Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Colex, Dec 14, 2014.


Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

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  1. Colex

    Colex New Member

    If you suddenly won millions of dollars, would you stop working? What would you do with the rest of your life?

    I always imagined that I would keep working. I wouldn't want to lose my work ethic. If I didn't have a job I might get bored.

    However, I would probably take longer vacations. What about you?
  2. peachdejour

    peachdejour New Member

    I would quit my current job in favor of finishing my fieldwork hours for my masters. Then I could start working on my PhD and counsel part time to get my terminal clinical license. Then I could work on opening the nonprofit I wanted to open to help people access resources.
  3. dirk_disco

    dirk_disco New Member

    Not only would I quit my job I would disappear and just travel around the world with a backpack and credit card. There is so much to see in the world, I may never come home.
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  4. dirtyfelix

    dirtyfelix New Member

    I absolutely would quit my job if I hit the lottery! I would hire a finance expert to invest my money so that I would still be earning money for the rest of my life off the lottery money.
  5. MintyBreath

    MintyBreath New Member

    If I were to somehow mysteriously win the lottery and gain millions of dollars, I would take that money and safely deposit it into my bank account. I would grab my credit card, head for the airport and order a ticket to travel somewhere completely at random on the earth. I don't care where I land, I just want to see life in it's full beauty and glory. There's nothing more wondrous than being able to live life to it's fullest.

    - Minty
  6. Conchess

    Conchess New Member

    I wouldn't quit my job because I don't play the lottery. John Oliver goes into why the lottery is so bad in so many ways.
  7. LadyM757

    LadyM757 New Member

    Honestly depends if i love my job or not. If i loved my job i'd keep working until i felt like quitting. If i hated my job and had enough money to never work again. Well why not quit and enjoy life. especially if im financially set to do so.
  8. mylindaelliott

    mylindaelliott New Member

    I would not quit my job. I am one of the few people I know who loves their job. I enjoy helping the families I work with and would not want to lose contact with them. I would invest some of the money and use some of it to help people. People, like myself, need work to hang their day around and keep them grounded.
  9. MagickMonkey

    MagickMonkey New Member

    I would. I would quit my job and not look back.
    However, that is not saying that I would spend the rest of my days beachside. I have always wanted to do something good for the community. I would love to spend time volunteering or something of the sort. So I would quit my current job, but would not quit working.
  10. Artister

    Artister New Member

    A job is something you do to earn money; work is effort directed at producing or accomplishing something. Would I quit jobbing when I win the lottery? Absolutely. Would I quit working? Never. Your work is what gives you purpose and direction; and as we all know, a rudderless vessel soon runs aground.
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  11. RandiDawn1224

    RandiDawn1224 New Member

    Thats a wonderful answer! I would still want to work too! But with a million dollars you're free to do something you love and not worry about how much you'll need to make to support your family!
  12. elena

    elena New Member

    I work with dogs, so I absolutely would not quit. It's my hobby and my love, so no amount of money could make me leave it! I would probably invest the money in a kennel/boarding setup on some land and use a portion of the money to move my career further. The rest to a happy retirement with a million dogs!
  13. blasianchick

    blasianchick New Member

    I don't have a traditional job to quit, but If I did, I'd totally leave it if I won a significant amount in the lottery. As an entrepreneur, It doesn't really make sense for me to quit my business for the lottery. So my answer is yes and no, depending on where my income is coming from at the time I win the lottery.

    One thing I'd probably do for certain, despite my job situation, is open a new business with the lottery money. Something I can do from home and would only take up a minimal amount of time each day to run. Or maybe I would go upscale and create a business that would provide lots of job opportunities for people who aren't able to get jobs elsewhere because the market is not ideal for workers at the time? Hmmm... something like that. Other than that, purchase property, invest the money in something, secure some future funds for my children. The usual. Then, go have some fun!
  14. keeshamarie

    keeshamarie New Member

    Thats a no brainer, I would quit my job in a heartbeat! Lol I dont think I would be like those people who win for millions and then are broke the next year though, I would be more sensible with my money but yes definitely give my current employer the boot! haha
  15. Foggggy

    Foggggy New Member

    Short answer, no.
    Everyone needs a passion in their life, helping others out, fascinating people or doing anything to make others happy.
    Helping the poor with your lottery winnings? That's your job now.
    Funding companies and investing? That's your job now.
    Caring about your family members and helping them out with your money? That's your job now.
    No sane person would just sit at home watching FOX on their 24-carat TV.
    Everyone needs something to do, something fun, something that just doesn't focus on yourself.
    I personally would keep making art, designing stuff, just making people think about my art or just make them say:
    "That looks good".
  16. Autumn

    Autumn New Member

    I might find a new job that isn't as hard as the one I had at the time of winning or go for something I would enjoy more but not quit. You would definatly live comfy for the rest of your life but I think I would get way to bored with my life if I didn't have a job.
  17. PennySafe

    PennySafe New Member

    I would most definitely quit my job! But I know for sure that I would help people. My passion is for the everyday person who is having a hard time and I would love to be like that anonymous guy who does the Hidden Cash game on Twitter. I think I would also go to school and enjoy it without having to worry about money.
  18. Mrs.Frugal

    Mrs.Frugal New Member

    I would probably quit my job, but, I don't think that would mean that I would be sipping margaritas on a beach side. I think If I won the lottery, I would have the guts to try some other things. I have always wanted to run a bed and breakfast. I would serve high tea and possibly run a gift shop. The pressure of making enough to survive on would not be there, I could just do it because I loved it.
  19. Myles Brooks

    Myles Brooks New Member

    Yes, I would quit my job and never work for money ever again unless I started a company with the money that I earned. The whole reason that you have a job is to make money and if you were to win millions then there is no reason to work.
  20. colafrank

    colafrank New Member

    I would definitely quit my current job and use the money to fund the rest of my education and pay off the student loans I already have. However, I would definitely find another job after I finish college because there's not much else I would want to do with my life. I would get too bored if I just sat around the house even if I did have a big wad of money. Plus, if you're bored at home and have a ton of money, you're going to be constantly spending it to keep yourself from getting bored and money does not last forever.
  21. FunkyFresh

    FunkyFresh New Member

    I don't yet have a job to quit, but I would keep working if I had a job and won the lottery. I've studied for years to get my desired degree, so I wouldn't want to throw away my career and all the hard work I've put in before I even get to put it to good use! Sadly, we don't even have the lottery in my state. Maybe I'll hit it big at one of our casinos though.
  22. Carfer

    Carfer New Member

    Would I quit my job if I won the lottery? Well, I assume that this question is implying that said lottery winnings are of a considerably favorable amount...Is millions of dollars a favorable amount these days?
    I would take trillions if I wanted to make sure my family and I would live comfortably for the rest of our lives..At any rate, I would not quit my summer job(at least not right away). I am the first mate on a tour boat. I also have a fond appreciation for my employer and my boss, not to mention my captains who hold my life in their hands the second we pull away from the dock. Since I am here today to post in this lovely forum.....I would say those captains did a tremendous job. I have always loved the water and boating.
    HOWEVER, I would quit my other jobs (waitressing and bartending). I would still attend college. Ya know, thinking more about it...I would just do whatever I wanted to do. I am wealthy, who cares if I quit my job?!!!

    If I did win the lottery I would make sure my family is comfortable and then I would give to charity. After that..vacation..see you on the beaches of Greece!! Please, do not kick sand in my ice cold beverage.
  23. ChristopherGehler

    ChristopherGehler New Member


    With millions of dollars it would allow me to invest money in property and stock/bonds while also making a small start up or an etsy shop. It would also allow my girlfriend to quit her job and work on similar projects. Granted, the job security would be nice, but with millions of dollars in a bank account, even with rent at 2.5k per month, you'd be set for a good long while to make investments and other business opportunities count.
  24. rupiio

    rupiio New Member

    I would certainly not work the hours I do now! I like to think after an initial splurge (travelling, relaxing and ,consuming!) I would go back to university and try and get a degree in something I have a genuine interest in and open up my own business. This is all assuming it was a real life changing sum of money!
  25. lessthanthree

    lessthanthree New Member

    I would absolutely quit my job, although I wouldn't stop working. My winnings would provide me with more flexibility to seek jobs that I want instead of jobs that I need. I work in a creative field, so sometimes it just feels like being stuck on a hamster wheel! I had more fun being unemployed and working on freelance projects for peanuts than I ever had working for a firm. While I would demand more money now as an experienced freelancer, I would certainly be more choosy about the projects I took in, and I would do more personal work, as well as take more classes!

    Now all I have to do is start buying those tickets :) Can't win if you don't play!
  26. taleajerio

    taleajerio New Member

    I would most definitely not quit my current job as I have seen this mistake made several times therefore I am aware of the ramifications. In most cases, the prize received is not sufficient to replace a good wage. If I was unhappy with my job, I may pursue another lower-paying job doing something which I am more passionate about as I could finance any lost income with my lottery winnings while maintaining my happiness.
  27. larimeow

    larimeow New Member

    I would definitely not quite my day job! I went through 4 years of schooling to follow my passion and I could not give that up, not even if I had a million dollars. I would certainly pay off my debts though, and focus on enjoying my job and living a comfortable life that didn't focus around money as much.
  28. Arch3r

    Arch3r New Member

    I wouldn't quit my job. I'd perhaps take more time off and I wouldn't stress about it so much, but I can't imagine quitting. I like my field of work, and I like having a reason to get up in the morning. If anything, I'd use some of my money to move closer to work to make the commute less of a hassle, but otherwise, I'm staying employed!
  29. Lucy T

    Lucy T New Member

    Well, my current 'job' is being a stay at home mother, so no... but I might hire a cleaner to make the job easier! Seriously, my current plan is to wait until my children are a bit older and then find employment, and if I won the lottery I'd probably stick with that plan; I've wanted to have a particular career for a long time now, and have put a lot of effort into gaining qualifications to make it a possibility, so there's no way I'd just give up on the idea altogether!
  30. gabmondo

    gabmondo New Member


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