Would you prefer to read or listen to a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Frenchkissed2013, May 11, 2015.

  1. buzi

    buzi New Member

    Reading involves other parts of the brain than listening.... So it really depends on my current mood. When I feel at peace, I can focus on reading, but when I´m kind of agitated, listening works better for me. While driving a car or being on a train, listening (via ipod) is also the better choice.
  2. zealous_student

    zealous_student New Member

    I prefer to read a book. I've tried using audiobooks several times but I did not like them. Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine. I usually use reading to relax after a long day or to distract me. For some reason, I cannot really do that with audiobooks.
  3. ors1023

    ors1023 New Member

    I personally like to read books. I think that hearing a book takes away the fun and adventure that reading provides. When you are reading, you give the characters a unique voice. When you hear the book, the characters seem dull and simplistic.
  4. Sunshine703

    Sunshine703 New Member

    I have to say read over listening. As much as I'd love to just sit there and have all the information flow through my ears, I just can't last. By "can't last" I mean I'll just fall asleep. I've got no idea why! I just get so sleepy from listening for some reason which is why I always need a book with words in my hands if I even want to make it past the first chapter. So it's definitely reading for me but I'm inspired that you actually enjoy listening to books. I might have to give listening another try it seems :laugh:.
  5. Threads

    Threads New Member

    I think both options depend on the subject, how you're feeling, and what experience you want to gain from the medium you chose. I will usually aim to listen to a book if I have read the book prior. It helps me pick up on things I missed (as if I get too excited I rush through the content) and it is much easier for me to relax and enjoy the authors work. Listening to an audio book also helps me appreciate the atmosphere more. If there are instrumentals played at points, or atmospheric noises added to certain chapters, I slip into the story more which I adore feeling.

    I will typically read if the content is new to me and proves to be unique in some way (this includes classics!). Some books I feel I need to read in order to appreciate them. Sometimes I have to be able to see the characters names, they dialogues, etc. I have recently enjoyed reading along with the audio books. It keeps me at a good pace and I retain far more information.
  6. cocolgooh

    cocolgooh New Member

    I much prefer to read a book. A physical book. Not an e-book. I find that having the actual book in your hands is so much more appealing. While I can see the obvious benefits of listening in that you can do many other things at the same time it takes away from being able to read and get lost in a good book where nothing else matters. If I'm listening to an audio book I find I tune out and have to replay certain parts or it just doesn't make sense.
  7. Daytman

    Daytman New Member

    Reading a book is always great, it allows you to go at your own pace and visualize in your head. Recently I've listened to a few audiobooks though and I had a pretty good experience. Non-fiction read by the author (especially celebrities) can spice up a book and make it feel like you're really reading the author and not the book. Also, book read by talented actors/voice actors can really become alive. However, I don't really want to hear a boring book read by a boring person. My biggest problem with audiobooks is that they are expensive. Still, they can be pretty nice for my commute or while working out.
  8. samsteam

    samsteam New Member

    I'd much rather read a boo than listen to it be read. When you read a book you create the voices and the way the words are said, would you want some dull reader who sounds the same every single sentence ruining a great book for you? And when you read a book you absorb everything that is said rather than just listening to it catching half of what's going on.
  9. AmaX

    AmaX New Member

    Both are good ways of acquiring the knowledge of what's inside a book. Listening can help people who are not native-speakers, and want their accent to be more native-like, and, can also be a huge help for people with disabilities, for instance, low vision. But for a normal person, I think, to peruse a book so that we can understand the book better, it's better to read it. That's why the word 'peruse' is in the dictionary, which means, "read (something), typically in a thorough or careful way."

    Listening can be fast, and time-efficient, but we don't get the full immersive experience of a book, we might be focused on something else when we're listening to a book, whereas, reading a book can be time-consuming, but we come out better off. I prefer most of my books read, while, some books that I want to check out, I listen to them.
  10. Aimaninja

    Aimaninja New Member

    I tend to prefer reading books over listening to them. Reading a book myself allows me to go at my own pace, and it allows more freedom from my imagination because I can give the characters the voices I think they should have, rather than that being decided by the narrator. I also have a hard time paying attention to people when they read something to me. I need to have what is being read in front of me so I can follow along. I have listened to a few audiobooks, found a couple that I really enjoyed, and also found that narrator made the experience for me. I listened to the audiobook version of The Hobbit, thought the narrator was fantastic, and had no trouble paying attention to the entire book as he was reading. I then started listening to The Hunger Games and barely made it through the first chapter because I found the narrators voice annoying. Audiobooks have their advantages, but I definitely prefer reading books myself because the voice of the book is left up to me, not someone else.
  11. Jamie Lowe

    Jamie Lowe New Member

    I prefer to read rather than listen. I have always had a very active imagination and the ability to translate the books that I read into mini movies in my head. Plus, there is just something really special about holding a big, hard covered book in your hands. I have yet to purchase or listen to an audio book. I love the look of the black letters on the white background...it helps me to get lost in the story.
  12. I'm fond of reading books, whether a physical book or an e-book. Yes, it gives you the liberty of reading at your own pace. However, I prefer audiobooks since I discovered it. I use Scribd and it has an option to change the speed of the narration. They have e-books as well, so you may read the e-book while listening to the audiobook. I have tried it and it makes reading more fun.
  13. mishalgovani

    mishalgovani New Member

    Definitely read. I find the images and voices created within my own head are a large component of the enjoyment I get out of reading. If I were hearing the book read from someone else's perspective I would lose the imaginative aspect of reading that draws me to reading in the first place. If the book was informational, however, that would be a different story!
  14. I prefer to physically read the book. I find that it is much more difficult to fully absorb the purpose of the book without actually reading and processing it in my mind at my own pace. The recordings cost more money than a hard copy, and there are not as many audio options as there are physical options. If reading the actual book were more difficult, and I were busier, I'm sure I would most likely choose to listen to an audio version of it. I myself am not the multitasking type, which makes it obvious why I prefer to focus my entire mind on the book instead of listening to it while doing other things.
  15. llfsa

    llfsa New Member

    I think reading is a far more personal experience as you can interpret the characters' nuances the way you picture them to be. It is a great way to develop creative thinking! Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the company of a quality narrator every now and then of course, but if I had only one option I would definitely choose reading.
  16. FDagnese

    FDagnese New Member

    As with most things in life, I think it really just depends because there are so many factors. There are books that really lose something when read aloud because the reader is not physically seeing the words on the page for him or herself. Want to read me Tuck Everlasting ? I'd say yes in a heartbeat! The language is so beautiful and the imagery so strong that I can hear the wind the author described, smell the grass. Would I be as eager to listen to one of the books in the Game of Thrones series aloud? Not so much- the amount of names and locations is simply so detailed that listening to the book aloud would most likely end in confusion. There are some books out there that just beg for the reader to read them silently; I tend to think that those books are usually longer more detailed reads.

    Another poster before mentioned that the narrator can make or break an audio book, and I have to agree fully. I once heard an audio version of "The Most Dangerous Game", and the narrator's fake British-Russian-who-knows-what accent really took away from the mystery and suspense of the short story.
  17. dapizzaman

    dapizzaman New Member

    I have never been an audiobook person. You definitely get more emotion from audiobooks. So I'm sure for those that are looking for emotion, audiobooks are the way to go. Also, although I think it is odd to do so, some may prefer audiobooks so as to be able to listen while driving. However, when I read, I read. I do not listen.
  18. karengonzalez

    karengonzalez New Member

    I think I will always prefer to read a book over listening to an audio book. There's something special about being able to physically turn the page of a book and at the end be able to close the book when one finishes reading it. It's a reward for that great accomplishment; especially when the book is a particularly long one.
  19. shital

    shital New Member

    I somewhat like reading books but reading makes me feel asleep, so rather won't prefer reading.
  20. Mille_08

    Mille_08 New Member

    Nothing beats sitting down on a cozy chair with a cup of tea and a good book in hand on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Reading and feeling the pages of the book gives me a pure sense of assurance that in a couple of minutes I will be taken to worlds I will probably never be in thoughout my lifespan.
  21. jmindservices

    jmindservices New Member

    Definitely reading with the brain versus someone's voice. To use an audio aid is kind of like cheating on that diet plan you're supposedly committed to. Books like Less Than Zero and How Stella Got Her Groove Back just wouldn't be the same without allowing the writer's talents dominance over my comprehension the way traditional reading presents. Mental reading please!
  22. Mbrooks5140

    Mbrooks5140 New Member

    I prefer reading to audio books. The voice actors for most audio books tend to be rather droll. If I happen to be on a very long drive I will listen to an audio book, but I tend to read much faster than an audio book can play. The last time I listened to an audio book I was a CD or two in before my drive ended. I got impatient with the reader and later finished the story on my own!
  23. Mr. Grammar

    Mr. Grammar New Member

    While I do enjoy reading books, I would much rather sit back and listen to an e-book. I just find the story so much easier to grasp, and the imagery to be much more vibrant to contemplate.
  24. rynerbass

    rynerbass New Member

    I always prefer read the book. It allows me to enter my own imagination and i really like to spend my time in graceful silence.
  25. ipiskatakot

    ipiskatakot New Member

    Books are an important part of my life, they are my therapists. Being a book enthusiast, I have tried audio books and of course, printed books. However, my preference over the two changes depending on my mood or schedule.

    Audio books are very innovative inventions. A voice or narrator reads the book to you. Yes narrates, each chapter, from the first page until the last page! Some might say that this is for the lazy readers, but I would like to reason that this is for the multi-taskers. Let us say that you are on your way to work, there is traffic on the road, an audio book is really handy at this time. Even when you are at home, doing the laundry or the dishes while listening to a book is maximising your time. So for these reasons, I can say audio books are the best choice!

    Printed books, on the other hand, can never ever be gone. They are part of history. That first copy ever printed can be sold for a lot, because it is more than just a book, it is a treasure. For that reason alone, a tangible, printed book, can give so much joy to a book geek. Each turn of a page raises your heartbeat a little, as you await to read the next part! Whenever I feel nostalgic, I reach for that classic literature novel and it has to be the printed one of course!

    So printed or audio books, why does it matter? Both serve their purpose of imparting knowledge, lifting the mood and enhancing the imagination! Happy reading guys!
  26. Payton Jellison

    Payton Jellison New Member

    Personally, I prefer to read books. As a visual learner it is much easier for me to retain information when I read than when I listen. My other reason is because I like to re-read and highlight sections that I particularly enjoy. This can be quite difficult to do with an audio book.
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  27. Ctyson90

    Ctyson90 New Member

    I prefer reading. It's much more tangible as well as convenient and gives you time to create mental imagery. I have played audio books back in my younger years but not my cup of tea at all.
  28. Wellywood145

    Wellywood145 New Member

    I generally prefer to read. It gives you a much more personal experience and you get to use your imagination to build worlds, faces, voices etc.

    That being said I love listening to the Harry Potter audio books in the car. There is something about listening to Stephen Fry speak that is very satisfying.
  29. mollie_landman

    mollie_landman New Member

    I would read a book over listening to it every day. I think if I listened to a book, I would become distracted easily. I also really like to hold a book in my hands and read. I also feel that listening to a book would take longer to finish since I'm a fast reader.
  30. AMAS24

    AMAS24 New Member

    I have a preference for reading books that are in print. I don't know why, but I honestly can't remember the majority of a book if I listened to an audio recording of it. The same goes for reading books on electronic devices. My brain seems to process print books and memorize more of them than anything digital or auditory.

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