Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Scaryangel

    Scaryangel New Member

    Can I choose both? Hehe! because according to me both the things are important in a persons life . A good earning capability, I mean good income and healthy life. Health is also important but if u have wealth u can take care of ur heath nicely. And the most important thing is happiness if u r happy no heath and wealth nothing matters, smile is the solution to every problem. Just be happy and keep others happy :)
  2. mahskillz

    mahskillz New Member

    I would pick health. Without health, it is hard to truly enjoy life. You only get life for about 60-80 years, so in order to make the most of it, you have to be healthy. It is enough to have adequate money and a fantastic life, than to be rolling in cash but miserable, because you can't go outside for long periods of time. Personally, I really wouldn't mind having both!
  3. Rachel Wall

    Rachel Wall New Member

    I would rather be healthy. What would be the point in being rich and not being able to enjoy it due to poor health? Yes money may help you pay for the best medical care around but would you want to be wasting all your time and money on trying to get better?
  4. bibbyboy

    bibbyboy New Member

    As cliche as this must sound, money cannot buy happiness. Money is certainly a benefit in today's society and will make life much easier, but health is something that you can't buy. I doubt there are many rich people with an incurable illness that would consider themselves to be truly happy. I follow the philosophy of working to live, not living to work; where as long as I have my health I can be happy everyday and not kill myself at a job trying to make some extra bucks.
  5. OmyRee

    OmyRee New Member

    Well i believe in having it all
  6. preacherbob50

    preacherbob50 New Member

    Rockefeller, in an interview was asked a simple question. "How much money is enough?" He replied, "As long as there is one more penny to be made it is still not enough!"
    A few years later, it is reported, he was with his banker watching an old lady at a teller window who was withdrawing a few dollars. When she walked away from the window, Mr Rockefeller apparentely watched her go and said to the bank vice president, "If I had her health I would give up all of my money!"
    There is not one dollar more that could replace the health and love that my wife and I have for each other.
  7. LuxeNovice

    LuxeNovice New Member

    I prefer to be a healthy person. As the years has gone by money has taken over just about every aspect of our lives. Sure its nice to be rich and having the capability of buying materialistic things. I just rather be rich in health. The amount of deadly disease, viruses, and sickness is on a high and money isnt always the cure. Plus, I find the people who are healthy are usually the happiest.
  8. Kidada22

    Kidada22 Member

    I rather be healthy. Money can't buy good health, and what's the point of having money if you can't enjoy it. The billionaires of the world still work as if they're struggling like the poor man with no money. So, that leads me to believe a lot of money isn't what it's crack up to be. Why would you continue to work hard, if you're filthy rich? How do you ever enjoy your riches, if you still work as if you don't have it?
  9. SirPurr

    SirPurr New Member

    It depends on how you define "rich".

    I don't have a lot of money, but I have a loving family and great friends.

    This makes me rich in my opinion.

    Like somebody once said,
    “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”
  10. seeya555

    seeya555 New Member

    I think the one comes with the other. Healthy or organic food is very expensive nowadays and therefore if I were rich, I think I'd eat a lot more vegetables, fruits and all that stuff. If you think about it, you can get a whole menu at McDonald's for five or six dollars, but if you want a really healthy meal, you usually have to pay up to fifteen bucks. Not everyone can afford that.
  11. CrispyEggos

    CrispyEggos New Member

    Can I only choose one and not the other? Meaning, if I were to choose wealth, could I ever work to be healthy? If it were to be only one or the other, I would choose health. A sound mind and body would extend your life and just overall make you feel better.

    If I had to instantly choose one, but still have the ability to acquire the other, it would be wealth...hands down. In this world acquiring wealth is very difficult, so taking that would be smart. I have no problem getting in shape, exercising and remaining healthy. I have had a good turnaround from being overweight and unhealthy to somebody a lot of people would envy based on how in shape I am and how healthy I have become.
  12. chappy

    chappy New Member

    Either or.
    If I was healthy, I could work and get money and if I was rich, I could just spend some money to get healthy.
    Probably would rather be healthy so I can do whatever I wanted
  13. xolker

    xolker New Member

    I would rather be rich, if you have enough money you can pay doctors to get your healthy. Or you could even pay for the research to figure out how to get you healthy.
  14. Jwathol

    Jwathol New Member

    Definitely healthy. What good are riches if you haven't the health to enjoy it?!
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  15. seopumpkin02

    seopumpkin02 New Member

    I would rather be healthy as there are a lot of possibilities when you are of good health. I can enjoy the things I love. I may not be able to travel to far off countries, but there are inexpensive ways to travel within the country. I can still enjoy the simple pleasures. You really cannot enjoy having lots of money if you are sick.
  16. Drake26

    Drake26 New Member

    Well who does not want to get rich but becoming rich has its own drawbacks you cannot eat on time or workout to stay fit due to huge work pressure and also sharp work deadlines. Healthy , well everyone wants to be healthy as well rich at the same time but it not possible all the time. People having rich lifestyle are the ones who suffer from diseases like fat, pain in joints, etc. So try to maintain the maintain a balance between work and personal life to get a healthy and fit body and mind. So friends do jobs or business which you like the most that way you will not only finish the work fast but also give some time to the body as well.
  17. Samj

    Samj New Member

    It depends on what rich means to you. Rich to me means Prosperity in every area of my life so in that case they are not mutually exclusive. But if rich is money then definitely your health is more important than money. That said, poverty might not necessarily keep you healthy so, poor and healthy would be an oxymoron.
  18. allonsy

    allonsy Member

    This is an interesting question...I think my answer may be 'rich'. It may sound shallow, but my family has never had much money while at the same time my mother is obsessed with being healthy, so the flip side may be nice, not having to worry about that sort of thing.
  19. fdf203

    fdf203 New Member

    of course healthy. Money is important in our lives but health we can't buy. But, who knows, scientists is not sleeping :)
  20. TomVD

    TomVD New Member

    Depends. How rich and how unhealthy would you be? 500 million dollars, but a slight cough that never goes away? Sure! 2 million dollars and cancer? I'll pass. 50 million, but I'll die at age 45? That's where the choice starts to become difficult.
  21. NathansWord

    NathansWord New Member

    This is a hard question that has been poised for a very long time. I believe that it would be better to be rich with poor health than poor with good health. I believe this as without money it would become very difficult to maintain proper health however with riches you could always become healthy, no matter how unhealthy you are.
  22. swoodruff68

    swoodruff68 Member

    I would rather be healthy because you know what......money is just a thing and can come and go just like that! Being healthy means you are there for your family and able to do most things you want to do. Yes, staying healthy requires money, but you can exercise for your health, eat the right foods, don't smoke, take vitamins - the list goes on and on.
  23. LindaKay

    LindaKay New Member

    How healthy/unhealthy are we talking about here? If we're talking about something that can be treated with medication and treatments and that will leave me feeling pretty OK after all of that, then I'll take rich. :) If we're talking about horribly unhealthy, however, I will definitely choose health over wealth. If possible, I would take in-between...kind of healthy and kind of rich. :)
  24. meermay

    meermay New Member

    I'd rather be wealthy AND healthy...I do not want to choose. :D
  25. profeyn

    profeyn New Member

    Why would anyone even consider choosing money over health? The straight forward answer to your question would be to simply say 'Health' but I will do more than that and explain exactly why I think so.

    Money is important. It's hard to live your life without money, but it isn't impossible. Money is just an inanimate object. Money comes and it goes and while some may struggle with acquiring it, it's just a piece of paper to which we have given the power of providing us with a better life.

    Health on the other hand is something which is vital to your survival. You can't feel ill and have the right motivation to make money, or at the very least that will make it much more difficult. Your health and well being is something which should always be your number one priority, because feeling good will bring positive things into your life - and yes, it will also allow you to make a lot money.
  26. Nevma

    Nevma New Member

    Everyone hopes for health and is in quest after wealth, but not everyone has the two blessings combined.

    In fact, Health, psychological as well as physiological, is indispensable when compared to wealth. Accordingly, no one would ever prefer wealth to health. One may, nevertheless, seek wealth in healthy ways and apply salubrious percautions during his pursuit. Man would yearn for money, power, and grandeur, but without health, his corpse would never enjoy any of them.

    In addition to its importance to whoever acquires it, health, unlike wealth, cannot be gained through devious ways but only through constructive habits that in turn result in the good of the person, those who are around him, and the nation. Wealth on the other hand may become destructive and subversive.

    I would rather be healthy and enjoy my long quest after wealth.
  27. rzashida

    rzashida New Member

    I would rather be healthy. If my health is good I always have the option of making money. You can not bury the money with you if you cease to exist anymore. It can be argued that you can afford the best medical treatment if you have the money available. However, constant medical treatment, operations and surgeries lead to a life of discomfort. What is the point of all that money if you can't spend it?
  28. nikki_luvv

    nikki_luvv New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. If I am ill, that might put a larger burden on those around me although not financially but mentally and physically. It maybe be easier to pay medical bills if I were rich, however if I am sick I am not sure how long I'll be around to enjoy the wealth and spend time with friend and family. Don't get me wrong though I wouldn't mind having a little bit of both if the unhealthy means just having a cold :p
  29. Unique3

    Unique3 Member

    Good health should be considered the most essential part of life. The stamina that comes from following a health regimen undoubtedly enables a person to strategically pursue plans toward reaching financial goals. Good health allows the mind to clearly contemplate about the course one needs to take to gain such success. However, wealth won or inherited would be quite a perk.
  30. snowglobe

    snowglobe New Member

    Rich that way I could go out with a bang.

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