Would you prefer to read or listen to a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Frenchkissed2013, May 11, 2015.

  1. Pajbot

    Pajbot New Member

    Read. We all have our own reading voice that sounds a certain way in our heads when we read, which we are used to.

    When you listen to books that privilege is taken away and someone else's voice is reading out to you instead of your own voice that you prefer - although some people don't mind a different voice.

    Also reading means you can understand and take in the text how quickly or slowly you like which you may want to have control over.
  2. heart03

    heart03 New Member

    I love reading a book but now, as a working adult, i prefer to listen into it because of my very hectic schedules, i would prefer to listen because it cannot consume my time while i am working or if i have a coffee break, i will be able to listen into it for awhile. And in my vacant timw, i will continue to listen to it.

    SARSUNI New Member

    I love reading books and reading books means it gives your eyeballs to run throughout the pages and imagine Whether you’re obsessed with revelatory true crime stories, are always finding yourself engulfed in a fictitious adventure story or can’t get enough of testing out new recipes in the kitchen,

    Listening to a calming audiobook can also be a great way to help fall asleep. In fact, some narrators’ voices are so relaxing that it’s hard to stay awake even when you’re trying to concentrate on the story.
  4. Nims

    Nims New Member

    I prefer to read book than listening to it. Reading is an experience which is to be experienced by one himself. In the case of a book while reading, we will view ourself as the character so it will be so fun. We will enter into different world of authors.

    By reading actually we are getting more information and we are improving our memory too. It gives the ease to stop and ponder on thoughts you need too or to take notes on as you need too.

    Through reading a book and you can narrate it to the other people. Even narrating is fun but not listening to it.
  5. nielblanca28

    nielblanca28 New Member

    Prefer to read than listen.
    - When I'm read a book I totally control, more time and Creative Imagination by reading makes it more fun to read.
    - Make more growth with memory skills by silence reading.
    - Gain more knowledge of wording, phrases, and sentences that are newly encounter to you.
    - You can turn the page of the book that you left direct and continued.
  6. donald78

    donald78 Member

    I prefer to read a book than listening to it. It is easy to understand the content of the book, you can go back to read the paragraph that you didn't quite get. Sometimes you may slow down reading to have the whole story be remembered. You can get conveying information than listening because listening is like summarizing the story within. Well, the more you read the more knowledge you can get. It is not how long the story is but it's the information that you can get by reading the book.
  7. tessaislove

    tessaislove New Member

    Personally, I prefer to read a book. When I am able to hold a book and flip through the pages myself, I can highlight any of the books contents and come back to it later. I also like to read books over listening to them because I can still pay attention to what is going on around me. How many times have you had your headphones on listening to a book and someone comes up to you and starts talking? Then you have to pause your audio, have them repeat themselves and then rewind the audio when you start listening again. On the contrary, it is nice to have the option to listen to a book while driving.
  8. tessaislove

    tessaislove New Member

    I completely agree! I've gone back a few times to read a paragraph that I didn't quite understand the first time!
  9. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    The critical difference, for me, between reading and listening is that reading is something you do, where listening is something that happens to you. Reading is an act of engagement. The words on the page aren't going to read themselves, which is something they literally do in an audiobook
  10. Badman001

    Badman001 New Member

    I want to read books always as compared to lissen books . I just fell tried when I tried to lissen books . Reading the books is much better then lissening books.
  11. A1serb

    A1serb New Member

    I feel like listening to a book is perfect for someone that is in a hurry and cannot sit down and enjoy a nice book.
  12. chlsm12

    chlsm12 New Member

    I used to prefer reading but recently I have found that I struggle to focus on reading so I prefer listening to books. Although, the price of most audiobooks makes me wish I preferred reading over listening.
  13. Smcts1978

    Smcts1978 New Member

    Base in my capacity, I am more functional in listening rather than reading books. But I always love books, in fact, I have collected many books since I was in high school. I am really fun of collecting books, just by looking at it in my book selves gives me more satisfaction and fulfillment. I would never stop doing this for my own happiness and the well to keep it for my kids and grandkids. That is the only treasure I could leave to them. Books are very important to human development or growing.
  14. A1serb

    A1serb New Member

    In my opinion reading a book in person is much more therapeutic in many situations . If you are a busy person on the go and does not have the time to sit down and read a regular book . A E reader type platform will definitely do the trick for you.
  15. arred3m

    arred3m New Member

    I've tried listening to ebooks before and it's just too limiting for me. I prefer reading the actual book because it's more engaging. When I listen to them for some reason, I'm easily distracted. Reading the real thing also makes it more personal since I somewhat imagine my own version of the characters and the setting.
  16. ai7aga

    ai7aga New Member

    I love to read books more than listening to it, i i jt listen to stories in radio. But to read and get in to the book story,feeling is so good.
  17. anthonynguyen001

    anthonynguyen001 New Member

    There are distinct differences between actually reading a physical copy of a book and listening to an auditory version of a book. For one, I prefer reading a reading with a physical copy of a book when the intent is for in depth learning. It be able to highlight and create visible indications for future references is a pro for having a tangible copy. I would much prefer listening to audiobooks on the go when I am out and above doing minor tasks. It is not where I can fully put my mind to the subject of the book, but having enriching lessons in the background can be efficient use of time.
  18. Zurcyan

    Zurcyan Member

    I'm using kindle to read ebooks and I also use Sony Walkman NW-A55 for all of my audible. It's been a long battle between listening to audio books or reading the book on hand for me, But I should say the winner would be audio books. First major reason for me is that I can listen to the book that I want when I'm driving, also I'm listening to books while working if I'm allowed to, I also listen audibles while going to sleep cause after a long day from work my eyes would be very tired to go and read on hand, so I prefer listening to the books instead. We all know that even though we choose either side we will still agree on one thing, that we love the smell of that old books we kept on reading and turning each pages with our finger tips. It is still one of the most romantic side for all the book readers out there. I should say, given a chance I will definitely go for both cause "book is life".
  19. StephWhis

    StephWhis Member

    It really depends on the book. If it's a fiction book that I just pick up at the store, then I'll probably just read it. The same goes for textbooks too. If I listen to the audio version of a textbook, I'm about 75% more likely to just zone out, because I'm not fully engaged. However, if it's a book written by someone who makes videos online, like a YouTuber, I'd much rather listen to the audio version since I already know their voice. On the other hand, if some other author is narrating their own book, I don't think I'd really feel the need to listen to the audio version. As I said, it just really depends. Sometimes the audio version just isn't that great, and sometimes breaks up the immersion instead of providing anything. If I do end up going ahead and listening to a YouTuber's audiobook, chances are that I won't read along with the physical book. I'd probably just listen to it, and then go back and read the book on its own.
  20. biroueisaac10

    biroueisaac10 New Member

    I prefer reading.
  21. Fernandao

    Fernandao New Member

    I prefer to read the book, because by reading the book you learn new words it is time to write you know how to use the words and know how to write them.
  22. Adijenni

    Adijenni New Member

    I prefer to listen to a book. I find it hard to read books.

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