Would you prefer to read or listen to a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Frenchkissed2013, May 11, 2015.

  1. Tshaw96

    Tshaw96 New Member

    Oh I would definitely rather read a book. Whenever I read I have my own "reading voice" that usually doesn't match well with whatever the recording sounds like. I also find reading much more engrossing. If I listen to a book I can't recall details very well, but if I read it then I can remember key details very easily.
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  2. Tony Williams

    Tony Williams New Member

    If it's a book I've been waiting for and I'm really excited about I prefer to read it myself because it's much quicker. But in recent years I've really started enjoying listening to them. I like hearing the different voices and it makes it easy for me to do other things while I'm enjoying the story. I love reading but I have so much less time for it now than when I was young and when I think about how much I used to read compared to now it just makes me so sad. I think if I had the time I would read a lot more and I would prefer reading to audio. But given the choice between no book and audio while I'm jogging or mowing the lawn or what have you I'm going to choose audio every time.
  3. Tony Williams

    Tony Williams New Member

    Try Audible! I use them and I love it! They are an Amazon company and when I started using them they had a nice free trial. Not sure if they still do but I'm betting so! They have a great selection and it's not to costly! :)
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  4. jmontero31088

    jmontero31088 New Member

    I cannot get into listening to books. I would much rather read them. I can get a better picture in my mind when I read them. I just cannot get that when I listen to them.
  5. Biccu

    Biccu New Member

    I have never listened to a book. I have though about it, but I've never done it. I've heard of Audible and other things like that.

    I recently tried listening to some podcasts, which I think is in some way a step toward listening to an audiobook.

    I probably will try an audiobook eventually, but I have no idea what it would be. There have got to be some sort of genre constraints, right?
  6. Nozomi

    Nozomi New Member

    I remember feeling nervous about telling my mother that I would rather read to myself than have her read to me! I was about 10 at the time and she loved to read to me and my sister. Of course, it was her reading that gave me my great love of books and stories, and turned me into an avid reader. She was surprised but fine with it... my sister still liked being read to thank goodness. I think I was reading so quickly by then that I would read ahead to myself and be at the end of the page wanting to find out what happens next before she was half way through. Now I'm a mother and I can say I love reading to my kids, but it's very nice as well to see them engrossed in a book on their own. I think it's being able to set your own pace that I like most about reading myself.
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  7. Lora McFadden

    Lora McFadden New Member

    I personally would rather read a book than to listen to it. A book has a way of speaking to people. To me, there is a certain way I would read each characters tone and voice. A cassette simply could not play what I would "hear" in my head. I find that I would feel closer to the characters in the book by reading it myself, than if I listed to the book being read. I also feel as though it would be absorbed in my mind better. I would probably fall asleep to the sound of a stranger's voice reading a long story.
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  8. richardpaxton742

    richardpaxton742 New Member

    I would prefer reading a book. But I think it is based off how alert your mind is and how capable you are of multitasking. I have enjoyed reading books since I was a fetus in my mothers stomach. Books are capable of keeping me induced until I have finished reading the series, which likely means hours of sleep being lost. On the other hand, audiobooks can keep me entertained for at most 10 minutes, before I ponder off or begin to work on another task. ( Meaning I do not get as entertained as actually reading.)

    I came up with the conclusion of it being partially my fault, partially the narrator of the audiobook. Since I began to read when was young, I was able to create and keep a tone I always have when reading in my mind. Even when reading H.G. Wells (terrible author), I am still able to maintain a tone only I can create in my mind. The narrator's often exaggerate the story when reading, ultimately create a boring environment.

    You should try both and see what you like best :) You cannot really integrate another's opinion in this situation. See for yourself and good luck on finding the best preference!
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  9. meghenelizabeth

    meghenelizabeth New Member

    I prefer to read a book. I think a lot of this is just because I haven't really given audio books a chance. After reading this thread I may give it an honest try.
  10. silent

    silent New Member

    I would prefer to read a book than listen to it for various reasons. Reading a book allow me to be in control of the time in which I finish reading the book. It also will be more exciting find out and figuring out what's the writer's purpose. Reading the book also allows me to put myself in another world. Also if there are words that are not known to me, I will be better able to formulate a proper understanding because I am reading the text. On the other hand listening to a book might work for some people, but at times it will get boring for me because sometimes the persons monotonous voice can get me disinterested.
  11. KellyW

    KellyW New Member

    I generally prefer reading books- usually curled up on a couch with a cup of coffee or in a coffee shop. I do however drive long distances and then audio books are ideal. Some entertainment for hours on the open road is always welcome:thumbsup:
  12. kitten_v

    kitten_v New Member

    I have never tried listening to an audio book, however I imagine how productive it can be. When you're reading a book, it's hard to do anything else as your arms, hands, mind, and eyes are preoccupied. However, I feel that if I did listen to an audio book, I wouldn't be able to fully capture all the details of the story. Seeing the words with my own eyes allows me to better remember and experience the details of the book. It seems that I can easily forget what I just heard or even mishear.
  13. Lauren_819

    Lauren_819 New Member

    Listening to books is a great alternative to enjoying a good book. Personally, I would stick to reading them because I can set my own pace. Yes, you can pause and play a recording of someone reading a book, but overall you have to keep up with what you're hearing. Then again, listening to a book being reading helps develop the story better because it pushes for a more visual interpretation. :laugh:
  14. kierren

    kierren New Member

    I like to read a lot, that being said, I've recently started listening to pod-casts and can't imagine an audiobook being much different. I usually have about an hour of commuting everyday where I usually listen to them, I might have to give audiobooks a try, I can see myself easily getting lost in one on my way to work. I've heard that Game of Thrones is a good one to listen to but it's about 48 hours of audio!
  15. info84

    info84 New Member

    How can I avoid all the distractions that take me away from reading start to finish? The most successful strategy I've found thus far are: Audio books
  16. Jehrarer

    Jehrarer New Member

    Reading, of course. I like moving at my own pace, which can be harder on an audiobook. Also, it's much easier to imagine the fantastic worlds the author imagined when reading the words, for me at least. However, since I moved from my hometown to the city I attend university in, I've been enjoying audiobooks while on the road. A book is good company for a lonely driver.
  17. VioletNight777

    VioletNight777 New Member

    I prefer reading a book rather than listening to it. It may sound weird, but I enjoy the smell and feel of a book in my hands. The feel of turning the pages as I finish reading each page. Listening to a book can be very rewarding as well as you can just lay there with your eyes closed, bringing the words to life in your head.
  18. Honest_Ave

    Honest_Ave New Member

    There is nothing quite like reading. You're engaging the author so intimately, you often feel their words are only relevant to you. You're also engaging your mind on multiple levels, as an active participant rather than a passive one. You read the words, interpret their meanings, and place them in the timeline of the story without realizing the process. When reading becomes pleasurable, there is almost nothing comparable. It's a conversation with the author, but also with yourself and your preconceived notions.

    That said, I fell in love with one audio book in particular. "The Gunslinger" by Stephen King (the first volume of the Dark Tower Series) is such a fantastic telling that is almost compares with reading. There is one passage towards the end, where the protagonist finally sits down with the elusive antagonist for a deep, revealing conversation. Instead of being an overhead voyeur, I became a burning log in their fire, reacting to every syllable. And that's what a great narrator can do, bring you to a campfire, to the early days of story telling.

    If given the choice, I prefer written words over spoken. However, in tandem, the two reveal alternate views of a tale.
  19. AlxBrad2

    AlxBrad2 New Member

    I prefer to read books over listening to them. Call me old fashioned but I also choose a paper back book over an ereader, nook, iPad, or other device. There is just something about sitting done with a book in hand that makes reading that much more enjoyable.
  20. Tajudeen Idowu

    Tajudeen Idowu New Member

    I will prefer to read than listening to book. This is because you give more thought to reading than listening.
  21. MandaMoooooo

    MandaMoooooo New Member

    I prefer to read a book. I think when you listen to an audio book it takes out some of the imagination and creativity you would have put to the story. The best part of reading is fantasizing the story, which strengthens your mind!
  22. Tommy Rizzla

    Tommy Rizzla New Member

    Unless I am driving or doing work I prefer to read books. It just really occupies my mind and raises my level of comfort. I read a lot and really have come to love books. It is like you are going to a fantasy world. I must say though if I am in the car I love to listen to audiobooks, also at work I can just put on some headphones and listen to an audio book while getting my work done. No matter how technology evolves reading I will always have paper books in my life. It is just very soothing for me.
  23. Kannonboom

    Kannonboom New Member

    I would much rather read a book then listen. While listening is easier and more convenient I tend to lose focus don't remember don't just go strait to the spot you want to. While with a book you can easily mark it and keep going. Also the feel of the book in your hand makes it all the better. And it can be cheaper.
  24. Selvie

    Selvie New Member

    These days I do listen to audio books, but I still prefer to read my books. In my earlier years I used to be able to read a book a day, but not anymore. Too many distractions these days so I am lucky if I can get through 5 pages a day. I always carry a book in my bag just in case I have to wait in line somewhere, then I can pass the time reading. When I had a car, I used to listen to audio books while driving and sometimes if I just want to lie down and relax or my eyes are tired I will put on a audio book to listen to as I dose off. So I guess its 50/50 for now.
  25. norms options

    norms options New Member

    If I am at home, I definitely prefer reading a book, and I am talking about a physical book, not on a nook or a kindle or some other device. There is something about holding the book in my hands and the words on physical paper that cannot be replaced for me. However, a few years ago, my wife introduced me to books on tape (well actually on cd's) that you can rent from Cracker Barrel and return to any location in the country. This has been a very welcome addition to our road trips and has made our vacation drives so much more enjoyable. When we drive to visit her parents it is 15-16 hours each way and the road can get very boring without something to break up the drive.
  26. zclipse

    zclipse New Member

    Oh I totally have to READ the book! I suppose it's probably because I'm more of a visual person. I just have a terrible time sitting still and "listening" to someone talk. I feel like I want to fidget and I have a hard time paying attention. And then sometimes my mind wanders and I realize I just missed a big section of the story! So yeah, you just can't beat having the book in your hands and being able to hold it, even smell it! Am I the only one who does that? I LOVE the smell of books! When I get a new one, I will actually hold it right up to my nose and inhale the scent of new paper! I just love the whole experience of reading. Cuddling up on a rainy day with a good book and a blanket. You can't beat it!
  27. watsadamen

    watsadamen New Member

    I have always loved holding an actual book and flipping through its pages, although I have not tried listening to an audio book. Reading through the words and letting your imagination run free is an enjoyable experience. That was during my younger years. I do admit that now, I have resorted to electronic books. E-book reading is a less expensive way for me to continue my love for reading. If I had it my way though I would still choose the actual book any day.
  28. Karen Ann Cabrera

    Karen Ann Cabrera New Member

    Reading a book hard-copy over anything. I like the old school route.
  29. KegynAllen

    KegynAllen New Member

    I prefer to read books. The enjoyment in a good book is found in the interpretation, the art found in your own mind; when you hear someone else read it for you, the art and interpretation are altered.
  30. davisraymond292

    davisraymond292 New Member

    І wоuld рrеfеr rеаdіng а bооk. Вut І thіnk іt іs bаsеd оff hоw аlеrt уоur mіnd іs аnd hоw сараblе уоu аrе оf multіtаskіng. І hаvе еnјоуеd rеаdіng bооks sіnсе І wаs а fеtus іn mу mоthеrs stоmасh. Вооks аrе сараblе оf kееріng mе іnduсеd untіl І hаvе fіnіshеd rеаdіng thе sеrіеs, whісh lіkеlу mеаns hоurs оf slеер bеіng lоst. Оn thе оthеr hаnd, аudіоbооks саn kеер mе еntеrtаіnеd fоr аt mоst 10 mіnutеs, bеfоrе І роndеr оff оr bеgіn tо wоrk оn аnоthеr tаsk. ( Меаnіng І dо nоt gеt аs еntеrtаіnеd аs асtuаllу rеаdіng.)

    І саmе uр wіth thе соnсlusіоn оf іt bеіng раrtіаllу mу fаult, раrtіаllу thе nаrrаtоr оf thе аudіоbооk. Ѕіnсе І bеgаn tо rеаd whеn wаs уоung, І wаs аblе tо сrеаtе аnd kеер а tоnе І аlwауs hаvе whеn rеаdіng іn mу mіnd. Еvеn whеn rеаdіng Н.G. Wеlls (tеrrіblе аuthоr), І аm stіll аblе tо mаіntаіn а tоnе оnlу І саn сrеаtе іn mу mіnd. Тhе nаrrаtоr's оftеn ехаggеrаtе thе stоrу whеn rеаdіng, ultіmаtеlу сrеаtе а bоrіng еnvіrоnmеnt.

    Yоu shоuld trу bоth аnd sее whаt уоu lіkе bеst :) Yоu саnnоt rеаllу іntеgrаtе аnоthеr's оріnіоn іn thіs sіtuаtіоn. Ѕее fоr уоursеlf аnd gооd luсk оn fіndіng thе bеst рrеfеrеnсе!
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