 11, 2015.

  1. Frenchkissed2013

    Frenchkissed2013 New Member

    I love to read books but I find it very interesting to listen to them now.
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  2. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu New Member

    I think in most situations I would prefer to read a book. I like to take a story or information in at my own pace. I wouldn't mind listening to a book during a long car ride or flight. I might listen to one in the shower, but I generally just play music in that case.
  3. Jonathan Felix

    Jonathan Felix New Member

    I would prefer reading a book. But I think it is based off how alert your mind is and how capable you are of multitasking. I have enjoyed reading books since I was a fetus in my mothers stomach. Books are capable of keeping me induced until I have finished reading the series, which likely means hours of sleep being lost. On the other hand, audiobooks can keep me entertained for at most 10 minutes, before I ponder off or begin to work on another task. ( Meaning I do not get as entertained as actually reading.)

    I came up with the conclusion of it being partially my fault, partially the narrator of the audiobook. Since I began to read when was young, I was able to create and keep a tone I always have when reading in my mind. Even when reading H.G. Wells (terrible author), I am still able to maintain a tone only I can create in my mind. The narrator's often exaggerate the story when reading, ultimately create a boring environment.

    You should try both and see what you like best :) You cannot really integrate another's opinion in this situation. See for yourself and good luck on finding the best preference!
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  4. Sarah Green

    Sarah Green New Member

    I definitely prefer to read a book over listening to a book. When I read a book I can control the pace and how I think the characters sound in my head. However, there is one exception. I like to listen to autobiographies that are being read by the author, because I would hear their voice in my head anyway and I feel like since it is their life, they are the best person to tell the story!
  5. Jabrina428

    Jabrina428 New Member

    I absolutely love reading novels, but I was a bit wary when I was first introduced to audio books. I'm a fast reader, so my biggest pet peeve about audio books is that it takes time... a lot more time than if I was reading the book. However, I'm also the type of reader that can't stop reading in the middle of a novel, I have to start and finish it within a day or two to sate my curiosity. So when I realized that with audio books I can go about being productive (driving, cleaning, or any other mindless task) I started to get addicted. I think that there's no replacement to having the physical book in your hand and reading it, but audio books are practical for busy lives.
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  6. lachris15

    lachris15 New Member

    I would prefer to read a book because it would be at my own pace. If I listen to an book I would have to listen at the pace of the reader. This may be ok if I wanted to "read" a book but did not have the time to pick up or use my hands but I like to see the words. Listening is great for multi-tasking and if you like to hear people read to you and the person has a great voice. Although I think that the person needs to have an good but not to soothing voice because the voice may make you fall asleep and that would defeat the purpose of tying to read a book.
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  7. arkanalokhtar

    arkanalokhtar New Member

    Wow, I'm surprised to see that most people prefer reading them so far...
    I have only discovered audiobooks recently, but it was a true epiphany. Earlier, I had to struggle to find the time to read books, but with audiobooks, I can "read" books while I am walking in the street or while I am washing the dishes...
    The downside is that they are usually expensive. However Audible offers subscriptions that makes them much cheaper (£7 each in the UK, instead of £25+ without subscription).
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  8. i prefer reading than listening. because you can understand better.
  9. zingvector

    zingvector New Member

    I prefer listening. Whenever I read and the story gets too exciting, I tend to rush through it. A narrator takes his time, gives different voices to characters. Listening to a fantasy novel in a British accent adds to the immersion.
    If I have some physical work to do, or go for a run, I put my earbuds in, hit "Play", and time just flies.
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  10. yumi03

    yumi03 New Member

    I definitely prefer reading. I am easily distracted and I tend to lose focus when I'm just listening. as opposed to when I'm reading.
  11. Essie

    Essie New Member

    I truly love reading books, and I would say that reading it in your head is much better than listening to the book. If you read it in your head, you can go your own pace and have your own character voices (kind of). Although listening to an audio book is nice, especially if a person is driving or can't look at a book at that moment. If I do have the chance to read the book, I would definitely prefer to read it.
  12. juliebee98

    juliebee98 New Member

    Personally, I prefer reading books. This is mainly because most audio files of books I have encountered tend to be more on the monotone side, and allow me to drift off into other thoughts and miss a good chunk of the book. However, when the reader is truly interesting to listen to, I find it enjoyable to listen to a book instead of reading because when reading, my eyes eventually become sore. But overall, I still prefer to read books rather than listen to them.
  13. jeannettosaurus

    jeannettosaurus New Member

    I love to read paper books or digital books, but these days I listen to a lot of audiobooks because then I can read while doing monotonous things like washing dishes or driving. (I hate washing dishes!) But I also rely on audiobooks for books that are old or difficult to read, like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or The Dubliners. Reading them on my own, it can be hard to understand the old English, but hearing someone read the stories suddenly makes them so easy to understand!
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  14. jeannettosaurus

    jeannettosaurus New Member

    I'm with you -- audiobooks are so expensive. Audible is great, and I have a couple of other suggestions too! The first one is Scribd. It's like Audible, but they have digital books in addition to audiobooks. Second is LibriVox.org, which is a free site where volunteer readers upload recordings of themselves reading books that are in the public domain. When I listened to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea on LibriVox, the reader was a sweet-sounding woman from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and it made the book even better. :D
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  15. Jonathan Inderjit

    Jonathan Inderjit New Member

    I would prefer to read a book because it let's me go at my own pace and I am able to grasp the meaning of the book better.
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  16. sammy674

    sammy674 New Member

    I think I prefer to read a book, as I like to have something physical in my hands. With listening, I think I would feel like I'd need to be doing something else at the same time! As others have said, I would prefer to go at my own pace and be able to flip back pages in order to verify details. Then again, I have never actually tried listening to a book so maybe these potential problems would not be so problematic after all!
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  17. owenchenn

    owenchenn New Member

    Would prefer to listen to a book :D Allows me to do diffferent stuff at once and get things done quicker.
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  18. sun2015

    sun2015 New Member

    I would definitely prefer to read a book. I've never listened to a book before and don't have intention of doing so. I've read thousands of story books before. There were times when I forgot to eat or take a break because I was in another world. The reason why I can let my imagination run wild is because there is no voice 'droning' in my ear. Reading is visual. Perhaps, this is what allows a person to delve into his or her imaginative powers fully and truly enjoy reading the book. I don't know. This thought just came to me :)
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  19. Pennyflower

    Pennyflower New Member

    I am not a fan of audiobooks, so it goes without saying that I prefer reading over listening. Sure, I can understand audiobooks under car-rides and other activities, but I find that I have trouble paying attention to whatever activity I am doing and listening to the audiobook at the same time.
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  20. I prefer to read a book. I like to finish my books in a day or two. The pre-recorded audio is too slow for me and if I do need to go back to understand the plot, I find it difficult. Also, audio books are more expensive than buying the regular book. I don’t need a subscription, like Audible, taking money from my card every month. I feel like I am not at the point, where I have to buy audio books. Reading is something that I do as a pastime. If I want to read a book on a busy schedule, I just do it because listening to the book would take up more of my time.
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  21. Basinator

    Basinator New Member

    I prefer reading.
    Slowly reading, physically turning pages just has a different feel to it than listening. I also find myself too easy to get distracted when I am listening to a book.
    Another upside to reading is that you can choose your own pace. Sure, you can slow down or speed up a sound track, but it will make the reader sound distorted.
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  22. Frank Reynolds

    Frank Reynolds New Member

    id rather read. i tend to dose off listening to stuff
  23. Chulda

    Chulda New Member

    I've always thought myself to be rather old fashioned and thus felt almost repulsed by the idea of audiobooks. Lately, however, my mind has become a giant, ugly mess. Holding a piece of paper full of tiny little letters just staring at me silently has been rather stressful during the last few years. Having someone read to me is calming. It makes me feel less alone. Also, listening while performing a menial task, like tilling my garden or digging a hole, or whatever else might be necessary at the given moment, helps keep my mind quiet. Without it, digging holes opens the way for too many thoughts. Damn holes.

    The downside is that some voices might just not suit your taste. The cost can be quite scary too. Were I still able to focus on reading, I would definitely prefer to do that. It's a good thing that there is an alternative, though. I'd probably devolve into a caveman if there was none.
  24. casher117

    casher117 New Member

    I'm a fan of reading rather than listening to books. I tend to zone out after a long period of listening to something. When you read, I also feel like you're more connected the book and the author.
  25. ktheel

    ktheel New Member

    I'd prefer to read 100% of the time. When I'm forced to listen to things, often I'll start to zone out and ignore the voice. Plus the tone used in reading can effect how one interprets a book, and I love to come up with my own ideas based on how I think, now how it's read to me!
  26. Jamaica

    Jamaica New Member

    Books on tape open up more possibilities for me. I probably never could have stood to read a Patricia Cornwell book to myself because of the violent acts that are at the center of them. Having them read to me distances that from me enough that I can enjoy the books, and the core of them are really about the interactions of the characters, not the violence. So I am thrilled about being able to 'hear' them.
  27. Sassa

    Sassa New Member

    Definitely read! As I read it is in my own 'voice' and each character has their own unique way of talking in my imagination. I have listened to an Audio book before and while it was entertaining and distracting, I found that the voices that the reader gave to the characters weren't what I imagined. I prefer to create my own world instead of having someone create it for me.
  28. Janeenrox

    Janeenrox New Member

    I prefer to read but listening allows me to multi task. It is hard to get quiet alone time to read anymore. I do feel that audio books don't always have the best narrarators which makes me become less engaged.
  29. curiousfoodie

    curiousfoodie New Member

    I have always had a preference for reading, but as time gets more and more precious in adult life, I find that I need to make compromises. I have discovered for example that I can read and listen to a book when I am using the elliptical machine; actually I saw a girl just reading her Kindle next to me and that is how I tried. I do not have the will power to just keep reading, but when I also have the read aloud function, it keeps me on track. Hey, it is almost like plain reading!
  30. Kristin209

    Kristin209 New Member

    In the past year this has also been my reality. If you would have asked me two years ago, I never would have imagined myself listening to audio books. I also found that they are a lot like music.
    I took the website's offer one day- free shipping if I sign up for a two week trial with their audio book company. I instantly fell in love. I found it to be a very entertaining way to get through several hours of work. My profession can be laborious and I tend to work slow and carefully so it proved to be a great way to deal with the tedium.
    I say that audio books are like music because one definitely needs to pair a book with the mood they're feeling. I purchased Anna Karenina and found it very hard to concentrate if I felt really up and happy. A comedy book was much more fitting. I enjoy a lot of self help books. Having the author read their own book can be very helpful in how it shapes one's perception. In a way, I think a better understanding of the book can be achieved under these circumstances.
    I have not ruled out traditional books at all. The main idea is to grow oneself and their mind and I have found audio books to facilitates this goal.

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