Would you prefer to read or listen to a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Frenchkissed2013, May 11, 2015.

  1. Arvin30

    Arvin30 New Member

    Ill prefer to read on a book. I can understand wen I read books repeatedly , I remember the story telling in my elementary life and I didn't' understand anything except the title.
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  2. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    I prefer to read a book. I tried before to listen but it makes me so sleepy that I don't know what happens on the story.
    I like my hands feeling the texture of the books that I'm reading. And the smell of it, it makes me feel warmth and I feel like I'm in a different world. And for me, the curiosity and madness on the story that I'm reading gives me an additional suspense and happiness on each page of the book. Maybe in the future if I don't have the capacity to read and hold a book, well then I will listen to those audio books, but for now I like the traditional way that I will just shut my door, have a cup of coffee and read my favorite book.
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  3. mpbeare

    mpbeare New Member

    I perfect to read a book. Even though it is more effort, I find you are more likely to follow what is happening. In addition, your ability to read certain words and spelling is improved just by practicing reading. It is very calming to open up a book and quietly read, rather than to listen to the novel, and of course there is a chance that the audiobook loses your attention and you have to rewind and find the place that you need to listen to again.
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  4. lollipopgil

    lollipopgil New Member

    I much prefer reading books myself to listening to someone else read them for me. I find that with audio books it's all too easy for me to focus on other tasks and tune the words out and by the time I tune back in entire pages or even chapters have gone by and I'm left with no way to return to the point I was last engaged with the plot.
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  5. JoysJB

    JoysJB New Member

    Although it’s convenient to listen to a book, I still prefer to read it because it enables me to understand or appreciate more the story.
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  6. Ghostmonkey

    Ghostmonkey New Member

    I only read books. Whenever I try to listen to books I always lose focus and start thinking about other thinks, which ends up that I have to rewind and relisten to the last part. But it has been a while since I last listen to a book so maybe I will give it a try once again.
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  7. achikeziah

    achikeziah New Member

    I prefer to read books than listening to audio books because reading books stimulates many senses. It’s easy in print book to flip to the index, or some other page, and back to the page you were reading. Studies have shown that people retain more of what they read in print. This is probably because of this multi-sensory experiences when reading in print. Memories are closely associated with other senses.

    When you lose your place in a print book, it’s easier to find it again than replaying it in your gadget. The tactile sensation of the book in your hand, which gives you a lot more feedback than you think. The thickness of the pages you’ve read versus the thickness of the pages yet to read; the position of the words on the page (left or right, top or bottom). Your mind makes a record of your location that’s based on more than just what you’re seeing.

    I guess listening to audio books curbs my imagination. I need to decipher the intonation and the modulation of the speaker to determine the visual setting of the story. The reader's speed may not be compatible with mine which may affect my understanding of what he or she is trying to convey.
  8. sb30163

    sb30163 New Member

    A mix of both. Lately I've been using some apps to listen to books while I read them. They use text-to-speech technology for PDFs and EPUBs. I use this in nonfiction books to speed up the process and because honestly I get bored sometimes. In novels I prefer to read myself and aloud trying to mimic the events/characters.
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  9. irandari28

    irandari28 New Member

    Reading book is preferable for me because it helps me concentrate better with what's written and that'd make it easier for me to process the content of the book. Though, it also depends on the type of the book and the occasion. Usually, when I have a busier day than usual, I'd like to sit back and relax and listen more than reading. Books that don't really demand attention also are nice to listen to for this kind of situation.
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  10. wgchild

    wgchild New Member

    I always have access to books to read. I have more than one book downloaded on my phone. I also have a couple paperback books written by my favorite author. Ensuring I always have access to quality reading material independent of my electronics is important to me. I do prefer to read books myself but, under certain circumstances, having an audiobook makes sense. An audiobook playing in the car during a long drive in lieu of the radio is preferable for me. I also like to listen to audiobooks if I am doing a boring, repetitive task.
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  11. anachoret

    anachoret New Member

    I have problems with my attention span, so if I listen to a book, it`s pretty much inevitable that i get distracted in my own thoughts and lose the track of narrative. It`s not really an option for me, except maybe if I only listen every now and then.
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  12. pidorjoanna

    pidorjoanna New Member

    Personally, I like both methods of reading a book. I am a freelancer and often times, I get a repetitive task that doesn't require much thinking and more on time-consuming. So when this kind of situation comes up, I love listening to books so I can't feel how much time passes by. There are a lot of times that it would also increase my productivity in my most boring tasks when I listen to books. I am also a classic book lover and I love to just take pleasure in reading a book. Most of the time, I can't even feel how much time flew by! I feel extra excited when I read the actual book because I can just smell the pages and feel how rough each page is. But when I can't get my hands on actual books, I also like reading ebooks especially commuting from my home to any part of my city. The best part of it all? reading books while waiting in a traffic jam!
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  13. antonette29

    antonette29 New Member

    I prefer reading books in most cases due to the fact that I am able to feel more of the characters' feelings or emotions, I am able to delve deeper into the occurrences limned in the book and most importantly being able to attach myself in the learnings or teachings of a book.
  14. Nora1

    Nora1 New Member

    I prefer to read a book. It's a great way for me to forget about all of my worries in the real world and escape in the safe haven inside the book. I'm not really an auditory learner so listening to books is not my preference. Reading is an activity that I enjoy doing and also widens my knowledge on various things. Books are my refuge whenever I find myself lonely and on the brink of depression.
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  15. Rechgaming

    Rechgaming New Member

    For me , I would prefer to read books rather than listening to them.I have not tried listening to an audio book yet but I think it will make me more sleepy that reading it. In my opinion, listening to a book or audio book is for certain people that have a vision problem and I'm so lucky that I can read any book that I want clearly. I think that listening to an aduio book is good but it is for vision disabled people. And I think that you or me can understand more by reading a book than listening to it. I can't imagine myself listening to a 1 hour audio book . It will make me more sleepy if I listen to it than reading it.
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  16. chdz42

    chdz42 New Member

    I have to give it to reading books. There's just something that soothes me about sitting down with a book in a nice quiet spot and just reading. I'm not sure how to explain it except for it's a very tranquil experience. However, I've never listened to a book unless it was read to me in school, but those few times weren't very enjoyable.
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  17. instantpudding

    instantpudding New Member

    If you caught me a few weeks ago I would've said reading for sure, but lately I've been getting more into podcasts, and that has led me towards audio books. I mostly listen to them on my commute to and from work, when I would definitely not be able to actually read a book.
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  18. sofianebgh

    sofianebgh New Member

    I was a fan of audiobooks, but I always viewed them as cheating, audiobooks deny users the spatial cues they would use while reading from printed text.
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  19. rinnezerah

    rinnezerah New Member

    I love reading books, and listening to books seems interesting but then I prefer to read them. I can feel every words, every emotions that it is conveying. By reading books, it makes me feel like I'm in a different dimension. It is also making me feel like I am protagonist. So I really like to read a book than a book being read for me because I just can't feel anything. It almost feel like I'm not listening to anything.
  20. dima950

    dima950 New Member

    The answer to your question would depend on the situation. When I am up and about in my daily life i would most definitely prefer to listen to an audio book because it allows me to listen to something entertaining and get my daily tasks accomplished. But sometimes it is important to just sit down at the end of the day and unwind with a hard copy paper book and simply enjoy yourself .
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  21. Aprillapid

    Aprillapid Member

    I prefer reading it... I enjoyed reading than listening or watching it..
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  22. Reneew22

    Reneew22 New Member

    I prefer to read a book. when I listen to books, I tend to forget that I'm listening to a book so I might fall asleep or zone out while listening. Compared to when I'm actually reading a book and reading every letter, I can comprehend it better and I'm less likely to zone out and forget what I just read.
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  23. gmangiamele1954

    gmangiamele1954 New Member

    Time to read is always a challenge for me. I listen to book on DVD and listen on my way to work. I do enjoy reading with an actual book in hand, however, it probably represents less than 30 minutes per day.
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  24. Dafina

    Dafina New Member

    I'd prefer to read a book myself; it's a journey you walk through. Reading also enables my mind to remain active, aware and engaged. It is very easy to disconnect when you are having something read to you.
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  25. BlessedTakling

    BlessedTakling New Member

    I think it is more suitable for me to just read the book myself than to listen to it. Since in listening, it might restrict me from pointing out the important points of the story. I might miss something from the scene that might be a crucial point in the story. Of course, I am in no point to dictate everyone to just read the book instead of just listening to it. It's just my personal opinion at which suited my personality more.
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  26. Dandycom

    Dandycom New Member

    I do both these days and love both formats equally. Since moving out of the city centre, I have a thirty-minute commute in the car to work, which gives me an hour a day of listening to some of the brilliantly read audiobooks that exist out there these days. And when I get home and head to bed, I have a different book waiting for me there but this time in the physical form. Both different experiences, but both equally engrossing.
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  27. Danna0305

    Danna0305 New Member

    I prefer to read a book it makes me understand easily and make my imagination as wide as i can. It helps me to correct my grammar and learn new words.
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  28. LadyGwen

    LadyGwen New Member

    I have tried to listen to books, but I just can't get into them! I like to read them myself. I feel that it's my own imagination that gives life to the book I'm reading. It's similar to when books turn into movies. I find that I don't like the movie as much as I liked the book! I'll just keep reading along! :)
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  29. jevis665

    jevis665 New Member

    When I'm reading a book, I have total and complete control. If my attention wanders for a minute, I can turn back to the book and the words are right there where I left them. I can read a part over and over and over without anything more than my eyes and brain. If something sounds familiar and I think it's important to the plot, I can easily flip back and look for it, seeing everything at once.

    When listening to a book, it doesn't stop instantly for me when I want it to. If I have to reread something, I have to press a certain button very carefully or I'll screw everything up and get lost. If I go back to look through the book but I have no idea what I'm looking for, I end up listening to the whole thing again. I'm a speed reader, and narrator's voices are painfully slow. In the time I could read an entire real book, the audiobook is still messing around in chapter twelve. I hate that. It's not my own secret place I can explore and love like the world of written words is.

    Also I love the smells of a books!. So yeah in my own opinion i prefer reading books!
  30. Reading, I like how my imagination works when I’m reading.

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