Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. babyjane12

    babyjane12 New Member

    I would definately choose health over wealth, because health helps me to live long.
  2. Androxtor

    Androxtor New Member

    I would rather be healthy and happy. Being healthy helps me do more things I love to do. Health is something you cannot buy easily, you need to work hard to earn it. Being healthy helps you appreciate things more.

    Being rich is useless if you are not healthy because how can you enjoy life when you are sick? Health is wealth. Health can value more than gold because it helps us to live longer. You cannot buy life with any riches in the world so be healthy.
  3. gege05

    gege05 New Member

    I would choose to become healthy than being rich. I believe in the saying that healt is wealth. When your healthy, you have all the means to become rich like find a high paying job or have business. If your rich but for example you have health issues or really sick you will end up losing all your money to get proper medications for your illness. And when your ill, you can no longer work.
  4. jeromemarin

    jeromemarin New Member

    My wish for all of us is to have both. Although it really depends on what God has given to you. My advice is to be always thankful to God and be happy for what you have. Many people are rich but not healthy so, they are also not enjoying what they have be thankful that you have a healthy body, you can do a lot of things to have wealth or to be rich. For me, it is not how rich you are or how healthy you are, what is important is how you enjoy life and what are the contributions you made in the society to make others live. My point is how you use your healthy body or your wealth for the glory of the Creator? Whether you are rich or healthy or you are both be always thankful to the Almighty.
  5. Mane

    Mane New Member

    I rather be healthy than rich. How can I enjoy spending money in medicines and health issues. I rather be healthy so I can work hard and aim for my goal, Because for me being healthy means feeling fit, strong and confident. Healthy means happiness.It means being realistic and doing what works for you and your body, eating a balanced diet with wholesome foods, and enjoying the occasional treat when you feel like it. Being healthy doesn’t always have to be expensive either. And alaways remember that your health is your wealth.
  6. Icee

    Icee New Member

    Between rich and healthy?
    I would rather choose both. It is better to be Rich and healthy than to be poor and sick.

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