Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Natalyatarasenkova

    Natalyatarasenkova New Member

    I would rather be healthy and happy!
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  2. Kirstin

    Kirstin New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich, happy then wealthy. Personal wellness is wealth. I have a friend that works his arse off. Probably works 80 hrs weeks. When he is off he is still on call and indebted to his customers. He's a multi-millionaire, but has more health issues then someone at 41 years old should have. I am working with him on proper diet, rest, and how to deal with stress.
    If you're dead you can't enjoy the life you left behind at such an early age.
  3. crispclrs

    crispclrs New Member

    I rather be healthy. When you are healthy, you have the vital energy and will to work and perhaps even become rich one day. You can't truly enjoy your money if you are sick. Medical bills are high enough that being rich will allow you to pay them, but it'll be matter of pursuing treatments and cures just to feel good.
  4. Yatte

    Yatte New Member

    I have an auto-immune disease called ulcerative colitis. Auto-immune diseases is where your immune system sees some part of your body as the enemy and attacks the cells of your body. This is a chronic sickness, that can only be managed but never be cured. Some of the other diseases that falls under auto-immune disease are fibromyalgia, Lupus, Crohn's Disease, Type I diabetes and psoriasis.

    Getting up every morning is a battle, getting trough the day is a war. The effects of this disease is really restricting, I need to be close to a bathroom at all times, I tire easily and I am constantly weak.

    Given the choice between health and wealth, my choice would always be health. It would be the most amazing thing ever to wake up and go through the day as a normal healthy person and to see the negative effect this disease has on my family be removed.
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  5. Artem

    Artem New Member

    Wealth, since I'm healthy ever since I was born in this world. And hey, some sickness can be cured with enough money.
  6. sirwritealot

    sirwritealot New Member

    My first reaction was to go with being rich but who's wouldn't be? I can't think of a single person who hasn't thought about how fantastic it would be to hit the lottery and become an instant millionaire but we're not talking about simply hitting the lottery. We are being given a choice and a difficult one at that.

    It would be so easy to grab the money and go but with every choice comes a consequence and I'm assuming that the consequence for this choice would be the opposite of the health that I would have left behind. To possibly die a rich man would be a tragedy I'd rather pass on.

    It is for this reason that after considering my choices, and the possible consequences of my final decision, I would have to go with my health. I would rather live my life as a poor man in perfect health than a rich man on the verge of death.
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  7. pamela

    pamela New Member

    I like this question and of course I would rather be healthy than rich. I'd much rather be happy than rich any day. Having money means nothing if you can't enjoy it and if you are sick, you definitely will not be enjoying much of anything. I have never been materialistic and I have always looked at being wealthy as over rated. You see so many rich people who are lonely, divorcing, and just downright unhappy. Money can't buy you happiness. True happiness comes from being with family, having good health, standing for a cause, achieving your goals, and living everyday to it's absolute fullest.
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  8. Manal

    Manal New Member

    I rather be healthy because you can have all the money in the world but can never replace your health. I do not know anyone who would rather be rich rather than having their health. Money cannot always bring back your health and money cannot always make you happy. It is a never ending battle if I keep on comparing.
  9. slbalston

    slbalston New Member

    My life is already rich. I have a loving family, food, and shelter. However, health is more important to me than wealth. With all my riches and good health, I have the ability to obtain wealth.
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  10. AnaKatOK

    AnaKatOK New Member

    I'd rather be rich because then it will be easier to afford to be healthy. Since diet is the main contributor to overall health, it is much easier to afford better quality food if you have more money. For example, grassfed, pastured beef and eggs run about $5.00 / lb or dozen in my area, and these foods have higher quality nutrients. I can get industrialized food for around $2.00 a lb / dozen that is filled with pesticides and treated with antibiotics, which results in less nutritional benefit and is detrimental to my overall health.
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  11. PomMom

    PomMom New Member

    To be rich or healthy, now that's a good question! I immediately think that I would rather be rich as my current situation is the exact opposite :(. After thinking about this further, I think it probably is better to be healthy since what's the point of being rich if you aren't well enough to enjoy it!
  12. wwjw

    wwjw Member

    Healthy!No hesitation.We can do nothing if we are don't have a healthy body.As long as we are healthy,we have enough time to make money.
  13. Pigirl

    Pigirl New Member

    Honestly, we have all heard that money can never buy health. My family has always surrounded me with healthy foods, and I always exercise. We really have to turn the phrase around, because anyone could become sick and then you have no way to make money. If we worry about making money and then our health, it will be too late and everything will have been lost. Most importantly, staying healthy is the only thing we need in life. Until we become very sick, we will never fully realize that our health is never a certainty, and the only way to be happy is to be healthy. My parents never would let me sleep over 10:30, because my mom works in the health field and has seen many people who have considerable sums of money, and only now try to catch up their health. Ultimately we would all love to be rich and healthy, but few get that opportunity in the 21st century, and we have to consider what we want for ourselves.
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  14. Tiemi

    Tiemi New Member

    Without doubt, being healthy is better than being rich only. Not worth having money if you do not have health to enjoy life. Sometimes money does not buy health, if you have an incurable disease. But what matters is being good about yourself, so that you will have health to work and get rich and be happy!
  15. Shizelle Acres

    Shizelle Acres New Member

    I will rather be healthy than rich. I believe being healthy is a longer living to life. I being rich will just have me unhealthy because I will only want to eat at fast food restaurants everyday.
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  16. casscillac

    casscillac Member

    I would rather be healthy any day of the week because money only last for so long and beings more trouble with it that it helps really. Sure you may seen to be on top but it someone looks inside of a rich person that should really count their blessing because really they have it better that the riches person on earth.
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  17. Raouls

    Raouls New Member

    Money can't buy health. There are many people who are very rich and are dieing.
    So i pick healty without hesitation.
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  18. AAKing23

    AAKing23 New Member

    Well I haven't had that much money in my life and I'm doing just fine. But in the times where my health has been compromised and state of well being has plummeted, my life felt like a living hell. I've felt miserable for months by not being well and it starts to take a toll on every aspect of your life. It's definitely something I would pay not to go through ever again. So to answer the question, I'd rather be healthy.
  19. Kaylynsmi

    Kaylynsmi New Member

    I pick Money, because our health system runs on money. Modern medicine is all about "who can pay". I'd pay to keep myself healthy. This may be an arrogant response, but there is so many amazing things and peoples lives I can fix with money. I can adopt a ton of children who need help, I can make a difference. Not saying I couldn't make a difference without money. But I rather die a rich, person who has helped many then nobody who was healthy.
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  20. xlSynergy

    xlSynergy Member

    Depends on what you mean. If I don't pick healthy, what type of sickness would I have?

    Assuming that it's just a shorter life, I'd rather pick money.

    Why? Because I'd rather enjoy things and do what I enjoy than live long and not do any of it.
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  21. Rett Fisher

    Rett Fisher New Member

    I've been rich and sick at the same time. Now I'm almost poor, but very healthy and happy. I hated the pressure of trying to maintain the money flow, so I would have to say I definitely would rather be healthy than rich.
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  22. drdurham77

    drdurham77 New Member

    I'd definitely go for healthy over wealthy. It doesn't take much money to stay healthy, just regular exercise and a balanced diet. However, it isn't something you can automatically buy, if you had the money.

    There is an old Chinese saying, that Health is Wealth.
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  23. Isabel

    Isabel New Member

    I would rather be healthy! You are just poor enough if you're rich but unhealthy..
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  24. steam455

    steam455 New Member

    I would definitely choose to be healthy! The three things I always hear from people is that you can't buy happiness, health, or love. I couldn't agree more with them. The way I look at it is, what is the point of killing yourself over few dollars? Like I said money can't buy the three most important things in life, so what's the point? I'm perfectly okay with not being the richest guy on Earth, as long as I'm alive and well!
  25. avattire

    avattire New Member

    Good question. Ill answer it by comparing it to my current situations! Lets see...right now in this very moment, I am healthy but very sad, broke, poor and losing everything. If I were rich and unhealthy could I live with my illness? Or would it only give me a few months..Because right now I'm starting to inch towards unhealthy and super rich,
  26. cnfisher1

    cnfisher1 Member

    I would rather be healthy than i would be rich. This is because if you are rich, you are more likely to be unhappy. It doesn't matter if you have all the material things that you could possibly want. Without family, friends, and a good health background it is impossible to be truly happy.
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  27. iVeyron

    iVeyron New Member

    I would rather be healthy. Being rich isn't exactly a good thing. You'll probably go to the casino and blow it all away if anything. Being healthy is a great advantage. The rich will become poor paying for dental bills etc.
  28. franchesckaar

    franchesckaar New Member

    Had enough of healthy. Wanna try the richhhhhh.
    Joking aside, you can accomplish more being healthy than being in bed all day sick on the verge of dying. It should be the obvious choice.
  29. Tciv

    Tciv Guest

    I would definately choose health over wealth, because when you are healthy, you have all you need to create other dreams like being wealthy!
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  30. Heasarc

    Heasarc New Member

    If it's one or the other, then definitely healthy. There's no way I can enjoy my wealth if I'm always sick.
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