Would you prefer to read or listen to a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Frenchkissed2013, May 11, 2015.

  1. I prefer to read a book than to listen because i can really pay attention even in the smallest details.
  2. mike37

    mike37 New Member

    Yes i am...reading a book and listen is my way to get more knowledge,tactics and solution in everyday of my living.Books is my weapon to learn more.
  3. menchuuy58

    menchuuy58 New Member

    I prefer to read books than listen to them because I believe I am more of a visual leaner and word smart. I find it easier to go back to some details which I miss or which I like to recall in printed materials than in audios. I feel that my brain is being challenged more when I read. My imagination, critical thinking, ability to speculate or infer are tested. According to good doctors, physically reading a book can be a more personal experience because one's inner voice is responsible for creating everything that’s not on the page.

    Reading a book stimulates many senses. Visually, I can see the words and pictures (if there are). I can touch and feel the pages. I can smell the pages. I can write my personal reflections, reactions and immediate relevant thoughts at the side of the pages. I can bring and read my book regardless of weather because it is not operated through electricity
  4. ValerieAnn

    ValerieAnn New Member

    I prefer to read a book because I can easily understand the flow of story if I can see it word by word. You can also find interesting quotes and lines that you can't forget them easily.
  5. rose61

    rose61 New Member

    When I'm at home, I like reading my books,it is so cool and the environment is always conducive. However I prefer listening when I'm travelling. This gives me a chance to read by listening.
  6. mariskien

    mariskien New Member

    I'd strongly prefer to book read 100% of the time. cause reading can exercise our mind and paying attention in every detailed of the content
  7. yayan

    yayan New Member

    Sometimes actually both , fell inlove with the reading or fell inlove with hearing :) it depends on the person but for me both are great id like it to be a combo , while you are reading you are hearing it is the fastest way of sinking in what you have read and hear .
  8. ThatNerdDuck

    ThatNerdDuck New Member

    I prefer reading books.

    I have always loved getting immersed within a book. It's like I can hear the characters playing out their parts in my head and I get completely lost inside this land I've never been to before. Though most authors give detailed descriptions I can still see the characters and the scenes any way my mind can imagine.

    I am unable to do that with audiobooks personally. I've never liked being read to so it could stem from that. For some reason I am unable to hear the characters or see them in my mind. I only hear the narrator and see whatever I'm looking at in front of me. It is not an immersive experience for me.
  9. C06

    C06 New Member

    I prefer to read because I am the type of person that is easily distracted by the sound or the voice of other people. I can't immediately understand what was said or read to me sometimes. I personally think that those people who can read while others are talking are very lucky. If ever I learned how to better understand what was meant by the words spoken then maybe I would try to listen to a book instead of reading it.
  10. feramine

    feramine New Member

    With the availability of audio books nowadays, it may save someone who is not fond of reading but is keen to learning. I, however, never tried listening to a book, but I've always preferred reading over other ways. My learning style has always been visual, thus, I absorb contents more when I see it rather than when I hear it. And I feel a sense of excitement in every flip of a page, plus, I like highlighting lines/phrases that strucks me.
  11. jocefal

    jocefal New Member

    i prefer to read a book. it enhance the mind or exercise your mind. and it is helpful special for those who has alzheimer's disease.
  12. Coollector

    Coollector New Member

    Just like most of you guys, I prefer reading the book myself. By reading I could understand and read the words better. I could keep my own pacing while reading. For example if I am reading a mystery/detective stories, I could just read it slowly and when a investigation scene arise I could read it a bit faster just like watching a movie. I could also use my imagination while reading a book. I could picture out what scene I am reading or the characters and their voices. When I read a book late at night, I couldn't stop reading until I finish up one chapter (or most of a time the entire book). I could easily focus on reading.

    I've tried listening to an audio book. I think I only lasted for 5 mins because I became sleepy while listening to it. It was like playing a lullaby song. I could not focus on listening for a long time because sometimes I tend to picture out what the scene is and what the characters voice was.

    I guess I could try listening to an audio book again if I could learn to focus on just listening and if I could stay awake for me to listen. ;)
  13. anjabakker

    anjabakker New Member

    Reading is a relaxing and focussed way of taking in information and stories. For me, as for many who like reading, it is a wonderful way of spending time.
    Audio books are another, different way of taking in information and stories, just as when it was still normal to listen to storytellers. Different strokes for different folks... I don't mind listening to the radio but find it hard to actually take in what is being said because my other senses are still in the world around me and I see, smell, feel and hear more than the banter on the radio. Same with audiobooks... I keep finding myself having to go back to the chapter before cause I got distracted. Not to mention some of the reactions I seem to have to the voices reading the stories.
    So enjoyable as they are audiobooks just aren't books, the ones we read on a kindle or in paper versions... at all, really.
  14. abysyn

    abysyn New Member

    I prefer reading a book than listening. I feel sleepy if I am just listening. Reading is much more enticing and more appealing to me as it makes me wander and think of the character I am reading.
  15. Arnelbrix

    Arnelbrix New Member

    For me, I prefer the most is to read the book, because you can learn more things than to hear it, from reading the book, you can learn and earn much knowledge about in what you are reading, and through reading you can gain, ideas that you can share to others.
  16. jimmycrickett99

    jimmycrickett99 New Member

    I really can't stand listening to a book, I find it harder to get info or to understand the story that the book is trying to tell. and to be quite honest I can't stand ebooks either. I'm a little old fashioned in the fact that I want a good heavy paper book in my hands so that I can sit in an Armchair and just widdle away at the book. It's also nice for when the power is out. You never have to worry about battery life on your story device.
  17. conscam

    conscam New Member

    Personally, I always prefer to read a book. I prefer to be able to go at my own pace, and have the option to easily go back to a sentence or passage when I want, for whatever reason. Owning books too is a great joy. When it comes to audiobooks, it depends on who is narrating it. Sometimes an audiobook is only as good as the person narrating it. I prefer the personal connection to the book though, which I don't feel I can get from an audiobook.
  18. Angelene

    Angelene New Member

    I prefer reading books rather than listening to it. It makes people a little lazy just by listening to books although it quite helps people but you can appreciate a story more once you read it. For me Books are a very great tool for learning things, discovery and enlightenment. Books on the other hand, Must be cherished because it gives us such ideas that we needed. Upon reading you could practice more your imagination, creativity, and understanding about what the book states..
  19. LouLang

    LouLang New Member

    I prefer reading books rather than listening to it. Reading relaxes my mind. It enhances my vocabulary which I usually don't mind checking if I'm just listening to it. If I read a book, I really can't help it but finish the whole book because I'm always excited to know the outcome. I'm always a wide reader even when I'm still young. I remember borrowing books from the Library 5 books each day and I'm always excited to finish it so I could borrow books again on the following day. I do read books even we don't have electricity before. Imagine having a lamp only and it did'nt stop me from reading books. That's when my imagination started. As if I'm living with the characters.
  20. MartialMartials

    MartialMartials New Member

    Reading a book makes you more careful and accurate about the words, events, names, and makes you unlikely to forgot what's the story all about. The disadvantage of reading a book is, when you are a keen and/or slow reader, it makes you takes a long time before you finish it. But what important is you understand what you read.
    Listening makes you finish a book a bit faster. But the disadvantage is you can miss a word, event or a character name, If you are not a keen listener.
    So my advice is, if you are a keen person listening is good for you. But if you're a person who sometimes float their mind, just read it. So you can't miss any detail.
  21. raquelbahian1

    raquelbahian1 New Member

    When listening to a book, you don't have to worry about that. I feel that listening to a book makes your reading skills lack just a bit if you are just sitting around and listening to a book. ... Whether it's better to read or listen to a book depends a lot on the narrator.
  22. lavitabrea

    lavitabrea Member

    I like reading. Listening to a book doesn`t give you any satisfaction. you know, its like asking someone: you liked the movie or the book. Definetly reading is way better than listening.
  23. lavitabrea

    lavitabrea Member

    You know this listening or reading thing is like asking someone if they liked the movie or the book, definetly reading is way better than listening, reading ket your imagination flow.
  24. jelabelly

    jelabelly New Member

    Depends on my mood. I honestly prefer audio books now because I can sleep while listening to it. It's therapeutic
  25. Ejbading789

    Ejbading789 New Member

    i honestly don't read books i'm too lazy to do that so if listening to them is possible now, i will love to do that the whole day. plus the fact that i can learn how to pronounce each word properly :D
  26. heniagalvezjames

    heniagalvezjames New Member

    Well, when I was a child I love hearing stories on radios, but now that I am already a teenager I like it more when I'm just reading it. So I can understand it more, reading in books is more clear to understand because it has narrator
  27. jacejakllemi

    jacejakllemi New Member

    Definitely listening to the book.

    I have about 1200 audiobooks. I love audiobooks because I can do other things while listening and thus can spend more time with my books. The daily commute is much less boring, chores around the house and garden have ceased to be annoying, no more choosing between knitting or reading and my time on the treadmill goes by before I notice.

    Having listened to so many audiobooks already, I don’t mind what kind of book it is. I listen to novels, non-fiction or lectures with equal interest/delight.

    It is only when I listen to some very complicated science books that contain a lot of math or physics, that I also buy the paper book to make sure I got all the numbers and formulas correctly.
  28. knnon

    knnon New Member

    For me, I understand the content better when I read as my thoughts process the information more and my mind can vividly imagine the contents. Though it is interesting for me to listen I find it quite challenging as I sometimes find myself drifting off thinking of other things or doing other tasks.
  29. laurenb111

    laurenb111 New Member

    I like reading books and listening books at different times, when I'm feeling different ways. It's all about the aesthetic I want to achieve in that moment. Personally, there's just something about opening a mass market paperback book in your lap on a rainy afternoon. A mug of hot coffee resting on the table in front of you. Your mind is quietly occupied as you sit, engrossed in the story. Just the aesthetic of the events of a place that doesn't exist playing through your head while the rest of the room is silent and unaware of those happenings. The printed word stimulates your mind and you're engaged. Listening to books, to me, is different, too. It's standing with one arm raised, one hand gripping the ring hanging from the ceiling of the subway. More convenient, more practical. You've got your earbuds plugged in your phone tucked in your pocket. You've got nowhere to go, so you'll just hop one subway to the next, walk the streets of your city until the narrator grants you the conclusion you've been anticipating every minute since you first left the house. Every minute that your feet ache a little more, but you can't sit down and listen. You've got to go, go, go! Hear what happens next. Reading books and listening to books achieve two different aesthetics for me. I can't apply one aesthetic to the other action, if you know what I mean. But that's just me.
  30. jennyolally

    jennyolally New Member

    What an interesting question. For me, listening to a book is reserved for late night car rides or road trips only. My husband loves to listen to books or even shortened versions of books, however I am a highly visual person and much prefer to read them instead. In order to fully comprehend a book, I need to read it in the characters' voices in my head, and not have someone with an annoying or strange voice read it to me. If I consistently traveled, like my husband, I'd consider subscribing to an audio book subscription service, although I don't plan on doing so in the near future, since I hate driving.

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