Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. babyjane12

    babyjane12 New Member

    I would definately choose health over wealth, because health helps me to live long.
  2. Androxtor

    Androxtor New Member

    I would rather be healthy and happy. Being healthy helps me do more things I love to do. Health is something you cannot buy easily, you need to work hard to earn it. Being healthy helps you appreciate things more.

    Being rich is useless if you are not healthy because how can you enjoy life when you are sick? Health is wealth. Health can value more than gold because it helps us to live longer. You cannot buy life with any riches in the world so be healthy.
  3. gege05

    gege05 New Member

    I would choose to become healthy than being rich. I believe in the saying that healt is wealth. When your healthy, you have all the means to become rich like find a high paying job or have business. If your rich but for example you have health issues or really sick you will end up losing all your money to get proper medications for your illness. And when your ill, you can no longer work.
  4. jeromemarin

    jeromemarin New Member

    My wish for all of us is to have both. Although it really depends on what God has given to you. My advice is to be always thankful to God and be happy for what you have. Many people are rich but not healthy so, they are also not enjoying what they have be thankful that you have a healthy body, you can do a lot of things to have wealth or to be rich. For me, it is not how rich you are or how healthy you are, what is important is how you enjoy life and what are the contributions you made in the society to make others live. My point is how you use your healthy body or your wealth for the glory of the Creator? Whether you are rich or healthy or you are both be always thankful to the Almighty.
  5. Mane

    Mane New Member

    I rather be healthy than rich. How can I enjoy spending money in medicines and health issues. I rather be healthy so I can work hard and aim for my goal, Because for me being healthy means feeling fit, strong and confident. Healthy means happiness.It means being realistic and doing what works for you and your body, eating a balanced diet with wholesome foods, and enjoying the occasional treat when you feel like it. Being healthy doesn’t always have to be expensive either. And alaways remember that your health is your wealth.
  6. Icee

    Icee New Member

    Between rich and healthy?
    I would rather choose both. It is better to be Rich and healthy than to be poor and sick.
  7. KC5117

    KC5117 New Member

    Health is wealth. I would rather choose health over wealth. If a person is unhealthy, you can't enjoy life because you can't do the things you are prohibited to. This means you cannot make your life successful and be wealthy. People should take their health first before anything else because being unhealthy is expensive. Why? Because people spend their wealth just for medications and hospital bills only. This case happened mostly to some people and fail in their lives. So, we need to be aware of our health status and stay fit in order for us to survive in this world. We as an individual should know that keeping ourselves healthy will make ourselves motivated in achieving our goals in life and pushing ourselves forward to success.
  8. jenfrancisco26

    jenfrancisco26 New Member

    I would rather choose being healthy than being rich. Why? of course in what way you will you bring your money? To cure your sickness? It was all a waste of money. Being healthy is being happy in life, living the way you wanted to and the money will just follow. If you are healthy, find a good job and then earn. It is true that "Health is Wealth" so better to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to keep yourself healthy and be happy in your life.
  9. charlotte16

    charlotte16 New Member

    Id rather be healthy than wealthy because being rich will be useless if you cannot enjoy life being healthy. Yes you really enjoy life if you have enough money to spent but the question is, do you have a healthy body that you could use in your daily life. I noticed that most of the rich persons I know were sick and some of them die in an early age. It's because they didn't take care of themselves because their focus was to make money. Its the sad reality of life.
  10. ecnesa101

    ecnesa101 Member

    A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease, based on the choices you make about your daily habits. Good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep are the foundations for continuing good health. Managing stress in positive ways, instead of through smoking or drinking alcohol, reduces wear and tear on your body at the hormonal level. For a longer and more comfortable life, put together your plan for a healthy lifestyle and live up to it. Healthy is one of the main wealth!!!!
  11. Airabaclor08

    Airabaclor08 Member

    I would rather be Healthy! Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote your overall health.

    SETHMICHAEL87 New Member

    I will rather remain healthy than be rich. If i am healthy i can work hard and become rich, but if i am rich and not healthy, it is a big problem that even money may not be able to solve.
    If you are Healthy you are rich already.
    Health is wealth.
  13. jampong25

    jampong25 New Member

    For me I will choose being healthy because being healthy can make you reach, if you are rich but not healthy it can't make money so I prefer being being healthy.
    That is very simple simple explanation but meaningful so put it in your mind being healthy can make your life more better

    That's all I can say in this topic hope you agree with it.
  14. sidiroma

    sidiroma New Member

    I’d much rather be healthy. I’m a young person and I can’t imagine having a lot of money and not be able to enjoy it due to illness. In fact, I hate being sick. I exercise regularly, deal with my stress the best I can, sleep enough and eat healthy food to maintain my good health.
  15. rrsflores92

    rrsflores92 Member

    Health is wealth. Even if you have a lot of money to take yourself to the best hospital and to be treated by the best doctor but you have an incurable disease, it is useless. You can't even take your money to which place you die anyway. So choose to be healthy so you can enjoy your money ;)
  16. jsantos015

    jsantos015 New Member

    I would rather be healthy than be rich. Being rich doesn't always mean that you have or can everything and being rich is nothing when you are sick, you could die early and couldn't enjoy all the wealth that you have. We have to be responsible for our health because I believe in the saying that, "Health is wealth." our body is our tool to doing everything that we wanted and in doing work to achieve our goals, so we have to invest in our health.

    You can be healthy and be happy at the same time, as long as you are contented with what you have, or if you have goals you could always work hard to reach your goals. Life is simple you don't have to complicate it by taking your health for granted. It's easy to be healthy just love yourself, and listen to your body and it then it will be easy for you to take care of yourself.
  17. nikolasombor

    nikolasombor New Member

    The answer is very simple. Ask anyone with a lot of money and they will tell you health. There are many things that are required for a happy life and wealth is not one of them. Having money is good but you can be just as happy with less. Being sick on the other hand is a necessity to a happy life and no amount of money can replace that.
  18. Cinda

    Cinda New Member

    Given a choice, I would rather be healthy than be rich. Being healthy is a gift, that in my opinion, money cannot buy. With money, you can have the best medical care in the world but you cannot completely protect yourself from illness.
    With good health, you will have the energy and opportunity to look for more money should you want, but with all your riches and poor health, you will not enjoy your wealth.
  19. iamblessed

    iamblessed New Member

    It is better for me to be healthy rather than being rich, because with a good health, I can be more efficient and effective to do every tasks in my daily living. Though wealth can make a person fulfill all the pleasures in this world but it often leads to more uncomfortable life. I rather choose to have a happy lifestyle that can achieve only with a good health.
  20. zeotorres

    zeotorres New Member

    If I were to choose between being healthy or rich, I would easily choose being healthy. Because personal wellness is wealth. In the times of sickness, money can't buy your recovery. It is good that at the early age you should invest in your health. Health is a fitness of body or mind and freedom from diseases or ailment. Parents should teach their children from an early age to take good care of their health. Such as, controlling their food habits, do their daily exercises, and work balance life. In fact, living health should be one of the priorities in our lives. Because there is a saying "Health is wealth." I firmly believe in that health is wealth of all wealth.
  21. heymaq

    heymaq New Member

    Health is Wealth and Wealth is Health is very much the same. I would rather be both rich and healthy. In reality, being healthy can be costly too. In our modern world, you need to pay for clean water and fresh food. Medicines, vitamins, supplements and modern health technology are starting to become more expensive than before. On the other hand, if you want to be rich, you need to have a healthy body too to keep you up in the hustle and bustle of life. Strive hard but keep your self with proper diet and exercise. You can achieve both if you know how to balance your life.
  22. Zeus20

    Zeus20 New Member

    What about both? Be healthy while being wealthy. But if I should just pick in the two I would rather be healthy because you will not be able to enjoy your wealthy life if you don't care about your health, specially when you use your wealth to abuse your health such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, using illegal drugs, etc. You will surely gone so soon, And your wealth? It will probably go to waste. And if that time comes you will surely regret that you choose wealth more than health.
  23. abegailtangara

    abegailtangara New Member

    "Health is Wealth" so there's nothing more to think about here. Being healthy is being rich in a way that you are happy in your life, you can do everything with your love ones, and nothing to pay for any health insurances. Money can't compare to the happiness and contentment that a person have.
  24. MiRmoRN

    MiRmoRN New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. Health is priceless. Being healthy gives you the happiness to enjoy life. Money is not everything. Money cannot buy happiness and contentment.
  25. bluwish01

    bluwish01 New Member

    I'm wondering why need to choose between health and wealth when we can have both. Does it mean that if I choose health I wouldn't become rich? or vice versa, if I choose wealth I will become unhealthy?

    Practically I would choose to become a rich person. There are many benefits we can be had when we are rich, if we just know how to use are wealthiness properly without abusing ourselves it is a big win-win for us. If I am a rich person, I can buy all foods and vitamins that I need to make my body healthy. I can even buy or set up a gym or recreation center so that I can work on body and mind and make myself healthier than before. The good thing about being a rich is that we don't have to work very hard just to buy foods and the supplements we need to support our body in its daily activities. Instead, we can just put up our own business and hire workers to the job for us. In that manner, we are no longer needed to exhaust our mind and to make tired of our body.

    Being rich is not necessarily we will become unhealthy, It is just a matter of how we will manage our wealthiness. Using our wealthiness in a good manner will also lead us to a good and healthy body, both inside and outside.
  26. pdeniseluna

    pdeniseluna New Member

    Health is wealth!

    Health is more important than any earthly treasures. Would your money matter if you're terminally ill? Would your money be able to do anything if you have a disease that cannot be cured? No. Health will always be and shall always be a number one priority in our lives. Let's cook smart for a healthy heart.
  27. katrinaspardo

    katrinaspardo New Member

    I always believe on the saying "Health is Wealth." Health is needed for you work on your way to be wealthy. You have to be physically, mentally and emotionally stable to work, to think and to live. Having a healthy well-being makes you and the people around you happy. Wealth will be pointless if you and your family cannot enjoy the pleasures of life.

    I have a friend of mine, who used to be wealthy. They had properties and investments. They visited several countries during summer. When her father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, they had to sell their properties for the treatments of her father. During the wake, my friend mentioned that if only her father had his regular check-up, they could have known earlier about his condition. ​
  28. Vashuan

    Vashuan New Member

    I'd rather be healthy. Because if i'm healthy, i can still do such works or find some jobs to work. Not just to work or to have a job, for me to support my daily needs and to help myself and family. But most especially to have savings. When its already time for me to stop to work and my savings is enough to run a certain business. In that way, i could be able or it's already a great chance for me to get rich and even richer. So that's the advantage of being and even keeping myself to be healthy as always.
  29. james11kyrie

    james11kyrie Member

    I choose healthy than rich.. You are rich but you have cancer... Your money will be lost because you need money for treatment..
  30. Arsal

    Arsal Member

    I think I would rather be rich because when we are rich health will remain fine, If you’re not rich, you can nonetheless find ways in which you can experience some of the things only rich people can afford. We have access to the best medical care, medical procedures, We can afford to buy expensive nutritional food, shopping, buying other expensive things, we can go world tour trip and other countries. According to me when you are rich your health stay fine always.

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