Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Colex, Dec 14, 2014.


Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Serranolove

    Serranolove New Member

    God created us to use our talents with our hands so I would certainly keep working for our nation. I would resign from my 9-5 job but instead work for change and not for money. It would free up an endless amount of time for volunteering and engaging in the community. The amount of service hours you could accomplish if you weren't working for a paycheck would be astonishing!
  2. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    I actually thought about it before and I decided that I would not quit my job. I really love what I do and I think I would go on doing it and donate the money I earn.
  3. TravelDiva77

    TravelDiva77 New Member

    No way! I would keep working. I think a lot of people run through their money because they quit there job and start becoming professional shoppers to cure the boredom. So, I would still work and keep my mind occupied to make sound money decisions.
  4. jrmyfrncsc014

    jrmyfrncsc014 Member

    I wont, I don't work for the salary, but for my intellectual growth.
  5. araysieyy

    araysieyy New Member

    If ever I won a lottery, I would never quit my job, because the money that I won would disappear eventually. It's not like I won unlimited money, of course I still have to have a source of income that would support me for a long time. We have to be open minded and still think about what's ahead of us. But if the question is to just to take a break from my job and go back after, I would because everyone needs a break and do whatever we want.
  6. amydyne

    amydyne New Member

    I would definitely take a long vacation from my job, or look for a career change while the lottery money would back me up. But not quitting forever. As it had been mentioned in previous posts, the lottery money is limited, especially if one doesn't invent it in something profitable.

    Money aside, I believe my life would be extremely dull if it wasn't for my job. Wasting away the rest of my days without doing something productive would just alter my personality in a insanely negative way. Rather than that, I would opt for a low-hours job, such as a part-time job in order to fill my days with a regular activity!
  7. roylynv02

    roylynv02 New Member

    right now, i would quit because i dont really have a job though
  8. EmpyL

    EmpyL New Member

    I would ofcourse quit my job and start working on my plans. I will put some of my money in the investments I have in mind, start a business, secure the future of my son and my family, give some to the less fortunate and I would travel all over the world with my family.

    It's not a hard-earned money but I will use it wisely and make sure not to be a one-day millionaire.
  9. neromare

    neromare New Member

    Probably not. I’ll be tempted though. But everything becomes boring in time. What would I do? Drink margaritas all day in Bora Bora? It’ll eventually get boring. I’ll want to hang out with people and they’ll be constantly busy, at work. Then what? Watch TV? Right. And what would I tell my children one day? “Kids, daddy drank vodkas all day on a beach. Such a life. Awesome it was.” Sounds I’ll be praising parasitic behaviour. Doing nothing for society. Leaving nothing for the future. What’s the point in living then.
  10. mosesoscar

    mosesoscar New Member

    It depends on the kind of job I'm doing. If I won a lottery, I can start my own business, but if my current job is mine I wouldn't quit; instead I'd use the money to advance it. So, yes I'd quit my job as an employee if I won a lottery; but no, I will not quit my job if I'm an entrepreneur.
  11. Em14

    Em14 New Member

    yes, if I won a lottery with a big amount of money, I will surely invest it in a business, It will double my salary as an employee then I will focus on my own business to make it a company. Being employed is hard because you have to be friendly and nice to your superior and co-worker. You have to work hard in order to gain promotions that may increase your salary as an employee. Having my own company is a dream for me and I'm hoping that someday it will happen.
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  12. ZSDayag

    ZSDayag Member

    It depends on how much money did I won on the Lottery. If it's big enough for me to buy my own house, car, life insurances, health insurances, investments, and start my own business then, yes! I'll quit my job.
  13. AiraBalbin

    AiraBalbin New Member

    If I won the lottery, I would still continue to work for intellectual growth but with my own company built from my winnings. That way I can employ as many people as I want to and help them. I would also invest some of my winnings to some passive income generating businesses like property rentals, and peer-to-peer lending, etc. And of course, I would build a charity that would help educating street children and get them off the street and possibly give them a chance to have a better future. The money I won will not last forever unless I invest and use the money wisely.
  14. bertoregaspi

    bertoregaspi New Member

    I'll buy the company and fire all the people who had it coming to them. Then put my friends in the executive positions. We will watch the company from high up, and watch as it goes down in flames in less than a fiscal year. Hahahaha!
  15. Kinlove17

    Kinlove17 New Member

    I would quit my job if I won millions. I would invest some of the money, buy my dream home and make sure my family is taken care of.
  16. Blobfish

    Blobfish New Member

    I would definitely quit my job and spend a lot of time volunteering. I would open up a non kill animal shelter and work there. I wouldn’t take a salary and would spend my time fundraising and taking care of the animals.

    If I’m being honest, the first thing I would do is take my family on a really nice vacation. Then I would spend time volunteering. I wouldn’t buy a mansion or a flashy sports car. I don’t think my life would change that drastically other than not having to work for money and spending time on passion projects instead.
  17. jizel marie

    jizel marie New Member

    In the past few weeks, the lottery jackpot has reached an all-time high here in my country, the Philippines. I was never a fan of the lottery under normal circumstances but pondering on the probability of winning more than a billion pesos, however crazy or miniscule, I have decided to spend a considerable amount of money to purchase a couple of lottery tickets.

    Along with the hopes of winning the lottery, I have also set out a mental plan of what I would do if I won the lottery and that involved career plans and that I have decided that if I should win the lottery, I will keep the news as low profile as possible: that means having less changes in my lifestyle and well, staying in my job as a nurse.

    I love my job, to be honest. However, having such ridiculous and meager pay for such a noble job is sometimes frustrating on my end especially since I also want to be more financially stable and independent. Winning th lottery, I believe, will take out the financial frustrations that come along with my job since the monetary aspect will no longer be taken into consideration and that I will have more time to focus on the quality of care that I will render to my patients. The idea of winning the lottery, aside from providing a retirement plan, will give me an opportunity to pursue what my true passions really are---and that includes serving people as a nurse.
  18. Lordify

    Lordify New Member

    I would definitely quit my job. What's the use of working long hours and being paid peanuts when you can actually fund a business and make bigger income? I don't want to work till I die. I prefer to be my own boss and work to build something that actually pays me.

    TOMSHANJ Member

  20. mrvuducdung

    mrvuducdung New Member

    Maybe, but it depends on how much i can receive from lottery. If big amount, i think to have my own business. But it's small, of course, i can't quit my job. Because i can earn money to maintain family's life now.
  21. billwaf2

    billwaf2 New Member

    It depends with the type of job am doing @Colex. If its the type that frustrates me, I would definitely leave my job without thinking twice because it's always said that people are at their best when they do something they love and enjoy. Also, don't forget we are talking about a million dollars! That means financial independence , enough time with family and a life of fulfilment that many others only dream of.
  22. BAHATI

    BAHATI New Member

    Definitely yes. After 15 years of working, it is time to say goodbye. But it doesn't mean I will stop working. I will open the next chapter in my life. I will create a business. By doing this I'm not the only one that will benefit, but also the people that surround me. Creating jobs will also help the community and elevate the standard living of different families.
    If you received a blessing from our creator, be a blessing also to others.
  23. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    If I won a serious amount of money on the lottery I would quit that moment , even though I like my job and my work colleagues .To have financial independence would be lovely , I would spend my time starting my own company and enjoying life traveling the world . Thanks Jordan Durante
  24. JoysJB

    JoysJB New Member

    I understand that there are some people who still prefer to work even if they won the lottery, and it is because of some reason which is I think one of it is because it’s their dream job and the other one is like what you’ve mentioned is that they might get bored without working and so on, but I think that winning the lottery doesn’t mean that work will stop instead it will become the start of a big opportunity, and that's why for me, I would choose to quit my job if I won the lottery, especially that with the money that I can get from it, it will already help me and my family with our needs and necessities and that I will also have the opportunity to start my own business and maybe transform it into a company.
  25. kodakan

    kodakan New Member

    If I would be given that opportunity to win in the lottery, I would quit my job so that I could personally take care of my child who has autism. He has graduated from elementary and was a scholar at high school. He was granted full scholarship status in his early college years when suddenly he refused to go to school anymore. He would just stay inside his room and play with his computer the whole time. I finally realized that it would be useless even if he graduated from college since he is autistic he would have a hard time adjusting to people in his office. So I have to establish a business for him so he would have money and probably a house for him. So if ever I would be gone someday I would have the comforting thought that he would be taken cared of.
  26. fernando22

    fernando22 New Member

    It's all about the job that you do. We, the people, many times dream about a magic solution of all our financial issues, like winning the lottery.
    If you don't like your job, sooner or later you'll quit, but if you really like it and that is something meaningful and fulfilling in your life, you don't just quit, because that way you would be losing one of your reasons to live and keep moving.
    Money isn't a solution for everything. At the end of the day only matters if you did things that make you happy and make you feel alive.
  27. dheesaurx

    dheesaurx New Member

    If I won 500 million dollars in the lottery, I would definitely quit my job with the idea being: the money would free me up to pursue what I'm truly passionate about- entrepreneurship. But before anything else I'd hire an attorney, set my family to receive 20 percent in the form of a trust. I would diversify my winnings in a way that a good part of what's left will be invested in financial vehicles that would generate money for me, accruing interest, beginning a business and still have a couple million dollars to burn :D
  28. chrisjjf24

    chrisjjf24 New Member

    For me, I will stay in the job for more than a year then quit, so I can spend more time allocating my winnings to investments and family.
  29. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    For me it's gonna be a no, even though I'll win the lottery, the passion in my heart will last and it will urge me to do my job as a game developer, and blogger, so that I can still share my accomplishments. Winning a lottery may give you millions, but the achievement you'll get by doing your job is an honor worth living your life for, but it also depends on the dignity of a person, whether he/she wants to slack off and enjoy his/her riches or do the same thing that I would.
  30. Andja98

    Andja98 New Member

    If I won a lottery, I definitely would quit my job. I made a promise to my mom, years ago, that I would take her on some exotic trip. That would be the first thing that I would do. Second, I always wanted to own a pet shop, or a shelter for abandoned animals, so that's where I would invest most of the money.

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